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#sugar-meeting, 2014-08-11

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13:02 tch__ hello everyone, should be start?
13:02 s/be/we
13:02 bashintosh Hi there!
13:03 tch__ bashintosh, lets wait 5 minutes for people to arrive?
13:04 ebordon Hi
13:04 bashintosh tch__: OK
13:07 tch__ ebordon, hola!
13:07 ebordon, bienvenido
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13:08 gonzalo_ hello all!
13:09 ebordon tch, gracias tincho!
13:09 tch__
13:09 gonzalo_ tch__, what is the agenda?
13:10 tch__ #startmeeting
13:10 meeting Meeting started Mon Aug 11 13:10:15 2014 UTC. The chair is tch__. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
13:10 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
13:11 tch__ gonzalo_, #info agenda is a) 0.104 ideas and feature proposals? b) revise 0.104 roadmap and c) pootle talk
13:11 #topic What do we want for 0.104
13:12 as in the previous meeting, this topic is about the things we want and can do for 0.104
13:13 we previously talked about collaboration both for current python stack and also for sugar web
13:13 we also talked about performance, specially in the journal
13:13 gonzalo_, talked about speeding up activities startup times by moving things to toolkit
13:13 gonzalo_, anything you want to mention in that regard?
13:14 gonzalo_ tch__, i already started with the TTS stuff, will have something to show next week
13:15 tch__ gonzalo_, nice,
13:15 gonzalo_, there is also other stuff we need to look up, like GSoC related proposals and even sam's notifications
13:16 gonzalo_ tch__, i published http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]peechInTheToolkit wold be good have feedback from activities developers, to see if anything more is needed in the api
13:16 tch__, yes, we can talk about that too in the meeting
13:16 tch__ gonzalo_, I also proposed this http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]_activity_updates
13:17 bashintosh tch__: +1 for that!
13:17 tch__ to make the automatic updates a bit more flexible
13:17 in terms of what should be automatically added or not
13:17 gonzalo_ tch__, +1
13:18 tch__ I guess we will be receiving other additions for the 0.104 feature list in the next months,
13:18 gonzalo_ tch__, i saw a lot of feedback in the thread, connected with the updater, but not specifically with the feature
13:18 tch__ there are always a organic part of features proposals
13:19 gonzalo_, yes... it seems that the updater itself is getting more attention now, thus more feedback
13:20 gonzalo_ tch__, something we need improve, is the process to take the decision on "go" or "no go" for the features. in the last cycle we just pushed when the code was ok
13:20 tch__ gonzalo_, I think we should use dev meetings for that
13:20 gonzalo_, not today, but for the next we start gathering proposals
13:20 and vote
13:21 I think we used to do that before
13:21 gonzalo_ tch__, yes, have sense
13:21 tch__ it could be encouraging too
13:22 to have people coming :)
13:22 #idea gathering proposals and vote for them in devmeetings
13:23 ebordon, thanks for coming!
13:23 ebordon, how are things in .uy?
13:24 thinks they are busy haha
13:25 gonzalo_, I will start gathering these proposals and document a list in the 0.104 wiki
13:25 bashintosh tch__: was there a list of proposed features to keep track of?
13:25 ebordon tch__, great, we are not working so much on sugar rigth now, but we pay attenrtion in the new development
13:26 tch__ ebordon, have you tried 0.102 recently? we have testing builds
13:27 ebordon, recently gonzalo released "pure" 0.102 images for others to try
13:28 german_ <german_!~german@> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:28 ebordon tch__, we didnt deep test on 0.102, but we are thinking in include it (or 0.104 maybe) in XO-4 for next year
13:28 tch__ ebordon, including 0.104 would be great :)
13:29 ebordon tch__, yes, the idea is include the last one
13:29 gonzalo_ ebordon, would be great have feedback from you on the 0.102 images http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0[…]Testing_with_a_XO
13:30 ebordon tck__, ok
13:30 tch__ gonzalo_, ebordon +1,
13:30 satellit has anyone tested 0.102 default applications in f21 soas?  ie: IRC fails to start etc
13:31 tch__ satellit, I didn't, is it a general issue or just for some activities?
13:31 satellit just some activities...
13:32 sorry to intrude
13:33 tch__ satellit, is ok, think you have the time to send a quick reminder to the ML?
13:33 gonzalo_ satellit, +1, no tested on f21, please send mail to sugar-devel
13:33 tch__ satellit, so we can continue there :)
13:34 satellit glad to or maybe a testing page for reporting for Soas
13:35 tch__ quidam, have you noticed this too in toast?
13:35 (now that we are at it)
13:36 # idea check soas and toast activities functioning
13:37 ebordon, btw, who is coordinating sugar work in .uy now?
13:40 ebordon tch__, Maybe Esteban A. is who know more about sugar status
13:40 tch__ ebordon, ahh, ok, thanks :)
13:41 ebordon, gonzalo_ bashintosh satellit anything else you would like to add in terms of features?
13:42 ebordon, your feedback will be of great help for the next meeting :)
13:42 ebordon tch__, we will try to do some testing
13:42 bashintosh tch__: nope I think focusing on collaboration was however a thing of general agreement
13:43 tch__ bashintosh, yes, I will start working on that asap, I need to coordinate with lionel from .fr
13:43 bashintosh tch__: I see, OK
13:44 gonzalo_ bashintosh, paul talked about google drive integration in the journal
13:44 bashintosh gonzalo_: that is an interesting feature indeed
13:45 tch__ gonzalo_, we have a initial implemention from last year code-in
13:45 gonzalo_ tch__, do you know what was the state of that?
13:45 tch__ gonzalo_, it was working, but the journal really needs some work to allow having different backends more cleanly
13:46 gonzalo_, a bit of refactoring is needed to really support new backends
13:46 bashintosh gonzalo_: it is probably a feature that will require steady maintenance as the API advances quickly
13:47 gonzalo_ bashintosh, i hope they keep backwards compatibility....
13:47 satellit is the age and sex info in 0.102 used? (on initial login to Soas)
13:47 and sugar-desktop in 2nd DE
13:49 gonzalo_ satellit, just if the deployment collect statistics in some way
13:49 satellit k
13:49 tch__ gonzalo_, I think walter uses age for journalshare to determine how it would function too
13:50 gonzalo_ tch__, true
13:51 tch__ should we move on to the next topic?
13:51 gonzalo_ +1
13:52 tch__ #topic how do we do this?
13:53 as always we need to planning, deadlines, to keep us focused and organized
13:53 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0.104/Roadmap
13:53 I prepared that roadmap, but is not set on stone yet
13:54 bashintosh tch__: what kind of bugfix is the first milestone for example?
13:55 tch__ bashintosh, 0.102 was released with no translations updates, because of pootle
13:55 so the plan is to have pootle work, and fix that
13:55 bashintosh tch__: OK, BTW I fixed the user issue
13:56 tch__ bashintosh, the plan is not going that smoothly in the practice, but I am trying :)
13:56 bashintosh, thanks :)
13:56 bashintosh, let talk that in the next topic?
13:56 bashintosh tch__: you're welcome!
13:57 tch__ bashintosh, what do you think about the deadlines from AU pov
13:57 satellit, I read gnome and fedora roadmaps and I tried to have it mind
13:58 satellit thanks...f21 is still candidate stage
13:58 tch__ satellit, think these deadlines could work ?
13:58 bashintosh tch__: it all comes down to how much code (quality code) you can write with the current pool of developers
13:58 satellit__e FYI: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Fedora_21#Fedora_21
14:00 bashintosh tch__: if we are sharing development resources with the AU dev, those deadlines are a bit tight unless the things that need to be done are really trivial (and they might well be)
14:00 tch__ bashintosh, ^ you might find that link useful too
14:00 satellit f21 presently seem to boot...
14:00 bashintosh tch__: will test!
14:01 satellit__e https://fedoraproject.org/wiki[…]stall#Test_Matrix
14:03 tch__ ebordon, does .uy have a general schedule for releasing new software? ie., which are the time windows for releasing a new xo build
14:04 satellit, booting seems like a positive first step hehe
14:05 ebordon tch__ no, It's hard to release new software for the delivered devices
14:05 tch__ ebordon, I can imagine,
14:05 ebordon tch__ because there is a lot of activities that haven't got compatibility
14:05 tch__ gonzalo_, ^
14:06 ebordon tch__, but if we have new devices or new release increase the performance, we will to use it
14:07 tch__, we are thinking in release new build in march for XO 1.75 and XO-4 for example
14:08 gonzalo_ ebordon, if you find issues, as soon as are reported, better
14:08 satellit do you use fedora bugzilla for reports or where?
14:09 ebordon gonzalo_, of course
14:09 gonzalo_ bugs.sugarlabs.org
14:09 satellit k
14:10 gonzalo_ ebordon, maybe gduarte can work with us to solve the issues you find?
14:11 ebordon gonzalo_, in fact, he is working in solve  issues with sugar for us
14:12 gonzalo_, now, he is fucosed in Sugar for no-XO devices, but when we start to work in new release he could help us
14:12 gonzalo_ great
14:12 tch__ ebordon, thats would be great !
14:13 gonzalo_ tch__, about the schedule, if there are not issues, would be good set it and make it public
14:14 tch__ gonzalo_, ok, I can socialize it in the ML
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14:15 gonzalo_ tch__, ok, but just a little :)
14:15 tch__, we need move on
14:15 tch__ gonzalo_, ok, next topic
14:15 # pootle!
14:15 gonzalo_ please :)
14:15 tch__ #topic whats the pootle status?
14:16 well, looking at the previous instance and such, I believe that we should stick to pootle's native feature if we want to make this platform maintainable over time
14:17 we are looking at the possibilities now,
14:17 cjl will send previous instance workflow explanation to see exactly what all were the uses cases,
14:18 so we can tell if is possible to cover the workflow with new pootle's feature alone,
14:19 this past weekend, I researched a bit about what current pootle can do or can't do
14:19 ie., it can't re-generate POT files from source files
14:19 but, since pootle 2.5.1 we can write extension for pootle
14:20 so I wrote a quick extension for covering that part,
14:20 the idea to set a test instance so we can try pootle's workflow
14:20 and then compare it with previous one, and see if its acceptable
14:21 in parallel, I was setting this testing instance in newpootle.sugarlabs.org, but had some troubles with permissions
14:21 bashintosh, what was the problem?
14:21 gonzalo_ tch__, are you working on a new pootle server from zero or using the last server available?
14:21 tch__ gonzalo_, for this testing one, I am using the same VM
14:22 gonzalo_, so I don't bother bernie too much haha
14:22 gonzalo_, but later I might need a new one, this one was too much touched for my taste at least
14:23 bashintosh tch__: a missing parameter in the vhost(s) file + incomplete /etc/passwd entry for the user (was missing env type)
14:23 tch__ bashintosh, can you explain me the diff later?
14:24 bashintosh tch__: yes I left the details out to keep things clean :)
14:24 tch__ gonzalo_, btw, how are we doing with the repos inventory?
14:24 gonzalo_, any response from maintainers?
14:24 gonzalo_ tch__, sadly, no
14:24 tch__, i need catch walter at least :)
14:25 tch__ gonzalo_, walter has been dragged into endless meetings loop, needs to be rescued
14:26 gonzalo_, we can start by the repos we have anyway,
14:27 gonzalo_, sugar, sugar-toolkit etc  are the ones I personally care ATM, so I expect others joining in once pootle is back
14:27 gonzalo_ tch__, true, but if the developer moved to another different, there are no way to know
14:27 tch__, i already have that
14:27 tch__ gonzalo_, I doubt it, but it could happened
14:28 gonzalo_ http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/T[…]ects/Repositories
14:28 tch__ gonzalo_, we should try to complete fructose at least
14:29 gonzalo_ tch__, browse and record are on git.sugarlabs.org yet, the others are from walter
14:29 tch__ gonzalo_, who are the maintainers?
14:29 of these two
14:29 is*
14:30 gonzalo_ tch__, i am waiting a little for the developers, if not replies, i will fill the blanks
14:30 tch__ gonzalo_, +1
14:30 gonzalo_ browse -> manuq, record -> dsd
14:30 tch__ gonzalo_, ok
14:30 gonzalo_ i probably will work on record this month for AU
14:31 tch__ the next week end half I will be pretty much offline btw,
14:31 gonzalo_ honeymoon?
14:32 tch__ yes,
14:32 going to japan
14:32 gonzalo_ then, probably pootle server will be ready after that
14:32 tch__ this wednesday night
14:32 gonzalo_ i have more time to get the information :)
14:33 tch__ yes, I think chris needs time to prepare his documents too
14:33 my goal is to have a testing one before leaving though,
14:33 with the extension I am writing, to have a decent workflow
14:33 based on pootle feature alone
14:34 gonzalo_ great
14:35 tch__ well, i think thats all for this meeting :)
14:35 anything someone else wants to add?
14:36 gonzalo_ tch__, i think we are ready.
14:36 tch__ gonzalo_, bashintosh satellit ebordon alright, thank you guys for coming!
14:36 #endmeeting
14:36 meeting Meeting ended Mon Aug 11 14:36:38 2014 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
14:36 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-11T13:10:15.html
14:36 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]14-08-11T13:10:15
14:36 bashintosh tch__: pleasure, see you
14:37 satellit thanks
14:37 ebordon see you
14:37 gonzalo_ bye!
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17:39 quidam tch__: IRC starts well in Toast
17:39 using v10
17:39 so far the only problems I found with toast are with collab
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22:44 Quozl` quidam: agreed, collaboration doesn't work for me in f21 yet.  first symptom is missing icons in network view.
22:57 satellit__e I see than also in Fedora-Live-SoaS-x86_64-21-20140811.iso in Virtualbox and earlier in bare metal install..
22:57 Claudia_ <Claudia_!~webchat@> has joined #sugar-meeting
22:57 Quozl` s/than/that (presumed)
22:58 satellit__e no Idea how new chat works...
23:02 Quozl` (back to #sugar)
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23:04 sdanielf ClaudiaU_, hello
23:04 Claudia_ hi sdanielf
23:04 how are you?
23:05 I have not heard from Walter for a while...
23:07 sdanielf I hope Walter will enter to this channel later
23:09 Claudia_ the SLOBs meeting was today
23:12 sdanielf isn't it in 1 or 2 hours?
23:14 Claudia_ yeah..  1 hr
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