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#sugar-meeting, 2014-07-09

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00:01 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> Hello!
00:01 walterbender hi
00:01 cjl, still here?
00:01 ClaudiaU_, ?
00:01 CanoeBerry, ?
00:02 gonzalo has gone missing. hope everything is OK
00:02 (I was expecting him at a different meeting 30 minutes ago)
00:03 sdanielf opens IRC one hour before to avoid getting confused with timezones
00:03 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> Ah. *Ok.
00:03 Claudia <Claudia!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
00:04 walterbender It is 8PM in Boston now; 9PM in .UY?
00:04 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> If, the hours sometimes confuse...
00:04 walterbender ok. Claudia is here :)
00:04 we can begin
00:04 Claudia hello
00:04 walterbender #start-meeting
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00:04 <J_M_Garcia-es> If, 9*PM in Uruguay.
00:04 <J_M_Garcia-es> Hello!
00:04 walterbender welcome everyone
00:05 a few things before we get started
00:05 (1) our devel team released Sugar 102 this week
00:05 Claudia nice
00:05 walterbender it is a significant improvement over previous releases
00:06 most of the effort went into bug fixes
00:06 so it should be much more stable
00:06 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> Excellent!
00:06 walterbender the detailed release notes are at http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0.102/Notes
00:06 Martin Abente did the release
00:07 As you can see, Gonzalo Odiard carried much of the load
00:07 sdanielf So we can say we have solved all problems with html5 and gtk3
00:07 walterbender but also, it is significant because we had many new contributors
00:07 and I think a record number of patches
00:08 the new contributors tend to be from our youth participants
00:08 Claudia congrats!!!!!
00:08 walterbender the very group we want to attract
00:08 so I am very pleased
00:08 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> If! Excellent!
00:09 walterbender most of the new features came from them
00:10 and many bug fixes too
00:10 (2) that said, we did have some difficulties
00:10 our former release manager, Daniel Narveaz, has gone quiet for 1 month
00:10 I have reached out to him, but have heard nothing
00:10 not his usual behavior
00:10 so I am concerned for him
00:11 cjl still here
00:12 Claudia where is he?
00:12 walterbender Claudia, last I knew, Italy
00:12 sdanielf When you say "our former release manager", do you mean he was already replaced?
00:13 walterbender tch has stepped in as interim release manager
00:13 because we needed to get 102 out.
00:13 it was late
00:13 Claudia wasn't he a mentor for the google program?
00:13 walterbender he is a mentor
00:13 I have been co-mentor of his student
00:14 Claudia is the quiet there too?
00:14 walterbender in addition to Daniel, the other concern I have is general sysadmin support
00:14 bernie is overworked at his day job
00:14 we need to recruit more help (as cjl can attest)
00:15 cjl yes
00:15 walterbender and my final concern is the lack of input from the deployments
00:15 Sugar 102 was almost entirely driven by AU
00:15 little input from UY
00:16 no input from any other deployment
00:16 so...
00:16 sdanielf For your first point, I'm only informed about the visual face of the sysadmin: Creation of accounts
00:17 walterbender sdanielf, lots of other issues: for example, pootle has been down for two weeks
00:17 Claudia we know very little from deployments
00:17 walterbender we have an opportunity with Sugar 104 to reach out to the needs of the deployments
00:17 we need to be aggressive, I think
00:18 one except to the lack of involvement has been the school server project, that many of the small deployments are involved in
00:18 sdanielf I have very few news about Sugar deployments in .UY too. Ceibal is doing a big effort in Classmates and Android-XO Tablet
00:18 walterbender but NI, PE, RW, and UY need to be as active as AU
00:19 sdanielf, what OS on Classmate?
00:19 sdanielf walterbender, Ubuntu AFAICT
00:19 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> In Uruguay the effort by *Classmate is for average, no for primary school...
00:20 <J_M_Garcia-es> And the *XO *tablet has lost the last bidding, by what the deployment will be with another model...
00:20 walterbender sdanielf, quidam could be a big help in getting Sugar stable in that environment
00:20 the Android-XO Tablet is a black hole
00:20 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> The *classmate comes also with *Sugar...
00:21 walterbender but an old, buggy Sugar
00:21 gonzalo_ <gonzalo_!~gonzalo@> has joined #sugar-meeting
00:21 walterbender we need to do better
00:21 and we can do better
00:21 hi gonzalo_
00:21 gonzalo_ hello
00:21 sdanielf Maybe help to package newer versions of Sugar?
00:21 gonzalo_ couldn't connect
00:21 hi sdanielf
00:21 walterbender sdanielf, yes
00:22 Claudia do we want to use the chat to announce the new release
00:22 walterbender sdanielf, we also need to convince quozi to package the new Sugar with his Android for XO4
00:22 Claudia and talk to deployments about the new one?
00:22 walterbender he is packaging Sugar 0,94
00:22 and says he has no clients who want a newer version
00:22 that is really disheartening
00:23 sdanielf walterbender, since the new release is "Stable" I hope it will be easier to convince him
00:23 walterbender Claudia, I think we should make personal announcements to NI, CRC, etc.
00:23 gonzalo_ walterbender, is not quozl fault, but olpc asoc interest
00:23 walterbender gonzalo_, yes... I was not pointing a finger... just trying to explain
00:23 cjl Can the NZ testing group help convince quozl it is ready?
00:24 walterbender cjl, I think he is mostly working to meet the needs of NI
00:24 we need to convince the FZT people
00:24 gonzalo_ walterbender, we need prepare a image with F18 + sugar 0.102 to share and promote
00:24 walterbender gonzalo_, yes
00:25 gonzalo_ walterbender, do wwe have any communication with FZT people?
00:25 walterbender and maybe make a glossy brochure of all the improvements
00:25 sdanielf gonzalo_, How many upstream dependencies is Sugar-build clonning right now?
00:25 walterbender gonzalo_, on rare occasions... never follow through
00:25 gonzalo_ walterbender, yes, we need better comunication
00:25 sdanielf, not too much
00:25 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> The notes of the 0.102 are interesting!
00:26 gonzalo_ but need something more useful to final users
00:26 sdanielf gonzalo_, that's good. It's not easy to package software if there are dependencies which didn't arrive the distros
00:26 walterbender JM, in addition, gonzalo_ and I have been doing a lot of activity work
00:27 CanoeBerry Apologies i'm in 2 simulataneous meetings, but following, even if we're stuck on Sugar 0.96 in Haiti, simply b/c folks did so much work stabilizing+soup'ing up OLPC's 12.1.0 for Haiti last year.
00:27 Claudia I exchanged some text with Felix from FXT
00:28 we may want to invite them to give us an update on their deployment
00:28 gonzalo_ CanoeBerry, we need discuss, how can work together. I did improvements on Words activities I think can be useful for you
00:28 walterbender CanoeBerry, it would be really helpful to upstream (us) if we had some feedback re their efforts: what they needed to stablize and soup up
00:28 CanoeBerry Most all details should be here: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/HaitiOS
00:29 But if not I can ask George, Tim, Curt etc.
00:30 gonzalo_ guys, there are a lot of things we want and need to do, how can we help to make them a reality?
00:30 walterbender CanoeBerry, can you be the go-between... it is really inefficient in the long run if there is a branch to nowhere
00:31 gonzalo_ if not these meetings are only therapy
00:31 walterbender gonzalo_, we need very targeted outreach to each of the deployments with an update of where we are
00:31 CanoeBerry Yes, I know this same HaitiOS 0.7.x continues to be deployed all around Haiti this summer, but eventually we want something better/faster for Haiti's XO-1s that keep emerging from dark corners :-)
00:32 gonzalo_ CanoeBerry, we solved some of the performance problems we had, and I hope improve a lot more with 0.104 (specifically with the journal)
00:33 walterbender back to tangible actions
00:33 bernie walterbender, cjl: yes, i could use some help
00:34 cjl I know bernie
00:34 gonzalo_ walterbender, J_M_Garcia, sdanielf, Claudia, any news about the event in UY?
00:34 walterbender can we make a allocate the deployments among us for a personal outreach?
00:34 gonzalo_, that was going to be the next topic
00:34 gonzalo_ ok
00:35 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> As it said yesterday, I think that the best political will be to take decisions of dates, addressees and structure...
00:35 <J_M_Garcia-es> And with this follow insisting in achieving bottoms.
00:35 gonzalo_ sorry, please continue
00:35 bernie cjl: besides pootle, the planet is also unmaintained at the moment.
00:36 walterbender maybe gonzalo_ with sdanielf  and JM can make an approach to UY and PY?
00:36 I can try to reach out to PE
00:36 Claudia, we can approach FZT together?
00:36 and CO
00:36 gonzalo_ walterbender, i am in contact with Costa RIca too
00:36 Claudia walterbender: yes!
00:36 sdanielf walterbender: wha do you mean by approach?
00:36 walterbender gonzalo_, put Claudia in the loop
00:36 gonzalo_ ok!
00:37 walterbender sdanielf, I think we want to say, hey: look at the shiny new Sugar: it is stable and has lots of user-demanded new features
00:37 we'll help you get it running in your deployment
00:37 gonzalo_ walterbender, can we agree in start next week, and prepare images to test before that?
00:38 sdanielf walterbender: a press release would help a lot
00:38 walterbender the best Sugar ever to bring out the best in your learners
00:38 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> It can be interesting idea.
00:38 walterbender sdanielf, I'll speak to Sean Daley
00:38 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> Although this is very centralised from *Ceibal
00:38 gonzalo_ +1 for press release
00:39 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> Especially in the most technical part.
00:39 walterbender JM we can put some pressure to change that
00:39 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> Press release can be interesting, and valuable...
00:39 sdanielf IŽm in touch with Ceibal's development and products coordinator
00:40 walterbender maybe we specifically target publications in the countries of deployments rather than our usual shotgun approach
00:40 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> Have some technical contact with the one who can speak ? My contacts are all of education...
00:40 <J_M_Garcia-es> Although it could test  by there...
00:40 walterbender JM I think it is time that the education people have some say
00:40 so we should highlight the pedagogical value in the new Sugar
00:41 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> If, I think that it does time that would have to decide. Another thing is that they decide really.
00:41 walterbender and argue from that POC
00:41 POV
00:42 gonzalo_ walterbender, our Release Notes are long and technical. Good for us, but we need something for outsiders
00:42 who can work on that
00:42 ?
00:42 walterbender maybe Claudia and I can take a stab at distilling the nuggets worth mentuining to teachers
00:42 that would be step 1...
00:43 gonzalo_ ok, I can work in prepare testing images
00:43 walterbender then we approach the deployments
00:43 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> If, perhaps it can converse with the people of training, and see what can do  from this side...
00:43 walterbender +1
00:43 a 3-pronged attack :)
00:43 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> That would be an excellent strategy, Gonzalo.
00:44 walterbender so... we have a plan
00:44 Claudia yes
00:44 gonzalo_ :)
00:44 walterbender Claudia, can we target writing something up early next week?
00:44 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> If
00:45 Claudia yes, I have time next week
00:45 walterbender OK
00:45 and gonzalo_ and tch are working on the builds
00:45 maybe end of next week we will be ready
00:46 and I will contact Sean
00:46 ...
00:46 next topic?
00:46 gonzalo_ then, after that we will have material to contact all the deployments
00:46 would be good if we share a document with who contacted who and what was the result
00:47 will help in ongoing communication, and we can see who is missing
00:47 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> +1
00:47 Claudia +1
00:47 gonzalo_ learned today olpc fr work on a image with sugar 0.98
00:48 walterbender yes...
00:48 very frustrating
00:48 shall we talk about the youth summit?
00:48 can we fix a date?
00:48 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> *Ok
00:49 walterbender wants September
00:49 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> If. The holidays have modified ...
00:50 <J_M_Garcia-es> To facilitate the access here, would be good in the week of 22 September
00:50 walterbender 15 al 19 de Sept is CLEI in UY
00:50 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> *CLEI?
00:50 walterbender if we work around those dates, we could leverage some hackers in town
00:51 meeting <sdanielf-es> J_M_Garcia, http://clei.org/clei2014/
00:51 <J_M_Garcia-es> Ah! *Ok.
00:52 walterbender Conferencia Latinoamericana en Informática
00:52 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> And that it was the first days of the following week is more complex?
00:52 <J_M_Garcia-es> Or it facilitates the one who do not superimpose ?
00:53 walterbender checks his calendar
00:53 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> The program still is not available, but is of the 15 to the 19
00:54 walterbender 20-24?
00:54 as a window?
00:54 or the youth summit could overlap
00:54 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> If...
00:54 walterbender needs to be in Boston on the 26th -- my mother's 85th birthday
00:55 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> ;)
00:55 walterbender it would be great to actually pick some dates
00:55 and start inviting people to UY
00:55 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> It could see with the people of the University...
00:55 walterbender I've a few kids in mind I would like to bring
00:55 samdroid, for example
00:56 and Jorge
00:56 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> Also for the *CLEI?
00:56 gonzalo_ JM, walterbender, this event is the young hackers camp, something for teachers? can you tell us more?
00:56 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> If, we had thought spaces for professors that are orienting...
00:57 <J_M_Garcia-es> And a day for professors and students that are not in the subject still...
00:57 walterbender we want kids, teachers, and developers together, I thought
00:57 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> Worked with the young programmers...
00:57 <J_M_Garcia-es> Thought in that it was of youngsters for youngsters...
00:57 walterbender but one day for the kids exclusively to define their own agenda
00:57 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> It can be a good combination, Walter...
00:57 walterbender and some "camp" hacking time for everyone
00:58 and maybe a Turtle Art Day too :)
00:58 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> ;)
00:58 walterbender thinks the whole world is a turtle
00:59 JM turtle 3D is coming along nicely :)
00:59 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> Excellent!
00:59 Quozl` can it be used to drive a 3d printer yet?  ;-)
00:59 walterbender Quozl`, indirectly, yes.
00:59 exports .obj
00:59 gonzalo_ think is a good opportunity to have face to face time for the community for planning
01:00 walterbender which can be converted to stl
01:00 gonzalo_ hi Quozl`!
01:00 PabloBaques <PabloBaques!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
01:00 Claudia I am a witness, walterbender thinks the world is a turtle
01:00 walterbender gonzalo_, we can do many things around the event...
01:00 but we need to focus on the youth summit
01:00 gonzalo_ ha ha
01:00 ok, then we need definitions
01:01 walterbender to make sure it is not subsumed
01:01 gonzalo_, sdanielf wrote a nice manifesto
01:01 which we need to compliment with some specifics
01:01 gonzalo_ sdanielf, where is?
01:01 walterbender he has been siting on it
01:01 sdanielf gonzalo_, Will send you a copy after the meeting
01:02 walterbender sdanielf, send it to all of SLOBs please.
01:02 gonzalo_ sdanielf, please send to slobs
01:02 sdanielf of course
01:02 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> +1
01:02 sdanielf needs to join mails
01:02 Claudia +1
01:02 walterbender gonzalo_ and I spend too much time together these days :)
01:02 gonzalo_ and you are happy of course :)
01:03 walterbender always
01:03 gonzalo_ we need do good use of the time in UY
01:03 walterbender esp. when NL gets crushed by AR tomorrow
01:04 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> ;)
01:04 walterbender if we fix the youth summit we can work everything else around it
01:04 gonzalo_ the more expensive thing for is is travel expenses, then if we can put how many of us in MVD, would be great
01:05 walterbender gonzalo_, we will do whatever we can
01:05 but we need to have the event no matter what as an example to others what the kids can and will do
01:06 Sept is soon... so we need to decide soon and get planning
01:07 Claudia agree
01:07 my sept is already complicated
01:07 gonzalo_ +1
01:07 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> If. *Habiamos *plateado 3 days for the summit, 2 for spaces of the programmers, and one opened to attract more follower.
01:08 <J_M_Garcia-es> That problem Claudia!
01:08 <J_M_Garcia-es> If we add day of the *tortugarte...
01:08 walterbender can I leave an action to JM and sdanielf to follow up in the next week about fixing the date?
01:08 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> *Ok
01:08 walterbender we can work everything else around it
01:08 Claudia ok
01:09 I have to go now...
01:09 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> I also...
01:10 gonzalo_ ok, how the dates are decided?
01:10 or who will decide it?
01:10 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> *Porponemos In brief...
01:10 <J_M_Garcia-es> In principle between the 22 and the 24
01:11 <J_M_Garcia-es> It seems them?
01:11 gonzalo_ 3 days?
01:11 walterbender wonders about the weekend???
01:11 Quozl` gonzalo_: (sorry to be late to meeting, and ask for a rewind, but ...) re recent sugar on olpc os, if you could contribute the necessary changes then i'm quite willing to begin such a development, but my investing in the time required without encouragement from olpc is risky.
01:11 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> Free weekend!
01:11 walterbender might be better for students?
01:12 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> If...
01:12 <J_M_Garcia-es> And for the professors...
01:12 Claudia I was invited to Campus Party in Ecuador.. Sept 18 to 21
01:12 gonzalo_ weekend will be better for teachers and students
01:13 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> In *UY have holidays this week...
01:13 walterbender which days are holidays?
01:13 gonzalo_ Quozl`, lets talk about how do it
01:14 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> Perhaps weekend for the programmers, and the open Monday
01:14 walterbender Claudia, like Spring Break in MX? :)
01:14 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> The holidays are of the 22 to the 27
01:14 walterbender so lets do the weekend before: 20, 21, 22?
01:15 gonzalo_ JM only for schools?
01:15 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> No, for Average...
01:15 <J_M_Garcia-es> Half school, teenage.
01:15 cjl has quit IRC
01:15 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> Elementary school only 22 and 23
01:16 Claudia JM¿Middle schools?
01:16 walterbender sdanielf, would your hacker friends be available on a holiday?
01:16 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> Secondary
01:16 sdanielf walterbender, I hope so
01:17 walterbender then it seems we could do something like 20 for kids only; 21 for teachers; 22--- for Sugar sprint?
01:17 I put the kids first so that they can organize what to share with everyone else
01:17 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> If it is Sunday for the professors, in *UY does not move  anybody...
01:18 sdanielf btw: which day is the SFD?
01:18 walterbender no se
01:19 sdanielf walterbender, if it matches, Saturday must be open to the community
01:19 walterbender sdanielf, OK
01:19 all the better...
01:20 since teachers won't work on Sunday, we give that to the kids
01:20 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> ;)
01:20 <J_M_Garcia-es> I have to go me...
01:21 Claudia JM.. best of luck tomorrow and congrats in advance
01:21 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> *Segimos By mail?
01:21 walterbender needs to go to...
01:21 everyone has their work to do
01:21 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> *Ok
01:21 walterbender I will nag everyone next week :)
01:22 thanks all
01:22 7
01:22 Claudia 6
01:22 sdanielf 5
01:22 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> 4
01:22 CanoeBerry 3
01:23 walterbender cjl - 2
01:23 gonzalo_ 1
01:23 walterbender #end-meeting
01:23 meeting Meeting ended Wed Jul  9 01:23:39 2014 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
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01:23 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]14-07-09T00:04:25
01:24 sdanielf thanks walterbender for chairing the meeting
01:24 meeting * J_M_Garcia has quit (Quit: Page closed)
01:24 walterbender sdanielf, glad you could join us :)
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