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#sugar-meeting, 2014-06-06

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17:56 walterbender hi all
17:57 gp94 hi
17:57 martian_ walterbender, hi
17:57 puneet_kaur hey
17:57 native93 hi
18:00 curiousguy13 hi, everyone!
18:00 walterbender hi
18:00 shall we get started?
18:00 gp94, want to tell us about your week?
18:01 gp94 walterbender: ok
18:01 prasoon2211_ <prasoon2211_!0e8b5206@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
18:01 gp94 this week wrote the basic tests for terminal, simillar to the ones for log
18:01 need help on giving user input
18:01 just sent a mail to devel lists
18:02 tried finding more on sending input to the ui elements, but things didn't work out well...
18:02 need to talk to dnarvaez, he may more because he has written all the funcitons that are being used currently
18:03 may *know more
18:03 walterbender gp94, Alas, I have not been able to reach him either
18:03 gp94, let's hope someone on the list can help
18:03 gp94 walterbender: hope so...that
18:03 that's it for this week
18:04 walterbender or we can try the gnome irc channel
18:04 gp94, my apologies for the lack of support
18:04 gp94 next week will try to play with imageviewer and read...
18:04 and try to get the user input...
18:04 i will try the gnome irc....
18:04 walterbender gp94, may as well push on all the non-UI stuff while you are stalled
18:05 thanks gp94   --   puneet_kaur, can you please tell us about your week?
18:06 puneet_kaur yes sure
18:06 gp94 walterbender: need to consult someone, to know more on the non-UI stuff,if I get stuck will write more on teststing guide and the detailed posts for the activitywise...
18:06 puneet_kaur This week has been mostly for analyzing what we have done so far and how it fits in the big picture.So basically I need to deliver a detailed documentation to Lionel.We had been focusing on coding till now keeping in mind the project and it goals and discovered new things as we proceed.We could have gone that way but Lionel said its better to first jot down all we need to do and then proceed.This was so because we used to discover new things
18:06 each week ;) :P So he suggested to keep this week for exploring more and analyzing what done and writing down a detailed documentation to be submit to him, I need to prepare a google doc and share with him which he would then revise if required.
18:06 I had prepared a summary already :D
18:07 walterbender sounds like a prudent approach
18:07 puneet_kaur yup
18:07 walterbender gp94, ^^ I think people in devel can help on the non-UI stuff
18:07 puneet_kaur, any roadblocks?
18:07 puneet_kaur nop not really
18:08 walterbender good
18:08 puneet_kaur hope we dont face any any in future
18:09 walterbender puneet_kaur, BTW, gonzalo_  is working on  an accelerometer for Maze (Python version). The JS version could be another fun play ground for your work
18:09 puneet_kaur wow ..
18:09 thats a good news
18:10 walterbender martian_, wanna update the group?
18:10 martian_ sure
18:10 Turtle art 3D has started to take shape
18:10 I introduced the set_xyz block
18:11 walterbender just made another test program he'll share with you
18:11 martian_ which takes 3 args x,y,z, projects on 2D and positions the turtle there
18:11 this can be checked here:
18:11 https://github.com/Anubhav-J/turtleart
18:12 I faced a little problem with the different coordinate system used in TA
18:12 but was finally able to resolve it making some changes
18:13 A screenshot of a cube drawn with its help:
18:13 http://web.iiit.ac.in/~anubhav[…]iswal/cube_ta.png
18:13 I have started working on rotation about axes
18:13 which is the next step
18:15 walterbender martian_, just sent you another test program :P
18:15 any questions? issues?
18:16 martian_ walterbender, not yet
18:16 walterbender martian_, I had one thought just now: we should make the pen size change based on the distance from the camera
18:17 but let's do rotation first
18:17 native93, next?
18:17 puneet_kaur has quit IRC
18:17 native93 sure
18:17 martian_ walterbender, Im amazed by the way you experiment :)
18:18 just saw the file you sent
18:18 native93 so this week finalized the chat channel a bit early as planned as scheduled, had to travel to my hometown ..
18:18 walterbender native93, I apologize for not testing it yet
18:19 native93 next .. I focussed on looking at the previous bugs and spent a day to look at it and solved the roundbox one ..
18:19 walterbender, no problem .. I am going ahead with other things .. we can test it whenever you get time ..
18:19 walterbender has a roundbox bug in the Chat activity :P
18:20 native93 ohh. same bug  >
18:20 ?
18:20 walterbender maybe related.
18:20 native93 ohh.. eager to know :P
18:20 walterbender I'm using my own roundbox that uses Cairo
18:21 but the positioning and sizing is broken
18:21 I
18:21 will let you know when I have it working
18:21 native93 sure ..
18:21 also
18:21 there are two things I am planning to complete this week
18:22 the proper layout of boxes within the screen size and make it draggable ..
18:22 walterbender that is important
18:22 native93 I am almost finished with the first one though was caught up with an issue
18:23 puneet_kaur <puneet_kaur!~puneet_ka@> has joined #sugar-meeting
18:23 walterbender native93, this will be a nice addition
18:24 native93 issue - creating fixed size textview .. it may seem easy .. but dosen't work the same way .. so after spending the whole day on google ..
18:24 i finally got some some help on pygtk irc .. it was some issue from gtk2 - gtk3 porting ..
18:25 now will proceed with making it draggable :)
18:25 walterbender curious... could be related to my bug too
18:25 speaking of curious, curiousguy13 is next :)
18:26 native93 haha :D ...
18:26 curiousguy13 haha .. sure
18:26 so in the beginning of this week, i had some trouble with my virtual OS , and even after searching around i couldn't find a solution so i had to reinstall the OS and set up the development environment again.
18:26 then i went to port sugar-build to python3 . i tried it but i faced some problems regarding the handling of strings in python3. so, i read up on it and then tried again.
18:26 at last i could figure out the problems and finally sugar-build has been ported to python3 , i am testing it out now.
18:26 walterbender breaks things all the time
18:26 curiousguy13 the only problem here is that there are no tests written for sugar-build afaik , so i have to test it by executing all the commands which is taking some time.
18:27 walterbender but it is nice progress
18:27 maybe gp94 can help you write some tests
18:28 gp94 walterbender: i could chip in...
18:28 walterbender thx
18:28 curiousguy13, anything else we can help with?
18:28 what are your next steps?
18:29 curiousguy13_ <curiousguy13_!~chatzilla@> has joined #sugar-meeting
18:29 curiousguy13_ oh.. sorry about that
18:30 walterbender curiousguy13, what are your next steps?
18:30 curiousguy13_ did i miss something?
18:30 walterbender just my question
18:30 curiousguy13_ i'll update my git repo with the new sugar-build and will try to write about the problems i faced along the way and their solutions in my next blog.
18:30 next , i'll deal with the dependency issue of telepathy
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18:31 curiousguy13_ as discussed in the mailing list, i'll try to use gobject introspection instead of telepathy
18:31 curiousguy13_ is now known as curiousguy13
18:31 walterbender curiousguy13_, will be a good challenge
18:31 curiousguy13 yeah
18:31 i'll try my best
18:32 walterbender curiousguy13, for Sugar 104 I'm interested in exploring a few new collaboration mechanisms...
18:32 but that won't impact you in the short term
18:32 anyone else here from GSoC?
18:33 no Jade; no Aneesh
18:33 curiousguy13 ok
18:33 native93 walterbender, the bug was if you specify the size of textview(in my case) by set_size_request() in gtk3 .. it's not going to make it fixed as in gtk2 ... the guys at irc didn't believe unless he tested himself  :P .. so the solution which we came up was wrapping it up in a Gtk.Fixed() container in gtk3 ... seems like Gtk.Fixed promotes gtk3 :P
18:34 walterbender native93, I'll try that in my code too... because my size requests are not being honored either :(
18:35 native93 walterbender, it troubled me for the whole day :P
18:35 walterbender everyone, thanks for the updates
18:35 gp94 walterbender: just one thing, what does non-UI stuff mean? do you mean writing unit tests...a little confused...
18:35 walterbender and please keep your blogs up to date
18:35 gp94, I mean that you can test the non-UI stuff in most of the activiites while we wait for help on the UI bits
18:36 gp94 ok now i get it...
18:37 walterbender any other questions/comments for today?
18:37 oh. prasoon2211_ is here
18:37 prasoon2211_, could you give us an update please?
18:37 prasoon2211_ uh hi
18:38 one second
18:38 well, there's precious little for me to report for this week.
18:38 I've made the entry on the blog so you can read it for more details.
18:38 anyway
18:38 after making sure that the social-help activity was working smoothly with the shortcut, I started on the problem of populating the registration form using WebKit and by pickign up data from the suugar shell
18:39 A lot of documentation and several google searches later, I concluded that this cannot be done. Webkit is just a renderer and cannot affect the elements displauyed, as I'd have liked (something like populating data with jquery)
18:39 walterbender was just reading your blog :P
18:39 prasoon2211_ After that, there was the automatic login problem - this I've discussed on the blog in detail, so probably it shoulod be read from there.
18:39 Then, I had to go on a 3 day break, away from civilization :D
18:40 walterbender prasoon2211_, maybe tch can help with this issue
18:40 prasoon2211_ Anyway, later I decided to email Paul (my mentor) with the details and a couple of questions about the UI/UX of the whole activity.
18:40 nah
18:40 It's not possible
18:40 that much I'm certain
18:40 In fact
18:40 some friends have told me that what I want to do is a security issue
18:40 *giving browser access to the filesystem
18:40 walterbender prasoon2211_, discuss it with tch nonetheless
18:41 prasoon2211_ okay
18:41 walterbender we can work out something in parallel with webkit perhaps
18:41 prasoon2211_ anyway
18:41 hmm
18:41 well, Paul told me that
18:41 walterbender through the webservices mechanism we have
18:41 prasoon2211_ there are plans to have an online database of XO users
18:42 gonzalo_ prasoon2211_, yes, the login could be adressed with the webservices
18:42 prasoon2211_ hmm, I'll check
18:42 gonzalo_ prasoon2211_, you can inject javascript in webkit too
18:42 prasoon2211_ gonzalo_: I actually want to populate a form
18:42 much like qith jquery
18:42 *with
18:42 I couldn't find anything on it
18:43 but maybe
18:43 walterbender prasoon2211_, http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/WebServices
18:43 prasoon2211_ with javascript insertion, iit may be possinle
18:43 I'll read it up
18:43 gonzalo_ prasoon2211_, can i ask you a question?
18:44 prasoon2211_ yes
18:44 gonzalo_ you plan provide help related to the activity the user is running like we do with the Help in 0.102?
18:45 prasoon2211_ yes
18:45 except it's a community thing
18:45 like SO
18:46 why do you ask?
18:46 gonzalo_ ok, maybe you can look at how we are doing in sugar/extensions/globalkey/viewhelp.py to identify what activity is on use
18:46 prasoon2211_ yes, I'm doing it exactly like that
18:46 gonzalo_ ah, perfect :)
18:47 prasoon2211_ I've made a new file, viewsocial.py
18:47 with much the same stuff
18:47 anyway
18:47 getting on with the report
18:47 So, I've been writing CSS
18:48 Paul had a few things to say about the activity itself - we should be trimming unnecessary features from it. Also, he had a few thoughts on the login problem that I mentioned earlier (more in the blog).
18:48 Anyway, Paul's moving his home so he's busy till this week ends. After, he'll tell me more on how the styling should be like.
18:48 Until then, I'm just experimenting out some odd CSS here and there, seeing what looks good and what doesn't.
18:48 walterbender prasoon2211_, I am sure he'll have lots of suggestions there
18:48 prasoon2211_ yes he said he'll reply on mainday
18:48 *monday
18:49 walterbender but it sounds like good progress
18:49 prasoon2211_ It's tedious work - nothing to do really, just try out differrent colours and see what looks good.
18:49 walterbender prasoon2211_, get the plumbing working :)
18:49 prasoon2211_ Maybe what you've told me about the webactivity setup will be good thing to do :)
18:49 gonzalo_ prasoon2211_, on suga3/activity/webactivity.py you can see a example of how inject javascript
18:49 prasoon2211_ gonzalo_: oh okay
18:50 So, I guess I'll be taking a look into the webactivity setup for a bit and then  get back to UI. I'm also consulting on this with a senior from my school who's a great designer so maybe that'll help.
18:50 that's it for this week, though
18:51 walterbender +1
18:51 we need more designers
18:51 prasoon2211_ well, he'll only give me a few odd hours at best
18:51 :)
18:51 he's in a job nwow
18:51 and doesn't really do opens source much
18:51 walterbender maybe he'll get hooked
18:51 prasoon2211_ so ...
18:51 :D
18:52 oh well
18:52 good day/night folks. I'll be leaving now
18:52 prasoon2211_ has quit IRC
18:52 walterbender thanks for the updates
19:09 rparra <rparra!~rparra@> has joined #sugar-meeting
19:11 walterbender hi rparra
19:12 rparra walterbender hi, how are you?
19:13 walterbender rparra, good...
19:13 making a lot of trouble for tch
19:13 rparra haha, same thing tch does for me (kidding)
19:15 walterbender any progress to report this week?
19:16 rparra yes, sure. I have a basic example working, with pocketsphinx + gstreamer + dbus. First I made a basic example with a plain GTK window in Fedora, and it worked
19:16 but I'm having some trouble sugarizing my example
19:16 particularly, D-Bus calls are not reaching my Activity for some reason
19:17 I'm currently debugging the issue, after this blocker is done, code is going to github
19:17 walterbender rparra, hmm
19:18 rparra I was planning to review my code with tch today, to see if we can squash this nasty little bug
19:18 walterbender good luck
19:18 let me know how it goes
19:18 rparra I will, hopefully I can publish the basic example (with instructions to run it) very soon
19:19 walterbender rparra, I am looking forward to it (and using it in Turtle)
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