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#sugar-meeting, 2014-05-16

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17:39 gp94 <gp94!uid25529@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-dyphlbvqryvbtojr> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:46 walterbender is everyone ready to begin GSoC next week?
17:46 puneet_kaur yup :-)
17:47 have discussed with Lionel how to go about
17:48 and have started some initial work
17:50 martian_ walterbender, hi
17:50 walterbender martian_, how are you?
17:50 martian_ walterbender, im great
17:50 saw your pics of kathmandu
17:51 you had a great time?
17:51 walterbender it was great... but I caught some bug on the way back home... I am under the weather
17:52 martian_ walterbender, well i needed to discuss a few things
17:52 walterbender ok
17:55 martian_ i spent the the week trying to find how to render an opengl scene into a gtk window
17:56 it is simpler to create independent opengl programs
17:56 but to embed it into a gtk window isnt that easy
17:56 walterbender martian_, we'll have to figure that out
17:56 martian_ i have came across this library which can help us
17:57 https://projects.gnome.org/gtkglext/
17:57 this does the underlying work needed to embed the scene into gtk
17:58 walterbender looks like exactly what we need
17:58 martian_ and provides an API we can directly use for our purpose
17:58 walterbender will have to read it in detail
17:58 martian_ luckily it has python bindings
17:59 here: https://github.com/GNOME/pygtkglext
17:59 walterbender nice
17:59 gtk2 or gtk3?
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18:00 gp94 hello :) sorry I couldn't attend the previous meetings, was travelling to home...
18:01 for the project i have talked to daniel
18:01 martian_ walterbender, well the requirements say gtk2
18:01 should have no problem with gtk3
18:01 walterbender martian_, we may as well make Turtle 3D be gtk3
18:01 will make your life easier
18:01 I can help with the conversion
18:02 just some plugins won't work but they are not important for Turtle 3D
18:02 martian_, this looks really old
18:03 2004
18:03 maybe we need to keep looking
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18:05 rparra <rparra!~rparra@> has joined #sugar-meeting
18:06 walterbender martian_, maybe ask on the gnome irc channel?
18:06 martian_ walterbender, yes, hasnt been maintained
18:06 walterbender martian_, we don't want to maintain something so old
18:07 there must be a better way
18:07 native93 hi walter
18:08 walterbender martian_,  irc.gnome.org
18:08 #gnome
18:08 hi native93
18:08 martian_, see what you can find out
18:09 martian_ walterbender, I will ask around and drop a mail on list
18:09 walterbender martian_, +1
18:09 native93 walterbender,  will begin the coding of UI ..
18:10 I had a discussion with dnarvaez too
18:11 I will add a toggle button .. in the frame  .. sugar/src/jarabe/frame/
18:11 walterbender what is the toggle button for?
18:11 curiousguy13 hey everyone!
18:11 walterbender hi curiousguy13
18:11 native93 for turning the board on or off
18:11 for an activity ..
18:13 puneet_kaur <puneet_kaur!~puneet_ka@> has joined #sugar-meeting
18:13 native93 I had a discussion with you regarding this .. you said to begin with sugar-toolkit-gtk3 for designing an UI ...
18:15 walterbender native93, I think we could add a menu item to the activities on the frame, perhaps?
18:15 we need some sketches
18:15 curiousguy13 walterbender: hey, after the mailing list discussions, the strategy for porting seems clear but i won't actually be able to start as my final exams start this monday.
18:15 walterbender curiousguy13, how long are your exams?
18:16 curiousguy13 walterbender: till 29th :/
18:16 native93 walterbender, in the toolbar ?
18:16 walterbender native93, yes... each activity has a presence on the toolbar
18:16 with a menu palette
18:16 curiousguy13 walterbender: but no need to worry, i plan to complete the project much before the deadlines
18:17 walterbender curiousguy13, OK
18:17 curiousguy13 walterbender: thanks for understanding :)
18:18 walterbender native93, since the overlay is activity specific, it seems to make sense to add it to the activity palette
18:18 native93 then probably we need more sketches
18:18 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]ulletin-board.jpg
18:19 in this sketch .. the toggle button seems to be on the panel ..
18:20 walterbender native93, on the old OLPC XO, there was a keyboard key dedicated to this
18:20 I suppose we can try it and move it if we don't like it
18:21 but frame space can be tight on small displays
18:21 puneet_kaur walterbender, my project would be hardware centric as it proceeds , initially developing the basic layer but need to test a few hardware features too, but I fear I dont have an xo here..
18:22 native93 yeah .. there is a problem with frame space .
18:22 walterbender puneet_kaur, hmm. well, it should work on any netbook
18:22 not just the XO
18:22 native93 and if there's a dedicated key for it .. then it's nice !
18:22 puneet_kaur accelerometer not working on my laptop
18:23 so what to do ?
18:23 walterbender puneet_kaur, we may need to help you with testing of some of the hardware
18:23 puneet_kaur ok
18:23 walterbender but your general framework should be OK on any hardware
18:23 puneet_kaur ok
18:24 native93 walterbender, and since it is activity specific
18:25 so it will have to be included in each activity .. so which activity should I start this testing on ..
18:26 and also .. then I have to design the rectangular panel . and it would be different from the sketch given ..
18:26 walterbender native93, you should not have to write any activity-specific code... should be in the toolkit
18:26 native93, but maybe start with Paint as an example
18:27 gp94 walterbender: hey :) I have written the test for hello-world (need to be pushed to g.sl.o, having some ssh/proxy issues,will resolve them asap and make a pr) , the ones for calculate were already written in GCI....currently working on finding the possible tests for terminal, log and imageviewer...have the basic ones ( testing the toolbar and buttons in the
18:27 acitivity) to be written for the latter but haven't had any elaborate ones for them, will discuss about it with daniel and work accordingly...
18:27 walterbender gp94, +1
18:28 native93 walterbender, hmm . probably we can improve on it once a basic layout of the panel is complete  ..
18:29 walterbender native93, yes
18:29 native93, let's get something working that we can react to
18:30 native93 walterbender, hmm .. ready to start next week :)
18:31 walterbender looking forward to it
18:33 martian_ walterbender, just curious
18:33 walterbender ...
18:33 martian_ what issues would we face if we use gtkglext
18:34 walterbender martian_, well, old gtk2 libraries... not maintainable in the long run
18:34 I need to finish the port to GTK3
18:34 just need to finish up some gstreamer stuff
18:34 we really cannot be carrying libraries from 8-10 years ago
18:36 martian_ walterbender, i agree
18:38 walterbender martian_, but if it is a way to get started, we could try it... but ask on the gnome channel... someone should know
18:39 martian_ walterbender, im looking everywhere :)
18:39 tch <tch!~tch@> has joined #sugar-meeting
18:39 martian_ I have found something
18:39 walterbender, take a look: http://faq.pygtk.org/index.py?[…]ile=faq19.011.htp
18:41 walterbender 2012
18:41 seems more contemporary
18:41 maybe contact the author
18:43 martian_ seems right
18:44 here's something else that may be useful
18:45 walterbender, http://modarnis.com/Articles/gtk_gl_python.html
18:45 though uses gtkgl
18:49 walterbender yes... gtk2
18:49 better than nothing
18:58 martian_ walterbender, well their list is active
18:59 walterbender having trouble building pygtkgl
18:59 have you built it?
19:00 martian_ walterbender, yes
19:00 i installed from yum repo
19:00 actually
19:01 walterbender, https://www.mail-archive.com/g[…]org/msg00940.html
19:01 rparra hello everyone!
19:02 walterbender martian_, encouraging
19:02 rparra, hi
19:02 did you meet with tch ?
19:03 rparra yes, I have. In fact we have another meeting scheduled in a couple of hours :)
19:06 walterbender rparra, give him my regards
19:08 rparra walterbender, I'll do it for sure
19:14 walterbender heads back to bed
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