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#sugar-meeting, 2013-12-01

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21:22 Rachel Walter it's Rachel! :D
21:22 Rachel is now known as Guest41083
21:23 Guest41083 Walter?
21:23 It's Rachel :)
21:23 walterbender Guest41083: hi
21:23 Guest41083:
21:23 So, we should make sure we are on the same page
21:24 Guest41083 Okay, what do you mean?
21:24 walterbender Guest41083: the goal is to try to pass judgement on as many of the untriaged tickets as possible
21:24 whether or not they are valid bugs
21:25 and if so, make sure that we have a plan for dealing with them
21:25 Guest41083 how are we going to know if they are not valid or not?
21:25 walterbender there are some experienced sugar developers here, so we should have a good group to work with
21:26 Guest41083 ah okay. so you're saying that I don't necessarily need to know whether they are valid bugs or not?
21:26 walterbender Guest41083: you don't need to know personally
21:27 Cerlyn <Cerlyn!~ALEIN@99-94-164-226.lightspeed.miamfl.sbcglobal.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
21:27 walterbender you should organize our efforts to process these tickets: http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/quer[…]ed&order=priority
21:27 Guest41083 okay. hey, quick question. do you know if there's any way to change my nickname on here? i had one orginally, but the server changed it for me randomly
21:27 walterbender hmm
21:28 try using the /nick command
21:28 but Rachel is probably a reserved name
21:29 Guest41083 ooo
21:29 Guest41083 is now known as mystery828
21:29 mystery828 there we go.
21:30 walterbender mystery828: use #start-meeting
21:30 mystery828 right xD
21:31 #start-meeting
21:31 meeting Meeting started Sun Dec  1 21:31:08 2013 UTC. The chair is mystery828. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
21:31 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
21:31 Quozl <Quozl!~james@> has joined #sugar-meeting
21:31 walterbender mystery828: thanks for organizing this meeting
21:31 Quozl Rachel Finger?
21:32 walterbender good morning Quozl
21:32 mystery828 Yea! are you James?
21:32 Quozl G'day Walter.  Yes, I am James.
21:32 mystery828 Yay hello! :)
21:32 Quozl Sorry for the delay, I was working through e-mail in sequence.  ;-}
21:32 walterbender gonzalo_odiard__: you here too?
21:32 mystery828 It's fine! We really didn't do anything anyway
21:33 The thing is, it's only the three of us, I think. Unless if anyone else is going to respond...
21:33 walterbender well, let's see how much we can get done
21:33 Quozl I'm worried that the meeting is small.  But yes, we can at least get something done.
21:34 Ignacio What is this meeting?
21:34 Quozl (I have a time limit, a guest arriving in two hours)
21:34 mystery828 Hey, I tried my best to get everyone. :( Everyone just kinda regarded it as spam though.
21:34 walterbender mystery828: yes. unfortunate.
21:34 mystery828 oh yay! another person!
21:34 Quozl Ignacio: triage bug, per mailing list.
21:34 s/bug/bugs
21:34 mystery828 thanks Quozl
21:34 Ignacio Quozl, oh the poll (spam accidently..)
21:34 walterbender well, how should we organize ourselves?
21:35 Quozl a possible method is to (a) decide on what triaged means, (b) assess how many bugs are in the untriaged category, (c) decide on triage process, (d) apply the process.
21:35 walterbender Quozl: sounds good
21:36 mystery828 I like that too
21:36 Quozl re: (a).  the bugs.sugarlabs.org page has a link untriaged, which is to a report where bug status is unconfirmed, component is sugar.
21:36 re: (b).  if we use the above definition, there are 192.
21:36 walterbender +1
21:37 ChristoferR_ <ChristoferR_!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
21:37 ChristoferR_ is now known as ChristoferR
21:37 walterbender re (c), I think we want to try to confirm validity
21:37 hopefully we'll eliminate a few
21:37 Quozl re: (c).  i agree, confirm validity.  i propose a process is to talk through the high priority tickets first; five of them.
21:38 (this talk through will get us an idea of how to proceed with the lower priority tickets).
21:38 walterbender yes... let's go highest priority to lowest, but most have no proirotiy set :P
21:38 mystery828 ohh I see
21:38 but there are some that are already "accepted" or "assigned"
21:38 Quozl err, yes, you're right.  no priority.
21:39 err, yes, some accepted or assigned may simply not have had their bug status properly set.
21:39 walterbender mystery828: the ones that assigned just means that someone assumed that there was a responsible maintainer
21:39 mystery828 what do you mean?
21:39 ohhh
21:40 but there may not be one
21:40 Quozl sometimes the assigned person might not feel committed to the bug.
21:40 i alter my proposal.  review the first five high priority, then work on prioritising the ones without a priority.
21:41 mystery828 hmm, well let's take all the bugs into consideration for now. and actually I think that's a bit better.
21:42 walterbender ok... shall we begin?
21:42 Quozl looks at walterbender expectantly
21:42 mystery828 haha I say so
21:42 Quozl sure.
21:42 #4060
21:42 (you open up the bug and have a quick read).
21:42 walterbender 4060 seems to be verified... some work done
21:42 should aim for 102?
21:43 Quozl yes, i agree, set milestone to 102, set bug status to new.
21:44 (there's no bug status for "some work was done but no assigned maintainer at the moment", so "new" is the best.)
21:44 mystery828: what do you think of #4060?
21:44 (you can say you are not sure.)
21:45 mystery828 oh okay good
21:45 because i honestly have no idea xD
21:45 Quozl you will learn.
21:46 mystery828 *hoping I don't look like a fool*
21:46 Quozl if you are puzzled as to why we decided, ask.
21:46 mystery828 what is a 102 anyway?
21:46 Cerlyn Is the patch for 4060 in Sugar or GTK3?
21:46 Quozl this task is also about you learning the process.
21:46 Cerlyn if that's a GTK3 patch maybe it's already been fixed
21:47 mystery828 wait, you know about the Google Code-In task?
21:47 Quozl Cerlyn: can't tell, we could leave that to developer.
21:47 mystery828: no.
21:47 mystery828: i mean about triage generally.
21:47 mystery828 oh xD haha
21:47 walterbender #4170, pretty much the same deal
21:47 Quozl mystery828: 102 is shorthand for a sugar version number.
21:47 mystery828 Quozl: didn't mean to jump to conclusions there, whoops
21:47 walterbender but a low priority
21:48 proposes new, 102, low priority for #4170
21:48 Quozl i shall adjust #4060 per our decision.
21:48 mystery828 yea, the owner even says in one of the comments that it doesn't hinder actual scrolling
21:49 walterbender actually, I just tested and I think it is fixed
21:51 marking #4170 as fixed
21:51 Quozl okay, #4204 is next.
21:51 walterbender will test #4204 on my XO 4
21:51 mystery828 okay. does it have something to do with a touch screen?
21:52 walterbender mystery828: yes
21:52 mystery828 ah, then there's no way i would be able to test it on any computer i have
21:52 walterbender the OSK (on screen keyboard) only appears when the laptop is using touch
21:52 mystery828 OH THAT'S WHAT IT STANDS FOR xD
21:53 Quozl i confirm #4170 is fixed.
21:53 mystery828 but in all seriousness, for #4204, even though the behavior is not what is expected, does it really hinder anything?
21:54 walterbender no
21:54 I think we mark it as new, low priority
21:54 mystery828 that's what i thought. so maybe it should be a low priority?
21:54 yea!
21:54 Quozl i confirm #4204 still occurs.
21:55 i agree new, low priority.
21:55 walterbender testing #4336
21:56 Quozl mystery828: do you want to make the #4204 change?
21:56 walterbender already changed it...
21:56 Quozl (i wish i knew why dnarvaez changed it from new to unconfirmed.)
21:57 mystery828 heehee
21:57 walterbender maybe mystery828 can update #4336
21:57 mystery828 and I can make changes? how?
21:57 Cerlyn Quozl: I believe he did a mass update at one point
21:57 Quozl mystery828: you have an account and logged in?
21:58 mystery828 oh, um, no?
21:58 ooh i could make one though
21:58 Quozl mystery828: yes, make one.
21:58 walterbender anyone know how touch feedback works?
21:58 Quozl mystery828: the bug tracking system doesn't allow changes unless user is logged in.
21:58 mystery828 somewhat brb! but my input on 4336 is that it should either be a normal or low priority
21:59 Quozl walterbender: i don't yet understand the bug.  maybe press and hold?
21:59 walterbender I think I can confirm the validity, but yes, very low priority
21:59 there is a new bug though: the snapshot for the bookmark has the OSK super imposed
22:00 files a ticket
22:00 mystery828 Quozl: I think what it's saying is that if the owner presses the home button/key thing, it doesn't go to the home screen thing unless the owner presses on the button for along time
22:01 Quozl: you don't have any touch devices (iPod/iPhone, tablet), do you?
22:01 Quozl mystery828: no, i don't.
22:02 is the feedback the highlight of the button as a result of pressing it?
22:02 walterbender Quozl: yes
22:02 but some buttons flash, others don't
22:02 Quozl i think this is caused by lack of graphics queue flush.
22:02 walterbender maybe something about the icon design?
22:03 Quozl like i reproduce non-flash of home button on short touch, but not on long touch.
22:03 the difference between a short touch and a long touch is that for a short touch there is a huge burst of graphics actions immediately after.
22:04 so i say new, low priority.
22:04 but we digress, we should move on.
22:06 mystery828 oh right, so I should make the change to 4336
22:06 Quozl mystery828: you have logged in with account?
22:06 mystery828 yea! :)
22:06 Quozl mystery828: yes, try it.
22:06 (if you do it at the same time someone else does it, either you or the other person gets a message saying the ticket was changed since you loaded the page).
22:07 (meeting can be made to go faster if one person has job of changing tickets).
22:07 walterbender just created a new ticket (for Browse) #4665
22:07 Quozl i look at #4637.
22:08 Cerlyn 4637 sounds familiar but I don't know what version of Sugar the reporter used
22:08 Quozl i suspect milestone field was used by mistake.
22:08 mystery828 wait, did I modify it?
22:08 (#4336)
22:09 walterbender I can confirm this, but need to check again on recent builds
22:09 Quozl #4637, as it is only a log artefact, i suggest low priority, new.
22:10 mystery828: #4336 has been modified only partly, please also change bug status to new.
22:12 mystery828 it's already new though...?
22:12 walterbender mystery828: new vs unconfirmed vs invalid etc
22:12 mystery828 duh, whoops!
22:13 yea yea I was looking at the wrong thing
22:13 Quozl mystery828: bug status is a different database field.
22:13 (the other field is ticket status).
22:13 mystery828 ooh okay thanks guys!
22:13 Quozl (it is the action section of the page that controls the ticket status field).
22:14 back in a minute.
22:15 mystery828 okay
22:15 walterbender: i'm looking at the bugs that are "new" instead of "unconfirmed", and i'm confused
22:15 i thought #4060 and #4204 were also low priority, but it says that they're high priority
22:16 walterbender mystery828: you should be looking at bug status Unconfirmed
22:17 mystery828 i know but i was just making sure... oh okay fine I'll go back
22:17 Quozl #4637, i suggest low priority, new.
22:17 mystery828 ah yea sorry, on it!
22:18 walterbender mystery828: if you update the query, you'll see the priority updated
22:18 Quozl walterbender: do you agree on #4637?
22:18 walterbender Quozl: yes... low priorityu
22:18 but disturbing
22:18 something weird going on
22:18 there is a related bug (
22:19 (I'll try to find it)
22:19 but they both may be fixed in the latest buid
22:19 mystery828 okay! so now what, are we going to work on the unprioritized ones?
22:19 walterbender but I need to grab a second machine to test with
22:19 Quozl once #4637 is updated, i propose we consider time, how long we want to go on for, and then work on the unprioritised ones.
22:20 mystery828 ah, well Quozl, you have a time limit, yes?
22:20 Quozl ... and try to do them a bit faster without testing every bug.  ;-)
22:20 mystery828 and i mean i have to eat dinner soon too :(
22:20 Quozl yes, roughly one hour left for me.
22:20 Cerlyn (walterbender: You're likely thinking of #3888)
22:20 walterbender yeah... we can move faster... just wanted to test the high priority ones
22:20 mystery828 that makes sense
22:21 okay, so onto the unprioritized ones!
22:21 Quozl #634
22:21 (is it worth starting from the bottom or the top?)
22:21 Cerlyn the older it is, the more likely it is to be no longer valid
22:22 mystery828 so then, the bottom?
22:23 walterbender #4660 is the result of a GCI task
22:23 it is valid
22:24 mystery828 AHAHAHAHA
22:24 google code-in
22:24 Quozl #634, low priority, new.  i propose.  i have tested.  i shall update.  i agree, latest tickets first are more useful for this meeting.  switching to #4660.
22:24 walterbender #4657 is valid but I think we don't have any good way of fixing it
22:24 #4657 I would mark as won't fix
22:25 mystery828 okay, so leave #4657 as it is?
22:25 in other news, I'm not exactly sure what #4654 is talking about
22:26 walterbender I think we close it as won't fix
22:26 Yeah. I need to dig up the email I sent to Gonzalo
22:26 but right now, I'd close with needs more info
22:27 mystery828 you're talking about #4657 or #4654?
22:28 walterbender I'd close both, but for different reasons
22:29 #4657 -- won't fix
22:29 mystery828 close meaning "resolve as fixed"?
22:29 walterbender #4654 -- need more info
22:29 resolve as won't fix
22:29 mystery828 ooh, for both of them?
22:29 Quozl #4657, i propose using a generic icon, but i accept won
22:29 #4657, i propose using a generic icon, but i accept your proposal of won't fix.
22:30 walterbender Quozl: that is an interesting idea
22:30 but low priority
22:30 could be a good GCI task
22:30 Quozl i agree low priority.  software update is rarely used, and dissonance short lived.
22:31 walterbender #4646 is real... and hard... and serious
22:32 mystery828 walterbender: did I modify #4654 right?
22:33 walterbender checks
22:33 re #4458, need more info
22:34 mystery828 hm?
22:35 and what was decided for #4657?
22:35 ChristoferR has left #sugar-meeting
22:35 walterbender #4646 needs more info
22:35 sorry
22:35 #4654 should be needs more info
22:36 mystery828 ah, that's what i thought. and what about the priority for #4646?
22:36 Quozl i have updated #4646 with my thoughts.
22:36 i've chosen high.
22:36 walterbender good
22:37 mystery828 oh okay
22:37 Quozl mystery828: my work focus is mainly on the underlying operating system on the XO, so I felt I could ignore the meeting on #4646, sorry.  ;-)
22:38 walterbender #4458, we need to make it as need more info
22:40 #4452 may be related to #4637
22:40 CanoeBerry has quit IRC
22:41 CanoeBerry <CanoeBerry!~CanoeBerr@pool-96-250-197-11.nycmny.fios.verizon.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
22:42 Quozl #4458, i agree, more info, i propose normal priority.
22:43 #4458, i have set normal priority.
22:43 mystery828 wait, i thought i did!
22:44 walterbender #4449 is confirmed.. should be 102 and normal priority
22:44 Quozl #4452, i have set normal priority.
22:45 (we are down to 182)
22:45 walterbender #4445 is confirmed
22:46 I think it is pretty serious as the AboutMe won't work in Portrait mode
22:46 mystery828 hm yea
22:46 wait, did we skip a few of the tickets though?
22:46 Quozl #4445 i agree, high priority.
22:46 we might have, we haven't done lock step mode.
22:47 mystery828 any other changes to #4445?
22:47 Quozl (a lock step triage is where we aren't allowed to talk about the next ticket until we have finished a decision on the current ticket).
22:47 mystery828 ooh, i think that's what we should do xD
22:47 walterbender mystery828: I think that is all for #4445
22:48 Quozl i think we agree #4445 bug status new, priority high.
22:48 walterbender #4437 seems low priorriy, new
22:48 Quozl #4437 i agree, low priority, new.  (i had this sort of problem with the swap activity).
22:50 physiological break, back in five minutes, sorry.
22:50 walterbender #4432 needs updating... both the examples are obsolete.
22:50 mystery828 okay
22:51 walterbender: they're obsolete? meaning?
22:51 walterbender meaning that Turtle and Physics don't generate overflow palettes so the overflow button doesn't appear
22:52 I need to find a new activity to test
22:52 but I suspect the problem is GTK 2 activities... which we won't fix
22:52 I'll write something up for this ticket
22:55 Quozl i am back.
22:55 walterbender #4417, I think is invalid, at least for the current version of Paint
22:56 tested on Paint 62 and the text palette is not overside
22:56 so we should close as invalid
22:57 Quozl #4417, i agree, close as invalid.
22:57 walterbender #4412 we should assign to 102, new, low
22:58 tch__ <tch__!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
22:59 Quozl #4412, i agree, milestone 102, bug status new, priority low.
22:59 mystery828 okay, i'm on both of those
23:00 walterbender looking at #4397 ... I think it may have landed
23:00 actually, it hasn't
23:00 should be marked as new
23:00 and normal priority?
23:01 Quozl #4397, i agree, bug status new, priority normal.
23:02 walterbender #4393 Cerlyn have any updates?
23:03 Cerlyn walterbender: No
23:04 I haven't looked at it since though
23:04 mystery828 hmm, maybe normal or low priority?
23:04 Cerlyn 4393 would be low if it still exists since WEP is being phased out
23:05 mystery828 ooh okay, so low priority. everyone agree?
23:05 walterbender yes
23:06 mystery828 anything else? (like change bug status to new?)
23:06 Quozl yes, low.
23:07 yes, change bug status to new.
23:07 walterbender #4387 seems like an enhancement, not a bug
23:07 and it seems to be in play
23:07 so maybe set them to enhancement, new, normal, 102?
23:08 Quozl i agree, #4387.
23:08 mystery828 okay, on it
23:09 is the next one #4369?
23:09 walterbender yes
23:09 another one for Cerlyn
23:10 was just reading it
23:10 mystery828 ah
23:10 hey, just letting you know, i'm most likely eating dinner soon, like within 20-30 minutes?
23:11 walterbender #4329 seems nasty
23:11 Cerlyn per comment 18 4369 was fixed pending upstream
23:11 mystery828 (i hope! xD)
23:11 walterbender mystery828: yes... I think we should schedule another meeting again soon
23:12 mystery828 soon meaning later tonight, or in the near future?
23:12 walterbender near future :
23:13 Quozl #4369 i propose bug status needinfo, to find out if the fix made it in.
23:15 walterbender Quozl: agreed
23:16 Quozl i propose another meeting tomorrow same time, or next day.
23:17 walterbender Quozl: I could do Tuesday/Wednesday, but not tomorrow :P
23:17 mystery828: wanna call it a wrap (#end-meeting)
23:17 mystery828 i can't do Tuesday at all
23:17 maybe Wednesday?
23:17 Quozl it is monday now, for me.  ;-)
23:17 mystery828 oh wait REALLY?
23:17 Quozl please describe in delta time form.
23:17 walterbender wed. won't work for me :)
23:18 Quozl mystery828: google international date line.
23:18 mystery828 wait if i end the meeting we can still chat no?
23:18 walterbender thurs/fri works
23:18 mystery828: yes
23:18 mystery828 i say let's wait until the weekend
23:18 Quozl yes, we can still chat.  won't be in the log.
23:18 mystery828 #end-meeting
23:18 meeting Meeting ended Sun Dec  1 23:18:37 2013 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
23:18 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-01T21:31:08.html
23:18 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]13-12-01T21:31:08
23:18 Quozl same time next week then?
23:19 mystery828 hopefully!
23:19 walterbender thanks all
23:20 mystery828 yea, thank you everyone! we did a lot
23:21 walterbender mystery828: can you upload the link to the log to GCI? then you can mark the task as ready for review
23:21 mystery828 oh yea, okay i'll do that now
23:22 Quozl we are down to 173 matches in the custom query for unconfirmed.
23:22 mystery828 walterbender: http://www.google-melange.com/[…]/4958634769383424
23:22 Quozl: we were at what, 192 before?
23:22 hey, that's not bad for three people
23:23 walterbender mystery828: you need to upload to that link
23:23 mystery828 walterbender: how do i mark the task as ready for review?
23:23 satellit_f20 has quit IRC
23:23 mystery828 wait what?
23:23 OH
23:23 DUH i misunderstood
23:23 sorry!
23:24 boom! it's there :D
23:27 walterbender and it is marked as complete
23:27 mystery828 YAAAY! walter, thank you so much! you've really helped me a lot (even though most of it I could have done on my own xD)
23:33 mystery828 has quit IRC
23:39 CanoeBerry_ <CanoeBerry_!~CanoeBerr@pool-96-250-197-11.nycmny.fios.verizon.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
23:40 CanoeBerry has quit IRC

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