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#sugar-meeting, 2014-07-25

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Time Nick Message
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18:04 prasoon2211__ <prasoon2211__!3ba3c4f8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
18:21 prasoon2211__ Wasn't there supposed to be a meeting today?
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18:26 gonzalo_ hi boys
18:26 walter is traveling
18:27 i will do the meeting today, who is here?
18:27 puneet_kaur, native93, gp94?
18:27 puneet_kaur hi
18:28 gonzalo_ who else?
18:28 puneet_kaur martian_,
18:28 ^
18:28 native93 hi ..
18:28 puneet_kaur curiousguy13__, ^
18:28 gp94 hi
18:28 curiousguy13__ hi
18:28 gonzalo_ great :)
18:28 martian_ hi
18:29 prasoon2211- <prasoon2211-!b49531ea@gateway/web/cgi-irc/kiwiirc.com/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
18:29 gonzalo_ hi prasoon2211-
18:29 prasoon2211- gonzalo_: hi
18:29 gonzalo_ ok, we can do a short meeting today, looking at advances and if there are blockers
18:30 who want start?
18:30 prasoon2211- Me?
18:30 gonzalo_ please go
18:30 prasoon2211- Okay, so this week I just finished up the last of the work before the code review
18:30 I wanted to add a notification bar
18:30 without an activity instance
18:31 gonzalo_ prasoon2211-, could you mae the dbus method work?
18:31 prasoon2211- and I asked on the mailing list and made changes according to the replies there
18:31 gonzalo_: yes :)
18:31 gonzalo_ nice
18:31 prasoon2211- I made a delegate fucntion dbus method
18:32 to be usable for any acitvity
18:32 anyway, that works now
18:32 and teh problem I was havign with closing the activity is no longer there
18:32 so, I'll send in a mail to Pual tomorrow
18:32 gonzalo_ of course :)
18:33 prasoon2211- and I guess we'll do a review of the code - of which there is little
18:33 that's it from me
18:33 gonzalo_ prasoon2211-, thanks
18:33 who is next?
18:33 prasoon2211- okay. Good day/night to all. I'm heading to sleep :)
18:33 prasoon2211- has quit IRC
18:34 gonzalo_ puneet_kaur, ?
18:34 puneet_kaur sure
18:34 made the device plugin working
18:34 and also focussing on a few more doable ones
18:35 for the camera , issues still exist
18:35 but Lionel sugessted to move on with the ones we can achieve
18:35 so right now trying to add more of plugin support
18:36 and would try to send a pull request to cordova
18:36 soon for merging in our code
18:36 that it gonzalo_
18:36 gonzalo_ puneet_kaur, could you solve the camera issues with the double wndow?
18:37 puneet_kaur no
18:37 the point is need to save
18:37 the display of stream works fine
18:37 and also not much documentation of gstreamer 1.0 on net for python
18:37 there are many examples using pygtk and older version of gst
18:37 but not with the new one
18:38 record is good I tried, but long
18:38 gonzalo_ then, the display of the camera is ok, but you can't crete a image to save?
18:38 puneet_kaur yes
18:38 what you suggested should work
18:39 but I am not clear how to go about it
18:39 gonzalo_ puneet_kaur, did yoou tried something like this? http://wiki.oz9aec.net/index.p[…]gle_frame_capture
18:40 puneet_kaur isnt the tutorial for the previous verssion of gst ?
18:40 gonzalo_ puneet_kaur, yes, but if you can make work the pipeline, then is easier convert to python code
18:41 puneet_kaur okay
18:41 so need to look into that
18:42 gonzalo_ puneet_kaur, another option could be the camerabin http://www.freedesktop.org/sof[…]ns-camerabin.html
18:42 puneet_kaur, in theory is the easy way to use the camera
18:42 puneet_kaur thank gonzalo_
18:42 gonzalo_ puneet_kaur, but I didn't tested it
18:42 puneet_kaur okay
18:42 sure would look into that
18:44 gonzalo_ at least the documentation loooks promising :)
18:44 puneet_kaur ya ..
18:44 gonzalo_ ok, native93?
18:44 native93 sure ..
18:45 so this was supposed to be the design review week ..
18:45 gonzalo_ today we are in reversed alphabetic order :)
18:45 native93 got suggestions implemented ..
18:45 have a look at this - oooks promising :)
18:45 <puneet_kaur> ya ..
18:45 oh sorry.
18:45 copied the wrong thing :P
18:45 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]:Bulletin_new.png
18:45 gonzalo_, ^
18:46 gonzalo_ native93, good, a single button in the toolbar
18:46 native93 now we are only left with one button .. which would toggle both the board and the entry ..
18:46 yeah .. owing to the space issues ..
18:46 we can proceed with the design ...
18:47 now we started with the design because there are two major barriers ahead ..
18:47 gonzalo_ native93, who is helping with the design?
18:48 native93 gonzalo_, walter told me to drop a mail on the mailing list ..
18:48 gonzalo_ ok
18:48 native93 probably .. I will put this design on the same thread ..
18:48 in which we had our discussion ..
18:49 gonzalo_ ok, sorry, you was talking abut two barriers, can you talk about these?
18:49 native93 yeah .. so one was the problem with sugar-web services related to proxy ..
18:50 isn't resolved yet :/ .. so I can't do any testing :/
18:51 second was creating and importing new module ...
18:51 which gives an error .. walter had been looking into it ..
18:52 should I brief you about the module error  ? ..
18:52 gonzalo_ native93, please send a email to sugar-devel, then more people can look too
18:53 native93 the first issue has been on the mailing list for quite a few time ..
18:53 gonzalo_ native93, the proxy error is something related with your network environment?
18:53 native93 I think so ..
18:53 the proxy issue was brought up by gp94  too recently on the mailing list ..
18:54 I shall put up the second issue too on the mailing list ..
18:54 gonzalo_ i am trying to find the email
18:55 is "Unable to setup the sugar environment" ?
18:55 gp94 yes
18:56 native93 yeah .. that was by gp94
18:56 gonzalo_ ok, then the issue is you can't build sugar-build, because you are behind a proxy?
18:56 native93 seemed to be ..
18:57 the proxy thing was pointed by dnarvaez too
18:57 in my mail ..dated may 14
18:58 gonzalo_ native93, sadly, the true is, sugar-build was developed and maintained by dnarvaez, and he left the project recently
18:58 native93 gonzalo_, yeah .. heard that :( ..
18:58 gonzalo_ native93, we don't know yet who will continue that work
18:59 native93 hmmm .. and that is why the chat activity is also isn't working .
18:59 gonzalo_ native93, are you testing with two machines in the same network?
18:59 native93 yeah ..
19:00 two different machines ..
19:00 gonzalo_ strange, we have a lot of schools with proxies in Australia
19:00 native93 and the sharing button is also disabled because it's showing some error in sugar telepathy ..
19:00 so it
19:00 gonzalo_ maybe your network is dropping some packets
19:01 native93, can you test in another network environment?
19:01 native93 I will have to find some way to bypass proxy ..
19:02 gonzalo_ native93, another alternative is install a jabber server in a machine
19:02 hmm, will be ore complicate
19:02 native93 I have less idea about that .. but will look into it ..
19:03 and try to solve through jabber
19:03 by the time .. we can go ahead with the design .
19:03 space issues also seems to be fine now ..
19:04 gonzalo_ native93, maybe you can install a school server in a virtual machine http://wiki.laptop.org/go/School_server
19:04 native93, that will provide the jaber server
19:04 native93 it's like another os ? ..
19:05 like do I have to install this side by side with my linux ?
19:05 gonzalo_ native93, is the same os, but other services
19:05 native93, i think is easier install it in a vm
19:06 native93 okay .. then I will try it out with vm . and check whether it works ..
19:07 gonzalo_ there are a lot of information about how to installl http://wiki.laptop.org/go/XS_Installing_Software
19:07 even in a existing os, apparently
19:08 native93 documentation looks fine ..
19:08 thanks .. I will try it out  ..
19:08 gonzalo_ i hope that help
19:08 native93 hope so .
19:09 gonzalo_ ok, next? gp94?
19:09 gp94 sure
19:09 This week tried solving the Gerror issue
19:10 tried putting different trail and error but ccould been able to solve it
19:10 then wrote bsic tests for browse
19:10 like testing the toolbar buttons etc
19:10 currently will working on browse
19:11 i am writing a test to open a page in browse by typing it in the address bar
19:11 i read some documentation of Atpi
19:11 Atspi*
19:12 and found about a registry class which handles such issues like the one I stumbled in read
19:12 so next week I am planning to continue to work on browse and try to read up the docs of Atspi and solve the Gerror issue
19:13 gonzalo_ gp94, sorry, what is the GError issue?
19:14 gp94 when the read activity is run, it has some dbus settings,,,but as soon as the object chooser is opened it takes the dbus settings of the journal
19:14 making the test to assume that the read activity process has hung up...
19:14 giving a GError: timeout form bind
19:15 this is why I couldn't write the test for read for opening a file excep the basic ones
19:15 and imageviewer too...
19:16 gonzalo_ and can't you open Read opening a file, by example from Documents using the -o paramater?
19:18 gp94 i think that won't be possible because as soon as I start a test, an instance of read opens...
19:18 executing the read activity with -o parameter will open other instance of read
19:19 gonzalo_ hmm, but can't you open the first instance with the parameter?
19:19 gp94 executing the read activity with -o parameter in the python script*
19:19 because
19:20 on execution of a test, the execution given in the activity.info occurs
19:20 and not user specified in the test
19:21 gonzalo_ gp94, i need understand better. opening files is a important part of the tests. can you send a email to sugar-devel, explaining what are the problems, and pointing to the test code?
19:21 is difficult imagine on abstract
19:22 gp94 sure, I will send a mail to devel regarding this issue..
19:22 gonzalo_ thanks!
19:22 gp94 :)
19:23 gonzalo_ who is next curiousguy13__?
19:23 curiousguy13__ sure
19:23 this week i solved the issues i had last week with building sugar and debugged many more issues(mostly strings related) in sugar and sugar-toolkit which i'll soon write about in my blog.
19:23 after all the debugging, both of them seem to build but then it just gets stuck in the end, so i need to debug that.
19:24 and side by side i also worked on porting turtleart to python3 , did some changes in it but it can only be tested once all the modules of sugar start running.
19:24 gonzalo_, ^
19:24 gonzalo_ curiousguy13__, great
19:25 curiousguy13__ thanks
19:25 gonzalo_ who is pending?
19:26 martian_, ?
19:26 martian_ yes
19:26 this week i completed the import module i was working on
19:26 in turtle art 3d
19:26 the module was to import .obj files in turtleart
19:27 initially I had written the module to draw the figure only
19:28 but to interact with the figure
19:28 i added set_xyz blocks along with it
19:28 gonzalo_ martian_, any screenshot to share? i think would be fun to see :)
19:28 martian_ have you seen previous screenshots of the project?
19:29 gonzalo_ martian_, not recently
19:29 martian_ have you seen this:
19:30 http://web.iiit.ac.in/~anubhav[…]al/chessboard.png
19:30 gonzalo_ nice! :)
19:30 martian_, are you using opengl or cairo?
19:30 martian_ cairo
19:30 gonzalo_ great work
19:30 martian_ dropped the opengl idea at the beginning of the project
19:31 thank you
19:31 i am working on more examples
19:31 gonzalo_ martian_, i imagine you are practicing a lot of math :)
19:31 martian_ will upload them altogether
19:31 gonzalo_, haha :)
19:32 not really, just takes some time
19:32 gonzalo_ always is fun program graphics, even the bugs are fun :)
19:32 martian_ true
19:32 gonzalo_ good, anybody else?
19:34 ok, thanks martian_, curiousguy13__, gp94, native93, puneet_kaur
19:35 next Friday, walter is back :)
19:35 curiousguy13__ gonzalo_, thanks, have a great weekend! :)
19:35 puneet_kaur thanks gonzalo_ for taking the updates :-)
19:35 martian_ :)
19:36 martian_ has quit IRC
19:43 native93 thanks ... :)
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