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#sugar-meeting, 2014-06-13

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17:51 walterbender hi everyone
17:52 gp94 hi
17:52 curiousguy13 hi
17:56 puneet_kaur hi
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18:03 walterbender who'd like to begin? puneet_kaur ?
18:03 puneet_kaur yup
18:03 had a problem initially
18:03 with the cordova cli
18:03 asked to the cordova community
18:03 and after struggling for some time
18:04 it finally resolved today
18:04 still developing on cordova cli
18:04 our aim with the cli (command line interface ) is
18:04 to convert a simple html page to an .xo
18:04 file which can be installed
18:04 this is what cordova used for :D
18:05 and then I would also be trying for accelerometer
18:05 and had completed documentation earlier this week
18:05 thats all :-)
18:05 walterbender, ^
18:06 walterbender thx
18:06 I have been following on the devel list
18:06 puneet_kaur :-)
18:06 walterbender puneet_kaur, I did some work on Fraction Bounce today
18:06 would be a good app for you :)
18:06 puneet_kaur oh nice :)
18:07 walterbender https://github.com/walterbender/fractionbounce
18:07 the Python version
18:07 fun game
18:07 puneet_kaur thanks walterbender :-)
18:07 walterbender gp94, want to tell us about your week?
18:07 gp94 this week tried to solve the keyboard input for testing
18:07 installed dogtail
18:07 and played with it
18:08 after reading some code and docs of it, i tried to implement the input feature from dogtail to that being currently used
18:08 was successful in doing so and so keyboard input was solved
18:09 wrote a pippy test to write a hello world program and then check the output
18:09 here keyboard input was used
18:09 that's it for this week :)
18:09 walterbender nice
18:09 what is next?
18:10 gp94 next i am thinking of choosing chat and browse....
18:10 these are the network based activities
18:10 walterbender has been working on Chat too
18:10 https://github.com/walterbender/chat
18:10 gp94 so need some help on what tests could be written for them...
18:10 walterbender chat will be interesting... if we want to test the network stack too
18:11 gp94 that is a big task same goes for browse...
18:11 otherwise i could play with read and imageviewer...
18:11 walterbender gp94, one is the net, the other is collaboration
18:12 gp94, may as well jump in with both feet :)
18:12 I can help you with chat...
18:13 maybe get the basics working and then we can figure out how to test the collaboration bits
18:13 gp94 walterbender: ^^ both need network connectivity...so need some more information on what the tests could be....maybe simulate two instances of the activity...
18:13 walterbender yes
18:14 gp94 so there is a need to simulate multiple instances of the same activity...need to think on it...is it possible?
18:14 walterbender should be possible
18:14 martian_, can you give an update?
18:15 martian_ this week, I was working on adding rotation blocks
18:15 i had added relative rotation initially
18:15 but we needed absolute rotation first
18:16 walterbender martian_, I think it is working pretty well now
18:16 martian_ we had some problem finding the correct approach to do so
18:16 but it is now fixed
18:17 mostly by walterbender :)
18:17 walterbender happy to help
18:18 martian_ I will  add a few more necessary blocks and upload the code
18:18 also build a rich set of examples
18:18 walterbender martian_, did you look at the new hex-prism code I shared with you?
18:18 martian_ walterbender, i think our next aim should be to export the model for minecraft?
18:19 walterbender would be very fun... but we have a few more things to work through first
18:19 martian_ walterbender, ok
18:20 sorry, i didn't check the latest one
18:20 walterbender martian_, I think you will like it :)
18:20 martian_ I will look now
18:20 walterbender native93, tell us about your week
18:21 martian_ walterbender, that certainly looks very appealing :)
18:22 walterbender native93, ping?
18:23 maybe Jade_ can give and update?
18:23 Jade_ Sure - I have almost finished the conductive materials build for the hardware -
18:24 I just recieved the capacative sensor boards and to replicate making the actual mouse/keyboard it would cost less than 50 cents
18:25 walterbender Jade_, maybe a quick overview for everyone of your project as well?
18:25 Jade_ especially since most of the materials are extremely commonplace
18:26 Oh - Sorry -I am developing hardware for the GSOC project-  Hack a stuffed animal -
18:26 I am just on the hardware part right now -
18:27 walterbender and why do we want to hack a stuffed animal ? l
18:27 Jade_ This is so that kids with autism or non verbal communication issues can better interact with Stuffed animals
18:27 I meant software
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18:28 native93 walterbender, sorry .. facing some connectivity issues here from an hour .. seems to be a bit okay now .. sorry for being late ..
18:28 walterbender Jade_, BTW, we have a Turtle Art plugin that lets you move the cursor around on the screen....
18:28 Jade_ I am also documenting on video how to replicate the process so that kids all over the world can make it too
18:29 That is cool - I definitely plan on using that to demo it on the video
18:29 walterbender native93, maybe after Jade_ is finished you can give an update
18:29 Jade_ I was wondering what you would like the youtube channel to be called?
18:29 native93 walterbender, sure :) ..
18:29 walterbender Jade_, SugarLabs?
18:30 Jade_ Ok - great - I was going to open a gmail account with sugarlabs in the name and start the channel from there -
18:30 walterbender sounds good
18:31 Jade_ Every thing should be delivered by the 17th
18:31 walterbender Jade_, please let the martketing list know
18:31 marketing@lists.sugarlabs.org
18:31 Jade_ Ok - I am not sure how to contact them but I will send an email to Steve
18:32 Ok
18:32 Perfect - Thank you - Is there anything that you would like to know from my end? After I have these videos finished - I plan on working on the software development side
18:33 walterbender I think we are good for the moment. thanks for the update
18:33 native93, next?
18:33 Jade_ THank you- Its been a fun project
18:33 native93 sure . . a bit lag here .. so please bare with my speed ..
18:34 walterbender curiousguy13, please queue up :)
18:34 native93 so the week started with the blog ..
18:34 curiousguy13 i'm ready
18:34 native93 which lead to completion of two more features in it .
18:35 rest .. I had to improve upon the dragging
18:35 I got your suggestion implemented first ..
18:35 and finished with the dragging too ..
18:36 walterbender good
18:36 native93 and for the hand icon which was in your suggestion .. I will probably fork a sugar-artwork repository .. and upload it too
18:36 walterbender so what is next?
18:37 native93 thinking of starting with clipboard now ..
18:37 and start reading up for it ..
18:37 one important thing I wanted to ask walterbender
18:38 walterbender sure
18:38 native93 currently ... the friendtray is same or is shared by all the activities ..
18:39 but if i do the same way for clipboard .. 'i guess it won't sound good ..
18:41 walterbender friends is per activity, I think
18:42 but clipboard needs to be interactivity
18:42 and the bulletin board needs to be interfriends
18:42 native93 walterbender, so should be shared by all ?
18:42 walterbender yes
18:43 native93 hmm . then I guess I will carry out in the same way ..
18:43 walterbender maybe we tag things in the clipboard that come from shared activities and only share those items?
18:43 native93 by importing it from jarabe .
18:44 sounds nice ..
18:45 but also there may be multiple instances of a Bulletin Board on different instances of the same  activity ..
18:45 walterbender native93, maybe make a matrix of the possibilities, but we want to keep things as simple as possible
18:45 native93 so in that case will making it interactivity help ?
18:46 walterbender maybe the bulletin board is shared universally?
18:46 anything in the bulletin board is available to anyone you are sharing with in any activity?
18:47 native93 walterbender, I think it will be only for a particular activity ..
18:48 I mean for example for Paint .. we imported the board and it will work for that activity separately ..
18:48 walterbender native93, think about it and maybe write up a rationale of your plan in your blog?
18:48 native93 walterbender, sure ... I will think upon it .
18:48 walterbender native93, but I may want to import elements from paint into Write (or vice versa)
18:49 native93 walterbender, then clipboard will be usefull
18:49 *useful
18:49 walterbender if we are collaborating an it is your paint and my write, then we need the bulletin board
18:49 native93 Then I think making clipboard universal is the best thing .. a
18:50 walterbender native93, let's start with that...
18:50 native93 walterbender, I will start with the clipboard first .
18:50 walterbender native93, maybe in the clipboard you can mark things as public?
18:51 native93 walterbender, I will try to make it universal ..
18:51 walterbender OK
18:51 native93 walterbender, also any improvement with chat channel ?
18:51 walterbender native93, not at the moment
18:51 I need to see your new bits
18:51 native93 walterbender, sure .. then will start planning for the clipboard ..
18:52 walterbender +1
18:52 thanks for the update
18:52 curiousguy13, can you fill us in on your week?
18:52 curiousguy13 sure
18:52 this week initially i worked on and fixed some of the remaining issues of sugar-build then i moved on to try and convert telepathy to telepathy-glib.
18:52 So, in order to do so, i read up on telepathy,telepathy-glib, d-bus,g-object introspection etc and i also talked to some people on irc about it .
18:53 But even after all the research i am having some problem getting started on it and i have also sent you a mail about , so reply when you get time.
18:53 walterbender curiousguy13, saw the email
18:53 curiousguy13 porting sugar-build was easy and sugar-shell and sugar-toolkit will be similar but this seems like the toughest part of the project, so this might take up my next week and maybe more.
18:53 i also interacted with sameer verma and he is helping me with telepathy too.
18:53 walterbender curiousguy13, why start with telepathy? there are lots of toolkit parts that are more simple
18:54 and exclusively Sugar
18:54 I'd ignore telepathy in the short term and hope that the maintainers will do some of the work for you
18:54 and only tackle it when you really need it
18:55 curiousguy13 well telepathy is used extensively in sugar and it is just not compatible with python3
18:55 i even asked on their irc channel and they suggested to convert it to telepathy-glib which is the new one
18:56 what do you suggest i do?
18:58 walterbender telepathy is used for Sugar collaboration, which is important but nor critical
18:58 so I'd work around it in these early stages
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18:59 curiousguy13 hmm... ok so should i remove the telepathy code from my repos or....
19:00 walterbender curiousguy13, I'd focus on src/sugar/activity and src/sugar/graphics
19:00 curiousguy13, I think you could safely remove that dependency in the short term
19:00 just don't implement sharing (make a dummy class that does nothing)
19:01 curiousguy13 ok , i'll leave it for now i guess
19:02 i'll just move onto other modules then
19:02 walterbender +1
19:02 rparra, can you tell us about your week?
19:04 rparra walterbender,  hello. My week was kind of busy for some personal reasons, so I could not advance as much as I wanted...
19:04 walterbender it happens
19:05 rparra Last week we solved the problem I was having with D-Bus with tch
19:05 I plan to catch up, please don't worry.
19:05 The base code is already in github, I want to write some tests, and implement locale based model selection
19:06 walterbender glad tch was able to help
19:06 rparra, whenever you want to test with Turtle, let me know :)
19:06 rparra after that, it's all about testing with a sugar activity
19:06 #1 candidate: Turtle
19:07 walterbender tch, knows the maintainer :)
19:07 rparra walterbender, thanks. I'll probably need some help when I start looking at the code
19:07 so I'll be asking some questions :)
19:08 walterbender rparra, I made the inverse fork once: the blocks spoke when they ran
19:08 "forward 100; right 90"
19:08 rparra speech synthesis, then... that would also be cool
19:09 if I recall correctly, sugar is well integrated with eSpeak, right?
19:09 walterbender yes
19:11 rparra, just a simple block that pushed words to the stack could be very powerful
19:11 since Turtle Blocks has a block that loads blocks, you could use it to create your programs on the fly.
19:12 rparra that sounds cool, so basically you would be dictating a program if I understand correctly
19:12 walterbender yes
19:13 by using building blocks already in the language
19:14 anyone else have anything to add? otherwise, have a great weekend
19:15 rparra awesome. you got me excited with idea already. Will be updating soon about it!
19:18 have a great weekend too
19:19 puneet_kaur walterbender, a gr8 weekend to u too :-)
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