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#sugar-meeting, 2014-08-01

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Time Nick Message
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11:04 sfeechka :)
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17:58 walterbender hi all
17:59 martian_ <martian_!~anon@> has joined #sugar-meeting
18:00 gp94 hi
18:01 native93 hi ..
18:03 walterbender shall we get started?
18:03 gp94, please give an update
18:03 gp94 walterbender: sure
18:03 this week I wrote tests on Read after gonzalo solved the problem of opening a file with the activity
18:04 I have just commited the code here gitorious@git.sugarlabs.org:~gauravp/read/gp94-read.git
18:04 https://git.sugarlabs.org/~gau[…]a30d1a3b8bb547283
18:04 sorry for the wrong link
18:04 I will send a pull request too...
18:05 and I pushed some helper functions that are required in sugar-toolkit-gtk3
18:05 here https://github.com/gauravp94/s[…]83439647625d81939
18:05 will send a merge request soon
18:05 now next week I will try to write tests for imageviewer
18:06 and also write blog posts on them soon
18:06 walterbender great
18:06 gp94 thanks that
18:06 that's it i suppose :) for this week
18:06 walterbender seems like you will have accomplished a lot this summer
18:07 gp94 there are a lot many things still left to commit and code review will take time :)
18:09 walterbender native93, do you have an update?
18:09 native93 sure ..
18:10 so for the testing gonzalo suggested for the school server .. so was busy installing it ..
18:10 got few error initially ... you might have seen the thread ..
18:11 walterbender yes
18:11 but you have it running now?
18:11 native93 it's installed now .. and I have to check whether telepathy works in this case .. and it's able to bypass proxy .
18:11 lionaneesh <lionaneesh!~lionanees@> has joined #sugar-meeting
18:12 native93 I plan to do that today .
18:12 and yeah  I was also working on the new module error ..
18:12 got an upperhand on it .. and got it working this time ..
18:12 somehow ..
18:12 :)
18:13 walterbender FWIW, I am struggling with telepathy on F20 :P
18:13 native93 hehe ..
18:13 seems to be a famous issue :P .
18:13 walterbender yes
18:13 native93 and yeah .. now I have the new clipboard on place ..
18:13 walterbender we plan to have a coding sprint in Oct to revisit our collaboration stack
18:14 sounds like things are coming together
18:14 native93 yeah .. seems so ..
18:14 but in this case .. I am facing a problem ..
18:14 walterbender what is the problem?
18:14 native93 the new clipboard dosen't seem to respond ..
18:14 I mean the frame is appearing ..
18:15 but if I copy something .. it only goes to the original clipboard . not this one .
18:15 although the codes are same ..
18:15 with some additions .. as I mentioned earlier ..
18:15 walterbender they co-occupy the left side of the frame?
18:16 native93 the clipboard objects are not appearing on the bulletin clipboard ..
18:16 walterbender are you making two separate objects to put on the two different clipboards?
18:16 native93 since modules are different ..
18:16 so object names are same ..
18:16 so same object to put on both the clipboards ..
18:17 this was a replica of the original. ..
18:17 with code additions for sharing ..
18:17 walterbender so you have a replica?
18:17 native93 yeah ..
18:17 walterbender hmm
18:17 puneet_kaur <puneet_kaur!~puneet_ka@> has joined #sugar-meeting
18:18 native93 same folder copied and renamed ..
18:18 walterbender no idea then, w/o looking at the code
18:18 native93 and I added my code in clipboardtray.py .
18:18 ok .. now I can also push it.
18:18 I will push it and send the link .
18:19 also if the telepathy works on the school server bypassing the proxy .. It would be great ..
18:19 I can finish up with the testing as well then .
18:19 walterbender should be possible
18:20 native93 hmm . let's hope that it works
18:21 walterbender puneet_kaur, is here...
18:21 puneet_kaur, your turn?
18:21 puneet_kaur sure walterbender
18:22 worked on the network connection plugin and working on dialog
18:23 *dialog plugin
18:23 also geolocation plugin and globaliiization are in view
18:23 shall develop whatever feasible right now
18:23 atleast the web part of the plugin should be through
18:24 can develop on the native part later on also
18:24 for the camera one
18:24 I understood the flow of glive.py
18:24 but was consistently facing issues with gstreamer
18:24 till now the plugin is almost through with the pygame
18:24 walterbender gstream is my nemesis too
18:25 puneet_kaur just wished to share
18:25 that developing so many plugins is a pretty huge task
18:26 involves a lot of code
18:26 both on the web and native side
18:26 walterbender puneet_kaur, yes... but it seems you are on a roll
18:26 puneet_kaur i trying to complete whatever possible in the time frame
18:26 we can continue efforts on that front
18:26 and also
18:26 I had a talk with a cordova guy
18:27 walterbender all: we have just begun planning for Sugar 104, so hopefully your work can land in that release
18:27 puneet_kaur yup
18:27 Lionel told me about that
18:27 and the plans
18:27 so I would try to merge the code to the cordova repo asap
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18:28 walterbender looks for the link with the scehdule
18:28 puneet_kaur they too would need time for diiscussion on their ML
18:29 alsroot <alsroot!~alsroot@2001:4830:134:7::11> has joined #sugar-meeting
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18:29 alsroot <alsroot!~alsroot@pdpc/supporter/active/antilopa-gnu> has joined #sugar-meeting
18:29 puneet_kaur so we basically need to collaborate with cordova at each step
18:29 even for the plugins as well
18:30 walterbender http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0.104/Roadmap
18:30 puneet_kaur walterbender, I would try making some video demos too showing the running of plugins and the cli
18:30 walterbender that'd be great
18:30 puneet_kaur as recommended the cordova person :-)
18:31 *by
18:31 forgot to insert "by" in between :p
18:31 I expect it wont be easy to get them to merge our code
18:31 :-(
18:32 they are tough people somehow, would raise a lot of questions
18:32 But we hope to counter that :-)
18:32 now that I am pretty clear with the things , shouldnt be difficult :-)
18:32 walterbender puneet_kaur, it is their job to push back in order to get high-quality code
18:33 puneet_kaur yes
18:33 walterbender @ gp94 : speaking of which, please run pep8 on your patch :P
18:33 puneet_kaur me too need to run jshint for js
18:33 and pep8 for python side
18:33 :-)
18:34 walterbender pyflakes too :)
18:34 puneet_kaur okay
18:34 gp94 walterbender: ok will do so :) and rebase and again send a pr
18:34 walterbender puneet_kaur, you'll find over time it is easier to get patches upstream as you learn about expectations
18:34 gp94, +1
18:35 puneet_kaur walterbender, okay
18:35 bernie <bernie!~bernie@2001:4830:134:7::11> has joined #sugar-meeting
18:35 puneet_kaur walterbender, yeah probably through their discussion on their ML , I get to know what they want
18:35 and how they work
18:36 and what flow they follow
18:36 great to be a part of two communities :-)
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18:36 walterbender each project has its own idiosyncrasies
18:36 puneet_kaur yes
18:37 right
18:37 walterbender puneet_kaur, thanks for the update
18:37 lionaneesh, are you here?
18:39 puneet_kaur martian_, is here I guess
18:39 walterbender martian_, ?
18:39 martian_ yes
18:40 walterbender wanna give us an update?
18:40 martian_ this week, i was experimenting with obj files
18:40 complex obj files usually contain faces instead of lines
18:40 so i wrote a module to convert them to corresponding lines
18:41 so that i could import them into ta
18:41 their wireframe structure
18:41 and i have some screens to share
18:41 http://imgur.com/jKlGWq8,M6nUU[…]yTAprOU,OwLHMDd#0
18:41 there are 7 images
18:42 walterbender cool
18:42 the cow and the bear are pretty cool
18:42 martian_ yes
18:43 the teapot is also very clear
18:43 though i had to comment the import setxyz blocks call
18:44 because there were countless points
18:44 i will upload the script on github
18:45 coming week, as discussed i will be working on camera presets
18:45 walterbender +1
18:46 check out how these guys do presets: http://www.openscad.org/
18:48 martian_ walterbender, thanks :)
18:49 walterbender anyone else around today?
18:50 OK. Well thanks for the updates
18:50 lionaneesh walterbender, hey
18:50 sorry I am late.
18:50 I came in around 11:30 and then slept.
18:50 walterbender lionaneesh,  not too late. please give us an update
18:50 lionaneesh walterbender, Sure!
18:51 walterbender, So yeah. This week I have been working to get the recording playback patches upstreamed
18:51 BTW thanks a lot for that help
18:51 I am looking into that API and we should have something ready in a few days
18:51 walterbender is a cross-point switch
18:51 it will be fun
18:51 lionaneesh walterbender, Yeah :)
18:52 walterbender, Please note my college is on, so I'd be a bit busy on weekends.
18:52 I'll try to not affect my work though
18:52 walterbender lionaneesh, seems that is the situation for everyone suddenly
18:53 lionaneesh walterbender, India :)
18:53 walterbender @ martian_ one thing while I remember: we need a 3D turtle (to use for the turtle sprite)
18:53 lionaneesh, sorry about the interruption
18:54 martian_ walterbender, I'll keep that in mind
18:55 lionaneesh walterbender, BTW I am stuck in one more thing.
18:55 If you can help?
18:56 walterbender what is it?
18:57 lionaneesh walterbender, The key recording patch
18:57 okay so we record the key strokes and we play them back.
18:58 walterbender yes...
18:59 build an authentication system in the 1980s that used keystroke timing and pressure
18:59 what is the question?
19:00 lionaneesh walterbender, sorry
19:01 walterbender, so yeah the problem. The keystrokes are played
19:01 but the keyboard is not redrawn on every recorded stroke
19:02 walterbender is that a performace issue?
19:04 lionaneesh_ <lionaneesh_!~lionanees@> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:04 walterbender lionaneesh, I was asking: is it a performance issue
19:04 lionaneesh_ walterbender, I have no clue.
19:05 walterbender, The draw function is not called
19:05 *draw callback
19:05 I have tried self.widget_queue_draw()
19:05 walterbender runs into this problem all the time
19:05 sure it is not an idle issue
19:05 lionaneesh has quit IRC
19:06 lionaneesh_ walterbender, What do you mean by an idle issue?
19:06 walterbender lionaneesh_, lots of times in GTK refreshes get clumped together
19:07 so you need to use idle_add to make sure things are queued properly
19:07 this is the sort of bug Gonzalo is good at tracking down...
19:08 lionaneesh_ walterbender, Do you know the reason?
19:08 walterbender I'd have to look at the code to understand the specific case
19:09 but in general, gtk does batch operations, so sometimes you lose things
19:09 e.g., if you say: draw A draw B on top of A draw A, you may never see B unless you use idle_add
19:10 lionaneesh_, it is just a guess
19:10 lionaneesh_ walterbender, basically I am using timeout_add to simulate a recorded keydown
19:11 walterbender lionaneesh_, but timeout add doesn't guarantee a solution to the problem I described
19:12 you see some of the keypresses but not all?
19:14 or none of the keypresses?
19:16 I guess we lost lionaneesh_ again
19:16 lionaneesh_ none of them
19:16 walterbender, I am facing some network issues
19:16 sorry for delays in my responses.
19:16 I am travelling
19:16 *traveling
19:16 walterbender lionaneesh_, I will be back in a bit... will try to pull your repo an take a look
19:17 lionaneesh_, if you could answer the one question: some or none?
19:19 lionaneesh_ walterbender, none of them
19:34 lionaneesh_ has quit IRC
19:48 lionaneesh <lionaneesh!~lionanees@> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:48 lionaneesh walterbender, ping.
19:48 walterbender pong
19:49 lionaneesh, is the record stuff in your git repo? I'll try it
19:50 lionaneesh walterbender, yes. Just a sec
19:51 walterbender, https://github.com/lionaneesh/[…]tree/playback_new
19:51 note the branch
19:51 playback_new
19:51 walterbender lionaneesh, OK. I'll try it
19:52 lionaneesh walterbender, thanks :)
19:55 walterbender lionaneesh, where is the record option?
19:55 on playback_new branch
19:55 lionaneesh walterbender, you'll see a record button on the main toolbar
19:55 towards the right
19:55 walterbender nope
19:56 lionaneesh alongside a play button
19:56 walterbender nothing bewteen the instrument palette and the stop button
19:56 lionaneesh How can this be.
19:56 Are you sure you are running the latest code?
19:56 Gonzalo also tested it. It worked fine for him.
19:58 walterbender I just cloned your repo and switched branches.
19:58 looks at the code
19:58 oops. there was no playback_new branch
19:59 gonzalo__ <gonzalo__!~gonzalo@> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:04 gonzalo__ has quit IRC
20:04 walterbender does a fetch and tries again
20:05 lionaneesh walterbender, woks?
20:05 *works
20:06 walterbender works
20:06 now to look at the code to try to figure out what is wrong
20:10 martian_ has quit IRC
20:13 lionaneesh walterbender, I'll be back in few
20:13 walterbender, will dc for a few
20:18 lionaneesh has quit IRC
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21:15 walterbender lionaneesh, see my email?
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