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#sugar-meeting, 2014-07-04

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17:59 walterbender hi all
18:00 puneet_kaur hi
18:00 gp94 hi
18:00 walterbender happy 4 of July :)
18:00 puneet_kaur same to you walter ..
18:01 gp94 wish you the same :)
18:01 walterbender shall we get started?
18:01 aneeshdogra, maybe you can start?
18:01 please give us an update
18:02 aneeshdogra walterbender: Sure
18:02 So yeah. This week I have been working to get the rhythms patch pushed to the activity.
18:02 I added a palette for instrument selection
18:02 Improved the UI a bit
18:03 ^ it now uses icons instead of explicit numbers
18:03 martian_ <martian_!~anon@> has joined #sugar-meeting
18:03 aneeshdogra I think I should put in some context first.
18:03 So yeah, my project is Music Keyboard Activity Enhancements
18:03 walterbender aneeshdogra, have you seen the palettes we use in Physics?
18:03 aneeshdogra walterbender: not really no.
18:04 walterbender But I suppose you need something continuous?
18:04 aneeshdogra walterbender: I am using something similar to what we use for journal search
18:04 walterbender In Physics, I decided a few descrete values were enough
18:05 aneeshdogra walterbender: Discrete values in the palette?
18:05 I am using the palette just for instrument selection
18:06 walterbender Oh. I thought you were talk ing about the rhythms
18:06 the instruments were already icons, not numbers
18:06 aneeshdogra for the rhythms toolbar I use it for the beat set selection
18:06 the numbers were for the settings
18:07 like the Tempo, beats per bar etc.
18:07 walterbender so it is a descrete set of values
18:07 aneeshdogra walterbender: yes
18:07 walterbender: I initially made something like: http://i.imgur.com/R5u69f8.png
18:07 walterbender OK. I'll have to pull your patch and take a look
18:07 any questions for us?
18:08 aneeshdogra walterbender: please do.
18:08 walterbender: Yes, I'd like some feedback
18:08 walterbender aneeshdogra, maybe post your repo URL?
18:08 aneeshdogra walterbender: https://github.com/lionaneesh/[…]ivity/tree/rythms
18:08 please note the branch
18:08 its rythms
18:10 walterbender :)
18:10 OK. I'll check it out on the weekend.
18:10 aneeshdogra walterbender: So yeah would you like to hear more.
18:11 walterbender thanks for the update; I think we are good
18:11 puneet_kaur, can you give us an update?
18:11 puneet_kaur yup sure
18:11 so I worked out to establish the cordova sugar stuff on windows ..
18:11 currently was doing on linux
18:12 but Lionel wished to test on windows too
18:12 so there some changes required to make the build command work
18:12 then working on  --option iframe to control the presence or not of an IFrame in the cordova build
18:13 Also hacking simultaneously in cordova-plugman to provide the plugin support
18:13 and with the meeting with Lionel we decided to expand horizontally
18:13 by adding more plugins
18:13 so need to complete all calls of accelerometer and then switch to more
18:14 also I have discovered a few issue with the working of sugar cordova, so need to solve that
18:14 walterbender do you have any demo apps yet?
18:14 puneet_kaur yup
18:14 walterbender instructions on how to test it?
18:14 puneet_kaur but you need to set up the entire stuff at your end to generate them
18:14 yes
18:15 walterbender I'd like to try
18:15 puneet_kaur on which platform are you based ?
18:15 walterbender, ^
18:15 walterbender Fedora/Linux
18:15 puneet_kaur thats cool
18:15 will send you the stuff to try out
18:15 walterbender thanks
18:15 puneet_kaur with all the instructions
18:15 hope it should work fine
18:15 as I am on ubuntu
18:15 walterbender I'll report back
18:15 puneet_kaur yeah sure
18:16 and also discussed with Lionel about sugarizer
18:16 so he said we shall do that after completing a few more thing
18:16 *things
18:16 thats all walterbender
18:17 walterbender thanks for the update
18:17 any questions from anyone?
18:17 gp94, your turn...
18:17 gp94 so this week I began writing tests for read and imageviewer
18:17 have been able to write the basic ones, testing the toolbars and stuff
18:18 but I am stuck at a problem,
18:18 walterbender please tell
18:18 gp94 since I am behind proxy, I am unable to configure the http_proxy env variable,
18:18 so I can't run browse and download pdfs and etc for testing read
18:19 I tried to transfer through usb but it behaved abnormally
18:19 just showed empty
18:19 walterbender maybe gonzalo_ can help with that ^^ (he has been doing some proxy tests with Browse)
18:19 this is all running in a VM?
18:19 gonzalo_ reading
18:20 gp94 I also tried to create files through, write but was unable to save it somewhere ( the activity just redirected to the home of sugar)
18:20 dont know why it occured?
18:20 walterbender gp94, anything in the log files?
18:20 gp94 presently since my laptop is gone for repair, I am running it on native's extra laptop
18:20 it is not a VM
18:20 gonzalo_ gp94, Browse use libsoup to configure the proxy, then you can configure it using the gnome tools
18:21 gp94 will see log files and report on it...forgot to do it..
18:21 walterbender gp94, if you are running sugar-build, then you can copy files in the broot directory
18:21 gp94 gnome tools should be present in the host machine...?
18:22 walterbender what OS is it running?
18:22 gp94 broot directory is the documents directory in sugar-build?
18:22 I am running Linux Mint
18:22 walterbender gp94, should be something like /var/lib/broot/...
18:23 gp94 walterbender:I will try to put some files in the above location
18:24 so, this week I will have to work on the Read and Imageviewer and after that is done I plan on the start work on turtle art..
18:24 walterbender should be a subdir called sugar-build something
18:24 gp94 keeping browse and chat for latter...
18:25 curiousguy13_ <curiousguy13_!~curiousgu@> has joined #sugar-meeting
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18:25 walterbender gp94, would be good to start documenting so others can start writing tests
18:26 gp94 walterbender: ok will do so..
18:26 walterbender thx
18:26 martian_, your turn
18:26 gp94 one more thing native's been out of college, so he told me to tell that he will be late for the meeting...
18:27 walterbender ok
18:27 martian_ so this week, I was working on adding export to .obj option
18:28 walterbender how'd it go?
18:28 martian_ I faced a lot of issues
18:28 first it was writing correctly to file
18:28 with proper name format
18:29 then some logical ones
18:29 to figure out the vertices and lines correctly
18:29 and removing duplicate items
18:29 walterbender did you get it to work?
18:29 martian_ yes
18:29 walterbender nice
18:29 will pull your repo
18:29 martian_ tested it on 2-3 examples
18:30 walterbender how do I test?
18:30 e.g., what do you do with the .obj files?
18:30 martian_ you can open it with blender (i haven't tested it myself yet)
18:31 should work though
18:31 walterbender OK
18:31 I'll try
18:31 martian_ or simply parse the file
18:31 walterbender did you see my email re STL?
18:31 the 3D printer format?
18:32 martian_ yes, I had a look
18:32 walterbender must be a .obj to stl converter somewhere out there
18:32 martian_ do we need that too?
18:32 walterbender would be good to be able to explain how to go from turtle to 3D printer
18:32 but it need not be direct
18:33 martian_ I will explore more
18:33 walterbender having turtle to blender is pretty cool
18:33 martian_, you are doing points, lines, and surfaces (with fill)?
18:33 martian_ points and lines for now
18:34 I'll have to read how to detect faces
18:34 walterbender fill should be next so we can specify a surface
18:34 then we can add texture maps
18:34 dinana <dinana!58761b16@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
18:34 walterbender then we have most of what we need for MineCraft
18:35 martian_ I think we need normals first if we want to capture faces
18:35 walterbender martian_, should be able to calculate those from the vertices
18:35 a normal for each set of three points
18:35 dinana has quit IRC
18:36 walterbender we could triangulate everything if need be
18:36 wrote a poliygon -> triangles parser for the Physics plugin in Turtle
18:36 you could reuse that
18:36 martian_ walterbender, would surely help
18:37 walterbender looks for it
18:38 https://github.com/walterbende[…]/physics.py#L1038
18:39 martian_ walterbender, btw, I've added export option in 'File' under export submenu
18:39 walterbender martian_, in the GNOME version, I assume
18:39 martian_ yes
18:39 walterbender we can add it to the Sugar version at some point too...  no immediate need
18:40 martian_, I think we are close to wanted to make a first release so we can get some feedback
18:40 martian_ just draw the figure first and export
18:40 walterbender, great :)
18:40 walterbender martian_, maybe this week... find me on line
18:41 anyone else here today?
18:41 martian_ sure
18:42 walterbender I will wait around for native and rparra
18:43 meanwhile, everyone else; have a great weekend
18:43 martian_ walterbender, please tell me if you find any issues
18:43 walterbender ok
18:45 curiousguy13_ walterbender, hey, you forgot about me :/
18:45 walterbender curiousguy13_, I thought you were off line
18:45 please give us an update
18:45 curiousguy13_ sure
18:46 This week I ported sourcestamp module from dnarvaez's repo to Python3 compatible code.
18:47 it was a C extension module so it took me some time to understand it
18:47 Then solved some integration bugs and a couple of issues in sugar.
18:47 Today, I wrote a blogpost about my progress and the modules that i have ported.
18:47 walterbender nice... will look
18:48 curiousguy13_ And next week i will continue resolving the sugar and sugar-toolkit issues and try to build and run all the modules together successfully
18:48 walterbender so you have started in on the toolkit...
18:49 curiousguy13_ yeah, i have made the trivial changes that i could find on inspection
18:49 still have to build it and remove the remaining errors
18:49 walterbender what sorts of errors are you finding?
18:52 gp94 has quit IRC
18:52 walterbender curiousguy13_, ??
18:54 curiousguy13_ has quit IRC
18:55 walterbender I guess he is off line after all
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19:12 curiousguy13 <curiousguy13!~curiousgu@> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:15 curiousguy13 walterbender, hey,sorry about that, no electricity here.
19:15 did you have any questions?
19:16 walterbender curiousguy13, I did. I was wondering if you could give an example of what sort of errors you have encountered
19:17 curiousguy13 ok, some of the errors are more simple ones that are just the python3 syntax differences
19:18 but some of the errors cannot be caught just by inspection
19:19 i mentioned some of the trivial and non trivial errors in one of my blogs : http://kunalarora135.blogspot.[…]-errors-wiki.html
19:20 walterbender OK. haven't read it yet
19:20 native93 <native93!~native93@> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:20 walterbender hi native93
19:21 native93 walterbender, hi
19:21 curiousguy13 and some just general string/bytes/unicode problems
19:21 native93 sorry for being late ..
19:21 walterbender native93, wanna give us an update?
19:21 native93 walterbender, sure
19:21 this week started working with my new laptop !
19:22 I coded the outgoing file transfer
19:22 and it worked fine with the clipboard
19:22 walterbender good news
19:22 native93 but I need to integrate it with the new clipboard
19:22 for this
19:23 I have to create something like jarabe.bulletinboard
19:23 just like jarabe.frame.clipboardtray
19:23 because the current clipboard has only one instance
19:24 so simply importing the friendstray
19:24 or clipboard
19:24 wont work ..
19:24 or even by overriding !
19:25 so basically ... I have to create another class like jarabe.frame
19:25 walterbender OK
19:25 sounds doable
19:26 native93 yeah it is
19:26 but
19:26 I will need some help with makefiles and all
19:26 which is in the frame folder . .. so as to import the bulletinclipboard the same way as we do for clipboardtray
19:27 walterbender with the Makefile? any new module just add to makefile.am
19:27 should be obvious when you look
19:28 native93 yeah .. that part seems fine ..
19:28 but what I want to create is .. something like ...
19:28 sugar-build/sugar/src/jarabe/bulletinframe ..
19:29 which was sugar-build/sugar/src/jarabe/frame for original clipboard
19:30 so just creating a new folder and copying and changing the files accordingly would work ?
19:30 walterbender are you replacing or adding?
19:31 native93 adding and that too in one or two files as for now ...
19:31 native <native!~native93@> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:32 walterbender should be no problem
19:32 native93 okay ... so will do the same and provide you for testing by the weekend ..
19:33 and after that we can proceed further ..
19:34 walterbender martian_, still there?
19:34 native, keep me in the loop
19:35 native93 walterbender, sure .. I will push the codes soon !!
19:36 walterbender martian_, FYI, I got a .obj from TA to import into Blender :)
19:36 martian_, we prob. wanna go the other way too: import from .OBJ
19:37 puneet_kaur <puneet_kaur!~puneet_ka@> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:37 walterbender needs to run... 4th of July party and BR vs CO is about to start
19:38 ttyl
19:38 thanks all
19:40 martian_ walterbender, sorry, was afk for a moment.. u there
19:40 walterbender for another minute
19:40 martian_, a couple of things
19:40 (1) you need to change the suffix to .obj in your export
19:41 (2) we should have an import obj too
19:41 just process the v and l commands to start
19:41 would be very cool
19:41 martian_ (1) won't take much time i think
19:41 (2) will write the parser
19:41 and test
19:42 walterbender should be easy... simple format
19:42 it can be a new block
19:42 martian_ is it importing correctly in blender?
19:43 walterbender seems to be
19:43 I exported one of the examples I had written: the array of cubes
19:43 didn't capture the color though
19:44 must be some way of doing that too... but maybe only for surfaces
19:44 anyway, I need to go... ttyl
19:44 martian_ there is, .mtl file along with .obj i think
19:44 walterbender, k , ttyl
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