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#sugar-meeting, 2014-07-22

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15:01 tch__ bernie, icarito, rgs, gonzalo__ cjl, ping
15:02 gonzalo__ tch__, pong
15:05 tch__ gonzalo__, lets see if we have quorum :)
15:08 gonzalo__,  I am looking at bernie's email with the instructions
15:10 gonzalo__, do you have experience with pootle?
15:20 gonzalo__ tch__, i worked a little with configuration of individual repostories
15:21 tch__ gonzalo__, ah, thats a lot better than I did: nothing haha
15:21 gonzalo__ or updating the the pootle utilities
15:21 tch__ gonzalo__, I have zero previous contact with pootle
15:21 gonzalo__ tch__, i wanted talk in this meeting about how configure the repositories
15:22 tch__, right now, pootle have a problem
15:22 tch__ gonzalo__, well, lets wait a bit longer then re-schedule it for Friday
15:22 gonzalo__, so icarito can assist too,
15:22 cjl <cjl!~chatzilla@c-98-204-202-184.hsd1.md.comcast.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:22 gonzalo__ hi cjl!
15:22 tch__ cjl, welcome :)
15:23 cjl hi
15:23 gonzalo__ cjl, how are you?
15:23 cjl About to go on travel for a week for my part time job.
15:24 Looking forward to help in resolving Pootle outage
15:24 tch__ cjl, sounds good :)
15:24 cjl, im still clueless, but hopefully we can find a solution
15:24 cjl It's beyond my tech skills to migrate by myself.
15:25 tch__ cjl, do you know why the previous instance was removed before the new one was working?
15:25 gonzalo__ the plan is migrate to  new pootle or restore the last version>
15:25 ?
15:25 cjl It was running on housetree dogi's personal machine and it went down.
15:26 tch__ cjl, ahh
15:26 cjl New pootle would solve many proglems accumulated with old version.
15:26 gonzalo__ cjl, pootle didn't run in sugarlabs infraestructure?
15:27 cjl husetree was backed up like SL infra and housetree was running SL stuff like Pootle
15:28 At least that is my belief
15:28 bernie has a better handle on that than me.
15:29 I think if we bring the newpootle VM up t ospeed as he laid out in his message we would be on the right path.
15:29 tch__ cjl, gonzalo__ I think we need to understand where are standing on
15:30 apparently, there is a new machine running with pootle already configure, but with git integration issues
15:30 cjl There is a stale VM  http://newpootle.sugarlabs.org/
15:31 It needs update from latest backup of Poolte and git and github connections made.
15:31 tch__ cjl, how is that instance in terms of synchronization with the previous production one?
15:31 cjl stale by several months
15:33 lionaneesh started work on it
15:34 tch__ cjl, i see,
15:34 cjl There are newer versions of OS and Poolte including translate toolkit that should be ugraded before use
15:35 tch__ cjl, any idea which backup files should be used?
15:35 icarito hi guys
15:35 tch__ icarito, hola!
15:35 icarito que tal :-)
15:35 cjl hi icarito
15:35 icarito I thought I could not make it, i'm late
15:35 but I read the backlog
15:36 i'm concerned it's not just a matter of migration but maintenance
15:36 cjl tch I would asssume the latest pre-crash from housetree
15:36 gonzalo__ cjl, you know what is pending on newpootle?
15:36 icarito i.e. pootle had a tendency to break so it needs some babysitting
15:36 tch__ cjl, ok, I need to translate that into a absolute path :)
15:37 cjl gonzalo__: see bernies note for details
15:37 tch__ cjl, http://newpootle.sugarlabs.org/about/ seems to be 2.5 already
15:38 icarito latest is 2.5.1
15:39 cjl Many changes have gone into Pootle 2.5.1 which follows on from 2.5.0 released in May.
15:39 gonzalo__ one of the poblems I saw in pootle, I don't know if is solved in 2.5 or if cjl and icarito agree, was the obscurity of where was pushing every .po file
15:39 tch__ cjl, icarito, i see
15:39 cjl gonzalo__: That was managed by sayamindu's pootle helper scripts
15:40 gonzalo__ cjl, but the process to change a repository was very manual, right?
15:40 icarito gonzalo__, "where was pushing every .po file" -> as in when, or to what repo?
15:40 gonzalo__ icarito, what repo
15:41 and branch
15:41 cjl https://git.sugarlabs.org/pootle-helpers
15:41 icarito looks like it is supported within pootle itself http://pootle.readthedocs.org/[…]sion_control.html
15:42 cjl https://git.sugarlabs.org/poot[…]/project_list.ini
15:42 icarito, tha is new to 2.5.x
15:42 icarito perhaps the custom scripts can be setup with the native git integration instead of custom scripts
15:43 cjl and it needs t omix git a nd git hub
15:43 gonzalo__ reading
15:43 cjl brb
15:45 gonzalo__ icarito, http://pootle.readthedocs.org/[…]sion_control.html looks very similar to the config in our pootle, right?
15:46 icarito, tch__, i think we need something like project_list.ini, but with the repositories information to make easier maintain the pootle server
15:47 tch__ gonzalo__, I wonder if these can be a replacement for custom stuff,
15:47 cjl tch I think they are meant to be.
15:48 tch__ gonzalo__, the more we rely on pootle's own tools, the easier will be in future
15:48 icarito +1 we can use their docs instead of documenting custom stuff
15:48 bernie here
15:48 icarito i guess the devil is in the details
15:49 cjl We  need to update our internal process notes  http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Service/translate
15:49 gonzalo__ icarito, with pootle, the devil is everywhere :)
15:49 bernie cjl: about housetree, it's not been part of SL infra since when we bought the new servers. i migrated everything away from it, and relied on pootle volunteers to do pootle.
15:49 gonzalo__ hi bernie
15:49 cjl bernie, what is latest backup of Pootle db?
15:50 tch__ haha, I never touched pootle before, so this still looks like huge mental spaghetti
15:50 bernie cjl: however, being the paranoid i am, i made the old pootle backup itself onto the new server, just in case.
15:50 tch__ bernie, hey!
15:50 bernie tch__: hola!
15:51 cjl bernie, yes, Pootle vols did not do a timely job of migration.
15:51 icarito is there valuable data in pootle itself beyond the git repos? I mean, setting up a new instance from scratch might be a simple task?
15:52 tch__ icarito, I was wondering the same
15:52 bernie cjl: it seems they all loose heart when they get to the git integration. what's up with that?
15:52 cjl users, projects strings
15:52 icarito bernie, git is a monster even for experienced devs ;-)
15:52 well not really, but for me it is
15:52 cjl bernie, it was a change from the old sayaamindu scripts to Pootle-internakl support
15:52 bernie icarito: i guess the users db, their acls, the list of repos... all this metadata
15:52 icarito my git histories are always a mess
15:53 bernie icarito: personal repositories can be messy
15:53 icarito i'm always baffled when trying to make git history neat
15:54 tch__ bernie, is all that in one DB?
15:54 cjl tch I think it is
15:55 bernie tch__: yes, but i don't remember if it's mysql or sqlite... anyway, it's django so there are higher level methods to dump, restore and migrate it
15:55 icarito also I guess language definitions
15:55 bernie tch__: (obviously, being django, it will be broken in some interesting way)
15:55 tch__ bernie, can you give the URI for that backup?
15:55 bernie tch__: it's in my email
15:56 tch__: there is also some outdated documentation our backup system: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Service/backup
15:56 tch__: you have root on all relevant machines
15:56 tch__ bernie, I see you mention it, but I don't know where in the fs of that VM is it
15:57 bernie tch__: ah, it's in /backup/<hostname>/<date>/
15:57 tch__ bernie, ok
15:57 bernie tch__: you'll find the full filesystem of the VM
15:58 tch__ bernie, can you handle the VM OS upgrade?
15:58 walterbender <walterbender!~walter@146-115-134-246.c3-0.nwt-ubr​1.sbo-nwt.ma.cable.rcn.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:59 bernie tch__: sure... it might break the old instance of pootle which is currently running on newpootle, but we don't care, right?
16:00 tch__: ok i'll upgrade to 14.04 asap. meanwhile, you can study how to upgrade the current pootle instance (or setup a new one)
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16:00 tch__ bernie, I think i will start by something simpler, setting a dummy one at home
16:01 bernie tch__: nice
16:01 tch__ bernie, to understand what is this all about,
16:02 bernie tch__: django is not my favorite web framework, but it's relatively easy to deploy (and relatively hard to keep running :-)
16:02 ouch, i have to run to another meeting, sorry
16:02 cjl thanks bernie
16:03 bernie i'll be back in about half hour
16:04 cjl tch__: a NEW VM may be good, I had concerns tha lionaneesh was not using the Pootle user in setting up new pootle.  pootle user is the one with privs on all git repos
16:04 to allow commit
16:04 tch__ hmm,
16:05 cjl it has it's own ssh key we can get to you
16:05 tch__ since I don't know much about pootle, I will try to get a dummy instance running first,
16:05 cjl When doing anything on the Pootle server, I would always su pootle
16:06 tch sounds good
16:06 tch__ if someone else, with more knowledge think can make things other way, specially faster, just step in :)
16:06 hah
16:07 but this is really important, for our next development cycle, even for the current 102 release ;/
16:07 cjl yes
16:09 tch__ ok, if there is nothing more to add, lets leave it here for now, I will do my research on pootle...
16:09 cjl So wehave the start of a plan.  bernie to upgrade VM OS and tch to experiment with Pootle install http://pootle.readthedocs.org/[…]installation.html
16:09 tch__ yep
16:09 :)
16:09 cjl Sounds good to me.
16:10 I'll be on travel, but I'll try to respond to e-mail.
16:10 gonzalo__ tch__, cjl, we need start to collect the information about where are the last repositories for the activituies
16:10 tch__, some activities moved to github
16:10 tch__ gonzalo__, can you make that inventory?
16:11 gonzalo__ tch__, we can add a wiki page and start collect the information
16:11 tch__, i can start
16:11 tch__ gonzalo__, great!
16:12 icarito i'll do some research on alternatives to pootle workflow so that translation efforts don't depend on pootle
16:14 tch__ icarito, sounds good, lets try to avoid this situation in the future haha
16:14 gtg now,
16:15 thanks everyone for coming!
16:15 gonzalo__ tch__, next Friday meeting to continue?
16:26 tch__ gonzalo__, +1
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17:02 bernie is back
17:02 in case you still have questions...
17:04 tch__: can you please verify that you can ssh into all the VMs involved?
17:04 tch__: that would be newpootle and freedom
17:06 gonzalo__: about where the activities git repos are, shouldn't each activity have a link to the source in aslo?
17:06 gonzalo__: some (most?) activities also have a wiki page
17:07 gonzalo__: maybe we can organize and update the existing information so it's easy to scrape and compose the list of repositories for pootle
17:07 gonzalo__: pushing to github or gitorious should be the same for pootle.
17:16 gonzalo__ bernie, yes, we need some way to have the information
17:18 bernie, i don't see a place to put the sources repository in aslo
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