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#sugar-meeting, 2014-04-23

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12:28 walterbender gonzalo_, how shall we proceed?
12:28 tch walterbender, +!
12:28 s/!/1
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12:31 walterbender oops... lost gonzalo
12:32 manuq walterbender, yes, but let's go on, because his wifi is weaky
12:32 walterbender manuq, FYI, I added a new bug status the other day: Needs Design
12:32 manuq walterbender, ok
12:33 I have lots of unreads in sugar-devel
12:33 tch how do proceed?
12:33 manuq so, which trac view do we open?
12:33 walterbender gonzalo spammed us the other day
12:33 :)
12:33 tch looking
12:34 manuq maybe http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/quer[…]ar&order=priority
12:34 all tickets
12:34 walterbender tch, basically we need to go through the tickets and assign or close them
12:34 manuq 232, good!
12:34 walterbender I agree... let's start with Sugar
12:35 gonzalo_ <gonzalo_!~gonzalo@host119.181-8-32.telecom.net.ar> has joined #sugar-meeting
12:35 walterbender maybe we each take a block of tickets...
12:36 manuq here we are talking about adjusting the priorities
12:36 tch yeah, I was about about that
12:36 walterbender most have no priority set
12:36 tch how do we partition the tickets set
12:36 gonzalo_ walterbender, manuq, tch, lets agree with what we will do
12:36 can we set a default priority (normal or so) to all the tickets?
12:36 manuq in batch mode?
12:37 walterbender I think we can
12:37 tries a few
12:37 gonzalo_ this query is without enhancements:
12:38 http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/quer[…]ne&order=priority
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12:39 walterbender seems the batch modify lets us update status but not priority
12:39 manuq walterbender, ok
12:40 walterbender, gonzalo_ tch, I will lower priority of gtk3 port tickets, all agree?
12:40 walterbender tell you what... why don't I start updating the priorities of all the unspecificed tickets to Normal (and will close any bogus ones)
12:41 we can work on parallel on that
12:41 I'll start at the end of the list
12:41 gonzalo_ walterbender, ok
12:41 manuq walterbender, fine
12:41 gonzalo_ i can work on the high
12:41 and urgent
12:42 tch hmm, I need a criteria to start from..
12:43 walterbender tch, #4758 landed, right?
12:44 tch walterbender, yes, it was a oob issue not a sugar issue
12:46 walterbender tch, did we resolve #4743?
12:47 tch walterbender, gonzalo_ is one who followed that case ^
12:49 walterbender manuq, what do you think about #4723?
12:49 gonzalo_, didn't you fix #4717?
12:50 gonzalo_ reading
12:50 manuq walterbender, if confirmed, then is surely a bug, imho
12:50 tch I will start with gonzalo_ query, from the first ticket of the second page then..
12:50 gonzalo_ walterbender, 4717 fix didn't worked, need explore more
12:53 walterbender, what is the next step?
12:53 walterbender gonzalo_, in triage?
12:53 gonzalo_ yes
12:54 walterbender we need to make decisions about what we will fix vs close
12:54 that is the main goal
12:54 gonzalo_ walterbender, ok, i had closed yesterday as much i could
12:55 walterbender gonzalo_, yes... thankless work so thank you :)
12:55 so maybe we prioritize what  is left?
12:55 gonzalo_ walterbender, then we should set high priority in the tickets we think are important?
12:55 walterbender yes
12:55 and low for things we probably won't fix
12:55 gonzalo_ k, then we can filter out the enhancemets
12:56 walterbender and if something needs a design (mostly enhancements) we should set the needs design status)
12:56 tch i think we should decide on a query and then break it in groups of 10 tickets so we can distribute the workload
12:56 gonzalo_ ths is a query of all sugar without enhancements
12:56 http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/quer[…]ne&order=priority
12:56 190 tickets
12:57 walterbender closed one :)
12:57 gonzalo_ walterbender, just to be in the same page, what is the criteria to close tickets?
12:58 walterbender gonzalo_, if we think it is not a bug or we think it is already fixed or we know we won't fix it
12:58 anything other reasons?
12:59 gonzalo_ walterbender, ok, the lat part " we won't fix it" is because we can't or because we can't now?
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13:00 walterbender gonzalo_, seems to be lack of consensus on this: low priority or close
13:00 lkow priority is essentially the same
13:01 gonzalo_ walterbender, if we can't now, i think is better set low than close
13:02 walterbender, manuq, tch, we need a agreement about this, what you think?
13:04 walterbender low is OK with me
13:05 gonzalo_ ok, then we need low or high
13:06 we can see, and ask here if doubts
13:06 walterbender gonzalo_, I am setting everything to normal as a baseline
13:09 tch walterbender, ok
13:10 gonzalo_ walterbender, ok, normal is the baseline, we set high or low to the other cases
13:11 tch I think #1843 should be an enhancement, probably low priority
13:11 gonzalo_ walterbender, you will work on #2702 ?
13:11 walterbender looks
13:12 gonzalo_, I am working on that as part of the "honor max participants" patch
13:12 gonzalo_ tch, i am not sure if that issue is true today
13:13 walterbender, ok, set high then
13:13 puneet_kaur <puneet_kaur!~puneet@> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:13 walterbender assigning to me
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13:23 tch do we need to re-assign to someone in all cases?
13:25 walterbender tch, if there is an obvious person to assign to, we should
13:25 satellit_e <satellit_e!~satellit@c-174-61-128-216.hsd1.wa.comcast.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:30 ignacio|here <ignacio|here!~IgnacioUy@unaffiliated/ignaciouy> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:32 walterbender gonzalo_, did you fix #4027?
13:32 puneet_kaur /msg NickServ identify reset_123
13:33 oh sorry for that :(
13:33 ignacio|here walterbender, the meeting has started?
13:33 walterbender ignacio|here, yes... we are reviewing tickets
13:33 gonzalo_ walterbender, never tried with a usb ethernet adapter
13:33 ignacio|here ok, so
13:33 Hi all :)
13:34 gonzalo_ hi ignacio|here :)
13:34 walterbender, i don't have one
13:35 walterbender gonzalo_, I somehow recall someone working on that one... will leave it for now...
13:41 gonzalo_ ok
13:42 walterbender, my xo show the osk with arabic chars now.....
13:42 tch, ^
13:42 walterbender gonzalo_, hmm
13:42 tch gonzalo_, can you check maliit-plugins version?
13:42 gonzalo_ tch, let me see
13:43 tch gonzalo_, remember the issue I mentioned in the latest 330xx builds regarding that rpm
13:43 puneet_kaur has quit IRC
13:43 gonzalo_ tch, yes, i remember
13:43 tch,  is 0.94.2-1
13:43 puneet_kaur <puneet_kaur!~puneet@> has joined #sugar-meeting
13:44 tch gonzalo_, you are probably using 29 > x builds, thats why you see arabic characters,
13:44 gonzalo_ tch, ok, will try update when i come home
13:45 tch gonzalo_, you should already put it back, as you run createrepo in the server again
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13:58 manuq I went through all the theme tickets
13:58 not much changed
14:01 walterbender manuq, is #3691 still valid?
14:03 manuq walterbender, good point, I have to install getbooks to figure out
14:03 gp94 <gp94!uid25529@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-kyrldmiwffkhykuw> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:05 manuq walterbender, obsolete!
14:05 walterbender manuq, thought so...
14:06 manuq, can you look at #3612
14:06 tch walterbender, gonzalo_  what do you think about #1624? seems serious but really-hard to reproduce...
14:07 have we heard about this from AU? ^
14:07 walterbender not that I know
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14:11 satellit_ is now known as satellit
14:12 manuq walterbender, another obsolete, just tested here, good
14:12 walterbender manuq, wann look at 3544?
14:13 manuq walterbender, you are filtering humitos? :)
14:13 walterbender manuq, just plowing through the unspecified tickets :)
14:13 manuq walterbender, great
14:13 walterbender he has reported a lot of UI bugs :)
14:14 gonzalo_ tch, no idea about 1624
14:14 walterbender alas, /me needs to head into MIT... will be off line for a while...
14:14 ignacio|here, wanna take over my task?
14:15 ignacio|here, open this query: http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/quer[…]ne&order=priority
14:15 manuq walterbender, 3544 is still valid, through I think we should reimplement the random view
14:15 walterbender the go to page 2 and walk through all of the unspecified tickets
14:15 manuq walterbender, I will update the title through
14:15 walterbender mark them as Normal or close them if they are invalid or obsolete
14:18 ignacio|here walterbender, how I know if this are invalid? :P
14:21 gonzalo_ ignacio|here, you can test, and check if the ticket is still present, confirm here before changing please
14:25 ignacio|here without a testing #3433 is real
14:25 gonzalo_ walterbender, can you confirm #4693 ?
14:30 walterbender gonzalo_, I will test later today... alas, I need to go to the QualComm meeting now.
14:30 ignacio|here walterbender, I change it to normal? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7315097/
14:31 o thats no
14:31 walterbender, http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/3433 :P
14:31 walterbender ignacio|here, normal
14:32 ignacio|here walterbender, and that isn't bug
14:32 that is normal I think
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14:43 walterbender ignacio|here, it is OK to mark as won't fix, I suppose...
14:43 I was going to say, would be nice to be able to open Terminal, but there is always the console
14:44 ignacio|here walterbender, sometimes the XO System didn't start
14:44 because there is no free space
14:44 walterbender AFK... ttyl
14:46 ignacio|here ttyl
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14:48 gonzalo_ tch, manuq, i will start review the unspecified by mantainer tickets
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14:51 ignacio|here gonzalo_, #2818 have patchs, I think it fixed /me try
14:52 gonzalo_ ignacio|here, reading
14:57 ignacio|here, can you test it please? not sure if that landed
14:57 ignacio|here sure
14:59 tch finally found one I could close, xD
14:59 i fixed #1777 in 2010
15:00 ignacio|here congrats xD
15:01 finally installed Ubuntu Touch on Nexus 5 :)
15:02 tch brb, testing #1674 and need to confirm..
15:03 gonzalo_ tch, we need move here, will continue later
15:04 manuq see you!
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15:07 ignacio|here bug confirmed :)
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15:37 ignacio|here well
15:37 I'll go to school, I'll continue when I back to my home
15:38 Just confirmed #1490 :)
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15:40 tch ignacio|here, thanks!
15:45 ignacio|here is now known as ignacio|away
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21:04 gonzalo_ tch, what should we do with http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2360 ?
21:14 tch reading
21:17 the impact is not big, but we should take confirm it..
21:18 s/take//
21:25 gonzalo_ tch, can we assign low prio but keep it unconfirmed until we know if is true today?
21:38 tch gonzalo_, depends on you :)
21:38 gonzalo_ ok :)
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