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#sugar-meeting, 2014-06-03

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00:00 Claudia_ HI walterbender
00:00 gonzalo_ <gonzalo_!~gonzalo@> has joined #sugar-meeting
00:01 gonzalo_ hello walterbender, time for the meetting?
00:01 ignacio icarito, flavio aren't here :_
00:01 gonzalo_ hi Claudia_
00:01 walterbender gonzalo_, we need one more for our quorum
00:02 gonzalo_ cjl is here?
00:02 walterbender no adam, no daniel, no jose miguel
00:02 Claudia_ Hi gonzalo_
00:02 karen <karen!~karen@gnome/staff/conservancy.officer.karenesq> has joined #sugar-meeting
00:02 walterbender aura was going to join us too
00:02 hi karen
00:02 Quozl` (listens)
00:02 karen hi walterbender :D
00:03 walterbender karen, welcome to the SL oversight board meeting (fondly known as SLOBs)
00:03 gonzalo_ hi Quozl`
00:03 kaametza hello all
00:03 karen thanks walterbender, I haven't been since you all were thinking of joining Conservancy and we were writing the governance doc :)
00:03 walterbender all: Karen Sandler is the new director of the SFC
00:04 gonzalo_ hello karen
00:04 cristian99garcia <cristian99garcia!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
00:04 ignacio hi karen
00:04 walterbender but as she notes, she was with us at the very beginning.. helped us get launched
00:04 karen waves!
00:04 walterbender then she left for the GNOME foundation
00:04 aguirrea <aguirrea!a449200c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
00:04 walterbender but is recently back
00:04 kaametza hi karen
00:04 walterbender hey andres
00:04 aguirrea hi!
00:05 karen walterbender: plus don't forget that I'm a giant fan of Sugar Labs
00:05 walterbender thx
00:06 we seem to have a problem getting our ,UY board members this evening
00:06 Claudia_ hello karen
00:06 ignacio I'm here :P
00:06 walterbender I thought Jose Miguel was  going to be here
00:06 meeting * J_M_Garcia-es has joined
00:06 ignacio ah
00:06 francis :P
00:06 gonzalo_ hello ignacio
00:06 karen :)
00:06 ignacio hi gonzalo_
00:06 walterbender we have a quorum
00:06 Claudia_ yes
00:06 walterbender let's get started
00:07 #start-meeting
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00:07 <J_M_Garcia-es> Hello! I am here. But I can not access by irc.freenode.net
00:07 <J_M_Garcia-es> Good nights for all!
00:07 walterbender Sorry I neglected to get us together last month. My trip to Nepal through me off schedule
00:07 JMGarcia <JMGarcia!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
00:08 Aura <Aura!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
00:08 walterbender we have a few topics I would like to discuss this evening: (1) the .UY youth summit and (2) the .CO sugar camp proposal
00:08 Aura Hello All!
00:09 walterbender but without daniel francis, maybe we cannot talk about #1 tonight.
00:09 ignacio hi Aura
00:09 walterbender hi Aura
00:09 Aura Hi Ignacio and Walter!
00:09 walterbender JMGarcia,: have you spoken with daniel?
00:09 CanoeBerry <CanoeBerry!~CanoeBerr@c-98-216-254-173.hsd1.ma.comcast.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
00:09 walterbender adam is here too (sort of)
00:09 Claudia_ it has been a crazy semester...
00:09 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> I have changed some mails, by data for the summit, but does days that do not speak with the.
00:10 CanoeBerry <CanoeBerry!~CanoeBerr@c-98-216-254-173.hsd1.ma.comcast.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
00:10 walterbender JMGarcia, maybe after the meeting you and claudia and I can catch up?
00:10 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> *Ok
00:11 walterbender maybe while we have Aura, ignacio, kaametza, and icarito we can discuss the Colombia proposal?
00:11 ignacio Yes, we can! :)
00:11 walterbender #topic CO Sugar Camp
00:11 Claudia_ I don't know anything about Colombia proposal.. but it will be great to hear
00:12 walterbender Aura, could you give a quick summary of the proposal?
00:12 Aura Hello Caludia
00:12 of course
00:12 Claudia_ HI Aura
00:13 walterbender you have the floor Aura
00:13 kaametza Hi Claudia, ignacio, flavio and Christian have requested funds for travelling to Colombia to represent Python Jóven Uruguay at upcomming Sugar CAmp Chía 2014
00:13 Aura The purpose of Sugar Camp Co is improve the sugar activities develop in the Phyton workshop of ANSPE project
00:14 Claudia_ ok
00:14 walterbender It is scheduled for early July
00:14 Aura Phyton Uy has collaborated with the proposed phyton workshop with children in Chia
00:15 yes on 4-6 July
00:15 walterbender it is my understanding that the scope is broader than just a programming workshop for the children
00:16 kaametza walterbender, the main obejetive is to develop deep bond among young Sugar programmers
00:16 icarito it is intended to be an open event where we invite the colombian free software community interested in education as well as citizens in general
00:18 walterbender kaametza, as I said in my comments on the ticket, I am skeptical that the children in Chia will have advanced far enough yet to make the bonding take hold. They were not very far along when I met them.
00:18 but that said
00:18 Aura also the students of national university are  interested in participating
00:18 gonzalo_ did you know slobs already planed a event for young hackers in south america for 2014?
00:19 walterbender I think there is a lot of opportunity for a broader exchange
00:19 It may be worth considering sending the most engaged kids from Chia to .UY
00:19 kaametza Ignacio and Chistian along with Flavio have shown great interest helping mentoring younger python learners from Chía (José, Maurel, Duvan, Cristian, Andrés and the 4 Johans)
00:20 walterbender kaametza, is there any of the work of the Chia Python hackers in git? so we can assess their progress
00:21 My concern is maximizing the impact.
00:21 kaametza walterbender, it would increase cost and  be more difficult as Chía age range is lower
00:21 icarito has left #sugar-meeting
00:21 walterbender kaametza, it takes time to get to the point where the global interaction has real value...
00:21 icarito <icarito!~icarito@2001:4830:134:7::11> has joined #sugar-meeting
00:21 kaametza kaametza, for maximizing the impact Aura and I have discuss the idea of inviting some local deployments programmers
00:21 walterbender let me embarrass ignacio
00:21 Aura Walter is true but if we promote this event, we could strengthen the community of sugar in Colombia to continue these projects
00:21 kaametza like marian orth and piez descalasos
00:21 icarito walterbender, our intention is to raise the awareness around Sugar in Colombia
00:22 ignacio walterbender, ?
00:22 outofindia <outofindia!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
00:22 walterbender when he was 10, he was enthusiastic, but not very mature as a programmer...
00:23 icarito walterbender, the goal is not code (but we will produce that) - the goal is community building
00:23 walterbender after a couple of years (not months) he was at a level where he could have a rich exchange with other developers
00:23 icarito it is important to share these experiencies in order to inspire others
00:23 i was a child programmer myself
00:23 as many of you perhaps
00:23 Quozl` me.
00:23 (it's why i can't stop).
00:24 kaametza walterbender, I meant to request travel permition to younger childern (8 to 12) is harder that the olders (14-15) we already have Ignacio ś mom permition to travel :D
00:24 walterbender can we hear from Aura about the broader scope?
00:24 gonzalo_ there are many ways to share experiences, you are requesting a big investment, and we need analyze if is best use for the money
00:24 kaametza gonzalo_, +1
00:24 walterbender who is expected to attend (I realize it is open to anyone, but who is realistically expected?)
00:25 gonzalo_ i am afraid, a few days together will not have a big impact
00:25 python joven was working literally for years, to get the results they can show today
00:26 karen there also can be legal issues regarding kids traveling so we'd just have to be careful and ask somebody local (I've got a form permission slip too if it's helpful, though it's for older kids)
00:26 kaametza gonzalo_, yes! we are blessed and thankfull to count with them now :D
00:26 walterbender I could be swayed if you can demonstrate that it will touch more than 6 boys (what happened to the girls?)
00:26 ignacio walterbender, do you know a lot of girls programmer?
00:27 walterbender, just at SugarLabs how much girls we have?
00:27 walterbender ignacio, only 2 of the 10 in GSoC this year are girls :(
00:27 we need to do better
00:27 Claudia_ :(
00:27 my topic for the chat
00:27 ignacio walterbender, or in GCI, all boys (I think)
00:27 walterbender ignacio, the best GSoC last year (IMHO) was a young women from DE
00:28 ignacio cool
00:28 kaametza well, we also have two young girls in the workshop in Chía
00:28 karen marina and I have been talking about this wtih respect to the Outreach Program for Women
00:28 walterbender ignacio, you need to help us recruit among all the girls you hang out with on FB
00:28 ignacio walterbender, :P
00:28 karen and we were talking about trying leverage the OPW network of women to provide local mentorship for girls
00:28 for the Code In
00:28 gonzalo_ ignacio, you didn't expected that :)
00:28 karen heh
00:29 icarito kaametza is a proud GCI mentor :-)
00:29 ignacio By the way, we can talk about GCI on Chía, this is a good way for get developers
00:29 Aura walterbender: The event would have resources ANSPE And Chia, and will be the opportunity to show potential of Sugar platforms to learning programing
00:29 walterbender karen, maybe you can join the next chat session with Claudia... about that topic
00:29 karen sounds good walterbender
00:29 walterbender Aura, you had mentioned a group from the university as well?
00:29 Claudia_ yes, karen!
00:29 karen :D
00:29 kaametza karen, it would be nice to understand more about OPW
00:29 Aura yes
00:30 karen I don't want to hijack the meeting, but I'd be happy to talk about OPW whenever :)
00:30 I'm still co-organizing it with Marina, Conservancy is now officially a partner in running it
00:30 walterbender Aura, any chance to get Orth Foundation and other deployments involved as well?
00:31 kaametza karen, SL main list and SUR (in Spanish) would have a lot of impact
00:32 icarito +1 many talented female participants in olpc-sur list
00:32 karen cool kaametza, maybe ping me about it another day this week and I can understand what you'd like to know more about?
00:33 Aura walterbender: When the event is confirm, we will make the call to other projects of Colombia
00:33 gonzalo_ Aura, the event realization depend on the guys from uy travel?
00:33 Claudia_ karen... I would love to connect with you on girls and coding
00:34 karen great Claudia_: let's set up a separate meeting and talk all about it :)
00:34 kaametza karen, will do, thx
00:34 Claudia_ Thanks, kaametza
00:35 thanks, karen (sorry)
00:35 karen :)
00:35 kaametza Claudia_, there is a Colombia FOSS Chicks grup we should invite to Sugar Camp too :D
00:35 Aura gonzalo_: not necessarily, but  their participation would be important to inspire other young people
00:36 Claudia_ kaametza: thanks. I am trying to organize a chat about girls and coding
00:36 kaametza Claudia_, hopefully you can help (even online, we have reveived requests from Perú to sream the event)
00:36 ignacio As I say we can talk about GCI, I are a winner, I can talk about my history..
00:36 walterbender ignacio, +1
00:37 kaametza Claudia_, you mean like a Chat Activity?
00:37 Claudia_ ignacio: +1
00:37 kaametza I like the idea :D
00:37 Claudia_ kaametza: a learning chat/meeting
00:37 walterbender hi harriett
00:37 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> +1
00:37 ignacio I've started without internet,  only with one XO, on my school :)
00:37 kaametza ignacio, +1
00:38 icarito this sugarcamp will be all about reducing the barriers to entry, producing documentation, and having a lot of fun working on the best platform for learning programming
00:38 outofindia Hi all...just listening in :) always good to see the community!
00:39 walterbender ignacio, when did you connect with Flavio?
00:39 icarito we've already begun publishing some guides, all materials under appropriate licenses
00:39 walterbender and why did you start hanging out on IRC and chat?
00:39 ignacio walterbender, you mean chat, or join with it?
00:39 walterbender both
00:40 ignacio Chat, sometimes, Flavio sometimes stay on..
00:40 and join with it maybe in few weeks?
00:40 walterbender, cristian99garcia  is Cristian García, maybe he can talk about Flavio
00:40 kaametza ignacio, nice new logo btw
00:40 walterbender ignacio, you used to send me lots of google chat messages :)
00:40 cristian99garcia, don
00:40 t be shy
00:41 ignacio walterbender, We can't talk at Google Chat messages :P, the really developers use IRC, I learned it.. :P
00:41 No all developers have Google chat, I think
00:41 walterbender ignacio, I am just remembering from 4 years ago
00:41 ignacio walterbender, I know
00:41 I remember it too
00:41 walterbender some funny chat messages
00:42 google remembers everything :)
00:42 cristian99garcia walter, ok xD
00:42 ignacio haha :)
00:42 I change a lot, I think
00:42 I learned a lot too
00:42 walterbender maybe we need to consult the google forget service :)
00:42 icarito the thing is, it is possible to be a remote mentor
00:42 cristian99garcia I do not understand much English: P why I'm so quiet
00:42 icarito so that is the kind of relationship we are trying to facilitate
00:42 kaametza walterbender, we are promoting open communication channels for younger children i.e. Sugar Network
00:42 walterbender ignacio, there is a difference between being 10 and 14
00:42 ignacio walterbender, a lot.. :P
00:42 is now 15
00:43 walterbender but 14 during CGI
00:43 GCI
00:43 ignacio yeah
00:43 walterbender back on topic...
00:43 kaametza hi cristian99garcia thanks for comming to the meeting and thanks for your initative to come to Colombia to help younger programmers!
00:43 walterbender if I can summarize the discussion
00:44 it seems that there is a plan to use the phyiscal presence of the .UY python joven to help promote the youth programming community in .CO
00:45 ignacio walterbender, can you come to .CO too?
00:45 would be good
00:45 walterbender it seems that the plans for outreach above and beyond the group in Chia is still immature, but there is an expectation that there will be a broader participation
00:46 Aura walterbender: would be great if you came back to Colombia!
00:47 walterbender at the same time, there has been some concern expressed about the efficiency of this expenditure, especially in light of the plan to have a youth summit in .UY
00:47 what has not been mentioned yet is that we have not yet confirmed with the SFC as to whether or not we have the funds available
00:47 suspects yes, but it not 100% certain
00:48 is that a fair summary?
00:48 ignacio walterbender, youth summit?
00:48 kaametza walterbender, there haven't seen recent upgrades regardin SL finances
00:48 ignacio Plan Ceibal can't help?
00:48 karen walterbender: right, as we were saying by email there seem to be a lot of expenditures outstanding that we're not sure how much would be invoiced on (on top of us trying to closer our end of year books)
00:49 walterbender kaametza, I've asked but the SFC has been tied up with their year-end book-keeping
00:49 kaametza you can confirm how much should be there available?
00:49 or estimate?
00:49 karen it probably makes sense to have a budget for the project that you can keep and update
00:49 Claudia_ karen: +1
00:49 walterbender ignacio, I don't think Plan Ceibal would help with this... but they may help with bringing people to UY
00:49 but it wouldn't hurt to ask
00:50 karen, maybe we can talk about budgets later this week?
00:50 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> Can request . I am asking to cover the costs of *estadía and of the @evento.
00:50 karen sure walterbender!
00:50 ignacio walterbender, of course, Plan Ceibal help, this would be advertising for the state..
00:51 walterbender ignacio, let's draft a letter to Miguel after the meeting
00:51 aaguirre <aaguirre!ba33602a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
00:51 ignacio ok :)
00:51 walterbender here is my opinion, FWIW
00:51 kaametza walterbender, surely Ceibal might be interested on helping Uy summit
00:52 walterbender (1) I am very supportive of the idea of a Sugar summit in CO
00:52 (2) I think that the impact of the .UY joven team will be minimal at this stage on the Chia kids... but
00:52 (3) I think it would have a lot of impact overall
00:52 kaametza regarding funds for Python Joven comming to Colombia I believe SL should have enough funds for providing support (according to the lates financial information on the wiki)
00:53 walterbender (4) I would like to keep supporting the group that Flavio has assembled in the long term, and this could be a small way to contribute in the short term
00:54 (5) I wish that this was not done last minute as it puts a lot of pressure on SL
00:54 karen kaametza: I know we signed some l10n contracts so we also have to plan how much will be invoiced against them (I'm still getting up to speed at Conservancy so not sure about everything)
00:55 walterbender kaametza, I don't know what wiki page you are referring to
00:55 karen, the i18n and Turtle Art spending is all against the Trip Advisor grant
00:55 kaametza walterbender, yes you are right will keep it mind for next Sugar Camp
00:55 gonzalo_ kaametza, i have in the slobs and don't have idea about what is the financial state of sugarlabs :(
00:56 walterbender but I don't have a sense of what other funds are available
00:56 kaametza I just wish all SL hackers could come to inspire young avid minds :D
00:56 walterbender or what other outstanding expenses are out there (none that I am aware of)
00:56 Claudia_ walterbender: we have the conference in Augusr
00:57 August
00:57 walterbender Claudia_, I am hoping to spend down the last of my MIT fund account for that
00:57 kaametza gonzalo_, the good thing of having visualization on finances is the possiblility to plan ahead
00:57 walterbender or else we will have to arrange a Turtle Art Day for Austria :)
00:57 Claudia_ walterbender: we could
00:58 walterbender Claudia_, we should regardless
00:58 Claudia_ agree, walterbender
00:58 gonzalo_ kaametza, i agree 100%
00:58 walterbender Claudia_, I think I can attend :)
00:58 Claudia_ walterbender: the tickets are so expensive...  we need to max the impact
00:58 walterbender: YAY
00:58 kaametza walterbender, Claudia_ gonzalo_ it would be nice to have funds available for all the community to make events :D
00:58 walterbender Claudia_, let's finalize this over the next couple of days
00:58 we need to wrap up this evening.
00:59 cristian99garcia sorry, but i must go to bed because tomorrow i go to school very early
00:59 bye bye
00:59 walterbender where do we stand?
00:59 Claudia_ kaametza: agree
00:59 walterbender we cannot make a final decision w/o knowing the finances
00:59 cristian99garcia has quit IRC
01:00 ignacio so, if we have finances, sugarlabs help?
01:00 walterbender notes the beautiful moon tongiht
01:00 gonzalo_ ignacio, i am still not convinced
01:00 kaametza walterbender, did you knew Chía means Moon?
01:00 ignacio doesn't see the moon.. like few weeks (Too night herE)
01:00 karen sorry walterbender: I just noticed what you said above about the trip advisor grant
01:01 walterbender gonzalo_, how about this: let's ask Aura et al. to come up with a list of whom she really expect to be there.
01:01 karen I took a look at that agreement, and it looks to me like the use is general, so the amount would be treated somewhat fungibly
01:01 walterbender I think it could be worthwhile if it is a good group
01:01 karen I did notice that they wanted periodic reports - did we send them?
01:01 kaametza gonzalo_, Chía was the settelment of the Muiscas, Origuinal Indigenous people
01:02 walterbender karen, the contract may make the $ fungible, but in my opinion it is specific to the proposal
01:02 kaametza gonzalo_, we have one girl learning to program from the "resguardo" for your consideration
01:02 karen walterbender, but I'm pretty sure that because the use was so broad we're not tracking the amount as restricted (as it's technically not really other than for sugar)
01:03 ignacio remember: We only have 1 month for take decisions
01:03 karen I see walterbender you can think of it however you like :)
01:03 walterbender, a budget will make all of this easier anyway, so I'll just wait until we talk later :)
01:03 gonzalo_ kaametza, i think the initiative is great, is just a balance between the resources and the effect that resources can have
01:03 walterbender ignacio, I will try to settle the financial side of things this week
01:04 ignacio walterbender, thanks
01:04 walterbender and make a case to SLOBs for a vote by email
01:04 aguirrea has quit IRC
01:04 walterbender so we can know one way or another
01:04 kaametza karen if you mean budget for the travelling is US$4,000
01:04 karen ignacio, walterbender I'll do my best to push the financial stuff a bit. It's a tricky time for us
01:04 walterbender ignacio, you won't get in trouble for missing more school?
01:05 karen, I just need rough numbers
01:05 ignacio walterbender, no :)
01:05 karen can't wait until conservancy can hire an administrator/bookkeeper type
01:05 walterbender ignacio, I suppose you may like Bogata better than San Francisco :P
01:05 ignacio walterbender, San Francisco is too big.. I didnt like it really
01:06 and no spanish at sf..
01:06 walterbender karen, I burned through 3 finance people for SL
01:06 kaametza walterbender, Sonia, Ignacio's mother already gave him permition to come
01:06 walterbender none of them ended up helping at all :(
01:06 karen that sucks walterbender
01:06 it's the hardest thing
01:06 kaametza walterbender, I still remeber ypu turned off my offer to give a hand with the finances :D
01:06 walterbender well... I am not sure we can make any more progress on this tongiht
01:07 ignacio walterbender, Just looking at CES page
01:07 walterbender, vacations of july: 30 june to 12 of july
01:07 gonzalo_ walterbender, but we can't wait a month to take a decision
01:07 kaametza *turned down
01:08 ignacio so its ok for school
01:08 kaametza kaametza, walterbender any clue if there sould be more or less than the requested budget?
01:08 walterbender gonzalo_, we need to decide ASAP... by email
01:08 kaametza, we have other things pending as well... like the youth summit in .UY
01:09 Claudia_ I think we need more people writing grants
01:09 walterbender so it is not just a matter of 4K
01:09 ignacio kaametza, maybe we need to ask for Funding to Plan Ceibal..
01:09 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> We can converse of the summit in the next meeting.
01:09 walterbender is going after another google program with bernie (for a local program in the Boston area)
01:09 Claudia_ any info about possible sources, I am hapoy to help with proposals
01:09 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> Perhaps we have new data...
01:10 aaguirre has quit IRC
01:10 kaametza walterbender, don't understand why plan a youth summit in .UY when there is already an eduJAM
01:10 walterbender in summary... I will work with SFC to get some numbers and I will work with Aura to get a better understanding of the scope and then I will send out a note to SLOBs
01:11 #ACTION ^^
01:11 anything else for tonight?
01:11 CanoeBerry Thanks all for advancing the several financial issues so all decisionmaking can be more clear.
01:11 kaametza Colombia in the other hand is in great need of intenational collaboration
01:12 icarito ^  +1
01:12 Aura #action!
01:12 walterbender let's adjourn then... thanks all for participating
01:13 ignacio thanks, good night :)
01:13 walterbender Aura, let's plan to talk tomorrow
01:13 karen thanks! it was really fun to be here :)
01:13 gonzalo_ bye all
01:13 Claudia_ thank you
01:13 karen goes to eat dinner
01:13 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> Goodbye!
01:13 walterbender Claudia_, before we go... when will the next chat be? this week or next?
01:13 Claudia_ karen, great meeting you
01:13 karen likewise Claudia_!
01:13 Claudia_ walterbender: I was hoping to talk about that
01:13 kaametza karen, walterbender we will be looking forward to hearing from you!
01:13 Claudia_ can we connect tomorrow morning
01:14 Aura walterbender: better the wenesday in the afternoon
01:14 walterbender Claudia_, OK. I am free all day
01:14 kaametza thanks all and again everyone is invited!
01:14 walterbender Aura, wednesday works for me before 3 and after 5
01:14 Aura after 5
01:15 walterbender JMGarcia, when is a good time for you, Claudia_ and me to talk?
01:15 ignacio want to countdown for end the meeting :P
01:15 walterbender Aura, OK.
01:15 Aura see you, Thanks to all!
01:15 walterbender 5
01:15 ignacio 4
01:15 gonzalo_ 3
01:15 Claudia_ 2
01:15 kaametza 1
01:15 ignacio well.
01:15 meeting <J_M_Garcia-es> Morning or the Wednesday...
01:15 walterbender #end_meeting
01:16 kaametza :D
01:16 walterbender JMGarcia, tomorrow morning works for me. Claudia_ ?
01:16 Aura has quit IRC
01:16 ignacio walterbender, is #end_meeting the command?
01:16 its.. #endmeeting
01:16 walterbender maybe the meeting bot is down?
01:16 #endmeeting
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01:16 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]14-06-03T00:07:02
01:16 ignacio :)
01:17 Quozl` .
01:17 walterbender I thought it was both
01:17 it used to be both
01:17 or maybe I am just old and forgetful
01:17 ignacio haha
01:17 aguirrea <aguirrea!b31c6445@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
01:17 walterbender laugh now, but some day you'll be old too :)
01:17 outofindia Walter Thanks. Bye.
01:18 ignacio yeah :P
01:18 walterbender outofindia, bye... talk to you soon
01:18 ignacio good night :)
01:18 walterbender good night all (todos)
01:18 Claudia_ good night
01:18 walterbender damn, my Spanish is getting better :)
01:18 outofindia has quit IRC
01:18 meeting * J_M_Garcia has quit (Quit: Page closed)
01:19 ignacio you forget the "a"
01:19 gonzalo_ has quit IRC
01:19 ignacio good night a todos :P
01:20 icarito buenos nachos a todos :-)
01:20 ignacio :P
01:20 kaametza icarito, no confundas a walterbender jajajaja
01:20 buenas noches y un abrazo a todos desde Colombia
01:21 walterbender ignacio, I don't want to be confused with a native speaker :)
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