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#sugar-meeting, 2014-05-20

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18:44 gonzalo__ sorry lionaneesh, are you here?
18:45 lionaneesh gonzalo__: yeah here.
18:45 gonzalo__: you free for a moment?
18:45 gonzalo__ yes
18:45 tell me
18:46 lionaneesh gonzalo__: so we had come to conclude that I'd do the enhancements on the simple piano project.
18:46 gonzalo__ lionaneesh, ok, we need agree in what will be the tasks to do
18:46 lionaneesh gonzalo__: okay.
18:48 gonzalo__ i think recording is very important, in two formats: as a sequence of notes, to be able to "play" again with the activity and show the keys presssed, and in audio format to share
18:49 also, add the rythms feature from tamtammini should be easy
18:49 and change the ui to select the instrument... is a piece of cake :)
18:51 lionaneesh, could you play with MusicKeyboard ?
18:51 lionaneesh gonzalo__: I can't get the activity to play anything
18:51 but yeah
18:51 the code seems a bit complex
18:51 gonzalo__ but the activity starts now?
18:52 lionaneesh gonzalo__: yeah it does
18:52 it doesn't play though
18:52 gonzalo__ ok
18:52 lionaneesh because of the 32 bit only APIS i guess/
18:52 *ELFS
18:52 gonzalo__ i am not sure if is that
18:52 lionaneesh Going though the logs
18:52 it does discard some libraries
18:53 gonzalo__ yeah, but that is because we ship with diferent binaries for different processors
18:55 at the end should say "use /home/gonzalo/sugar-build/activities/MusicKeybo​ard.activity/ttcommon/Util/Clooper/linux64_519 blobs"
18:55 lionaneesh gonzalo__: yeah it does say that.
18:55 gonzalo__ ok, then found a blob for your arch
18:56 the error I see is:
18:56 1400612142.274742 DEBUG root: ['0_7']
18:56 insert_score_event(): invalid instrument number or name
18:56 every time I press a key
18:56 lionaneesh Let me paste in my log file
18:56 Oh btw.
18:56 How do we enable debug messages?
18:56 Sorry for asking a very silly question.
18:58 gonzalo__ no silly :)
18:58 look in ttcommon/Config.py line 32
18:58 you need set a environment variable "TAMTAM_DEBUG"
19:00 lionaneesh I get it
19:00 Okay so yeah
19:00 I get the same error
19:00 This seems a very system architecture in dependent issue
19:00 but yeah. I'll test it on XO4 tomorrow.
19:00 I have it at my home.
19:00 I'll have my mom ship it here.
19:01 gonzalo__ great :)
19:01 lionaneesh It does work on XO4
19:01 gonzalo__ yes!
19:02 lionaneesh Awesome that will make things simpler and more fun :)
19:05 gonzalo__ yes
19:07 lionaneesh, do you agree with the tasks i propose?
19:08 lionaneesh Yeah I agree
19:08 I'd need some help though
19:08 especially with recording "as a sequence of notes"
19:08 do we need to print the notes?
19:08 gonzalo__ no
19:09 is ok if you save the note as a number or similar. the point is the possibility of open again that "recording" and play it in the activity, and show the keys pressed
19:10 in the practice, you need save every key_press and key_release, with the time
19:10 is clear what I am saying?
19:10 lionaneesh Oh okay
19:10 got it
19:13 gonzalo__ the other issue is how record or generate a audio file. I don't have idea about how do it :)
19:20 lionaneesh, do you have any question?
19:20 lionaneesh gonzalo__: I was reading upon how to generate a audio file from csound
19:20 well okay.
19:20 we'll figure it out :)
19:20 we have time :)
19:21 gonzalo__ lionaneesh, can you prepare a page in the wiki with this info?
19:21 lionaneesh Yes sir.
19:21 And I'll update my project on Melange as well.
19:21 gonzalo__ lionaneesh, would be good if you prepare a schedule with your estimations
19:22 lionaneesh gonzalo__: okay cool.
19:22 gonzalo__ lionaneesh, perfect
19:22 lionaneesh gonzalo__: give me 25 hours to re-write the schedule and melange report
19:22 gonzalo__ lionaneesh, i am almost always connect, ping me when you want or send me a mail
19:22 lionaneesh gonzalo__: okay thanks a lot.
19:24 satellit_ is now known as satellit
19:25 gonzalo__ see you lionaneesh
19:25 lionaneesh see you man.
19:25 :)
19:25 bye!
19:25 gonzalo__ enjoy your xo-4!
19:25 lionaneesh Have a nice day/night ahead :)
19:25 Yeah thanks gonzalo__
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19:52 walterbender <walterbender!~walter@146-115-134-246.c3-0.nwt-ubr​1.sbo-nwt.ma.cable.rcn.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
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