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#sugar-meeting, 2014-05-30

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11:00 hobana.freenode.net [freenode-info] if you're at a conference and other people are having trouble connecting, please mention it to staff: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#gettinghelp
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18:02 walterbender hi all
18:02 puneet_kaur hi
18:03 walterbender puneet_kaur, thanks for taking the lead on the blogging
18:03 puneet_kaur :-)
18:03 prasoon2211_ hello
18:04 gp94 hi
18:04 curiousguy13 hello everyone!
18:04 martian_ hi
18:04 walterbender hi all
18:04 shall we get started?
18:04 native93 hi !
18:05 walterbender I appreciate that many of you are beginning to blog about your work
18:06 I know there has been some delay in getting your blogs into the planet
18:06 bernie, ^^
18:07 puneet_kaur what's svs nickname ?
18:07 on ir
18:07 irc
18:09 walterbender trying to remember
18:10 prasoon2211_ I'd also like to know Paul Cotton IRC nick. And his email address too. He hasn't contacted me yet; I've done some work and would like to ask him a few things.
18:10 *Cotton's
18:11 walterbender puneet_kaur, scs? sebastian from .py?
18:11 puneet_kaur yes
18:11 sorry for the mistake
18:12 scs@sugarlabs.org email might go in his spam folder
18:12 suraj told me
18:12 walterbender prasoon2211_, paul is not on irc all that often, but very responsive on email
18:13 puneet_kaur, I'll find his paraguay educa email for you
18:13 prasoon2211_ walterbender: Oh nice. So, may I have his email?
18:13 puneet_kaur ok :-)
18:13 thanks
18:13 walterbender puneet_kaur, try scs AT paraguayeduca.org
18:14 puneet_kaur okay sure
18:14 walterbender prasoon2211_, try paul AT laptop.org.au
18:14 prasoon2211_ oh, okay. Thanks!
18:15 walterbender gp94, no word from dnarvaez?
18:15 gp94 walterbender: no, haven't had any contact till now...
18:16 walterbender gp94, I'll keep trying to reach him as well... he had given me a heads up he was going to have a busy spell
18:16 is anyone else having trouble reaching their mentors?
18:16 gp94 walterbender: yes, he too told me that he would be busy and won't be able to give much time...
18:17 till now, things are okay, one major task ahead, after which things will become easier..
18:17 walterbender gp94, keep sending updates to sugar-devel and hopefully you'll get some community feedback as well
18:17 gp94, seems you are off to a good start
18:17 maybe you can brief the group?
18:18 gp94 yes..
18:18 till now i have written tests for log, hello world and calc
18:18 currently working on terminal
18:18 one issue in testing to be handled is how to input text into the UI elements
18:19 so that input could be given in form of text
18:19 will be needed for write and pippy
18:19 walterbender tries to think of an example from the system tests
18:20 gp94 ^for pippy a sample test will be to input a simple hello world python code and then check the output of it
18:23 walterbender gp94, maybe ask on the devel list
18:24 lionaneesh, are you here?
18:24 gp94 walterbender: ok will send a mail to devel by tommorow..
18:24 walterbender ok
18:25 gp94 the tests for log were simple ones, testing the various buttons on the toolbars and opening the different log files present in the log activity and then closing the activity...
18:25 haven't been able to figure out any unit tests for log and terminal...
18:26 walterbender and helloworld?
18:26 gp94 for hello world, there was only one unit test, to check if the label in the activity is "Hello World!"
18:27 sorry UI test*
18:29 walterbender gp94, thanks for the update
18:29 anyone else who missed last week want to tell us what they have been doing?
18:29 gp94 walterbender: sure :)
18:30 prasoon2211_ Well, I missed the meeting last week. However, most I've done is on the blog
18:30 sugargsoc.wordpress.com
18:30 walterbender prasoon2211_, a nice report... but maybe a quick summary here?
18:30 prasoon2211_ Okay
18:31 So, for those who don't know, I'm working on Social help for sugar
18:31 basically, we'd like to integrate the discourse discussion platform with sugar
18:31 so that context based forum discussions can be opened with a shorcut
18:32 Right now, I've set up the discourse platform locally (and it was quite a pain to do it)
18:32 And, I've made a social-help activity from the browser
18:32 (this was discussed in the list before - we're not relying on the default browser)
18:33 Also, now a user can launch the social-help activity using a shortcut
18:33 and the activity opens to that particular category on the forum
18:33 walterbender lot of progress
18:34 prasoon2211_ this part requires a map (a python dict) from the unique activity ids to a category
18:34 curiousguy13_ <curiousguy13_!~chatzilla@> has joined #sugar-meeting
18:34 prasoon2211_ so, org.laptop.Terminal maps to terminal and so forth
18:35 anyway, the next thing on my list is to integrate the account creationg with discourse with sugar sheel
18:35 *shell
18:35 I've been digging through the gtk WebKit docs
18:35 which are somewhat scant
18:35 walterbender prasoon2211_, tch may be of some help there
18:36 prasoon2211_ anyway, once I get that done, I'll work in the styling
18:36 hmm okay
18:36 I'll ask him
18:36 walterbender prasoon2211_, paul will have lots to say about UI and "styling"
18:36 prasoon2211_ That's it for now, I guess
18:36 yes, of course
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18:36 curiousguy13_ is now known as curiousguy13
18:36 walterbender thanks for the update
18:37 curiousguy13, while we have you... wanna give us an update?
18:37 curiousguy13 walterbender: sure
18:38 so , i already made a blog about what i am doing , i can be found here: kunalarora135@blogspot.com
18:38 the strategy for porting sugar to python3 was discussed in the mailing list earlier
18:39 i haven't been able to do much in the last 10 days due to my exams
18:39 but now i'm free finally
18:39 walterbender curiousguy13, hope they have gone well
18:39 :)
18:39 curiousguy13 walterbender: yeah they were fine
18:40 walterbender is glad he doesn't have exams
18:40 rparra <rparra!~rparra@> has joined #sugar-meeting
18:40 curiousguy13 so today i updated sugar and started looking at the sugar-build code and gonna start porting it to python3
18:41 walterbender keep us in the loop on sugar-devel
18:41 curiousguy13 then i'll write tests for sugar-build and move on to porting sugar-toolkit to python 2/3 compatible code as discussed in the mailing list
18:41 sure
18:41 i also sent a blog syndication request a while ago today
18:42 bernie walterbender: looks like our only remaining planetmaster is MIA...
18:42 walterbender curiousguy13, we have a backlog there...
18:42 bernie, yeah...
18:42 bernie walterbender: i'll process the pending requests during the week-end and look for a new planetmaster
18:42 walterbender bernie, we need to recruit more systems folks
18:42 seems the FSF is struggling in that regard too :P
18:42 bernie walterbender: yeah. i lost a couple of them lately
18:42 walterbender they keep going to Nepal :)
18:43 bernie walterbender: luke moved to the west coast and he was the only one with access to the server room
18:43 walterbender: haha
18:43 walterbender: and rgs has no longer the time after getting married
18:44 walterbender what did he do that for? :)
18:44 bernie walterbender: fool!
18:44 walterbender anyone else want to give a quick update?
18:44 puneet_kaur yup
18:44 bernie walterbender: ah, btw: are you going to the bike-a-thon next week?
18:44 walterbender: it's organized by Bikes Not Bombs
18:45 walterbender puneet_kaur, please go ahead
18:45 puneet_kaur ok
18:45 walterbender bernie, maybe we should ride the buddy bike?
18:45 bernie, when/where?
18:45 puneet_kaur so we had some issues in the way of defining sugar and cordova js files
18:45 need to convert sugar web format to cordova one
18:45 writing code in nodejs for that
18:45 for written some piece
18:46 but need to make it generic
18:46 also we are trying
18:46 if we can work commands like
18:46 bernie walterbender: they start from Jamaica Plain, June 8th
18:46 puneet_kaur cordova platform add sugar
18:46 and
18:46 bernie walterbender: https://bikesnotbombs.org/civi[…]er?reset=1&id=339
18:46 puneet_kaur cordova build sugar
18:46 bernie ok sorry for the OT
18:46 puneet_kaur we need cordova guys also for ths
18:46 cjl has quit IRC
18:47 puneet_kaur I was on cordova irc today
18:47 and steve gill responded
18:47 have written him a mail
18:47 and am trying if more people can come in
18:47 also
18:47 task for this week is to look into the features
18:48 of cordova
18:48 which can be ported easily to sugar
18:48 yup thats it ..
18:48 walterbender, ^
18:48 walterbender thanks
18:49 martian_, a quick update?
18:49 martian_ walterbender, sure
18:49 tch has quit IRC
18:49 martian_ first off, i too set up my blog
18:50 anubhavjaiswal.wordpress.com
18:50 after discussion on design last week
18:50 we had agreed to write a simple package for 3d->2d transform
18:50 i wrote a sample program to test it
18:51 walterbender is happy with this direction
18:51 martian_ https://github.com/Anubhav-J/cairo3D
18:51 renders a rotating cube on a cairo context
18:52 walterbender martian_, any progress on the set_xyz block?
18:52 martian_ walterbender, i am working on it
18:52 good time to ask
18:52 it requires svg images for palette blocks
18:52 walterbender martian_, those will get made for you automatically
18:53 if you assign a preexisiting block-style
18:53 I don't think you need any new ones (yet)
18:53 martian_ walterbender, cool, I didn't know that
18:53 which part does that?
18:54 walterbender in the add_block code, you assign block style (/me looks for the exact syntax)
18:55 style='basic-style-3arg',
18:55 for a 3-argument block
18:56 martian_ walterbender, yes, i saw that for fillcolor
18:56 i am working on it
18:56 should be done by the weekend
18:56 I'll keep you updated
18:56 walterbender martian_, you need a mashup of the fillcolor block and the set_xy block
18:57 martian_, OK... looking forward to playing with it
18:57 native93, what have you been doing?
18:57 martian_ walterbender, :)
18:57 native93 walterbender: a quick summary ...
18:58 This week the layout of the chat interface was designed  ..
18:58 got some sketches too
18:59 and currently coding the telepathy interfaces ..
19:00 and I am too writing a blog on it ..
19:00 :)
19:01 walterbender thanks
19:01 native93 and will put those sketches on the blog .. I did sent you one ...
19:01 walterbender native93, yes. I saw...
19:01 native93 walterbender, did you see the problem with roundbox appearance ?
19:01 walterbender but not sure everyone else did
19:01 yes... the box for the background did not appear
19:01 native93 hmm .. will post a blog in an hour or so :)
19:02 walterbender I haven't had a chance to look at the code yet
19:02 I've been busy this week working on some Sugar 102 bugs/enhancements
19:02 and a couple of Turtle Art issues too :)
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19:02 walterbender coming up for air soon
19:03 rparra, quick update?
19:03 native93 sounds nice :)
19:03 I will try to finish by weekend the basic version of it ..
19:03 and we will improve upon it ..
19:04 walterbender native93, and I will try to look through your code this weekend as well
19:04 rparra walterbender sure, have you read my blogpost?
19:04 walterbender yes
19:04 and saw samdroid's email
19:04 native93 walterbender, thanks :)
19:05 walterbender but a quick update for the group please
19:05 rparra Great! As sam said, I'll probably go with a single gstreamer pipeline and publish results with D-Bus
19:06 walterbender make a lot of sense
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19:06 rparra I have the results of comparing both approaches in terms of time and memory, and centralized approach makes more sense
19:07 walterbender someone asked me this morning (I was at a school) about using voice in Turtle Art :)
19:07 rparra I have also coded a proof of concept way for activities to register listeners to a python regex that's already working
19:08 walterbender looking forward to this
19:08 rparra great to hear that! Turtle Art is one of the Activities we are considering to test Sugar Listens
19:09 as for the method names, any suggestions? we chose listen_to and listen to avoid name clashing with GTK, and because it made sense in terms of voice commands
19:09 walterbender martian_ can help add a those blocks to Turtle
19:09 rparra This week's post will include the results and the link to the github repo already
19:10 walterbender coffee is ready... back in one minute
19:12 back... coffee in hand :)
19:12 did we leave anyone out from updates?
19:12 lionaneesh sees to be missing
19:13 also need to hear from Jade
19:14 thanks everyone for the updates
19:14 please keep in communication through out the week and don't be shy about asking questions
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19:43 MrSteve @walterbender - Hi Walter, apologies got busy at work
19:44 walterbender MrSteve, more important that Jade be here...
19:44 but mostly just wanted to make sure things are on track
19:46 MrSteve Understood, I will communicate that to Jade that she needs to be here next Friday @2pm
19:46 walterbender MrSteve, maybe you can encourage here to blog about her work too?
19:46 would be good
19:47 MrSteve We are on track and yes she is going to create a blog and how to video's as well
19:48 walterbender nice
19:49 MrSteve She has an idea to create a arduino board we can use that will cost about $2-4 in qty 1000
19:50 She talked to some of the engineering students in the Fab lab at her school and they believe they can make an Arduino Micro for around that price point
19:51 She also has plans to test out her "How to Hack a stuffed Animal" with some groups and I plan on testing it with a group of Kids near me
19:52 FYI, I may not always be able to make the 2pm Friday IRC chats as my Day job keeps me rather busy, but I will communicate to Jade that she should be here and share her ideas and get input
19:52 Ciao
19:55 walterbender CU MrSteve
19:56 MrSteve, the 2pm meeting is for the students... mentors when they have time
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