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#sugar-meeting, 2014-07-11

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17:54 walterbender hi all
17:55 gonzalo__ hello
17:58 puneet_kaur hi
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18:00 native93 hi
18:01 aneeshdogra Hi
18:01 gp94 hi
18:03 walterbender shall we begin?
18:04 was in #sugar lost in a discussion
18:04 puneet_kaur, wanna start us off?
18:04 puneet_kaur sure
18:04 so firstly wrapped up most of the stuff on cli and set up the ground for plugin development
18:05 the first call of accelerometer is done
18:05 but facing issues in the second call which requires
18:05 event in javascript side to be triggered when there's a changes in accelerometer valuess
18:06 I need to work on how to pass and trigger the event in js from the python
18:06 also working on camera plugin
18:06 prasoon2211_ <prasoon2211_!~prasoon22@> has joined #sugar-meeting
18:06 puneet_kaur would try to expand the plugin base for cordova
18:06 thats the aim for now
18:06 thats it walterbender
18:06 walterbender thanks
18:07 sorry I did not have time this week to test your code :P
18:07 puneet_kaur no issues
18:08 walterbender puneet_kaur, hopefully Lionel can help re the js/python interface
18:08 native93, can you queue up?
18:08 puneet_kaur yup I contacted him .. he told me to go through suraj's blog
18:08 native93 walterbender, sure ..
18:08 puneet_kaur would try to find out
18:08 and also look into the sugar web sockets
18:08 native93 so no luck with the error yet .
18:09 I started adding other things ..
18:09 confirmation ..
18:09 also .. the it should only happen for shared activities ..
18:09 so was facing the same problem to get instance as prasoon2211_ did now..
18:10 but in my case get_active_activity()
18:10 was sufficient .. as I had to only find whether it's shared or not ..
18:10 so did that with presenceservice ..
18:11 I was preparing up the wiki page ...
18:11 walterbender might make sense for prasoon2211_ to use a notification
18:11 need to figure out exactly the use case
18:12 native93 yeah .. depends on the use case
18:12 prasoon2211_ walterbender, so we don't need the activity instance for a Notification?
18:13 walterbender prasoon2211_, no
18:13 prasoon2211_, I wrestled with this issue when trying to generate an alert during activity launching...
18:14 native93 NotifyAlert  would work in that case
18:14 walterbender really complicated to figure out which toolbar is active for the alert
18:14 so I think a notification may be better
18:14 prasoon2211_ ah. so I guess I'll go with native93's solution
18:14 walterbender tch and samdroid worked on that code most recently
18:15 prasoon2211_, we may as well hear from you now :)
18:15 prasoon2211_ of course
18:16 I was hoping to get a code review soon so I cleaned up my code
18:16 then
18:16 I wrote to Paul asking about the features and stuff
18:16 then I added the launch button to the activity toolbar
18:17 so that it behaves exactly as the shortcut
18:17 (the alt +shift +c)
18:17 anyway
18:17 after that I tried to setup a new dicourse docker instance checking if we can do updates
18:18 and that happened easily enough
18:18 and now this alert thingy that I'm doing now
18:18 that's all
18:18 native93 walterbender, I shall leave a section for the demo in the wiki page .. you can fill in later ..
18:19 walterbender native93, +1
18:20 prasoon2211_, let's try to grab time when you, paul, and I can meet
18:20 prasoon2211_ yeah, I emailed paul
18:20 walterbender tough from the timezone POV
18:20 prasoon2211_ twice
18:20 didn't get a reply... I guess he forgot
18:20 walterbender but I am willing to get up early or stay up late :)
18:20 prasoon2211_, CC me on the third try
18:21 prasoon2211_ Sure, I'll ask him again
18:22 walterbender gp94, wanna give us an update?
18:22 prasoon2211_ I'll get going then. I'm cracking my jaws here, yawning :D
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18:23 gp94 walterbender: sure
18:23 this week i tried to write test for turtle art
18:23 since it was in gtk2
18:23 i had to change bundlebuilder.py to add the check command
18:23 still things didn't work as expected
18:24 can't figure out why the instance of activity is not able to start
18:24 till then, i also updated my blog and also started writing the testing guide
18:24 have pushed hello-world and wrote a post regarding the test for that
18:25 now cleaning some code of log and will make the post about that by tommorow
18:25 walterbender gp94, did you figure out what was going on with Calculate?
18:25 gp94 walterbender: i will need the second dump file, on where it was not running
18:25 because it runs fine here
18:26 walterbender gp94, I'll run it again and email you
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18:26 gp94 next week i am planning to catch up with the left work in read (drifted from the mail that gonzalo__ had sent sorry)...
18:26 walterbender: thanks
18:27 this is all for the week...
18:27 gonzalo__ gp94, contact me I have any issue with Read or want discuss the tests
18:27 walterbender gp94, let's wrap up the gtk3 work before worrying about gtk2 and turtle
18:28 gp94 gonzalo__: sure...
18:28 walterbender the time may be better spend helping me port turtle to gtk3 :)
18:28 gp94 walterbender: ok, but I am confused on how to proceed for browse and chat...
18:28 walterbender: i am ready to chip in :)
18:29 because after read and imageviewer, it browse and chat...
18:29 walterbender gp94, the basic functional tests for chat and browse should be like the others... is it the connectivity bits? and UI?
18:30 gp94 yes the basic tests will be simmilar to others
18:31 but can't figure out how the ones like going to a webpage
18:31 walterbender finish up Read with gonzalo__ and I will help you with chat next
18:31 gp94 walterbender gonzalo__  thanks, will finish up with Read and then go to chat :)
18:32 walterbender aneeshdogra, ready?
18:32 aneeshdogra walterbender: Sure
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18:33 aneeshdogra walterbender: I am a part of my byld team at college. We participate in hackathons around India representing our college.
18:34 walterbender: so I was busy for 3.5 days this week
18:34 traveled to a different city
18:34 and participated in a 2 day hackathon
18:34 I lost in a couple of hours there.
18:35 native93 <native93!~androirc@> has joined #sugar-meeting
18:35 aneeshdogra So I just worked on getting my rhythms patch ready for the main repository.
18:35 walterbender should have made the hackathon about music tools for Sugar :)
18:35 aneeshdogra walterbender: Haha! Yeah. I wish!
18:35 gonzalo__ had commented about some issues
18:35 and I have fixed them
18:36 gonzalo__ is giving it a final look at present and we should have rhythms in Music Keyboard by tonight
18:36 walterbender: That's about it
18:37 walterbender aneeshdogra, please give us a heads up *before* you disappear next time :P
18:38 aneeshdogra walterbender: Yes. Sure. I am sorry about it. It came out of nowhere.
18:38 walterbender curiousguy13, your turn :)
18:38 aneeshdogra walterbender: It would be great if you could have a look at the patch
18:38 if you find time that is
18:38 curiousguy13 walterbender, sure
18:38 walterbender aneeshdogra, I will look...
18:38 aneeshdogra walterbender: Thanks :)
18:38 Bye all.
18:38 I have to leave.
18:39 curiousguy13 i had a network problem this week, so i couldn't do much work    for a few days (still doesn't seem to be completely resolved and i apologise in advance if i get disconnected in between the meeting).
18:39 other than that i worked on building all the modules , all of them seem to build successfully now except sugar module, it gets stuck while building ,showing "Command failed: make-j 16" and nothing in the osbuild.log either, so i'm debugging that right now .
18:39 once all the modules build succesfully , i can start running osbuild check and find the remaining errors
18:39 walterbender, ^
18:39 walterbender make-j 16 ?
18:40 curiousguy13 yeah.. while building sugar it shows that this command failed
18:40 stilltrying to figure out what's going wrong
18:41 walterbender hmm... no idea off the top of my head
18:41 curiousguy13 it might have something to do with the make files auto created by automake module (perl script)which i modified today
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18:42 walterbender undoubtly
18:42 make used to be so simple :)
18:43 curiousguy13 yeah... and i have never worked with perl before
18:43 native93 has quit IRC
18:43 curiousguy13 so .. might have srewed something up
18:44 walterbender maybe paste a diff for us to look at
18:44 might be something obvious
18:45 curiousguy13 a diff of automake?
18:46 i didn't do much changing in it though... it was just using python2.7 as default and i made it use python3
18:47 walterbender same as you did for the other modules?
18:48 curiousguy13 yeah, kinda.. except it was in perl this time
18:48 most probably it would be something else and i would have to debug to find out
18:48 native93 <native93!~androirc@> has joined #sugar-meeting
18:49 walterbender curiousguy13, good luck with your debugging :P
18:49 curiousguy13 walterbender, haha... thanks
18:52 walterbender anyone else around today?
18:54 gp94 has quit IRC
18:55 walterbender thanks all
18:55 have a great weekend
18:57 puneet_kaur <puneet_kaur!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:05 rparra <rparra!~rparra@> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:06 rparra hello everyone
19:08 native93 has quit IRC
19:11 walterbender hi rparra
19:11 I think you missed everyone else
19:11 rparra, is tch with you?
19:12 rparra really? aren't meetings held at 2PM EST?
19:12 tch is not with me right now, I'll see him in a couple of hours
19:14 walterbender I think I might have gotten meeting hours wrong
19:14 walterbender rparra, EDT
19:14 rparra, yes... all summer so far :)
19:14 but we usually run over so it doesn't matter
19:15 rparra, tell tch I have Sugar running on the NextGen machine :)
19:15 rparra ok, noticed now, sorry for the delay then
19:15 walterbender rparra, no problem
19:15 tell me about your week
19:15 rparra I'll tell him for sure
19:16 well I've been working on two things: TurtleBlocks integration and .rpm packaging
19:17 as for TurtleBlocks, I managed to create a conditional block that returns true if the last recognized command equals a string it receives as a parameter
19:17 walterbender I saw you got the FING code to run
19:17 rparra yes, it was really helpful to understand turtle plugin architecture
19:18 walterbender if you have any Turtle questions, don't hesitate to come to the maintainer
19:18 rparra After discussing with tch, I made a little change to my implementation
19:19 Instead of a blocking block (like we had discussed), I save the last recognized command as a palette attribute
19:19 and the conditional block evaluates its parameter against that command
19:20 walterbender you will need some way to "debounce" then
19:20 try writing a "snake" game
19:20 there is one packaged with the examples that uses the keyboard
19:22 rparra I've used it to move the turtle around so far. As it doesn't block, you can put those block inside a loop
19:22 to have a sort of event-driven behavior
19:22 current code is here: https://github.com/rparrapy/turtle-listens
19:23 btw, I didn't quite get the "debounce" part
19:24 walterbender rparra: if I say, left and that state is saved, does it keep going left?
19:24 or is it cleared after the conditional asked for the value?
19:25 rparra latter option
19:26 walterbender ok... makes sense then
19:26 rparra what do you think about it so far? I actually wanted to know if there's a way to save some state for a block
19:26 walterbender rparra, you can do anything you want inside a block
19:27 rparra just because in that case I could remember last N commands, if a block can remember the last index it evaluated
19:27 I just wanted to try that out
19:27 what I mean is, can you have "block-scoped" attributes?
19:28 I need each block to know its last visited index, or something like that
19:29 walterbender rparra, you'd have to manage that in the plugin
19:29 turtle normally doesn't know which instance of a block it is dealing with
19:30 but could be an interesting extension.
19:30 rparra I thought so after looking at the code, just wanted to check with an expert
19:30 walterbender there are a few "hidden" fields in the block class you could use
19:30 look at tablock.py
19:30 is willing to extend the class
19:33 rparra checking the code again right now
19:34 walterbender you could maybe stash something in block.values
19:34 depending on whether or not you use that already
19:35 but I could just add a new attribute, private
19:35 might be a good idea in general
19:35 rparra I see, I haven't used it yet (I think). What is the 'values' attribute used for normally?
19:36 walterbender lots of different things
19:36 a number block has a value
19:36 a string block has a value
19:36 a media block has a value
19:37 but many blocks don't use that field for anything
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19:37 walterbender still, maybe better to define a new attribute
19:37 rparra is value the parameter you pass to it? the text block for example?
19:37 walterbender is getting ready to release v207 anyway
19:37 you could work from that
19:39 rparra I still have a question though. How do I access the current block instance? since my method is defined inside my Plugin class... isn't self bound to the Plugin?
19:40 walterbender you mean from the block primitive method?
19:40 rparra yes, exactly
19:40 is it possible?
19:40 here's the code: https://github.com/rparrapy/tu[…]turtle_listens.py
19:41 basically I should update some block attribute in the listen_to method, if possible
19:42 walterbender the turtle window keeps a list of all of the blocks
19:42 you can walk through that list looking for your blocks (by the block name)
19:42 and then do what you want with those blocks
19:43 I do that for example in updating the label of blocks, such as mouse x or mouse y, turtle x coord or heading, color, etc.
19:43 rparra but is there a way to know which one is the current?
19:43 walterbender you mean the one currently being executed?
19:43 rparra I'll check the source for that
19:44 yes
19:44 walterbender in talogo.py there is code that highlights the currently executed block
19:44 but I don't know how easy it would be to do that from your plugin
19:45 the primitive method is called for the current block when it is executed
19:45 what exactly do you want to do?
19:46 rparra what I want to do is: each time a block evaluates some index in a list, I want to increment its last_visited_index (made-up name) by 1
19:46 that would allow a block to remember the last index it visited (to avoid evaluating commands in the list more than once)
19:47 walterbender and you want to maintain a separate list for each block?
19:47 rparra kind of hard to explain I guess, but I think it could be helpful for long loops
19:47 no, it can be a single list kept in the plugin
19:47 walterbender ok... then just increment it in the primitive
19:49 rparra but that would increment the index for all other blocks, if I'm right. You see, the list is shared, but the last_visited_index should be maintained in each block
19:49 that's why I wanted to know how to access the block inside my primitive
19:51 walterbender I think I got you
19:52 let's add a private attribute to the block class
19:52 then you can use that
19:52 I'll add it right now and push to git
19:54 done
19:54 so your plugin will require Turtle 207+
19:58 rparra walterbender thank you! but still (hope I'm not pushing your patience XD), how would I access the block parameter inside listen_to (a primitive)?
19:58 *block attribute
19:59 walterbender tries to think of an example
20:00 so when you create your block instance, you can assign a value to block.private
20:00 and now, how to access it...
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20:03 walterbender rparra, here is what I am thinking
20:03 maybe private is a method
20:04 and that method gets called along with the block primative
20:04 with a reference to the block instance
20:05 rparra, will take me a few minutes to make this change
20:06 rparra ok, I see. I have to leave now walterbender, will see tch soon. I'll pull your changes later and take a look
20:06 walterbender rparra, OK
20:07 will be a private=some_method in the block constructor
20:07 and that method will be called with the block instance just before the block is executed
20:08 (or should it be after??? /me thinks)
20:08 maybe I will make before and after options... why not?
20:08 rparra I'll leave you to your thoughts, but I think it could work...
20:08 walterbender OK
20:08 ttyl
20:09 rparra such hooks might be interesting in general, it would be like defining a block lifecycle
20:09 bye
20:09 rparra has quit IRC
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