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#sugar-meeting, 2014-04-02

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13:56 meeting <Claudia-es> Good morning
13:57 Claudia hello gonzalo_odiard
13:58 gonzalo_odiard hello Claudia
13:58 i am ready :)
13:58 meeting * J_M_Garcia_UY-es has joined
13:58 <J_M_Garcia_UY-es> Hello!
13:58 gonzalo_odiard Claudia, is better if I join meeting-es and talk Spanish?
13:59 Claudia gonzalo_odiard: I think so! The translation doesn't always work... and you will be the one doing most of the talking
13:59 meeting <J_M_Garcia_UY-es> Thank you Gonzalo! The *hispanoparlantes grateful! ;))
13:59 gonzalo_odiard ok
14:00 meeting <gonzalo_odiard-es> My Groins already is rare, and translated by a robot has to be worse :)
14:00 <gonzalo_odiard-es> Groins is not English :)
14:02 <J_M_Garcia_UY-es> We are here?
14:03 <Claudia-es> thank you gonzalo_odiard
14:03 * irma-es has joined
14:03 <gonzalo_odiard-es> J_M_Garcia_UY, if, we expect some minutes by the concurrence
14:03 <Claudia-es> J_M_Garcia_UY: To my likes me go in to both living rooms and review the translation and the assistants.. But if, here we are
14:04 <J_M_Garcia_UY-es> Hello!. IF, it had remained  silent...
14:04 <irma-es> hello Very good morning for all!!!
14:04 <Claudia-es> good morning.. Alejandro, kaametza, *irma!
14:04 <J_M_Garcia_UY-es> <Claudia> I do the same, when I am the only in Spanish. But here I imagine that it will be better alone east!
14:05 Claudia good morning walterbender
14:05 walterbender hi Claudia
14:05 meeting <J_M_Garcia_UY-es> Hello Walter!
14:05 walterbender hola jose miguel
14:06 meeting <gonzalo_odiard-es> hello irma
14:06 <irma-es> How you are Gonzalo?
14:06 <gonzalo_odiard-es> Very well :)
14:07 <J_M_Garcia_UY-es> Excellent the *videos!
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14:07 walterbender +1
14:07 +1
14:07 meeting <irma-es> If very good!!!
14:07 <Claudia-es> thank you gonzalo_odiard for creating these *videos!
14:08 <gonzalo_odiard-es> That well that have liked them!
14:08 <Claudia-es> It loves me the music
14:08 walterbender gonzalo_odiard: you should make a tutorial on how you made them: what tools, etc.
14:08 meeting * Irma_-es has joined
14:08 <Irma_-es> Hello To tod@s!!
14:08 <gonzalo_odiard-es> The truth is that I was testing several tools, and finally used a *opcion of *edicion of *video of *youtube
14:09 <irma-es> Hello *Couretot!!!!
14:09 <gonzalo_odiard-es> *pitivi In *fedora 18 hanged me  all the time
14:09 <gonzalo_odiard-es> hello Irma_ :)
14:10 <irma-es> The *Irmas invade them!!!
14:10 <Irma_-es> Hello Gonzalo, only can be a *ratito, my ill mum :(
14:10 <gonzalo_odiard-es> Irma_, I expect that it improve
14:10 <irma-es> You are in *Córdoba?
14:10 <gonzalo_odiard-es> Claudia, when your say, begin
14:11 <Irma_-es> No in The *Rioja, but she in *Córdoba and I very concerned
14:11 <irma-es> Well
14:11 <Claudia-es> gonzalo_odiard: we go to begin
14:12 <irma-es> We can do some questions Gonzalo?
14:12 <Claudia-es> thank you Again for leading the talk of today, and for creating these *videos
14:12 * EzerMariethNic-es has joined
14:12 <gonzalo_odiard-es> irma, if, only a second, wanted to know if all could see the *videos
14:13 <Claudia-es> The format that had suggested me for this day is to see the *videos (that I think that the people saw them already), do a brief introduction and accept questions...
14:13 <Irma_-es> I no Gonzalo
14:13 <Claudia-es> Like this it is that it advance...
14:13 <Claudia-es> Irma_: you received the *videos?
14:13 <Claudia-es> Maybe gonzalo_odiard it can begin for sharing them
14:13 <gonzalo_odiard-es> Well
14:13 <J_M_Garcia_UY-es> I if I saw them...
14:13 <Irma_-es> If *claudia, but could not..:(
14:14 <gonzalo_odiard-es> The links, for the one who could not see them are: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ot_t9impknw
14:14 <gonzalo_odiard-es> And https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10ljkueubu0
14:14 <Claudia-es> Perfect..
14:14 <Irma_-es> thank you
14:14 <gonzalo_odiard-es> I do them a brief *introduccion, while it looks them Irma
14:15 <Irma_-es> *Ok
14:15 <gonzalo_odiard-es> As they already have to know, *SugarLabs prepares a new *version of *Sugar, but or less each 6 months
14:15 * otonielnic-es has joined
14:15 <gonzalo_odiard-es> Today we are working in the *version 0.102, that will go out to half of year
14:16 <irma-es> Why when you work with *Sugar 102 express that I generate is a value that analyses  later?
14:16 <gonzalo_odiard-es> irma, already I answer you....
14:16 <Claudia-es> We begin then by *irma.. We go to leave that gonzalo_odiard explain us a bit and afterwards go to do questions
14:17 <J_M_Garcia_UY-es> *Ok
14:17 <gonzalo_odiard-es> Then, those who want to use a *version up to date of *Sugar, recommend them use 0.100, those who want to test something that is developing, can test 0.102
14:17 <gonzalo_odiard-es> But it does not advise  to use it massively until it was finalised
14:18 * INDIRA-es has joined
14:18 <gonzalo_odiard-es> To us like developers, matters us have answer that it is what *unciona and that no
14:18 <gonzalo_odiard-es> What but test , better, but stable will be the final product
14:19 <gonzalo_odiard-es> We know that change him the *version of *Sugar to several thousands of scheme is an important logistical effort
14:19 <INDIRA-es> Good morning For all and all. I am educational of the degree second of primary in the city of Medellín.
14:20 <Claudia-es> Good morning INDIRA
14:20 <irma-es> They are compatible the versions with our  *XO 1.5? Pardon my ignorance!!!
14:20 <INDIRA-es> It is the first time that entry to the chat of *sugar *labs.
14:20 <gonzalo_odiard-es> But we want to look for the forms to help them in this process
14:20 <irma-es> Welcome!!!
14:20 <gonzalo_odiard-es> Well, this *rea the *introduccion, some question regarding this?
14:20 <gonzalo_odiard-es> :)
14:21 walterbender gonzalo_odiard: (1) thank you for the introduction and all the hard work these past months
14:21 meeting <J_M_Garcia_UY-es> I add me to the question of <*irma> on compatibility...
14:21 <gonzalo_odiard-es> I begin to answer questions while...
14:21 <Claudia-es> gonzalo_odiard: I think that it would be well *resumir the *caracteristicas of the versions...
14:21 <Irma_-es> Hello Indira, Bienvenida!
14:21 walterbender (2) It would be great to get feedback as to the extent we are meeting the needs of deployments
14:21 meeting <INDIRA-es> Thank you!!!!
14:21 <gonzalo_odiard-es> J_M_Garcia_UY, and irma, if, it is compatible with all the versions of *XO
14:22 walterbender perhaps some discussion of how we are trying to be responsive
14:22 and how we can improve that process
14:22 meeting <J_M_Garcia_UY-es> *Ok. Thank you
14:24 <gonzalo_odiard-es> Second question of irma, regarding the gender and so that it will use . We are beginning to develop systems of *recoleccion of *estadisticas. Already  *estan using in Australia and goes  to use in Uruguay possibly. Know the age and gender will be able to be *util to see if there are activities more used in some cases, or can improve  or complement for specific cases
14:25 <irma-es> *Ok *graciaas!!!
14:25 <J_M_Garcia_UY-es> Excellent...
14:25 <Irma_-es> Very good!!
14:25 <gonzalo_odiard-es> They go doing the questions and go them answering, if it seems them
14:25 <INDIRA-es> It wanted to know if there is in particular subject to treat in this session?
14:26 <gonzalo_odiard-es> INDIRA, we present some *videos with *caracreristicas of the new versions of *Sugar
14:26 <gonzalo_odiard-es> The links, for the one who could not see them are: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ot_t9impknw
14:26 <gonzalo_odiard-es>  And https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10ljkueubu0
14:26 <Claudia-es> INDIRA, as it had written it in the invitation, are in this talk speaking of the new versions of the system *Sugar
14:26 <INDIRA-es> Yes. I observed the *videos.
14:26 <Claudia-es> Also *comparti the *videos...
14:27 <gonzalo_odiard-es> INDIRA, we go to answer questions about these *videos like first subject
14:27 <irma-es> Can use  *Sugar 0.102 and 0.100 in the *netbooks to Connect Equality?
14:27 <gonzalo_odiard-es> irma, if. It is necessary to do the installation, but is possible
14:27 <Claudia-es> gonzalo_odiard: I think that it is worthwhile *resumir the characteristics of the version 0.100 and afterwards the ones of the version 0.102... Why it is important to move to these versions
14:28 CanoeBerry <CanoeBerry!~CanoeBerr@c-98-216-254-173.hsd1.ma.comcast.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:28 meeting <Claudia-es> As do it of the way but efficient... And like ensuring that the Activities that are using in field work, before doing a transition
14:28 <gonzalo_odiard-es> *ok
14:28 <INDIRA-es> We are restarting the work with the students and parents of family in the school.
14:28 <Irma_-es> Can install  in the *bangho primary that have in The *Rioja?
14:29 <INDIRA-es> The teams were stored and in the last three weeks has realised  the delivery.
14:29 <INDIRA-es> We go to initiate with the installations of the applications.
14:29 <gonzalo_odiard-es> Irma_, surely, but it is necessary to prepare a *version "instalable" if it contacts  the people of the technical team can help them
14:29 <INDIRA-es> From the past year are without technician in the school.
14:30 <INDIRA-es> The previous to caused a bit of difficulty.
14:30 <Irma_-es> *Ok, thank you *gonzalo
14:30 walterbender please let us know if there are activites that cause problems... many require just simple fixes
14:30 meeting <INDIRA-es> Because the two educational that are *dinamizando the projects are not formed in computing.
14:31 <INDIRA-es> We have had the support and consultancy of the personnel of the foundation People Joined.
14:31 <irma-es> It would like me realise an experience with students of the *Profesorado of Physics!!! It liked me a lot the operation of these gears, could work *tambien in the study of *poleas
14:32 <INDIRA-es> Tomorrow we initiate said process.
14:32 <gonzalo_odiard-es> In general, update to a *version has to be an at least accompanied work by somebody that can help with technical problems.
14:32 * FQTCostaRica-es has joined
14:32 <gonzalo_odiard-es> There is a very basic process that it is the one of the *flasheo of the *xo. No  if in all sides can do it
14:33 <Irma_-es> *Ok, Gonzalo
14:33 <Irma_-es> It seems me that that is the question
14:33 <Claudia-es> gonzalo_odiard: the virtues of the version .100 for those who finish to go in?
14:33 <gonzalo_odiard-es> Claudia, well, I do a summary
14:33 <Claudia-es> thank you, gonzalo_odiard
14:35 <gonzalo_odiard-es> The first important characteristic, is that now they can  create activities using *javascript. This is important by two reasons: there are a lot of already done things in the web that can use  with little effort (an example is the activity of *lso gears),
14:35 <gonzalo_odiard-es> On the other hand, there are more developers that *estan qualified to use this language of *programacion
14:36 <gonzalo_odiard-es> And by *ultimo, in the long term, allows us that we can use these activities in other devices (like *tabletas *android) or in browsers
14:36 <Claudia-es> 1. Programming of Activities in *javascript (increases the capacity to create but Activities and to incorporate existent software)
14:36 <Claudia-es> Perfect
14:37 <gonzalo_odiard-es> 2. *Webservices: It is possible to share a work that have in the Newspaper to services of the web like Facebook
14:38 <irma-es> Very interesting!!!
14:38 <gonzalo_odiard-es> This does not come installed by defect, *peo is simple of *instalr
14:38 <gonzalo_odiard-es> Other services, like *dropbox, or *google+ *estan developing
14:39 <Irma_-es> Very good!!
14:39 <Claudia-es> *super!
14:39 <J_M_Garcia_UY-es> Excellent!
14:40 <Claudia-es> Something but?
14:40 <gonzalo_odiard-es> 3. Operations on *multiples elements of the *journal: this worked in some versions of *sugar (like the one of *uy) but no in all. Now *podes copy all your Newspaper to a *pendrive, or select all the *imagenes for example
14:40 <gonzalo_odiard-es> It simplifies a lot the *operacion, was of far the most asked characteristic
14:41 <Claudia-es> I think that east is a big change... Very useful!
14:41 <FQTCostaRica-es> *super *ú
14:41 <FQTCostaRica-es> *til
14:41 <gonzalo_odiard-es> 4. Can change  the desktop wallpaper of *sugar: this was something that *pedian a lot the boys :) *tambien can change  the central icon with help of an activity
14:42 <irma-es> Very good
14:42 <Alejandro-es> Hello To all, that penalty move me away a bit of the PC but *aqui am
14:42 <Claudia-es> Although share in *facebook *permitiria that *pudieramos do a big study of what the boys do with *TortugArte.. By that have a page of *TA in Facebook
14:42 <Irma_-es> Lovely!! It observes  well in the *video!1
14:43 <gonzalo_odiard-es> Included it is possible to define *multilples smart of activities in the sight of home, this is *util for example if the boys install a lot of games, that have on the one hand the games, and by  another what go to use in class
14:43 <Irma_-es> Truly, Claudia *TA in Facebook
14:44 <irma-es> A work but organised for the boy
14:44 <Claudia-es> Irma_: it is a group.. Where share projects and new ideas of *TA
14:45 <gonzalo_odiard-es> 5. We improve the handle of the collections: the collections are useful if you want to add or distribute books, maps, music, etc
14:45 <Irma_-es> very useful for the educational,"separar los tantos"
14:45 <gonzalo_odiard-es> Now they can  install, update and erase like the activities
14:45 <kaametza-es> Greetings to all!
14:45 <J_M_Garcia_UY-es> If...
14:45 <Irma_-es> If, memory Claudia of the past year *TA in Facebook
14:45 <gonzalo_odiard-es> hello kaametza
14:46 <kaametza-es> gonzalo_odiard,  beautiful the *videos!
14:46 <gonzalo_odiard-es> 6. For which have to use modems 3G, now is but simple configure them
14:46 <irma-es> If they enrich  the Collections
14:46 <gonzalo_odiard-es> And finally, a lot of errors corrected :)
14:47 <irma-es> Excellent your production Gonzalo
14:47 <gonzalo_odiard-es> There is more information (in English) *aca http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0.100/notes
14:47 <INDIRA-es>  Well, thank you by the invitation. Please, take me into account for the next meeting.  I will bring to this space the doubts and difficulties that go us  presenting in the Institution. I leave you!!  Good day for all!!
14:47 * otonielnic-es has left
14:47 <Claudia-es> I think that they are 7 important arguments to consider if we allow that our boys and teachers benefit  of all this work...
14:47 <gonzalo_odiard-es> INDIRA, you want to leave your mail?
14:48 <Claudia-es> gonzalo_odiard: I have the email of INDIRA
14:48 <irma-es> But today I could not access to the *wiki by that´?
14:48 <gonzalo_odiard-es> *ok :)
14:48 <INDIRA-es> *injohe1@gmail.com
14:48 <gonzalo_odiard-es> irma, you can access now?
14:48 <EzerMariethNic-es> Excellent work!
14:48 <Claudia-es> The truth that if, *EzerMariethNic!!
14:49 <Irma_-es> Excuse tod@s, but I have to split!
14:49 <FQTCostaRica-es> Excellent, very happy with the updates :) *super work (Sara)
14:49 <Claudia-es> Irma_: we are *orando by your mother
14:49 <irma-es> Now if, thank you!!!
14:49 <EzerMariethNic-es> It would be well do a pilotage in the different projects to see how goes us
14:49 <Irma_-es> Embrace and are still in contact
14:49 <Claudia-es> That it improve  prompt!
14:49 <gonzalo_odiard-es> Those who want to install 0.100 in scheme to test it can download them of *aqui http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0[…]ng#Testing_images
14:49 <Irma_-es> Thank you Claudia, they finish me to inform that it is much better, with 96 years
14:50 prasoon2211_ has quit IRC
14:50 meeting <Irma_-es> *Chau!!! We communicate us *irma!!
14:50 <Claudia-es> Irma_: that blessing.. An embrace
14:50 <gonzalo_odiard-es> If have problems with some activity in particular, can send me a mail to godiard@sugarlabs.org or godiard@gmail.com
14:51 <Claudia-es> gonzalo_odiard: you think that we can share a page of *wiki where can *recopilar the problems?
14:51 <FQTCostaRica-es> We go to test it, to see how goes us
14:51 <Irma_-es> An embrace to all the community!! Thank you Gonzalo by your spectacular work and your delivery!
14:51 walterbender we have, for example, simple fixes for TuxPaint and TuxMath...
14:51 meeting * Irma_ has quit (Quit: Page closed)
14:51 <Claudia-es> We did it before with the community.... Maybe some people can *ingresar the problems in this page... Or but we go updating so that the people know that already they have done  arrangements
14:52 <gonzalo_odiard-es> walterbender, we will see where uses  and as we can solve it
14:52 <Claudia-es> Something that identify in Colombia is that no  this doing the update of Activities by that the automatic procedure aims to a directory that does not update
14:52 <gonzalo_odiard-es> Claudia, a moment...
14:53 <gonzalo_odiard-es> Claudia, the first question: I do not think that the *wiki help us in this case to keep a list of errors and solutions
14:53 * INDIRA has quit (Quit: Page closed)
14:54 <gonzalo_odiard-es> Claudia, we can devote us some *aqui to load them like @ticket? For example J_M_Garcia_UY *podrias help me?
14:55 walterbender gonzalo_odiard: I think there are two issues: (1) fixing bugs and (2) letting people know how to get the fix
14:55 meeting <gonzalo_odiard-es> Claudia, regarding the *actualizacion of activities in Colombia, would have to see that *version of *Suagr they *estan using...
14:55 walterbender gonzalo_odiard: the issue with tux, for example, is a configuration issue that needs to be resolved on a deployment basis :P
14:56 meeting <Claudia-es> To the *refereciar to Colombia, what wanted to say is that if only I do the automatic update of Activities, are not  going down the current
14:56 gonzalo_odiard walterbender, you say we can have a FAQ page?
14:56 walterbender gonzalo_odiard: maybe a FAQ targeted to these sorts of issues
14:57 meeting <gonzalo_odiard-es> *FAQ = Smart of frequent questions
14:57 <Claudia-es> It seems me an excellent idea
14:58 <gonzalo_odiard-es> Claudia, you think that we could prepare a list of frequent questions with the problems that arise?
14:58 <gonzalo_odiard-es> Well
14:58 <Claudia-es> And maybe translate this page of *wiki with information of *Sugar
14:59 <gonzalo_odiard-es> Claudia, sure, any one can do it
14:59 <Claudia-es> We could ask to the people that *envien his questions and arm the page
14:59 <irma-es> It seems me well
14:59 <gonzalo_odiard-es> Perfect
15:00 <gonzalo_odiard-es> We could give like task of *aqui to the *proximo month, that treat to install 0.100 in a *xo, and say us that problems have?
15:00 <gonzalo_odiard-es> Those that can do it...
15:00 <J_M_Garcia_UY-es> Already I am it going down...
15:00 <Claudia-es> gonzalo_odiard: maybe we could work with the community during the month..
15:00 <gonzalo_odiard-es> Of course
15:00 <Claudia-es> Gather us each month is not so frequent...
15:01 <Claudia-es> And it would like me that they treated  other subjects...  What think the *demas?
15:01 <gonzalo_odiard-es> We can go answering the doubts that arise
15:02 <Claudia-es> What can is to ask questions and go building *FAQ
15:02 <Claudia-es> The translation... Can do it any one.. We need voluntary
15:03 <Claudia-es> gonzalo_odiard: it is worthwhile to announce the subject of the competition...
15:03 <gonzalo_odiard-es> If
15:04 <gonzalo_odiard-es> Well, we happen to the following subject
15:04 <gonzalo_odiard-es> Now that we can change the desktop wallpaper, seemed us an excellent opportunity
15:04 <Claudia-es> But I ask me if have ancient versions of *Sugar limits the participation, or at least is not motivation... If the boys can not see his bottoms in his own *XOs
15:04 <FQTCostaRica-es> We also are it going down
15:05 <gonzalo_odiard-es> The idea is to stimulate to the boys to participate in a *concuros to select desktop wallpapers
15:06 <gonzalo_odiard-es> Sure it will be more stimulating for the boys that can change it, but can not change this
15:06 <gonzalo_odiard-es> They can see the place of the contest *aqui http://contest.sugarlabs.org/
15:06 prasoon2211__ has quit IRC
15:06 meeting <gonzalo_odiard-es> It is the first time that are trying this
15:07 <irma-es> They will be able to participate boys *riojanos?
15:07 <gonzalo_odiard-es> irma, if!
15:07 <gonzalo_odiard-es> We invite them to all to promote the contest
15:07 <Claudia-es> They need to have the version 0.100 of *Sugar?
15:07 <gonzalo_odiard-es> Claudia, no, they can do images with the activities that have in any *version of *Sugar
15:08 prasoon2211__ <prasoon2211__!~prasoon@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:08 meeting <gonzalo_odiard-es> They can use *Record, *Paint, *TurtleArt, etc
15:08 <Claudia-es> but would be big motivation can change the bottoms and use his own?
15:08 <gonzalo_odiard-es> There are not limits of age
15:08 <gonzalo_odiard-es> Claudia, obviously it is a *motivacion
15:09 <Claudia-es> Maybe it is a good motivation for the programs...
15:10 <gonzalo_odiard-es> J_M_Garcia_UY, you can share the links to the images that prepared to promote the contest?
15:10 <gonzalo_odiard-es> That think of the contest?
15:11 <gonzalo_odiard-es> Have two months to participate, the dates no *estan in the place even, go to add them prompt
15:11 <FQTCostaRica-es> It loves me, we go it to promote in Connecting us
15:11 <Claudia-es> thank you FQTCostaRica
15:12 <J_M_Garcia_UY-es> If, already the step...
15:12 <FQTCostaRica-es> *jaja Sara... This of FQTCostaRica if it remained me formal
15:12 <Claudia-es> Sara.. That well see you
15:12 <gonzalo_odiard-es> To all: if they want to participate more actively in the contest, for example, if they want to add *logos of *proyecots/program/foundations in the place, *mandenme a mail (godiard@gmail.com)
15:13 <Claudia-es> gonzalo_odiard: I can happen you some questions that occur me  for the *FAQ
15:13 <gonzalo_odiard-es> Claudia, *ok :)
15:13 * Alejandro has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
15:14 <J_M_Garcia_UY-es> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/z8p[…]dpgsm1/ruuqsgqlek
15:14 <Claudia-es> EzerMariethNic: I expect that in Nicaragua also encourage  with the contest
15:14 <Claudia-es> And with doing proofs to move  to *Sugar 0.100
15:14 <J_M_Garcia_UY-es> There they are the images in Spanish, English (please review) and in white, to be able to put it in other languages
15:15 <gonzalo_odiard-es> thank you *J_M_Garcia_*UY!!!
15:15 <gonzalo_odiard-es> You have the novelty, today will be it announcing by all the channels that can :)
15:15 <Claudia-es> thank you gonzalo_odiard
15:16 <Claudia-es> They do not remain a lot of people but, but can go looking the subject of the next talk
15:16 <Claudia-es> I create  a list of learning@sugay
15:16 <Claudia-es> *sugar
15:16 <Claudia-es> I go to send the link to the people so that they inscribe  in the list...
15:17 <gonzalo_odiard-es> Claudia, that well!
15:17 <Claudia-es> And from now on we will use the list to communicate subjects of the talk, etc
15:17 <gonzalo_odiard-es> perfect
15:17 <irma-es> If, thank you *gonzalo!!!
15:18 <Claudia-es> well.. thank you gonzalo_odiard
15:18 <J_M_Garcia_UY-es> Excellent!
15:18 <Claudia-es> And to all for arriving to the talk this day
15:18 <irma-es> Greetings to all from The *Rioja, Argentina!!!
15:19 <Claudia-es> Greetings irma
15:19 <Claudia-es> Greetings to all in Costa Rica FQTCostaRica
15:19 <Claudia-es> In Nicaragua EzerMariethNic
15:19 <Claudia-es> Where but?
15:19 <J_M_Garcia_UY-es> Greetings to all from Uruguay!
15:19 <Claudia-es> Uruguay
15:20 <Claudia-es> Until prompt
15:20 <gonzalo_odiard-es> Greetings!
15:20 <FQTCostaRica-es> Greetings to all
15:21 <J_M_Garcia_UY-es> Greetings...
15:21 walterbender thanks gonzalo_odiard y claudia
15:21 meeting <Claudia-es> Embraces!!!!!!
15:21 * J_M_Garcia_UY has quit (Quit: Page closed)
15:22 gonzalo_odiard walterbender, yw
15:23 meeting <EzerMariethNic-es> Thank you very much, greetings to all!
15:27 <EzerMariethNic-es> Will be doing the proofs with 0.100, until the next, blessings.
15:27 * EzerMariethNic has quit (Quit: Page closed)
15:31 * FQTCostaRica has quit (Quit: Page closed)
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16:13 meeting * Jose__-es has joined
16:13 <Jose__-es> good morning
16:29 * irma has quit (Quit: Page closed)
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