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#sugar-meeting, 2014-06-04

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17:25 lionaneesh Hey gonzalo_ walterbender
17:26 Let's start?
17:26 walterbender sure
17:26 lionaneesh First gonzalo_ shall we explain the project to him?
17:26 walterbender who is him? :)
17:26 gonzalo_ lionaneesh, can you share the wiki page link?
17:26 that should be enough
17:27 lionaneesh, you requested the meeting, tell us what is the objective
17:27 lionaneesh walterbender: Sorry. I was referring to you. Was that disrespectfull?
17:27 Okay so mainly I wanted to discuss the midterm goals of the project
17:28 and fixed weekly deadlines so that you guys know I am working and not slacking.
17:29 gonzalo_, walterbender : Here's the wiki link, http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/S[…]ard_Enchancements
17:29 its very incomplete
17:29 walterbender looks
17:29 lionaneesh most of the discussions were done via email and IRC
17:29 I haven't really mentioned all of it there
17:29 Have a look there and I can explain a bit more what my plans are for the project
17:30 gonzalo_ lionaneesh, where are the tasks we already agreed to do?
17:30 lionaneesh gonzalo_: one sec
17:31 walterbender what are the UI improvements? Seems like that could/should be a big part of the project
17:31 yet is seems delegated to the first week
17:31 lionaneesh "add the rhythms in the activity TamTamMini to MusicKeyboard"
17:31 was the proposed extra task not mentioned in the proposal
17:32 and the UI improments majorly includes adding a palette for the interment selection
17:32 gonzalo_ walterbender, the ui improvements are simple, move the instrument selection to a palette similar to the new journal filters
17:32 lionaneesh at present we use a combo box which is not very pleasing
17:32 and it is taking up a lot of space
17:32 walterbender no to combo boxes :)
17:32 lionaneesh I have already done the UI improvements
17:32 walterbender: yeah! :D
17:32 gonzalo_ lionaneesh, not a combo, but a iconview
17:33 lionaneesh so we now have a palette in place
17:33 walterbender is there an element of interoperablilty between the various parts (was part of the TamTam design never completed)
17:33 e.g., design an instrument in SynthLab and use it in TamTam Mini
17:33 lionaneesh walterbender: BTW majorly my work includes working on the SimplePiano activity
17:34 gonzalo_ walterbender, no
17:34 lionaneesh walterbender: Also the UI improvements patch is almost done a few last fixes required.
17:34 I can finish them in a few hours and will start the work for this week from today.
17:35 gonzalo_ lionaneesh, walterbender, the project proposed is work on Music Keyboard activity:
17:35 * Add rythms
17:35 * Add record/play capability
17:35 (as keys sequences and as sound)
17:35 lionaneesh Add export to audio file capability
17:35 gonzalo_ * Improve the UI
17:36 walterbender so this is really about making Music Keyboard replace TamTam mini?
17:36 what about collaboration?
17:36 gonzalo_ walterbender, yes, but tamtam mini don't record
17:37 lionaneesh walterbender: We could work on collaboration too. Actually I was gonna suggest it if we have time.
17:38 gonzalo_ no problem if we have time.
17:38 lionaneesh gonzalo_: yeah. It'll be fun to collaborate over music :)
17:38 I am so excited :)
17:38 walterbender: Now you have an idea about the project right?
17:42 waits!
17:44 walterbender got it
17:44 let's see how quickly things move
17:44 would be nice to migrate up the TamTam stack if possible
17:45 wants to push lionaneesh hard and far since we know he is very capable :)
17:45 gonzalo_ i agree
17:45 lionaneesh walterbender: Yes sir.
17:46 So, let's set midterm deadlines for now and make sure we all agree to it.
17:46 walterbender ok
17:47 lionaneesh gonzalo_: Sir, could you!
17:48 gonzalo_ lionaneesh, the first week you worked in the ui part. there are a few issues pending that i have reported, but is almost there
17:48 lionaneesh, probably 3 weeks is enough to have the rythms part ready?
17:48 lionaneesh gonzalo_: yeah it is.
17:49 gonzalo_: I'd need you help though :)
17:49 gonzalo_ then, 3 or 4 weeks for record/playback
17:49 lionaneesh gonzalo_: For the keys yes.
17:49 Audio will be tricky
17:49 writing audio is always tricky, plus it would be csound based not sugar based
17:49 gonzalo_ the keys is really easy
17:50 i think 3-4 weeks is enough for audio and keys
17:50 think keys recording / playback is 2 or 3 days of work at least
17:51 but well, i am optimistic
17:54 lionaneesh, walterbender, what you think?
17:54 walterbender I think it is move quickly
17:55 let's revisit if you run into problems
17:55 lionaneesh gonzalo_: cool.
17:55 walterbender: okay sir.
17:56 gonzalo_ we have a buffer of time at the end, but i hope we can do something else too, like collaboration or update the backend
17:58 lionaneesh gonzalo_: okay perfect.
17:58 So midterm would be Rhythms and Keys playback?
17:59 gonzalo_ lionaneesh, now, i remember something walterbender told me (and i forgotten talk with you) about the Friday GSoC meetings
17:59 lionaneesh gonzalo_: Ah yeah.
17:59 gonzalo_ lionaneesh, can you participate?
17:59 lionaneesh gonzalo_: Would love to :)
17:59 walterbender and blog...
18:03 lionaneesh walterbender: Blog is necessary?
18:03 Okay cool.
18:03 walterbender, gonzalo_ are we decided about the midterm goals?
18:03 gonzalo_ lionaneesh, yes
18:04 lionaneesh gonzalo_: Just to confirm:
18:04 walterbender lionaneesh, yes... it really is important to get in the habit of communicating with the community
18:04 lionaneesh walterbender: Okay. I am sorry for my absence.
18:04 gonzalo_: So the rhythms one major thing I have to roll out.
18:04 right?
18:05 gonzalo_ and keys recording/playback?
18:05 lionaneesh gonzalo_: yeah!
18:05 gonzalo_: Awesome. I am feeling on track after this meeting.
18:05 This was required.
18:06 I'd get back to work now.
18:06 Thanks for your time gonzalo_ walterbender :)
18:07 gonzalo_ ok, see you
18:20 walterbender ttyl
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