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#sugar-meeting, 2014-06-20

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16:05 walterbender may be late for the meeting today, but tch will be there
16:05 tch <tch!~tch@> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:05 walterbender tch, you are back :)
16:06 tch walterbender, yes, my IRC client was suspiciously too quiet
16:06 walterbender, is it meeting time yet?
16:06 walterbender 2 hours from now
16:06 tch ok
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17:24 aneeshdogra walterbender: ping.
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17:42 tch hello aneeshdogra puneet_kaur ,
17:42 any other GSoC student around? :)
17:46 curiousguy13 tch: hi
17:46 aneeshdogra Hi
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17:51 tch #startmeeting
17:51 meeting Meeting started Fri Jun 20 17:51:07 2014 UTC. The chair is tch. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
17:51 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
17:52 tch I will be today's meeting host, who wants to give the initial kick? keep in mind I don't know all the details of your projects, so please include a brief description so I know who I am talking to
17:54 aneeshdogra, curiousguy13 puneet_kaur anyone :)?
17:54 curiousguy13 ok, can i start?
17:55 tch go ahead !
17:55 curiousguy13 so my name is kunal arora and my project is porting sugar to python3
17:55 this week, i worked more on sugar-build , initially i worked on some osbuild issues but got stuck on a chroot error (which i still can't find solution to)
17:56 then i cloned and ported the broot,osbuild,gwebsockets and plog modules from the site-packages and i am still trying to figure out a way to link my cloned repositories with sugar-build.
17:56 also went through the code of sugar module and made the necessary changes that were visible on first inspection but i haven't tested it yet , so all the non-trivial changes will appear when i start testing it.
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17:57 curiousguy13 what i have been upto until now can be found on my blog kunalarora135.blogspot.com
17:57 tch: ^
17:57 tch curiousguy13, did you asked walterbender or dnarvaez for help? regarding the chroot
17:58 curiousguy13 i did ask on the mailing list and also e-mailed walter but didn't get a response
17:58 prasoon2211_ <prasoon2211_!~prasoon22@> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:59 tch try pinging dnarvaez (Daniel Narvaez) directly, do you know him? or at least know his email?
17:59 curiousguy13 yeah, i know him. i'll try pinging him.
18:00 puneet_kaur tch, hi
18:01 tch curiousguy13, ok!
18:01 native93 <native93!~native@> has joined #sugar-meeting
18:01 tch curiousguy13, anything you want to add?
18:01 curiousguy13 tch: next week i'll try to resolve the sugar-build issues and continue porting sugar module
18:02 and if possible try to increase it's test coverage too
18:02 tch curiousguy13, I never counted the modules, how many are there? and how many did you ported? :)
18:03 curiousguy13 well, there's mainly sugar-build, sugar and sugar-toolkit some of which do have submodules
18:03 until now i have mostly ported sugar-build except a few issues remain
18:03 and this week i also worked on sugar
18:04 tch curiousguy13, did you try running sugar-build without chroot? (not sure if this helps)
18:04 curiousguy13 tch: how can i do that?
18:05 tch curiousguy13, is in the sugar-build docs, 1 sec will should you how
18:06 curiousguy13, http://www.fpaste.org/111568/28755814/
18:06 just drop that prefs.json file in your sugar-build root dir
18:06 curiousguy13, do it a separate clone, just incase
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18:07 curiousguy13 ok, this might temporarily surpass the problem but i will need a permanent solution
18:08 so until i find a solution a can try disabling chroot
18:08 tch curiousguy13, well, it worth trying :)
18:08 curiousguy13, anything else?
18:08 curiousguy13 tch: yeah thanks :)
18:09 nah, i think that's it
18:09 tch alright!
18:09 who wants to step in?
18:10 curiousguy13, thanks for the update btw
18:10 prasoon2211_ I guess I'll report in
18:10 tch prasoon2211_, please do!
18:11 prasoon2211_ Just a reminder - I'm working on social help
18:11 integrating discourse with sugar
18:11 anyway
18:11 this week, I finished adding a login time popup
18:11 to discourse
18:11 (this i disucssed with paul)
18:12 Also, I've cut down on the browse activity to make it lighter for out purposes
18:12 just removing bookmarks
18:12 also, I'm done with the CSS stylings
18:12 nothing much, really
18:13 just made the whole thing a bit more colourful
18:13 then
18:13 next week is the midterm eval so I wanted to deploy the customized version of discourse
18:13 before then
18:14 I have asked the disocurse devs on how do I make a docker image for the customized discourse
18:14 tch prasoon2211_, sounds good, usually is good to see something before judging :)
18:14 prasoon2211_ here: https://meta.discourse.org/t/c[…]discourse/16683/2
18:14 I'm waiting for the answer
18:14 tch, well, my project was kinda small really
18:15 I'm mostly donw
18:15 I'll need to make some DB migration scripts though
18:15 which I'll work on after midterm eval
18:15 tch prasoon2211_, what did you decide regarding the integration with Sugar?
18:15 prasoon2211_ A shortcut that opens up into the proper category in discourse
18:15 it's working
18:16 I also tried doing some JS injection in the webkit view
18:16 tch prasoon2211_, and the auth part? you just leave it to the browser?
18:16 prasoon2211_ for registration purposes
18:16 yes
18:16 the thing is
18:17 there are total of 6 different auth systems
18:17 which we can use for login with doscourse
18:17 plus
18:17 discourse does not provide auth tokens like fb
18:17 so, I didn't really see the point of makiing it into a webservice
18:18 tch prasoon2211_, not sure you read my reply, but the webservice only makes sense if you want to integrate things like the journal with discourse
18:19 prasoon2211_ yes I read that
18:19 in fact
18:19 I was just typing the same thing as you (integration)
18:19 So, I can't see what we'd like to integrate the social help activity with
18:20 Maybe the write activity?
18:20 but the discourse editor is *so* much better than simple plaintext, so...
18:20 Can't think of any other activity that we'd like to integrate with discourse
18:21 so, I didn't go forward with creating a webservice
18:21 tch I think it depends on how you designed the usage of discourse within sugar,
18:21 prasoon2211_ exactly
18:21 the usage is: press a shorcut and you're launched into discussion about the topic
18:22 no point in connecting other activities in the middle, really
18:22 tch I can only imagine two cases:
18:23 * you are working with actiivity X, then you press the shortcut and you see posts that are related to the activity X
18:23 prasoon2211_ okay
18:23 tch * this one is kind of blurry, but maybe people can upload thing directly from the journal... but not sure it makes much sense
18:24 these are just ideas though,
18:24 something you could discuss with your mentor
18:24 prasoon2211_ hmm
18:24 the second case isn't really clear, as you say
18:24 I guess I'll ask paul then
18:24 oh, one more thing
18:25 do we have a smtp mail server for sugarlabs.org?
18:25 tch prasoon2211_, I think so, but better ask bernie
18:25 prasoon2211_ okay
18:26 discourse will require it for sending mails
18:26 tch prasoon2211_, if this becomes a blocker, just create a gmal account
18:26 for your testing purposes
18:26 prasoon2211_ I did
18:26 tch ok :)
18:27 anything else?
18:27 prasoon2211_ but, gmail isn't working - it's not letting the application 'log in
18:27 and it sends me an email saying 'suspicious log in attempted'
18:27 tch prasoon2211_, weird, I have used it extensively even with custom python script thats handle smtp
18:27 prasoon2211_ so, I guess I'll change it to some other host
18:28 I too have done that before
18:28 tch prasoon2211_, yeah, don't block
18:28 prasoon2211_ I guess it's because the aws servers are sitting halfway across the owrld
18:28 *world
18:28 anyway, I'll look for a solution to this
18:28 tch prasoon2211_, good!
18:28 prasoon2211_ The next few days I'll be trying to create a docker image of the custom discourse and run it on the EC2 instance
18:29 that's it, I guess
18:29 tch prasoon2211_, that sounds like an interesting blog post ;)
18:29 rparra <rparra!~rparra@> has joined #sugar-meeting
18:29 prasoon2211_ yeah
18:29 tch prasoon2211_, thanks for the updates
18:29 who is next :)?
18:29 native93 I will get in
18:29 aneeshdogra Me/
18:29 ?
18:29 prasoon2211_ logging off then. good day/night everyone
18:30 tch native93, go ahead!
18:30 prasoon2211_ has quit IRC
18:30 tch prasoon2211_, take care
18:30 native93 yeah... so after the chat channel this week i was supposed to plan out for shared clipboard which was scheduled for the second half of the program
18:31 I went through the clipboard codebase ...
18:31 tch native93, can you give a brief summary of you work :) and your name too!
18:32 native93 ohh.. sure, Nazrul ..
18:32 so two things majorly -
18:33 first one was to plan out the sharing of files ..
18:33 well,
18:33 unlike the chat channel I coded ..
18:33 this involves transfer of files and not sure whether it's done somewhere in the codebase ..
18:34 so I thought to discuss it with walter in today's meeting ..
18:34 secondly ..
18:34 the tagging of cb objects ..
18:35 tch native93, there is a functionality to transfer journal entries between users,
18:36 native93, not sure if that is what you meant
18:36 can you define "cb"?
18:36 native93 tch, yeah .. something similar .. can you give a pointer to it ?
18:36 cb - clipboard object ..
18:37 tch native93, https://github.com/sugarlabs/s[…]l/filetransfer.py
18:37 native93 since the clipboard needs to be universal so only those objects need to be shared which comes from shared activities ..
18:37 tch native93, ah, that makes sense
18:37 native93 so this was the tagging part ..
18:38 and yeah .. something related to the code .
18:38 if I want to get current activity ..
18:39 tch you can do that too,
18:39 native93 I used the function in sugar3.presence.buddy
18:39 get_current_activity ..
18:39 tch how did that work?
18:39 native93 not satisfactory ..
18:39 tch you need it remotely or locally?
18:39 aneeshdogra brb in 2 mins
18:39 native93 locally for now
18:39 tch aneeshdogra, (alright)
18:40 native93, ok, 1 sec
18:40 native93 sure ..
18:40 tch native93, https://github.com/sugarlabs/s[…]be/model/shell.py
18:42 native93 hmm .. got it ..
18:42 tch native93, use get_active_activity
18:42 from shell model
18:42 native93 yeah . thnx  ..
18:42 so upcoming week
18:42 tch ie., from jarabe.model.shell import get_model; model = get_model(); model.get_active_activity()
18:42 something like that
18:43 native93 yeah . . just have to replace this with the older one in my code ..
18:43 tch native93, good
18:43 native93 so upcoming week . . I wld start implementing the file tranfer
18:43 *transfer
18:45 tch ok, let Walter know ;)
18:45 native93 yeah .. sure .. I though he would be here today :/
18:46 tch native93, he was unexpectedly taken by superior obligations hehe
18:46 native93, he should be available via email though,
18:46 native93, just spam him ;)
18:46 native93 tch, :P ... yeah .. I will add another mail to his inbox :) ..
18:47 tch native93, ok, is there anything else?
18:48 native93 tch, this was for the week
18:48 except .. discussion with walter :/
18:49 puneet_kaur hi tch :)
18:49 tch native93, alright,
18:49 aneeshdogra, your turn
18:49 aneeshdogra tch: Thanks.
18:50 rparra hello tch, put me in the line, please :)
18:50 tch puneet_kaur, hey!
18:50 aneeshdogra So yeah. I had an interesting week :)
18:50 tch alright, aneeshdogra -> puneet_kaur -> rparra
18:50 aneeshdogra Some context first:
18:50 Name: Aneesh Dogra
18:50 Project: Enhancements to the Music Keyboard Activity
18:50 tch sounds fun
18:51 aneeshdogra Yeah it is, trust me :)
18:51 Anyway, so this week I worked on adding rhythms to the keyboard
18:51 native93 tch, also gp94 is traveling .. so wasn't able to make it ..
18:51 aneeshdogra like in TamTamMini activity
18:51 seen that?
18:52 So, yeah I added rhythms to the music keyboard now, with a simple UI.
18:52 tch aneeshdogra, yeah I have an idea
18:52 aneeshdogra You could now accompany your keyboard plays with a beat.
18:52 tch aneeshdogra, I mean, I can imagine
18:52 aneeshdogra tch: The code is constantly uploaded to my pubic fork of the activity on github.
18:53 tch aneeshdogra, cool, like the typical yamaha keybaord
18:53 aneeshdogra I was supposed to have a meeting with Gonzalo and Walter regarding the UI fixes
18:53 but they couldn't make it
18:53 tch: yeah exactly :)
18:53 tch: we just made it into a sugar activity man. :)
18:53 loved working on it :D
18:53 tch haha, nice
18:54 what are the top features you are plannig to add?
18:54 aneeshdogra tch: that's it for the week I guess. I am gonna work on adding percussions, recording, playback and export
18:54 tch thats answers my question
18:54 aneeshdogra so percussions is also gonna be inspired from TamTamMini
18:55 and yeah
18:55 networking
18:55 how could i forget the networking
18:55 tch ok, oh that would be interesting
18:55 aneeshdogra We'd be adding some network features too
18:55 Yeah it will be
18:55 tch chaotic and loudy
18:55 aneeshdogra Students collaborating on music :D
18:55 tch I like it
18:55 aneeshdogra I am sure they'd make it sound better than Justin Bieber :D
18:55 No offense :P
18:55 tch not hard...
18:56 aneeshdogra Definitely.
18:56 tch aneeshdogra, ok, anything else you want to mention?
18:56 aneeshdogra tch: I guess that's it. Short and sweet :)
18:56 tch aneeshdogra, good, thanks for the updates :)
18:56 aneeshdogra tch: Thanks for talking.
18:57 tch puneet_kaur, your turn!
18:57 aneeshdogra I'll stick around to listen more about other projects :)
18:57 Thanks for waiting guys :)
18:57 puneet_kaur Hi, so I worked on cordova cli
18:58 got through its code
18:58 oh sorry , should I give a description of prjct first ?
18:58 tch puneet_kaur, yes please
18:58 puneet_kaur ok
18:58 tch just briefly
18:58 puneet_kaur yeah sure
18:59 so the project is adding a cordova container to sugar
18:59 cordova helps us to access all the device features using the web languages
18:59 so basically we code in html,css and js
18:59 and get a native app
19:00 thats what it does
19:00 to get our application working on different platforms
19:00 we design our app keepiing in mind its logic
19:00 and not in a native languages
19:01 the cordova middle layer takes care of the underlying native support
19:01 tch, did u get that ?
19:01 native93 has quit IRC
19:01 tch puneet_kaur, yes, sounds good ;)
19:01 native93 <native93!~native@> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:01 puneet_kaur cool :-)
19:01 tch puneet_kaur, did you get to run it yet from an XO?
19:01 puneet_kaur not yet
19:02 I am still on it cli
19:02 whereby it can convert an html stuff to an xo
19:02 through the cordova commands
19:02 tch puneet_kaur, oh ok
19:02 puneet_kaur so basically there are various commands of cordova
19:02 which makes things easy for us
19:02 like
19:03 if u say create
19:03 it will create a new prj
19:03 and if u say add <platform>
19:03 tch puneet_kaur, great, and how is your project going? what's done what in the TODO? :)
19:03 puneet_kaur yeah
19:03 so build a briidge from cordova to native side
19:03 using apisocket.py
19:04 now currently focussing on cli
19:04 got list,add commands working
19:04 bernie tch: yes we do
19:04 satellit_e has quit IRC
19:04 puneet_kaur need to make the build command work
19:04 bernie tch: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Service/smtp
19:04 tch: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Service/email
19:05 tch bernie, (thanks!)
19:05 puneet_kaur once the build works we shall be able to convert html stuff to .xo
19:05 and install
19:05 also
19:05 once this is done
19:05 I need to work upon plugins
19:05 there's a plugman
19:06 which helps and take care of all plugins
19:06 so need to insert our platform to that
19:06 too
19:06 and
19:06 try out
19:06 various plugins
19:06 code up front and back end
19:06 tch puneet_kaur, I see, lots of fun :)
19:06 puneet_kaur yes :-)
19:06 there's a lot to do here
19:07 and best would be
19:07 to commit the changes to the cordova repo
19:07 so that the developers
19:07 can generate .xo from there web apps
19:08 tch puneet_kaur, +1, and getting your patches there will do great for your oss profile too :) hehe
19:08 puneet_kaur :D
19:09 tch puneet_kaur, alright :), anything else? whats for the next week (specifically)?
19:09 puneet_kaur oh yeah
19:09 and I also need to make a schema of the cli code
19:09 Lionel asked for that
19:10 and for next week
19:10 I hope build command should be through
19:10 walterbender is very late :P
19:10 puneet_kaur hi walterbender !
19:10 native93 has left #sugar-meeting
19:11 tch walterbender, welcome back :)
19:11 walterbender thx
19:11 reads the backlog
19:11 native93 <native93!~native@> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:11 tch walterbender, I will post the meeting log in the ML after we are done
19:12 puneet_kaur, do have you documentation for the work your are doing? (like a blog)
19:12 puneet_kaur yup
19:12 sugarcordova.blogspot.com
19:12 tch ok, fantastic ;)
19:13 puneet_kaur I need to update it
19:13 satellit_e <satellit_e!~satellit@2601:8:8800:62a:468a:5bff:fe34:b748> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:13 puneet_kaur will be writing a post soon :-)
19:13 tch puneet_kaur, please do!
19:14 puneet_kaur was trying to complete things on cli front
19:14 tch, yeah sure :)
19:15 tch puneet_kaur, ok, thanks for the updates :)
19:15 Jade_ <Jade_!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:16 walterbender hi Jade_
19:16 tch rparra, go ahead!
19:16 walterbender watched a few of your videos this morning
19:17 Jade_ They have not been edited and I still need to get the fritzing images -
19:17 rparra tch, sure, should I describe my project briefly first?
19:17 or straight to the updates?
19:18 tch rparra, just a brief summary, I already know though ;)
19:18 rparra that's why I asked haha.
19:19 Ok, basically I'm defining a method to integrate speech recognition to Sugar Activities
19:19 under the hood, I'm using Pocketsphinx speech recognition engine and gstreamer
19:20 A single Pocketsphinx process is run, and results are sent to interested "clients" (Activities)
19:20 in a very pubsub manner
19:20 results are sent through D-Bus
19:21 what I'm aiming for is allowing Activity developers to add voice based interfaces
19:21 which could be useful for a lot of people
19:22 tch rparra, great :), so whats new?
19:23 rparra this week, in the first place, I modified the recognizer to consider current user locale to search for models defined by the Activity
19:23 now, if there is a model available for your current language it'll be picked by the recognizer code, and passed to Pocketsphinx
19:24 tch rparra, does it take consideration for localization?
19:25 rparra yes, current language is obtained by calling locale.getlocale(), and it follows some rules of preference
19:26 first, it seeks for models for the full language, ie 'es_Es'
19:26 if that's not defined, it searches models for 'es'
19:26 tch rparra, good, and last one is en?
19:26 rparra if that isn't found, it looks for 'en' models
19:27 tch or goes to the back-end default?
19:27 rparra yes, exactly
19:27 tch ok
19:27 rparra it looks for a local en model, and after that goes to the default models
19:27 walterbender how do app developers use this?
19:27 an API yet?
19:28 rparra yes, actually, I've used it with Maze already (pushing very soon)
19:28 I'll upload my fork of the Activity
19:28 and I've also fiddled with FavoritesView, to allow users to run Activities with voice commands
19:29 the last bit is still a bit rough, but I'm working on it
19:31 tch rparra, nice, something interesting to review today ;)
19:31 quidam rparra: does it need extra libs or changes to the sugar packages?
19:32 rparra walterbender, there is also a (very) simple demo Activity here https://github.com/rparrapy/sugarlistens-livedemo
19:33 quidam, it needs Pocketsphinx and some other dependiencies
19:34 tch rparra, make sure to add the dependencies in the README
19:35 rparra tch, ok I will
19:35 tch rparra, quidam the spirit is to have something plugin-able
19:35 quidam rparra: I have some lag. I meant the web activities stuff
19:36 tch quidam, oh, that is a another topic :)
19:36 walterbender rparra, I will try it.
19:36 tch rparra, I guess you can show these bits later, anything else you want to mention?
19:38 rparra yes, we'll talk very soon
19:39 nothing else in particular, I think
19:40 tch rparra, ok! thanks for the updates
19:41 who next?
19:41 Jade_ I can go
19:41 tch Jade_, hello! please do
19:42 Jade_ I am working on the Hack a Stuffed animal project - where I am building devices that will help kids who have non verbal communication challenges better interact with computers
19:43 I have filmed and documented over 3 hours of building the first demo - I am editiing it and adding images and making it much easier to follow
19:44 tch Jade_, awesome, where are you documenting all this :)? links?
19:45 Jade_ I have it all on my slack folder and I was going to post the website that I created for all the docs
19:46 It should be ready by next week
19:46 I am also working on another prototype where I am using conductive paint and kids can use it instead of a mouse
19:47 tch Jade_, alright, make sure to share that website once its working
19:48 Jade_, so, what the TODO for the rest of the project?
19:50 Jade_ Finish the editing for the video and make another demo of the Conductive Paint Prototype. I am going to demo how kids can use it for Etoys and help with Non verbal communication issues.
19:51 I have a meeting with a lady I worked with previously at the NIH to demo it with kids with autism- but she has been out.
19:51 tch Jade_, I know some people from Teleton foundation that will definitely be interested in seeing this
19:51 Jade_ Awesome!
19:52 Please send me the info - I really want to try to find the right software to pair it with
19:54 My email is positiveDeviancy@gmail.com
19:54 tch Jade_, I will put you in contact someone I know who works in augmentative communication, with kids from South America
19:55 Jade_ Thank you so much!
19:55 tch Jade_, anything else you want to mention? :)
19:56 Jade_ That is it - Thanks
19:56 I have a lot more work to do
19:57 tch Jade_, thanks for the updates
19:57 Anyone else? :)
19:57 martian_ tch, yes
19:57 tch m_anish, go ahead!
19:58 m_anish ?
19:58 martian_ Hi ! my name is Anubhav
19:58 I'm working on Turtle Art 3D
19:59 tch m_anish, (sorry! typo-completion)
19:59 m_anish tch, np, carry on.
19:59 martian_ i.e. adding 3D drawing capabilities to turtle art
19:59 tch martian_, sounds fun :), using GL?
20:00 martian_ tch, had planned to use it initially
20:00 but there were lots of issues with it
20:01 would have entirely disturbed the existing TA which uses cairo
20:01 tch martian_, ok, what are you using then?
20:01 martian_ so I'm basically writing a simple package to project 3D points to 2D
20:02 and use existing drawing functions of TA to draw on the canvas
20:02 walterbender martian_, BTW, you need to use a different internal name for the pitch block because there is a sensor block with that name (audio pitch)
20:03 tch,  the idea is to export models to OpenGL
20:03 martian_ walterbender, i see
20:03 walterbender martian_, that is why the color comes out red
20:03 and why it doesn't work correctly :)
20:04 martian_ walterbender, oh
20:04 I'll look
20:04 aneeshdogra has quit IRC
20:04 martian_ tch, till now, I have added basic blocks using which you can start drawing in 3D
20:05 tch martian_, cool, anything screenshot or videos? or even better code :)
20:05 martian_ such as: setxyz - sets position to (x,y,z)
20:05 tch, yes
20:06 link to my repo:
20:06 https://github.com/Anubhav-J/turtleart
20:06 blog: http://anubhavjaiswal.wordpress.com/
20:06 you can find some screens there
20:06 tch martian_, looks awesome
20:06 martian_ although it needs updation, sorry for the delay :/
20:07 tch martian_, next-gen minecraft ;)
20:07 martian_ whats not mentioned in blog is there are rotation blocks
20:07 which rotate a point about coordinate axes
20:07 and I have modified forward accordingly
20:08 tch walterbender, the API is consistent with TAs
20:08 martian_,
20:08 walterbender yes
20:08 an extension
20:09 but not a plug in as it needs some changes to how turtles work
20:09 so it is a fork
20:09 tch walterbender, ok, a good fork :)
20:09 walterbender yes
20:10 martian_ :)
20:10 this week, I added some more necessary blocks
20:10 and created some examples
20:10 puneet_kaur has quit IRC
20:10 martian_ to analyze what do we need further
20:10 tch martian_, would be great if the next post includes a summary of the new blocks
20:11 martian_ tch, sure :)
20:11 some more screens:
20:11 http://web.iiit.ac.in/~anubhav.jaiswal/hut.png
20:11 tch yes, to see the individual effects
20:11 martian_ http://web.iiit.ac.in/~anubhav[…]al/chessboard.png
20:12 tch very cool
20:13 martian_ haha .. i agree :)
20:13 rparra has quit IRC
20:13 tch martian_, are you planing to support textures too? ie., planes with images in 3d
20:13 martian_ tch, yes, it is included in our goals
20:14 though i haven't looked into it yet
20:14 tch martian_, alright, anything else you want to mention?
20:15 whats in the immediate TODO?
20:15 walterbender we'll probably do hidden line only in opengl in the short term
20:15 because turtle draws everything as it goes along rather than rendering a database
20:16 but eventually we 'll add the concept of defining objects and rendering
20:17 tch walterbender, ok
20:18 walterbender anything else for today?
20:19 needs to go in 10 minutes
20:19 native93 tch, just read the backlogs before I joined, didn't know that you were not knowing about the details of the project ..
20:19 walterbender thanks all for the updates
20:19 native93 if you find free time , do read my blog - http://native-93.tumblr.com/ :)
20:19 tch thanks everyone :)
20:19 walterbender and thanks tch for fillinf in for me
20:19 tch native93, thanks, ill check it out
20:19 walterbender, np
20:19 #endmeeting
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20:20 tch relocating to FPUNA now
20:20 brb
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