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#sugar-meeting, 2014-01-06

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13:51 <Guest54116-es> Hello
13:51 <Guest54116-es> Hello
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13:52 meeting <Ignacio`-es> Guest54116, *join #sugar-meeting
13:52 Claudia_ Hello
13:53 sdanielf Hi
13:53 Ignacio` Hi all :)
13:53 Claudia_ Hello Ignacio`
13:53 walterbender hi Ignacio`
13:53 hi Claudia_
13:53 Claudia_ hi walterbender
13:53 from Colombia.. still
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13:53 walterbender gonzalo_odiard_: good morning
13:54 CanoeBerry: Adam, you there?
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13:54 <JMGarcia-es> Hello!
13:54 walterbender hello Jose
13:55 gonzalo_odiard_ hello walterbender, Claudia_, sdanielf, JMGarcia
13:55 meeting <JMGarcia-es> What such?
13:55 walterbender good... we have a quorum :)
13:56 meeting <JMGarcia-es> *Ok. Daniel is Francis, truth?
13:56 gonzalo_odiard_ yes
13:56 meeting <JMGarcia-es> Hello Gonzalo!
13:57 gonzalo_odiard_ welcome JMGarcia!
13:57 Claudia_ yes, walterbender! Happy new year to all
13:57 gonzalo_odiard_ Claudia_, happy new year!
13:57 meeting <JMGarcia-es> Thank you! It is a taste!
13:58 gonzalo_odiard_ cjl, are you here?
13:58 walterbender, who else is missing?
13:58 walterbender I think we have everyone: you, me, jose miguel, daniel, claudia, chris
13:59 adam
13:59 meeting <JMGarcia-es> The *Guest am I, because I am with complex connectivity, and am to two machines.
13:59 walterbender shall we begin?
13:59 #start-meeting
13:59 meeting Meeting started Mon Jan  6 13:59:33 2014 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
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13:59 walterbender #topic welcomes
14:00 I'd like to welcome Jose Miguel to the Sugar Labs oversight board
14:00 He will bring great perspective both from the pedagogiclal perspective
14:00 jrg2_ <jrg2_!~jrg2@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:00 meeting <JMGarcia-es> Thank you Walter. It is an honour, and a pleasure.
14:00 walterbender and from the point of view of a major Sugar deployment
14:01 Claudia_ welcome Jose Miguel
14:01 sdanielf welcome!
14:01 bernie welcome!
14:01 walterbender I think we have a really well-balanced board at the moment: technologisits, pedagogists, users, learners,
14:01 Ignacio` welcome :)
14:01 meeting <JMGarcia-es> Thanks to all.
14:01 walterbender Also, welcome back to the board Chris
14:02 meeting <JMGarcia-es> It is an interesting balance, by what see...
14:02 walterbender and many thanks to Gerald who is no longer on the board but hopefully will still provide input
14:02 And we welcome in a new year
14:02 which will come with some opportunities and challenges
14:03 On the one hand, we are for the most part losing the support of OLPC as they continue to consolidate their efforts around marketing their tablet
14:04 on the other hand, the pace and quality of Sugar development seems to be at an all time high
14:04 With more energy and effort in the deployments than in the past.
14:05 Will I hope OLPC stays involved, I do think we will find strength in diversity
14:05 An interesting statistic: the country with the second most activity on our website is Argentina
14:05 gonzalo_odiard_ yes, i was surprised....
14:06 walterbender Since there are very few OLPC computers in Argentina, this suggests that there are many Sugar users on other platforms
14:06 Ignacio` A lot of spam in SugarLabs Ar ..
14:06 walterbender Hard for us to measure
14:07 meeting <JMGarcia-es> Which quantity of *OLPC there is in Argentina?
14:07 walterbender In any case, there is a growing interest in supporting multiple platforms -- a goal of Sugar Labs from the beginning -- and a necessity for 2014.
14:07 bernie Ignacio`: yeah we need to do something about spam in the Local Labs wikis.
14:07 walterbender Argentina has 10s of thousands in La Rioja
14:07 meeting * Guest54116 has quit (Quit: Page closed)
14:07 gonzalo_odiard_ 60.000
14:08 Ignacio` bernie, we need to block the anonymous edit
14:08 meeting <JMGarcia-es> *OK.
14:08 bernie Ignacio`: yes, and there was a plan to merge the wikis into one. let's talk about it offline.
14:08 Ignacio` bernie, sure
14:08 Claudia_ I understood La Rioja is using Sugar in all machines...
14:09 walterbender So, I had a few topics for today: Google Code In, Hardware vendors, and other plans for 2014
14:09 other topics are also welcome
14:09 CanoeBerry Just caught up.
14:09 sdanielf there are other deployments in Argentina which are not using exactly Sugar
14:09 walterbender yes...
14:09 meeting <JMGarcia-es> *Ok
14:10 walterbender but is represents a potential place of growth for us
14:10 Let me quickly sum up GCI
14:10 sdanielf walterbender, +1
14:11 Claudia_ walterbender: I agree
14:11 meeting <JMGarcia-es> I trust that sometime they will discover that a boy is not a small adult. ;)
14:11 walterbender :)
14:11 Claudia_ My plan is to promote the chat (one per month) with countries... learning+technical
14:11 Starting February
14:12 meeting <JMGarcia-es> With specific people of each country, or in the modality of the Spanish chat, Claudia?
14:13 walterbender I guess the topic is learning/tech chats :)
14:13 #topic learning-tech chats
14:13 Claudia_: is there any prep work we can help with?
14:14 meeting <JMGarcia-es> If, which would be the best way to add efforts?
14:15 Claudia_ walterbender: yes.. compile names and countries
14:15 walterbender Claudia_: Also I can try to help coordinate the Asia/Pacific region
14:15 Claudia_ walterbender: do you know of other non-Spanish efforts?
14:15 gonzalo_odiard_ Claudia_, should we sent you coonatcts to you?
14:15 contacts
14:16 walterbender In Malaysia, we discussed making a regional meeting (because of language and timezone)
14:16 Claudia_ gonzalo_odiard_: yes
14:16 walterbender Claudia_: I think the Charlotte program would want to participate
14:16 and also Jennifer's program in Canada
14:16 Claudia_ walterbender: I hope so
14:17 gonzalo_odiard_ Claudia_, ok, i will do
14:17 walterbender so it seems we have English and Spanish and we have a timezone issue
14:17 Claudia_ yes, walterbender
14:17 walterbender but I guess we can see who actually shows up
14:17 Claudia_ do we know anything about Rwanda?
14:17 walterbender Jamaica and Haiti bring other languages too
14:18 I have heard nothing re Rwanda of late :P
14:18 Claudia_ we can make a public survey to gather info about interest?
14:18 walterbender I need to talk to Rodrigo, so I will ask him for an update
14:18 Claudia_ walterbender: ok.. let me know
14:19 gonzalo_odiard_ Claudia_, Pedro could have contacts from Rwanda?
14:19 Claudia_ gonzalo_odiard_: I have all the contacts with Rwanda... but I was thinking the OLPC-learning people there
14:19 walterbender so the #action is to send Claudia contact info
14:19 Claudia_ they may want to support the English chat too
14:20 bernie do we have any contacts in La Rioja?
14:20 Claudia_ I do
14:20 walterbender and perhaps Claudia, you could write a short description of the objectives of the meetings
14:20 Claudia_ I will do that...
14:20 walterbender that we can distribute?
14:20 Claudia_ I will send that in the next few days
14:20 walterbender anything thing else on this topic?
14:21 thanks Claudia
14:21 Claudia_ I will send description, we gather contacts and by the end of the month we should have an idea of the countries/languages/time zones, so we can launch the effort in Feb
14:21 walterbender +1
14:22 moving on...
14:22 #topic google code in
14:22 meeting <JMGarcia-es> +1
14:22 walterbender I want to give a quick summary as today (in 2 hours) the contest is over
14:23 See https://google-melange.appspot[…]013/sugarlabs2013
14:23 I suspect there will be a few more tasks completed before the end
14:23 note that Google will honor the top 5 students as finalists
14:24 bernie one task was finished a few seconds ago!
14:24 walterbender We (Sugar Labs) need to choose two as winners (and one backup)
14:24 bernie: needs review :)
14:25 I want to acknowledge here the extraordinary effort this year, especially by the 5 finalists
14:25 It will be difficult to choose among them as they all made significant contributions and were all active in the community.
14:26 Tincho and I are the administrators and are responsible for the final decision
14:26 but I am asking for your feedback
14:27 meeting <JMGarcia-es> It is culminating now?
14:27 <Ignacio`-es> JMGarcia, it finishes today
14:27 <JMGarcia-es> *OK
14:27 walterbender amazing work
14:28 I'll write up a summary and I've asked Sean to help with a press releaae
14:28 sdanielf I think there were few participants, at least for Sugar Labs
14:28 bernie JMGarcia: the participants are still hard at work on #sugar.
14:28 meeting <JMGarcia-es> They see  a lot of tasks!
14:28 walterbender I think we will get continued participation from many
14:29 and much of the work has already landed in our release
14:29 (we have a design meeting this afternoon to look at much of the pending work)
14:30 Anurag <Anurag!~anurag@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:30 walterbender I was pleased to see that .UY didn't completely dominate this year :)
14:30 Ignacio` :P
14:30 walterbender other regions are beginning to catch up
14:31 sdanielf I'm not up-to-date about recent changes. What kind of tasks were done this year by students?
14:31 walterbender one note: we had great participation from the contestants but not much participation from mentors (with a few exceptions, such as Martin and Gonzalo)
14:31 bernie and _*YOU*_
14:31 walterbender sdanielf: some important webservices, eg. Google Drive support
14:32 Ignacio` and putlocker :)
14:32 walterbender lots of sugar core patches, e.g., conversion from gconf to gsettings
14:32 lots of bug fixes
14:32 sdanielf glad to hear that
14:33 walterbender some really cool activity enhancements, such as a pen that can be attached to objects in Physics
14:33 a revamp of Pippy
14:33 some really nice documentation in the form of videos and comic books
14:33 taweili <taweili!~taweili@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:34 gonzalo_odiard_ walterbender, certainly, the level of work is difficult to follow
14:34 walterbender I had a hard time keeping up with it all :)
14:34 gonzalo_odiard_ walterbender, i can imagine that
14:34 walterbender gonzalo_odiard_: if we are accepted next year, we need to make some changes on our end to make it work better with the development process
14:35 but I think we did pretty well, nonetheless
14:35 anyway, any thoughts/comments on the work would be helpful for me in making the final decisions for this year's winners
14:35 One related issue:
14:35 dnarvaez the worst issue has been the lack of response from design team I think
14:35 gonzalo_odiard_ walterbender, yes, i would like to see how make better use of this effort. i hope we don't lost work and all what is possible is integrated
14:36 (with proper review of course)
14:36 dnarvaez and the fact that no one is reviewing
14:36 both general issue with our development process, not gci specific :)
14:36 taweili Sorry to be late. Was on high speed train without network
14:36 gonzalo_odiard_ dnarvaez, we have manuq available again....
14:37 CanoeBerry taweili: your timing is perfect, we're getting to hardware dreams shortly.
14:37 dnarvaez gonzalo_odiard_: right, hopefully that will improve things
14:37 bernie taweili: hello David!
14:37 walterbender yes... he has already gone through some of the design tickets :)
14:37 taweili Cool!
14:37 dnarvaez but everyone should do more reviews really
14:37 walterbender taweili: we;ll be getting to your topic soon
14:37 dnarvaez it's the only way we can hope to grow
14:37 Anurag has quit IRC
14:37 walterbender dnarvaez: mea culpa
14:38 Claudia_ how would the 5 finalist would be selected?
14:38 walterbender more fun to write code than review it :P
14:38 Anurag <Anurag!~anurag@> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:38 dnarvaez walterbender: heh you have done your part doing all the mentoring really :)
14:38 walterbender Claudia_: the top five on the list (by tasked completed) are the finalists
14:38 but we need to choose two from that list
14:38 bernie taweili: the log of this meeting is here: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]eeting/2014-01-06
14:39 Claudia_ walterbender: I see... how can we help?
14:39 walterbender just if you have any opinion about the importance of the work to Sugar Labs, let me know
14:40 meeting <JMGarcia-es> If, arduous task. There is a lot of code there. They have activities also in other branches, or take some alone surroundings?
14:40 walterbender thinks it is all important
14:40 bernie dnarvaez: +1, reviews should get priority over other work because they block developers
14:41 sdanielf +1
14:41 walterbender jose miguel, I don't expect all of you to go through all the tasks, but you may have had some interactions with some of the finalists which would be informative to me
14:41 on a related topic: Bernie observed that we had someone in our IRC channel who was harassing some of the young people in #sugar
14:42 he contacted the freenode admin and has also been giving a heads up to individuals and reminding them about safe behavior on the web
14:42 but please be vigilant
14:42 meeting <JMGarcia-es> I have not had interactions, see recently this. The holidays have me *desconectado. *Sorry!
14:42 walterbender jose miguel... no problem...
14:42 gonzalo_odiard_ walterbender, good point
14:43 walterbender anything else on GCI?
14:43 Thanks to all who helped.
14:43 While we have David here, I'd like to jump to another topic
14:44 #topic hardware
14:44 taweili Hello!
14:44 walterbender We have interest above and beyond OLPC re Sugar-enabled devices
14:44 bernie taweili: could you (quickly) summarize what you're doing and how Sugar Labs can help?
14:44 Claudia_ Thank you walterbender, Martin, gonzalo_odiard_ and everyone involved
14:45 taweili I have been taking to ARM hardware vendors and there are interests to support sugar enabled device.
14:45 Anurag has left #sugar-meeting
14:45 taweili I think an open invitation letter to express intention would be good start.
14:45 walterbender taweili: wonderful
14:46 bernie taweili: could you draft the letter and send it to the board?
14:46 taweili Sure.
14:46 bernie taweili: or work with walter on a draft...
14:47 taweili That would be good.
14:47 CanoeBerry taweili: on the separate server side, a rough "reference platform" as you asked for taking place here:
14:47 walterbender we should take the pulse of the board now and if there is a favorable opinion, I can work with David and the SFC on the exact wording
14:47 CanoeBerry http://lists.laptop.org/piperm[…]/thread.html#7083
14:47 meeting <JMGarcia-es> In which type of devices are thinking?
14:47 taweili I think coming from Walter would be great.
14:48 walterbender jose miguel, there is a Sugar tablet effort underway, but David has some other things in mind as well
14:49 meeting <JMGarcia-es> *Ok.
14:49 walterbender taweili:
14:50 taweili Cool! I think we have several viable server platform.
14:50 CanoeBerry taweili: better link is http://lists.laptop.org/piperm[…]nuary/thread.html
14:50 taweili Radxa being one.
14:50 walterbender taweili: but what about the user side?
14:50 to answer jose miguel's question
14:50 bernie JMGarcia: david li (taweili) is based in Shanghai and has several contacts with hardware manufacturers. We met in Beijing a few months ago and exchanged ideas for new hardware suitable for running Sugar.
14:51 taweili On the user side, we have several solution here as far as boards go.
14:51 walterbender and form-factors?
14:51 meeting <JMGarcia-es> Excellent!
14:51 taweili However, the user space is more complicated because of the need for casing.
14:51 They all fit into a 7" tablet.
14:52 It's what form factors we want to go with.
14:52 walterbender we are getting closer to having decent tablet support
14:53 but we should make it a higher priority in our devel efforts
14:53 taweili Well, a tablet with external keyboard would be good.
14:53 walterbender that we can support pretty much out of the box
14:53 taweili We have the ODM/OEM working for Nabi expressing interest.
14:54 Yup. The next step is to invite them and plan pilot deployment with new hardware.
14:55 sdanielf great
14:55 meeting <JMGarcia-es> +1
14:55 taweili What I also like to see is the availability of GPIO and other external connection out of the new hardware.
14:56 bernie taweili: any plans for netbooks or tablets with detachable keyboards? I feel that good input is essential for some age groups
14:56 taweili: oh you mentioned external keyboards already, never mind
14:56 taweili The keyboards are available on the market in quantity and selection.
14:57 gonzalo_odiard_ taweili, would be good arrange some agreement about quality control, and what resources will they dedicate to have sugar running in the devices
14:57 sdanielf a physical keyboard is very important in a learning device, I think
14:57 taweili For Kano like system, there are several companies including SeeedStudio
14:57 walterbender do we have consensus that I work with David and SFC on a letter of intention to work with hardware vendors?
14:58 taweili They are helping in locating good and inexpensive monitor.
14:58 meeting <JMGarcia-es> If, I share that for a lot of levels the keyboard is key for a good *aprovechamiento of the resources.
14:58 taweili Yes, these companies have been delivering high quality tablets and have full QA team.
14:58 bernie JMGarcia: I agree.
14:59 taweili Yes, I agree keyboard is important!
14:59 meeting <JMGarcia-es> The keyboard differentiates it of a toy.
14:59 gonzalo_odiard_ walterbender, yes, could you send to slobs mailing list when ready for comments?
14:59 CanoeBerry Do the XO-1 kids that always tell us they need a reliable+price touchpad have anything to contribute? Or does rough screen/touch suffice? If we are designing for the developing world, the USB mouse on the kid's knee is not always elegant.
15:00 *reliable+precise
15:01 walterbender gonzalo_odiard_: of course
15:01 gonzalo_odiard_ CanoeBerry, probably touch screen is a more direct input method (and i hope more reliable)
15:01 meeting <JMGarcia-es> Reliable+precise
15:01 gonzalo_odiard_ CanoeBerry, sadly, xo-1 was ahead of that
15:01 bernie CanoeBerry: yup, external mouse is messy
15:01 taweili There are some good touch pan + keyboard combo.
15:01 Claudia_ has quit IRC
15:02 meeting <JMGarcia-es> I think that screen *tactil precise + keyboard is a good combination, without *descartar the *touchpad
15:02 walterbender taweili: let's get together after the meeting to discuss the details of the letter of intention
15:02 taweili Sure.
15:03 bernie taweili: as silly as it may sound at this stage, have you thought of branding? part of OLPC success was due to careful choice of shape, colors, logos and other subtle hints that made the XO stand apart from all other hardware.
15:04 taweili Well, it's up to us. Having to design a new one would take time and costly. Well, maybe need some volume to drive it.
15:04 meeting <JMGarcia-es> In accordance with *bernie. There are a lot of devices that invade the market. And aim to the educational value
15:05 walterbender more with the aim of making money by saying they are educational
15:05 meeting <JMGarcia-es> In addition to the hardware, the *Sugar is in important differential
15:05 <JMGarcia-es> ;)
15:06 satellit_e has quit IRC
15:06 taweili On related topic, have you seen the Afrimakers launched by Hackidemia?
15:06 walterbender no
15:07 bernie JMGarcia: right
15:07 taweili https://www.indiegogo.com/proj[…]0&perk_id=1517949
15:07 https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/afrimakers/
15:08 walterbender we are running short on time...
15:09 do we have other things we need to discuss as a group today?
15:09 taweili I may have to leave in about 10 minutes. Got a few things to attend here.
15:10 CanoeBerry taweili: excellent remind that local (non-china!) assembly generates a LOT of community interest, eg:
15:10 sdanielf has to leave and return to his work too
15:10 CanoeBerry http://haitidreams.org/2014/01[…]-launch-in-haiti/
15:10 satellite_sweets <satellite_sweets!~urk@2601:8:8800:136:191c:42d5:1b0b:20b9> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:10 CanoeBerry http://haitidreams.org/2014/01[…]ms-a-bit-jealous/
15:10 walterbender ok... we should wrap up
15:10 CanoeBerry http://haitidreams.org/2014/01[…]upplies-in-haiti/
15:10 Etc.
15:10 walterbender just to conclude: (1) send contacts to claudia re tech/learning meeting
15:11 (2) send any gci feedback to me
15:11 (3) david and I will draft a letter of intention of Sugar Labs to work with hardware manufacturers
15:12 (4) we'll all be vigilant re our young colleagues
15:12 svineet has left #sugar-meeting
15:12 walterbender and we meet again as a group on the first Monday in February
15:13 bernie terrific
15:13 gonzalo_odiard_ we can send topics for next meeting to the ml
15:13 walterbender gonzalo_odiard_: yes... please
15:13 taweili has quit IRC
15:13 meeting <JMGarcia-es> *Ok
15:13 walterbender OK. thanks all
15:13 and once again, welcome jose miguel
15:13 gonzalo_odiard_ a productive meeting, thanks all!
15:14 meeting <JMGarcia-es> Thank you. Perhaps it can collaborate more with Claudia in the meeting
15:14 sdanielf thanks all for attending this meeting. Really productive.
15:15 meeting <JMGarcia-es> If, very intense and interesting.
15:15 walterbender I'll post the minutes
15:15 ciao
15:15 #end-meeting
15:15 meeting Meeting ended Mon Jan  6 15:15:55 2014 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
15:15 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-06T13:59:33.html
15:15 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]14-01-06T13:59:33
15:15 CanoeBerry taweili: if you have an attractive/preferred example of a practical external keyboard with pan/touchpad included, send a link later!  annoying peripheral knick-knack on the one hand, but defining the overall learning experience on the other hand :)
15:16 sdanielf goodbye!
15:16 sdanielf has quit IRC
15:16 meeting <JMGarcia-es> Goodbye...
15:16 CanoeBerry oops, will message taweili separately; he left
15:16 meeting * JMGarcia-es has left
15:16 Ignacio` Good bye!
15:18 taweili <taweili!~taweili@> has joined #sugar-meeting
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15:22 Claudia_ <Claudia_!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:22 Claudia_ walterbender: I lost connection at 9:57
15:22 taweili has quit IRC
15:22 Claudia_ did I miss something?
15:23 bernie Claudia_: meeting is over, here are the logs: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]14-01-06T13:59:33
15:23 Claudia_ Thanks bernie.. I am in Colombia
15:45 bernie Claudia_: oh que bueno
15:46 Ignacio` :o
15:50 Claudia_ bernie: si.. calorsito!!!
15:57 walterbender Claudia_: it is going to be in the single digits again in Boston :P
15:59 Claudia_ has quit IRC
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16:01 satellit_e <satellit_e!~satellit@2601:8:8800:136:191c:42d5:1b0b:20b9> has joined #sugar-meeting
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16:28 decause_ is now known as decause
16:41 svineet has left #sugar-meeting
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22:02 Ignacio` <Ignacio`!~IgnacioUy@unaffiliated/ignaciouy> has joined #sugar-meeting
22:02 walterbender design meeting time
22:02 is manuq around?
22:03 I guess I am off by 24 hours
22:13 SAMdroid1 <SAMdroid1!~guest@> has joined #sugar-meeting
22:14 SAMdroid1 Has the meeting started?
22:17 Ignacio` SAMdroid1, the meeting is tomorrow
22:17 walterbender I was wrong :P
22:17 SAMdroid1 :) That's ok, I won't be here though
22:19 gonzalo_odiard_ has quit IRC
22:43 SAMdroid1 has quit IRC
23:11 walterbender back in 30 minutes
23:16 walterbender has quit IRC
23:52 gonzalo_odiard_ <gonzalo_odiard_!~gonzalo@> has joined #sugar-meeting
23:57 JT__4sugar <JT__4sugar!~JT@> has joined #sugar-meeting

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