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#sugar-meeting, 2014-06-27

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18:05 walterbender hi all
18:05 sorry I am late
18:05 puneet_kaur hi
18:05 gp94 hi
18:05 prasoon2211_ hello
18:06 walterbender thanks all for getting your mid-term evals written
18:06 everyone passed :)
18:06 puneet_kaur, would you please give an update on your week?
18:06 puneet_kaur yup sure :-)
18:06 it has been a great one indeed ..
18:07 got through with the major chunk of the cli portion :-)
18:07 we can now use the cordova cli to create a .xo from the web stuff !
18:07 have given the code to lionel to check
18:07 he is quite busy ..
18:07 so would revert back soon
18:07 probably :-)
18:08 now the task ahead is to
18:08 get through the plugin support too
18:08 and develop plugins if got time
18:08 thats it walterbender :-)
18:09 walterbender ^
18:09 walterbender looking good
18:09 needs to fiure out how to run all of this on his phone
18:10 thx puneet_kaur
18:10 puneet_kaur :-)
18:10 walterbender gp94, next up?
18:10 gp94 okay
18:11 got my laptop broken since last week have given it to repair, luckily native93 has bought a new laptop and hw would spare me his old one...
18:11 that solved the big problem
18:11 couldn't work much due it :(
18:11 as soon as i get hold of the laptop, i will work on read and imageviewer
18:12 walterbender gp94, everything was on github I hope
18:12 gp94 somehow recovered the files that i worked on...
18:12 walterbender gp94, in this case, the cloud is your friend
18:12 push early and often
18:13 gp94 yes sure
18:13 i will push them soon
18:13 walterbender +1
18:13 I guess we can move on to prasoon2211_ next
18:13 prasoon2211_ yes
18:14 okay, so, I was working on deployment this whole week
18:14 I've made a detailed report on the blog of course
18:14 anyway
18:14 I asked paul for some server space and his reply was a bit late in coming
18:14 so, I just started using an ec2 instance
18:15 the problwm was this:
18:15 walterbender He was waiting on the sysadm at OLPC AU
18:15 prasoon2211_ oh okay
18:15 anyway
18:15 walterbender I think it is happening soon
18:15 prasoon2211_ discourse uses docker based images
18:15 and we're using a bit of a modified version of it
18:16 so, no docker images available
18:16 walterbender is not familiar with "docker-based images"
18:16 prasoon2211_ Think of it like a VM
18:16 walterbender asks the google
18:16 prasoon2211_ just much lighter
18:17 Anyway, I messed around quite a bit
18:17 asked the discourse devs
18:17 and after a lot of 'why-won't-you-work' moments
18:17 it did finally work
18:18 walterbender nice
18:18 prasoon2211_ Now, we have a clear way of easily deploying our custom version of disocurse
18:18 also, I had a couple problems with the email sending
18:18 that's fixed too
18:18 walterbender sounds like a productive week
18:18 prasoon2211_ I sent paul a link and he gave me a few suggestions
18:19 not really :P
18:19 walterbender prasoon2211_, can you share the link with us too?
18:19 prasoon2211_ it was mostly tearing out my hair because things didn't work
18:19 yeah surte
18:19 it's a tesing rig though
18:20 so no questions
18:20 also, a few warnings
18:20 1. Email is *slow*
18:20 (like you'll maybe waiting 15 minutes)
18:20 2. The ec2 instance is *tiny*
18:20 so, the site work soewhat slow too
18:21 3. FB, twitter auth does not work because I haven't created fb/twitter app for social help
18:21 I'll do that once we have a fixed domain name
18:21 walterbender so there is some work to do...
18:21 prasoon2211_ yes
18:21 This week, I'll be working on db migrations
18:21 so that
18:22 newer instances of social help
18:22 specially in the no-internet regions
18:22 can be easily cloned from the main server
18:23 and we need to adjust the font size a bit, too
18:23 XO is very high DPI so things get a bit too small
18:23 that's it, I suppose for this week
18:24 walterbender ^
18:24 walterbender prasoon2211_, let's plan to grab some time with Paul -- the three of us -- sometime early next week.
18:24 prasoon2211_ hmm, okay
18:25 whenever you say - I'm at home most of the week
18:25 so I'll be free
18:26 walterbender prasoon2211_, ping paul and ask for a time
18:26 who is next? martian_ ?
18:26 martian_ yes
18:26 prasoon2211_ walterbender: sure. will let you know
18:26 I'm logging off then. Good day/night folks!
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18:26 martian_ this week, I was working on exporting models
18:27 so that they can be imported in other modelling softwares
18:27 and also opengl like graphics api's
18:28 walterbender have you got anything I can test yet?
18:28 martian_ sorry, not yet :/
18:28 I'm a bit stuck
18:28 i'm exporting in wavefront .obj format
18:29 which is pretty simple and standard
18:29 walterbender are you stuck finding the data to export or the export itself?
18:29 martian_ the export part
18:29 I'm working on it
18:29 walterbender martian_, I am happy to help
18:30 martian_ the data isn't being written onto file
18:30 walterbender martian_, paste the code and I will look after the meeting
18:30 martian_ walterbender, okay
18:31 walterbender I see that the get pitch block is working :)
18:31 martian_ yes :)
18:31 I changed that too
18:31 walterbender any more example programs for me to look at?
18:32 martian_ i haven't created more.. i will though shortly.. once i get this fixed
18:32 i will send you the paste
18:32 walterbender OK. also, put the current examples into samples/
18:33 native93, do you want to update us next?
18:33 martian_ walterbender, sure
18:33 native93 walterbender, sure ..
18:33 A week spent to link clipboard and FileTransfer ..
18:33 I spent time in researching FileTransfer parameters, since it was new to me
18:33 also figuring out how to send clipboard files through file transfer..
18:33 the five parameters - methods for passing data which I finally figured out, which functions linked from where
18:34 getting and linking functions from clipboard object to FileTranfer was what took major portion of time ..
18:34 now Outgoing file transfer for clipboard files can be coded :)...
18:34 Though I have a question for incoming file tranfer ..
18:34 also I coded the tagging part after suggestion by tch last week ..
18:35 walterbender native93, it is all a bit convoluted :)
18:35 native93 walterbender, ohh ...
18:36 walterbender, so basically figured out how to send clipboard files through filetransfer
18:37 walterbender native93, nice work
18:37 native93, we are about to release Sugar v102
18:37 so we should be opening up v104 for new features
18:37 hint hint
18:38 native93 walterbender, I know :P
18:38 walterbender, also for the incoming filetranfer ..
18:38 *transfer
18:38 walterbender what was your question?
18:39 native93 should I add any file incoming to the shared clipboard ? ..
18:39 may include those which were not sent from the shared clipboard of other user ..
18:40 walterbender I think you can leave it to the user to add them to the shared clipboard
18:41 until we get some more experience using bulletin board, it is hard to answer
18:41 so keep it simple to start
18:41 we can see what people do and what they might need
18:42 native93 it makes it simple then :) ..
18:42 walterbender KISS
18:42 native93, let me know when I can do some more testing
18:42 curiousguy13, can you give us an update?
18:43 native93 walterbender, will surely let you know once done with the outgoing file transfer :)
18:44 curiousguy13 walterbender, yeah.. sure
18:44 This week i dealt with the sugar-build bugs. i spent quite some time figuring out the chroot problem.
18:44 then i solved some other dependency issues and ported some of them to python3.
18:45 i do have an issue with it though, these python packages like  plog ,sourcestamp etc are downloaded from pip, so i have two options,
18:45 either i could send PR to dnarvaez for python2/3 compatible changes and he could release the next version of those or i could somehow link my version with sugar-build so i have sent an e-mail to dnarvaez about this issue but i didn't get any response and till then i am figuring out how to link my versions of these packages to sugar-build.
18:45 also side by side i did as many changes i could find in sugar-toolkit and looked at some of the sugar tests and how to write tests.
18:45 walterbender, ^
18:46 walterbender curiousguy13, did you try removing sugar-web?
18:46 so that it would alll build OK?
18:47 puneet_kaur why is sugar-web creating problems ? :o :o
18:47 walterbender is worry that dnarvaez has gone missing
18:47 curiousguy13 walterbender, but these packages are in the python3 site-packages , how would removing sugar-web solve it?
18:48 walterbender puneet_kaur, it seems it not always building properly
18:48 gonzalo__ the problems reported in sugar-devel mailing list look as connectivity issues
18:48 walterbender gonzalo__, maybe
18:48 curiousguy13, In the short term, I think you should be make local changes to your branch
18:49 once things are working well, then make PRs
18:49 curiousguy13 walterbender, okay, i guess
18:51 walterbender anyone else around?
18:59 I guess we are done. thanks all
19:05 rparra <rparra!~rparra@> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:11 walterbender rparra, hello
19:11 can you tell us about your week?
19:12 rparra walterbender hello
19:12 yes sure
19:13 this week I solved some issues that were spotted during our last meeting with tch
19:13 our goal for midterm was to have the daemon code and a simple example, all in github
19:14 I cleaned up and fixed some things, but both are available at sugarlistens and maze repositories in github now
19:14 I also managed to add a deviceicon to add speech recognition engine to the homeview
19:15 so you can say 'start maze' to open the Activity
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19:17 walterbender rparra, have you tried the FING Turtle Art plugin?
19:17 rparra I'm meeting with tch again today to plan for the rest of the program, which includes integrating with Turtle
19:17 not yet
19:17 walterbender was looking at your code last week
19:17 rparra will it help to achieve programming by voice commands, like we discussed previously
19:17 ?
19:18 any tips on the code?
19:18 walterbender I am struggling with the idea of using voice to run the app or using voice in the app
19:18 in the case of Turtle, would be interesting to explore both
19:19 but maybe separately
19:20 rparra they are in separate projects now. The core is in sugarlistens, here: https://github.com/rparrapy/sugarlistens
19:20 and integration for the home view is here
19:20 https://github.com/rparrapy/sugar
19:20 in the speech-recognition branch
19:21 or what are you struggling with?
19:23 walterbender I am just struggling with what I think might be of interest to Turtle users
19:24 rparra I understand, it can be challenging to define the commands and actions for a voice interface
19:24 but with Turtle, I think you are best suited person for the job :)
19:24 we could start a discussion of the ideas in the mailing list, if you think it might be useful
19:24 walterbender if we want the user to be able use voice reco in their turtle program, they need a vocabulary to work with
19:25 we should get a discussion going and include Andres and Alan from FING
19:27 rparra I'm sorry, now I understand, FING is Facultad de Ingeniería? I think I know Andrés and I've been helping a little bit to the guys involved in their project for TurtleArt speech recognition
19:27 walterbender yes.. i know :)
19:28 thank you for helping them
19:28 rparra I will start a thread in the mailing list and yes, a vocabulary is needed
19:28 maybe we can work on the valid commands together
19:28 I think I got kind of lost in translation
19:28 walterbender it would be interesting to have an app to let kids build vocabularies
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19:30 rparra I that's a nice idea too, it could be useful even for developers
19:30 * I think
19:32 walterbender could even be a Turtle app :)
19:35 rparra I'll be getting more acquinted with TurtleArt for sure, tch has told me that TurtleArt integration will probably be our main goal for the rest of the program
19:35 could you point me towards the FING plugin?
19:36 walterbender rparra, one sec /me looks
19:37 http://www.fing.edu.uy/inco/pr[…]de_voz_en_tortuga
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19:40 rparra seems like the made a lot of progress, awesome. We have discussed with tch previously about the possibility of having a new "speech" block, that would wait for user input when the program is run
19:41 and the behavior of the program would change according to the recognized command
19:41 do you think something like that is feasible?
19:41 walterbender yes
19:41 rparra it would be a sort of dynamic block
19:41 walterbender and I have had requests from users for such a block
19:42 rparra that was one of the ideas we have been discussing
19:42 walterbender would be simple to use with the if/then/else block
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19:44 rparra good news
19:44 walterbender rparra: we could use the reco block with the load block to write turtle programs to: self-modifying code
19:44 satellit__ is now known as satellit
19:45 rparra yes, that's the idea, the reco block could act like a wildcard, a block with dynamic behavior
19:46 walterbender that is a nice idea
19:46 question: does the block block? or just return None is nothing is said?
19:47 prefers the latter
19:48 rparra really? may I ask why? intuitively (with little Turtle knowledge) I was leaning towards the former option
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19:58 rparra walterbender sorry to interrupt, but I have to get going to meet with tch
19:58 walterbender rparra, it is easy to write a loop
19:59 rparra, I need to get back to some things anyway
19:59 ttyl
19:59 rparra traffic in Asunción at this time is madness
19:59 I will create the thread we discussed about
19:59 ttyl
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