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#sugar-meeting, 2014-04-29

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12:36 walterbender hey SeanDaly
12:38 SeanDaly hi walterbender!
12:39 walterbender SeanDaly, sorry I was not able to come to Sugar Camp in Paris this year
12:39 a perfect storm of conflicts
12:39 SeanDaly hope you've recovered from redeye vidconf... everyone appreciated how you tumbled out of bed for us :D :D
12:41 walterbender I am embarrassed that I overslept... unusual for me
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14:11 puneet_kaur <puneet_kaur!~puneet_ka@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:03 puneet_kaur Hey SeanDaly
15:04 samsongoddy isnt here
15:04 and ignacio is also away
15:05 I am sorry couldn't be at time .. had an appointment with doctor
15:06 SeanDaly hi puneet
15:06 puneet_kaur hey
15:06 SeanDaly, we can diiscuss but I wont be able to manage the page till september
15:06 busy with the project stuff :P
15:07 SeanDaly i had a mail from Samson 3 days ago i think he meant could be here next Tues not today
15:07 puneet_kaur oh okay
15:07 not a problem
15:07 samson had interest in managiing the page
15:07 SeanDaly i usually send a confirmation to the marketing list prior to a meeting
15:08 puneet_kaur oh okay
15:08 I didnt know that
15:08 SeanDaly yes i understood samson is motivated :D that's great
15:08 puneet_kaur hehe :D
15:08 SeanDaly social media has been a weak point for us
15:08 puneet_kaur really ?
15:08 :o
15:09 SeanDaly i handle press relations and press releases but i can't be everywhere
15:09 puneet_kaur oh okay
15:09 SeanDaly see http://www.sugarlabs.org/press
15:09 puneet_kaur seeing ..
15:10 is that all the news from 2008 - 2014 ?
15:10 I guess there must b more to it
15:11 SeanDaly those are the press releases... very different from social media
15:11 puneet_kaur oh okay
15:12 SeanDaly the most consistent news for the community comes from walterbender's Sugar Digests
15:12 puneet_kaur yes ..
15:12 right
15:12 have read that ;-)
15:12 :D
15:12 planet.sugarlabs.org too
15:12 SeanDaly PR is designed to obtain press coverage and reassure partners we are alive & kicking
15:13 puneet_kaur :D
15:13 SeanDaly yes the planet is good but is confusing for people who don't understand what a planet is
15:13 puneet_kaur oh okay ..
15:14 SeanDaly fb & twitter will be very useful for us in the community sense, but will also play a key role in PR
15:15 I think the best thing is for me to announce a meeting next week same time we can sort out who is ready to do what and how to stay on the same page wrt SL message
15:15 puneet_kaur yes
15:15 u r right
15:16 SeanDaly i myself am a casual user of fb because their privacy is awful
15:16 puneet_kaur u must announce the meeting and call for interested volunteers willing to do the job
15:16 oh :(
15:16 but its great for advertising
15:16 :P
15:16 :D
15:16 SeanDaly yes or more like ask the existing volunteers to pass the torch :)
15:17 puneet_kaur yes right :-)
15:17 correct ..
15:17 :-)
15:17 SeanDaly in fact fb is weak for advertising - the Fedora marketing list discussed this in some depth a month ago
15:17 puneet_kaur oh didnt know .. sorry
15:18 SeanDaly the advantages of fb are: cheap, 800MM+ members
15:18 puneet_kaur :D :D
15:18 SeanDaly as marketing budget is nonexistent (except for PR budget voted by Oversight Board), cheap is good
15:18 puneet_kaur yes .. right ..
15:19 SeanDaly the advantage of twitter is, used by all journalists... which is why we have to be careful what we put out
15:19 puneet_kaur ya ..
15:20 SeanDaly although there a millions of facebook users, it's like the web - you can have a page, the challenge is getting people interested in visiting it
15:20 puneet_kaur we can send invites ..
15:21 SeanDaly invites to millions of teachers?
15:21 puneet_kaur no all possible ones
15:22 there must be a way round for that too
15:22 I suppose
15:22 sendiing bulk invites
15:22 SeanDaly we won't have any difficulty getting community members who are also on fb to like us
15:22 puneet_kaur yes right
15:22 and so they can share the posts
15:22 which is there on the page
15:22 and thats the way it works
15:22 and spreads
15:23 SeanDaly that may be useful for recruiting community members, however for reaching teachers or education buyers i'm not sure
15:24 fb has been tightening the filters of what is shared, and their algos are black-box
15:24 puneet_kaur at least it will create the awareness and probably when u go to a teacher / educational buyers they'll already be familiar wid it
15:25 SeanDaly i doubt it, but it can't hurt as long as the message is consistent with the general SL message
15:25 puneet_kaur yes ..
15:25 right
15:26 SeanDaly the kind of posts that will be useful will be images or videos
15:26 Gonzalo did some really cool videos on YouTube which hardly anybody has seen
15:26 puneet_kaur yup
15:27 so can share on fb
15:27 SeanDaly yes
15:27 we have a DailyMotion channel compatible with XOs, our problem has been lack of content
15:28 puneet_kaur why ?
15:29 SeanDaly need someone to make videos - in particular pedagogical aspects of Sugar, how to use in classroom
15:29 puneet_kaur oh ..
15:30 I dont really think i can b good at that .. not now for sure .. but can try later on
15:30 SeanDaly i would do it, but i am in IT and marketing/communications, not a teacher
15:30 puneet_kaur would b simple to capture a session in progress
15:30 where its being used
15:31 SeanDaly yes but where i am no classroom to go to :D
15:31 puneet_kaur u dont have to go physically everywhere urself ..
15:31 we can have different people from diff places contributing
15:32 SeanDaly members of the marketing team have repeatedly asked for such content... our community is weak at providing it
15:32 so any assistance in that way greatly appreciated
15:33 puneet_kaur why u just concentrate n marketing team .. developer will be the best marketers i suppose
15:33 because they'll be keen to sell :D :D
15:33 their product :D
15:33 their hardwork
15:33 :-)
15:33 SeanDaly developers are generally lousy marketers... not a value judgement, just a different skill set
15:33 puneet_kaur hmm ..
15:34 SeanDaly the features developers add and the features interesting to teachers not identical
15:34 puneet_kaur oh okay
15:35 SeanDaly the chief problem for a teacher wanting to try Sugar is: how do i do it
15:35 it's extremely technical
15:36 puneet_kaur can make a guide for it and hand them over
15:36 SeanDaly trivial problems for devs are frustrating for teachers
15:36 puneet_kaur and make tutorials
15:36 can make "how to" tutorials for teachers
15:36 update when neccesary
15:36 SeanDaly yes as i say need people to work on guides & tutorials
15:36 puneet_kaur first of all we can make a TO DO list
15:37 for things to be done
15:37 and follow up
15:37 :D
15:38 SeanDaly sure... in the past we made such lists, nobody to do them. Practical tasks are a great way to get things done, but there is no manual on how to reach 10MM teachers which is where marketing comes in
15:39 puneet_kaur seems a challenging job
15:39 a suggestion not to target big to reach all teachers at same time .. but bit by biit it can b done gradually
15:39 SeanDaly i have found the major challenge is explaining marketing, perceptions, memes to developers :D :D
15:40 puneet_kaur I am a developer here :D :D
15:40 SeanDaly grassroots marketing is great, but look where it has left the GNU/Linux desktop: under 2% market share
15:41 puneet_kaur hmm ...
15:41 SeanDaly yes i know /D :D
15:41 :D
15:41 puneet_kaur so what to be done ?
15:42 SeanDaly OLPC had brilliant communications strategy in 2005: announce a $100 laptop and have UN general secretary endorse
15:42 puneet_kaur then ??
15:42 what happened to it ?
15:42 sorry i idont know :((
15:42 SeanDaly that has run its course... next step is a new hardware platform for Sugar
15:43 puneet_kaur I didnt get it
15:44 why new hardware platform for sugar ? isnt olpc there for it ? :o
15:45 SeanDaly OLPC has difficulties and the past two years their PR and CES shows have concentrated on the Android tablet Marvell partnership
15:45 puneet_kaur oh ..
15:45 got it
15:46 SeanDaly For the XO-4 to stay in production there needs to be a large order... I'm not aware any are in the works but there may be
15:46 puneet_kaur oh okay
15:47 SeanDaly olpc news has been slowing... see: http://one.laptop.org/summary
15:48 puneet_kaur right
15:48 none in 2014
15:48 SeanDaly yes
15:49 puneet_kaur :-((
15:49 SeanDaly touch devices are so popular, PC industry negative past two quarters for the first time in 30 years
15:50 (unit growth)
15:50 puneet_kaur ya .. right they r ..
15:50 SeanDaly marketing list archive has some stats on that
15:50 puneet_kaur hmm  ..
15:51 will hv a look
15:51 SeanDaly Sugar the platform is better than ever so time is right for running on new hardware...
15:51 puneet_kaur where is it gonna come from ? is there any in development ??
15:52 or any thoughts / work going on in that direction ?
15:53 SeanDaly i just participated in SugarCamp 3 Paris, walterbender did keynote via video, said a hardware project is in discussions, can't say more for the moment
15:53 puneet_kaur okays ..
15:53 nice ..
15:54 SeanDaly i believe the key to our existence & development is to support the deployments, millions of Sugar users
15:54 puneet_kaur ya right
15:54 SeanDaly historically this is complex since it was OLPC that worked with deployments; Sugar upstream so to speak
15:54 puneet_kaur hmm ..
15:56 SeanDaly i need to go now sorry... will post invite for next week meeting to the lists
15:57 puneet_kaur ya sure :)
15:57 SeanDaly nice talking to you thanks
15:57 puneet_kaur same here :)
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