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#sugar-meeting, 2014-06-12

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13:43 gonzalo_ hello Claudia_
13:49 meeting <Claudia_-es> hello
13:51 walterbender hi Claudia_
13:53 meeting <Claudia_-es> Hello Walter!
13:53 Claudia_ Hello walterbender and gonzalo_
13:53 Ready for the chat?
13:54 walterbender I'm ready
13:57 Claudia_ great
13:57 gonzalo_ who else is here?
13:59 meeting <Claudia_-es> I gift'*t *see *anyone *yet
13:59 <Claudia_-es> *but *it *is *only 10
13:59 walterbender Claudia_, while we are waiting... have you seen this? https://www.facebook.com/photo[…]82&type=1&theater
13:59 looks for the electronic version
14:00 gonzalo_ the link is not available
14:01 Claudia_ can't ee it
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14:02 walterbender it is an article in http://www.unoticias.com.uy/informacion-nacional/ about an MIT/ANEP program
14:02 I will share it with you on FB
14:02 still cannot find the original
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14:06 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> Hello!
14:07 Aura Hola a todos!
14:07 walterbender Aura, after the meeting, can we grab a few minutes to discuss Sugar Camp?
14:07 Aura Hola Walter!
14:07 claro que si
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14:08 Claudia_ <Claudia_!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:09 meeting <Claudia_-es> Pardon, but *perdi connection by some minutes
14:09 <Claudia_-es> Hello To all
14:09 walterbender jose miguel: do you have a link to the article in Informacion Nacional about the ANEP program?
14:09 meeting <Claudia_-es> J_M_Garcia: you returned of Argentina?
14:10 Aura Hola Jose, Feliz Cumpleaños!
14:10 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> If, and I was in the interior, with workshops of *robotica...
14:10 <J_M_Garcia-es> But already in Montevideo!
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14:11 <Claudia_-es> That well. Celebrating the birthday!! Happinesses
14:11 <J_M_Garcia-es> Walter: I am reading it now...
14:11 <J_M_Garcia-es> Thank you! As it said *walter yesterday, happened it with *TortugArte!
14:12 <Claudia_-es> Bienvenida MonicaBaez
14:13 <MonicaBaez-es> Thank you Wanted to Claudia!!!
14:13 <Claudia_-es> It loves me see you by here
14:13 walterbender +1
14:13 meeting <Claudia_-es> I imagine me that there will be other people in the channel of Groins
14:14 <MonicaBaez-es> If, *super interesting the subject, am very thrilled to exchange with *Uds.
14:14 <Claudia_-es> Have very few people in the list of *learning, but send the invitation to other lists
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14:15 meeting <Claudia_-es> We expect that but people arrive, the subject seems me that it is important for all
14:15 Aura <Aura!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:15 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> *Ok
14:16 Aura Aquí estoy me desconecté un momento
14:16 meeting <Claudia_-es> There are a lot of articles or opinions on the *brecha of generate. This article recommended it a colleague of the colleague of the community and decide to translate it
14:16 <Claudia_-es> I expect that they have been able to read it by that it is very short
14:17 <Claudia_-es> It seems them if we begin?
14:18 <MonicaBaez-es> *ok
14:18 Aura ok
14:18 Claudia gracias por compartir y traducir el artículo
14:19 meeting <Claudia_-es> They seem that some people have problems to go in, but can not help with  the technical part
14:20 <Claudia_-es> My first question, before going in to converse on the article, is on what perceive in our surroundings?
14:20 <J_M_Garcia-es> If Claudia. To my gave me error in the computer, by the filters of exit, since it uses a protocol that the office does not allow...
14:21 <Claudia_-es> Of the countries, projects, places of work....  It is a worry?
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14:22 meeting <Claudia_-es> To who concerns him?
14:22 Aura <Aura!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:23 meeting <MonicaBaez-es> From my perspective and personal experience, is a worry of which anybody occupies  ;-)
14:23 <J_M_Garcia-es> To my in particular concerns me, but gives me the impression that is not something that concern a lot...
14:24 <Claudia_-es> The Tuesday was in Ecuador (if, only a day) and speak a bit of the subject...
14:24 <MonicaBaez-es> That is to say, from the speech a lot of organisation take in subject, but in his own structures exists one on masculine representation in technological areas or related to the sciences and neither that speak of positions of responsibility or high profile
14:25 <Claudia_-es> There was a person that represented an organisation that occupies  of the subject, but many of the women that were in the table were not safe of his position...
14:26 walterbender I see evidence of the problem everywhere I go... but I also see the young girls as capable and engaged as the young boys when I do Turtle Art Day
14:27 karen_ that's great walterbender. Engaging girls is really the key
14:27 Aura si es cierto en el taller de programación en Python que estamos desarrollando terminaron sólo 2 niñas y 12 niños
14:27 karen_ Then you can worry about retaining them :)
14:27 meeting <Claudia_-es> The positions are multiple, but me concerned that we are the same women those that do not contribute to a difference
14:28 <J_M_Garcia-es> In the workshops of robotics with boys and teenage, when they are optional, the majority is masculine...
14:29 <Claudia_-es> It is a so complex problem, but if we treat to understand a bit maybe can take action
14:29 <Claudia_-es> In accordance with Karen, it is necessary to look for retain these few girls, but also generate actions of root
14:30 <J_M_Garcia-es> Yesterday it gave  a very curious thing. In one of the places of the workshop were all women. To the while appreciated a man, and they argued that they went well because the had arrived. And we are speaking of all educational...
14:31 <Claudia_-es> Difficult change culture... J_M_Garcia
14:31 <Claudia_-es> I listened to these women and thought... But it is that neither the same women are convinced of our position...
14:31 <J_M_Garcia-es> If, very difficult. I spoke them of the worry that there was on the subject, at the beginning, and afterwards...
14:32 Aura Si, es algo cultural, pero tal vez podríamos pensar que es algo metodologico, la forma como se está generando la educación STEM
14:32 Claudia_ entonces como generar cambios importantes y ayudar a que las oportunidades sean iguales para aquellas mujeres que quieren y que tienen todas las capacidades para ocupar puestos importantes, para hacer trabajos técnicos
14:33 Aura Hay que generar nuevas metodologías en la Educacion STEM, en la que se trabaje en equipos y todos puedan aportar desde sus habilidades
14:33 meeting <Claudia_-es> Pardon.. I wanted to happen me to the another channel to recommend that if we write in Spanish, have to go to the channel in Spanish...
14:34 <Claudia_-es> Then like generating important changes and help to that the opportunities are equal for those women that want and that have all the capacities to occupy important places, to do technical works
14:34 Aura where is teh Channel?
14:34 meeting <Claudia_-es> It writes /*join #sugar-meeting-es and arrive
14:35 <Claudia_-es> Welcome Aura
14:35 karen_ I think there's often good success seen with specifically inviting girls to let them know that they are welcome and that this activity is for them. And then making sure that boys are not encouraged or allowed to push girls out of the way
14:36 meeting <Claudia_-es> In accordance with Karen
14:37 <J_M_Garcia-es> If, of agreement...
14:37 * irma-es has joined
14:37 <Claudia_-es> But I like me the article in particular by that speaks of by that even the girls do not arrive and take advantage of opportunities like these...
14:37 <irma-es> *perdon The *demora
14:38 <Aura-es> Of agreement Karen, with some friends have worked a workshop that calls  Robot *Camp, and what do is that all from his talents contribute to the *contruccion of the project, generally the boys arm the robots and program and the girls design the stages and create the histories, all remain included and feel  important part of the team
14:38 <J_M_Garcia-es> If, an interesting experience the one of Aura, saw it the past year... The question is why the men are those that build
14:38 <J_M_Garcia-es> And
14:39 <J_M_Garcia-es> And they program, and the girls those that devote  to *lasa history...
14:39 <Claudia_-es> In accordance with J_M_Garcia
14:39 <irma-es> Aura, if by that they are the men those that build?
14:39 <Aura-es> They build the characters, the stages, narrate the histories, is another type of construction
14:39 <J_M_Garcia-es> Although all are *incentivados to this...
14:40 <Claudia_-es> I think that it is what could observe in the context of this summit in Ecuador, and of what speaks the *artìculo
14:40 <Aura-es> I do not know they connect  more with the narrative, with the artistic
14:41 <MonicaBaez-es> It will be cultural/*antopologico or of biological base? Or both things?
14:41 Mariana <Mariana!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:41 meeting <Claudia_-es> I think that is cultural
14:41 <Claudia_-es> Largely
14:42 <Claudia_-es> Maybe we can speak a bit of the article...
14:42 <Claudia_-es> And of the *video that *comparti...
14:42 walterbender notes that construction of all sorts is valuable, but not all construction is programming (or engages the learner in the powerful ideas of programming)
14:43 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> I think that there is of everything, no only culture. My children had access to toys of the same type, and the interests were by other sides.
14:44 <Claudia_-es> It was not impressive the study that presents the article?
14:45 karen_ I agree that the issues are very complex. I would say that anecdotal evidence only helps so much, there's so much subtle sexism everywhere
14:45 meeting <gonzalo_-es> Claudia_, the problem that poses the articulate, is that it is much deeper of what seems. When they arrive to the school age, carry years of influences
14:46 <J_M_Garcia-es> If, the article is *impactante.
14:46 <J_M_Garcia-es> Especially taking in account the age!
14:47 <Claudia_-es> Yes... I think that the article does us think in our own postures, that sometimes neither give us account...
14:47 <Claudia_-es> This week in *FB circulate  a letter of a *chiquita to Bequeath
14:48 <Claudia_-es> Where said that when it was to Bequeath all what the girls could do was to go shopping, and converse with his friends
14:49 <Claudia_-es> Whereas the boys undertook adventures, built, saved to others...
14:49 <J_M_Garcia-es> If, it is terrible. I want to buy creative things of bequeath or *playmobil for my grandchildren, and for girls is much more complex!
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14:49 <Aura-es> The most interesting of the article is that it poses the challenge to build experiences of significant learning so that the boys and the girls develop technical skills
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14:49 <Aura-es> It would be interesting to pose some ideas of how do it
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14:50 <J_M_Garcia-es> Also it is true that the *meccano to my daughter did not excite him a lot, and is not because it did not have incentives in the house!
14:51 <irma-es> The ideal would be to involve them in conjoint activities
14:51 <Claudia_-es> It seems me that when we understand some postures, can generate concrete actions
14:51 <Irma_-es> Hello To tod@s!!! Recently I could go in!!
14:51 <Claudia_-es> Some personal experiences....
14:52 <Aura-es> hello Irma
14:52 <irma-es> Hello *Couretot!!!! So much time
14:52 <Irma_-es> Hello,, pardon by the *demora
14:52 <gonzalo_-es> http://www.theprovince.com/new[…]3248/*story.*html
14:52 <Claudia_-es> - Other mums of the school of my daughter look me like "objeto" rare by that work and travel all the time
14:52 <Claudia_-es> And I am safe that some of my friends think the same...
14:53 <J_M_Garcia-es> If, occur the same here. To my wife also see it like a rare bug because it is of *Físcia..
14:54 <irma-es> well This shows the cultural shots!!!
14:54 <Irma_-es> I share Claudia and *J M
14:54 <Claudia_-es> Irma, if! I think that to this type of postures refers  the article...
14:55 karen_ To me, I think the biggest thing is knowing the possible problems and going out of our way to try to overcome them in small ways. I think when we promote sugar we should be sure to have pictures of girls using the software and specifically ask schools to encourage girls to participate in any events we do with them
14:55 meeting <irma-es> Of agreement!!!
14:56 <Claudia_-es> Karen, seems me that have a big mission in *Sugar, but need to work of the hand with the countries
14:56 <Claudia_-es> And after reading this article, think that we have to work with the families...
14:56 <Claudia_-es> With the same women...
14:56 <J_M_Garcia-es> If, I think that it is important *visibilizar this, and promote the use of *tdoas and all...
14:57 karen_ yes I agree Claudia_!
14:57 meeting <irma-es> In Argentina comes  doing this
14:57 karen_ It all happens so much earlier than one would think
14:57 meeting <irma-es> There are a lot of advances and the women go occupying strategic places
14:58 <Claudia_-es> What expect of our girls, the toys that buy them, the messages that give them...
14:59 <MonicaBaez-es> I agree Irma that they are seeing  advances and that the women go occupying spaces but create equally that even it is missing a lot to speak to shorten the *brecha
14:59 <Irma_-es> In Open School, in The *Rioja, realise  meetings with boys and girls; the year happened for robotics, now to program games, from the *PJVG Logistical
15:00 <J_M_Garcia-es> And the toys that manufacture ! It gives penalty look for games of construction in the area of the girls...
15:00 <Claudia_-es> J_M_Garcia: of agreement
15:00 <irma-es> In the pedagogical proposals arm  heterogeneous groups
15:00 <MonicaBaez-es> Very true *JM García
15:00 <Claudia_-es> My daughter sometimes says that it prefers that the people think that she is a boy when they give him gifts... By that the ones of the girls are boring
15:01 <irma-es> That interesting Claudia!!!
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15:01 meeting <MonicaBaez-es> *jajaja... Claudia to my daughter happens him the same, many times finishing going to change the gifts
15:01 * Mariana-es has joined
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15:02 <Claudia_-es> It gives me laugh... At the end of the birthdays hides  and says that it go I to ask a "recuerdo" of boy
15:02 <Aura-es> *jejejejeje That curious
15:03 <Claudia_-es> And it looks one... The ones of the boys have mechanisms... They arm something...
15:03 <Claudia_-es> The girls... Something pink, surely, but that does not do AT ALL, as it says she
15:03 <Claudia_-es> But good... I think that it is a subject of never finish
15:04 <Claudia_-es> We need women model for these girls
15:04 <J_M_Garcia-es> If, in accordance with Claudia.
15:04 <Irma_-es> It seems me that the *brecha is lower in Argentina
15:04 <Claudia_-es> We need that the mothers and parents open the mind to the same opportunities for the girls
15:04 <Claudia_-es> We need to expect BIG
15:04 <Irma_-es> The champion of chess is a girl of 10 years
15:05 <Claudia_-es> Irma_: sure that go doing changes
15:05 <Claudia_-es> And it seems them if we generate some concrete actions in our community
15:05 <Claudia_-es> Of *Sugar and affiliated?
15:05 walterbender +1 to concrete actions
15:05 meeting <Claudia_-es> What could do?
15:05 <irma-es> Of agreement!!!
15:06 <Aura-es> +1
15:06 karen_ yes definitely
15:06 I think the suggestion to partner with local groups was a good one. You could also offer special opportunities for girls
15:07 meeting <Claudia_-es> 1. Circulate this article that shared us Karen (thank you very much)..
15:07 <irma-es> Promote the realisation of projects where involve  men and girls jointly
15:07 karen_ one thing we could do is that when the Code In comes around we could have people contact their local schools and provide mentorship opportunities for girls
15:07 meeting <Claudia_-es> To my particularly questioned me the article....
15:08 walterbender karen_, +1, but...
15:08 karen_ yes I agree Claudia_, helping to spread understanding that there is a problem is key
15:08 meeting <Claudia_-es> Karen... Of agreement. I think that these girls will be perfect examples and mentors for other girls @en el futuro
15:08 walterbender we need to be sure that the girls who participate in GCI have some experience *beforehand* or they will not have a good experience *during*
15:09 karen_ there's always a "but" walterbender :D
15:09 meeting <Irma_-es> It would be necessary to work with the families...
15:09 <Claudia_-es> If, it seems me Irma
15:09 karen_ ah that is a reallly good point walterbender
15:09 walterbender we need to get programs like Flavio's attracting girls
15:09 meeting <Claudia_-es> I go to *resumir immediately all the ideas
15:10 <Irma_-es> *ok
15:10 karen_ I'm sorry all, but I have another meeting to go to. This is great stuff though, I'm so excited we're having these conversations! Let me know if I can help!
15:10 meeting <Claudia_-es> That such if we look for local organisations that work in the subject and look for that they give talks to our girls and to his families?
15:10 <Claudia_-es> Karen, thank you very much for arriving
15:10 karen_ has quit IRC
15:11 meeting <Claudia_-es> In summary: 1. Work with the families.. It could be share the article, create *infogramas, organise talks... Do the VISIBLE subject
15:11 <Irma_-es> It can be Claudia, have governmental and private organisations
15:12 <J_M_Garcia-es> +1 Claudia
15:12 <Claudia_-es> 2. Organise local @evento where promotes  an equal participation for boys and girls
15:12 <gonzalo_-es> *tambien Can contact to groups as http://www.pyladies.com/ or https://wiki.gnome.org/outreachprogramforwomen and treat to participate as we do it in GSOC or *GCodeIn
15:12 <Aura-es> If it is a first step, *visibilizar the subject
15:13 <Claudia_-es> 2. In programs like Google *Code *In, that is for *jovenes and where *Sugar *Labs participates from does some years, ensure that "reclutamos" girls that are interested and ensure that they can finish of successful form
15:13 <gonzalo_-es> Claudia_, if *tuvieramos but voluntary collaborating *podrimos elaborate proposals but interesting for the girls
15:13 <Irma_-es> Here we have a *organizacion "Miradas de Amor" that perhaps accompany, although it also accompanies to some politicians
15:13 <Claudia_-es> gonzalo_: +2
15:14 <Claudia_-es> gonzalo_: we speak of these organisations and see like doing proposals
15:14 <gonzalo_-es> Claudia_, somehow we reproduce the problem, have voluntary, but no in technical tasks, but in tasks *pedagogicas.
15:14 <Claudia_-es> gonzalo_: like this it is... It is necessary to change from the organisation
15:15 <Claudia_-es> We need women mentors
15:15 <Claudia_-es> 4. We adopt a girl...
15:15 <Irma_-es> It is in *facebook like Looks of Love
15:15 <irma-es> Gonzalo, is that we do not possess technical training!!!
15:15 <MonicaBaez-es> +1 *Cluadia, need that the girls see real and near models in which inspire
15:16 <Aura-es> Like this it is
15:16 <Claudia_-es> Irma_: thank you! I encourage to the local groups to do contacts to inform
15:16 <Aura-es> We arrive to part of the problem there are not models that inspire them
15:17 <Claudia_-es> Aura: I think that it is an action to take
15:17 <Irma_-es> I integrate his group in *facebook, if *querés take part more...It seems you?
15:17 <Claudia_-es> There are women models...
15:17 <Claudia_-es> Irma_: forward
15:18 <Claudia_-es> well.. I think that we go closing the talk
15:18 <gonzalo_-es> *quizas Is not very known, but in the first years of the industry of the *computacion,there were a lot of women working
15:18 <Claudia_-es> We go to look some of these actions in *Sugar *Labs
15:19 <Irma_-es> Well Claudia; I will give of to eat to girls and boys...I will cut the peel to the women, approach me to the parents..
15:19 <Claudia_-es> And like organisation, have to give an internal look to see that we can do
15:19 <Claudia_-es> Irma_: :D
15:19 <Aura-es> Like this it is, it is a big challenge
15:20 <Irma_-es> Claudia, what means this code?
15:21 <Claudia_-es> *Code *In, is a program of Google to promote that the *jovenes program, and contribute to organisations, like *SugarLabs
15:22 <Irma_-es> *Ok! thank you
15:23 <Irma_-es> If it seems you I send you by post next week some actions to realise with this *organizacion
15:23 <Claudia_-es> It seems me Irma...
15:23 <Claudia_-es> I remember them inscribe to the list of *learning by that the communication is but easy no only for you, but between all
15:24 <irma-es> *Ok
15:24 <Irma_-es> Of agreement
15:24 <Claudia_-es> The *Irmas are inscribed
15:24 <Claudia_-es> Thanks to all for arriving, a subject that maybe can restart but advance
15:24 <irma-es> We are very *cumplidoras!!!
15:24 <Aura-es> Which is the link?
15:25 <Aura-es> I thought that was inscribed...
15:25 <Irma_-es> *ja....*ja...*ja
15:25 <J_M_Garcia-es> Thank you Claudia for putting him strength to these initiatives, and to all and all for participating!
15:25 <Aura-es> Like this it is it loved me read them!
15:25 <irma-es> If thanks to all for being!!!!
15:25 <Aura-es> When it is the next talk?
15:25 <Irma_-es> Thank you very much Claudia for transmitting us so much passion!!!!
15:26 <Claudia_-es> If have subjects for future talks, if they want to share a project... Forward
15:27 <Aura-es> *ok, will explain you
15:27 <Claudia_-es> Aura: http://lists.sugarlabs.org/listinfo/learning
15:27 <Claudia_-es> Well.. Happy rest of week
15:28 <Claudia_-es> Embraces!
15:28 <Irma_-es> *ok, will be in contact
15:28 <Aura-es> Thank you Claudia!
15:28 <Irma_-es> Embraces!!
15:28 <J_M_Garcia-es> Good week!
15:28 <irma-es> I leave them I have to fulfil my have to of mother and feed to my *cachorros!!! An embrace from The *rioja!!!
15:28 <Claudia_-es> :)
15:28 Aura has quit IRC
15:28 meeting <Irma_-es> *chau Irma Silva
15:29 <irma-es> Until prompt *Couretot!!! Stray
15:29 <Irma_-es> Lost both
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17:51 lionaneesh_ gonzalo_, So yeah I have both the activities running in front of me.
17:51 gonzalo_ great
17:51 lionaneesh_ Now we need a real good UI for Simple Piano rythms.
17:51 *rhythms
17:52 gonzalo_ lionaneesh_, can you share the screenshots?
17:52 lionaneesh_ gonzalo_, Okay wait a sec. I have it running on my XO.
17:52 gonzalo_ i wait
17:54 lionaneesh_ Please check your email.
17:55 gonzalo_, ^
17:56 gonzalo_ lionaneesh_, as a reference, look at the toolbr catalog http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/D[…]m/Toolbar_Catalog
17:57 lionaneesh_ gonzalo_, setting some grounds: we'd need 3 sliders.
17:57 1 for pitch.
17:57 1 for tempo
17:58 and 1 for beats per bar
17:58 s/pitch/complexity of the beat/g
18:00 do we need one for volume?
18:00 I guess we would.
18:00 So 4 sliders.
18:00 What do you think? gonzalo_
18:00 gonzalo_ lionaneesh_, maybe we can put a general voolume slider in the main toolbar
18:01 one option i am thinking is use a subtoolbar similar to http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]Jam_Toolbar_2.png
18:01 to put the rythm controls
18:01 lionaneesh_ gonzalo_, But as a user I could want my beats to be louder or softer.
18:01 gonzalo_ true
18:01 lionaneesh_ just the beats.
18:01 That's neat.
18:02 and doesn't take up a lot of space.
18:02 but we do need 4 sliders don't we?
18:02 won't it make it a bit cluttered?
18:02 gonzalo_ i think so
18:03 you need a button to start/stop
18:03 the dice
18:03 lionaneesh_ Do we need the dice?
18:03 gonzalo_ and a palette to select the percussion group too, right?
18:03 lionaneesh_ Yeah right, we would need that.
18:04 gonzalo_ i think the dice is a good addition
18:04 is too much to put in a single toolbar, probably
18:04 lionaneesh_ Hmm. Right. Children do like to play with sounds.
18:05 gonzalo_ lionaneesh_, what you think about use a control like the fontsize widget in Write or Paint?
18:05 (have two rounded buttons to increase/decrease and the value in the middle)
18:06 lionaneesh_ Hmm. I think palette works better for instrument/percussion selection.
18:06 gonzalo_, hmm. It'll be a bit to explicit but can work
18:06 what will be the range?
18:06 gonzalo_ no, to replace the sliders
18:07 lionaneesh_ We don't want the user to keep clicking
18:07 we can't have big ranges
18:07 not from 1 to 100
18:08 gonzalo_ lionaneesh_, i don't think the sliders have too much points
18:08 lionaneesh_ gonzalo_, right.
18:08 1-15?
18:08 We can play with the points.
18:09 gonzalo_, so let's settle for the size widget in paint
18:09 sounds neat.
18:11 curiousguy13_ <curiousguy13_!~chatzilla@> has joined #sugar-meeting
18:11 gonzalo_ the the toolbar can have: start/stop button (toggle), the dice, a palette to select the percussion group, and 3 "size" widgets to select pitch, tempo and beats per bar
18:11 right?
18:12 maybe for the percussion volume, we can use a vertical slider in a palette, like in the frame
18:12 curiousguy13 has quit IRC
18:12 curiousguy13_ is now known as curiousguy13
18:12 gonzalo_ i suppose is not omething you change all time
18:13 what yu think?
18:17 lionaneesh_ gonzalo_, Cool.
18:17 I'll make the initial prototype and we can discuss more from there.
18:18 Thanks for the meeting.
18:18 I'll get back to work.
18:18 gonzalo_ lionaneesh_, perfect, we can see how works the prototype
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