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#sugar-meeting, 2013-08-14

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15:40 tch__ <tch__!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:55 tch__ ClaudiaU: hola!
15:56 iamaregee2 tch__ : hello :)
15:56 ClaudiaU hello
15:56 I am finishing a meeting.. be back in 5
15:57 tch__ iamaregee2: Hola Rahul!
15:57 ClaudiaU: ok
15:58 iamaregee2 tch__ : I have been playing with Angularjs for a while now
15:59 tch__ iamaregee2: is it good? :)
15:59 iamaregee2 it seems very flexible and functional to me
15:59 gonzalo_odiard_ <gonzalo_odiard_!~gonzalo@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:59 tch__ iamaregee2: great, have you tried to consuming your API?
16:00 iamaregee2 actually I tried that , but I am having some problems making request to server URL
16:01 but , what I did was to copy the JSON data to a file
16:01 and use that file with Angularjs Webapp to get an overview of how things work
16:02 I will figure it out and eventually
16:02 I will try to push the code to the GitHub
16:02 tch__ iamaregee2: ok!
16:03 iamaregee2: let me know when there is something I could test :)
16:03 iamaregee2 sure , by the weekend maybe
16:04 tch__ iamaregee2: great,
16:04 iamaregee2 I am taking the following approach , developing a plain HTML formatted app (No styling at all for now)
16:04 first thing is Login functionality ..
16:04 and Sign Up
16:04 way we sign up with api and get api_key
16:04 second this is
16:05 Profiles
16:05 these are my targets for this week
16:05 ClaudiaU hello
16:05 i am here now
16:06 iamaregee2 Claudia: hello :)
16:06 tch__ iamaregee2: sounds good
16:06 ClaudiaU: lets begin :)
16:06 ClaudiaU ok
16:07 iamaregee2: what is the status of the UI?
16:07 iamaregee2 I have started with developing a plain HTML formatted Web Interface
16:07 for now
16:08 ClaudiaU ok
16:08 iamaregee2 Once the applications is more functional and stable
16:08 I will add the Styling and Fonts etcs
16:09 New college session is about to start so I have been little occupied with organizing for that .
16:09 But I am dedicating more time now :)
16:09 ClaudiaU what about the idea of having the designer work on a version of the UI?
16:10 iamaregee2 Yes , certainly if that's possible it could be of great help
16:11 I have couple of friends who are Designers too , but there has been conflict of timing with them
16:11 Or  maybe what I was thinking
16:12 maybe we can just get feedback or reviews from designers
16:13 ClaudiaU not sure that is effectve
16:14 getting feedback on a design is not the same as getting feedback from people on the writing...
16:14 you don't want to get in the middle of people giving you different kinds of feedback
16:14 iamaregee2 Having a design layout to follow would be really helpful if that's a possibility
16:15 There would be one less thing to think about in the morning :)
16:15 ClaudiaU tch__ and I were thinking the same thing when we asked you...
16:16 tch__ ClaudiaU, iamaregee2: I think we need to define 3 important things for now, 1) is iamaregee2 getting a design, 2) when, and 3) what to do in the meanwhile
16:16 ClaudiaU the question right now.. what do we give the designer so she can help us
16:16 iamaregee2 I am designing the Login and Sign up
16:17 so We need a Login & Sign Up page
16:17 ClaudiaU what do you mean by you are designing?
16:18 iamaregee2 sorry I mean the Programming part
16:18 ClaudiaU ok
16:18 1) it seems like the answer is yes
16:18 iamaregee2 its is represented in plain HTML and can be adapted to any kind of style
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16:19 iamaregee2 second thing would be a Profile (which includes all the user projects and likes )
16:19 ClaudiaU iamaregee2: i think we need to present the designer the whole project, so she can help us design the concept and the different pages
16:19 iamaregee2 yes , that would be even better
16:19 ClaudiaU for example...
16:19 iamaregee2 we need a profile page
16:20 hold on
16:20 https://diy.org/darkwingmist
16:20 something along the lines of this
16:21 actually this page defines pretty much what we want to represent with our Project
16:22 it has  User Handle , about_me  , Projects , Likes , Follower/ Followee relationship
16:22 tch__ iamaregee2: the designer is definitely going to need a formal definition of each view and the navigation between views
16:23 ClaudiaU iamaregee2: that is the project I sent you a few weeks back?
16:23 tch__ iamaregee2: then, the specific elements that compose each view
16:23 iamaregee2 ClaudiaU : yes
16:23 ClaudiaU I think it is good for inspiration, but we need to send the informaiton of what you have done...
16:24 she may end up designing something that may not fit what you have programmed so far
16:26 tch__ ClaudiaU: what about asking the designer what he/she would need? I would insist on having a simple list of each and its elements just to start with..
16:26 s/each/each view/g
16:27 iamaregee2: think you can start by that? on a functional level
16:27 iamaregee2 I hope so
16:28 ClaudiaU description of the project, modules included (mainpage, log in, sign up, etc), information in each of those modules...
16:29 and some inspirational projects such as DIY
16:29 visually, showing what type of informations gets displayed may be useful....
16:30 to give you an example.. we gave the designer the task of creating a Turtle Art day website for the event we are organizing in October
16:30 tch__ ClaudiaU: +1
16:30 ClaudiaU she needed to know what Turtle Art is
16:30 and she created this..
16:31 I will send you the link on email
16:31 as the page is under development and hosted by the programmer
16:31 tch__ ClaudiaU, iamaregee2: so, we agree that that we need this kind of description for the website, its pages and what to be displayed on each page right? :)
16:32 ClaudiaU I just sent you the emaik
16:32 iamaregee2 So I assume  If I can provide a plain visual representation of all the data we need to display , that would be helpful
16:32 ClaudiaU yes
16:33 iamaregee2 Do you need this in form of Diagram or a flow chart kind of thing might do
16:33 ?
16:34 ClaudiaU in addition to the list I just gave you... I would say a navegation map of the project  with that plain list of information would be useful
16:34 flow chart would be fine
16:34 tch__ iamaregee2: navigation information is also important
16:35 iamaregee2 Okay , I will work on it tonight and send you an email so that you guys can review it
16:35 ClaudiaU please
16:35 tch__ iamaregee2: +1
16:35 ClaudiaU you should have that informaiton on the documentation of the project...
16:36 you probably need to organize it
16:36 did you see the page I sent you?
16:36 iamaregee2 I will add it to documentation and Wiki
16:36 Yes , I am seeing it
16:36 ClaudiaU the designer took some of the elements of TA for inspiration...
16:36 tch__ iamaregee2: Wiki should work fine
16:37 ClaudiaU we just need to provide somehow that inspiration...
16:37 Type of objects that will be shared...
16:37 DIY..
16:39 iamaregee2: I will be waiting for your informaiton
16:39 thanks
16:40 iamaregee2 ClaudiaU : I am working on it , hopefully in an hour or two
16:40 hope that would be fine
16:41 ClaudiaU ok
16:41 iamaregee2 tch__ : any tool or software I can use for making such visual representations ?
16:41 ClaudiaU let's us know
16:41 iamaregee2 I will :)
16:45 tch__ iamaregee2: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-[…]fox/addon/pencil/
16:46 iamaregee2: or any other, remember showing the views and elements to display is what it should matter
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