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#sugar-meeting, 2013-09-12

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16:51 callkalpa hi gonzalo_odiard_
16:51 gonzalo_odiard_ hello!
16:52 how are you?
16:53 callkalpa doing fine thanks. Exams are also in progress and will be over on 30th. So kinda concentrated in studies these days :-)
16:53 Hope you also are doing well :-)
16:55 gonzalo_odiard_ all right, just busy
16:55 let see
16:55 your project is near end
16:56 i want be sure we have all the pieces needed
16:56 and ready to be included in sugar in the next cycle
16:56 and probably release a new version of Help activity soon
16:56 ok?
16:57 callkalpa sure
16:59 Releasing a new version of Help should be possible even without waiting for the next release cycle of suger
16:59 *sugar
16:59 gonzalo_odiard_ yes
17:00 i would like to have a single script to update content, and generate html in a given language (or a list of translated languages)
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17:01 gonzalo_odiard_ let me see how is the translation state
17:01 did you tried with a particular language?
17:02 callkalpa yes l10n_script.sh script does it
17:03 yes I tried with Sinhala for Read activity
17:04 gonzalo_odiard_ we should organize a contest to see who finish the translation first, Spanish or Sinhala :)
17:04 callkalpa :-)
17:04 that's a good idea
17:05 we organized a l10n marathon (translation for 24 hours) for Sinhala in OpenOffice some time ago
17:05 gonzalo_odiard_ hmm, pootle user is not in the git repo :(
17:06 added
17:06 later, try translate something in pootle, and we can see if is updated in the repo
17:07 let me check the logs
17:07 callkalpa you mean in the Help Activity repo?
17:08 what I did was I downloaded the po files from pootle, created the html files with that translated content and used that html files to view the help content
17:08 gonzalo_odiard_ no, in the help_activity_content repo
17:08 how downloaded the po files?
17:09 callkalpa so if I get it correctly, if we change someting in the help_content_repo it should be updated in repo, am I correct?
17:09 from pootle, the po files can be downloaded
17:09 http://translate.sugarlabs.org[…]cts/help_content/
17:10 gonzalo_odiard_ in the normal case (python activities), pootle get the sources from git
17:10 run a script to generate the .pot file
17:10 and when the translators change something, generate the .po files
17:10 and push to git
17:11 then, the developer get the translations updated
17:11 for us, that is not so easy, because we need generate the .po file by hand
17:12 callkalpa po in the sense translated html files, right?
17:12 gonzalo_odiard_ sorry, the .pot file
17:12 is that procedure documented in the wiki?
17:12 callkalpa nope, I'll update it
17:13 it uses the sphinx i18n tools
17:13 so in our case when the content is changed we have to manually generate the pot files and coordinate with chris to get them updated in pootle
17:14 gonzalo_odiard_ yes, that is bad
17:15 callkalpa yes chris mentioned about this. as the initial step it was ok to ask chris update the content. But I discussed with chris to implement the system you just mentioned
17:16 that is the developer push the new pot files to repo and from there pootle will grab the files and update
17:16 gonzalo_odiard_ great
17:17 callkalpa I hope that would be the one you have in your mind as well
17:18 gonzalo_odiard_ what sources are you finally using, .rst or markdown?
17:20 rst, right?
17:20 what you think about this:
17:20 1) we move the source files to the help activity
17:21 callkalpa yeah it is rst
17:21 gonzalo_odiard_ 2) create a script to create the .pot files, and push to git
17:21 callkalpa yeah that's better
17:21 gonzalo_odiard_ 3) later we can get the .po files from pootle using git
17:22 4) create a script to generate the html files, and release a activity
17:22 callkalpa since the latest help content will be shipped with a new release of Help Activity, it is not a problem to have the content also in the Activity repo
17:22 gonzalo_odiard_ this last script can have a language as parameter
17:23 i suppose the .rst files will not be so big, compared to the images
17:24 callkalpa the current l10n_script.sh script get the language as the input and generate appropriate html files
17:24 gonzalo_odiard_ igreat
17:24 i already did custom setup script for wikipedia
17:25 ahhh, we already said we will include html for the different languages, right?
17:25 callkalpa releasing an activity, is it just creating a tarball and uploading it or is it any other method, I am not familiar with the process
17:25 yeah
17:26 different languages will have different html files, but all of them will share the same images
17:26 we are not shipping the rst files
17:26 gonzalo_odiard_ is create the .xo, and publish in aslo, and the tarball and upload to a sugarlabs server
17:26 ok
17:27 callkalpa so that can be done manually, or we can write a simple script for that as well if it is necessary
17:27 gonzalo_odiard_ there are a script, but usually i do it manually
17:28 we can modify the script
17:28 callkalpa great
17:28 gonzalo_odiard_ question, the last content is in https://git.sugarlabs.org/help[…]-content/mainline, right?
17:29 callkalpa yes
17:30 gonzalo_odiard_ ok, i see rst and markdown files there, i suppose can ignore the markdown
17:31 callkalpa yep
17:31 gonzalo_odiard_ another question
17:31 callkalpa that was because of the initial commit when we were about to do it with mallard
17:32 gonzalo_odiard_ what about the links to the images?
17:32 callkalpa they are modified accordingly by the l10n_script.sh script
17:33 gonzalo_odiard_ if we will have content in different languages, and all will point to the same images, we will need have a directory by language
17:33 and outside a directory with the images
17:33 callkalpa yeah it is already there
17:33 gonzalo_odiard_ the links will be ../images/image_name.png ?
17:33 callkalpa yes
17:34 https://git.sugarlabs.org/help[…]ees/activity_help
17:34 this is the new directory structure
17:34 inside help directory will be the help content
17:35 gonzalo_odiard_ and the links should not be in the same way in the .rst files?
17:35 https://git.sugarlabs.org/help[…]source/browse.rst
17:35 i see images/image_name.png
17:36 callkalpa nope there is no modification to the rst source. The l10n_script will generate the html files and images in the same way it has been and grab the images directory out. It will do a sed on each html file and modify the image path
17:37 gonzalo_odiard_ hmmm
17:37 i don't like it
17:38 if we do the sed in the .rst files, we will not need that process
17:39 callkalpa I'll give it a try
17:39 gonzalo_odiard_ great
17:40 if you do that, tell me, and I can include all the .rst files in Help activity
17:41 callkalpa sure
17:41 gonzalo_odiard_ and we can see the scripts, and talk with cjl to work in the l10n
17:41 do you agree?
17:42 callkalpa sure
17:42 gonzalo_odiard_ anything else i am missing?
17:43 callkalpa one more thing
17:44 will it be ok that I look into these issue after 30th, I know that the deadline for gsoc is before that.
17:45 I'll try my best to complete the suggestions before the deadline
17:45 gonzalo_odiard_ yeah, i trust you are committed to the project
17:45 i want release a activity version soon after that
17:46 and be sure the changes in sure are accepted as soon as the 0.102 cycle is opened
17:46 callkalpa yes I am, the thing is since I am having exams I better concentrate on the exams, soon after it finished I'll complete the suggestions
17:47 gonzalo_odiard_ no problem
17:47 callkalpa changes in sugar, is that so? I'll keep an eye :-)
17:47 Thanks a lot
17:49 are we done here for today ?
17:57 gonzalo_odiard_ yes, i think so
17:58 callkalpa great. I'll keep you posted about the progress these days (as time permits)
17:58 Thanks
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22:26 cjl_ reads back scroll between gonzalo_odiard_ and callpalka
22:27 heads out for pizza
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