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#sugar-meeting, 2014-05-31

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21:00 lionaneesh walterbender: Sorry
21:01 was busy all day.
21:01 walterbender: here?
21:02 walterbender: So for this week, I made a palette for the MusicKeyboard activity.
21:02 Its semi working.
21:02 https://github.com/lionaneesh/[…]keyboard-activity
21:02 You can have a look at some commits there. I need to rebase them though. ^
21:03 I am in constant contact with the mentor and am making progress through it.
21:03 We might need some svg icons instead of png ones for the instruments.
21:05 So that's one blocker. Another one is that I was unable to get the piano size to fit the screen. It seems trivial to fix and am looking at code to do that ASAP.
21:09 The palette should be done in a few days and we should be moving on to the recording.
21:09 BTW have Gonzalo had a chance to discuss the updated goals list with you?
21:11 walterbender: ^ let me know when you have read this.
21:11 Thanks! and sorry for skipping the meeting, I'll make sure I am in the next one.
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