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#sugar-meeting, 2013-08-09

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17:02 walterbender hello all
17:02 #start-meeting
17:02 meeting Meeting started Fri Aug  9 17:02:11 2013 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
17:02 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
17:02 walterbender who'd like to get us started this week?
17:03 boredomist: ?
17:03 boredomist Sure, I'll start
17:03 So this week, I put a lot of time into working on the translate activity, which you can find here: https://github.com/boredomist/translate-activity
17:04 It's still pretty rough, but it is now functional
17:05 I need to get some feedback regarding the interface (which I think is pretty ugly), and how I can make it more similar to other activities
17:05 I also wrote some more documentation for the server, which is here: http://boredomist.github.io/translate/index.html
17:05 Again, also rough, and needs a ton of editing, but the base is there
17:06 walterbender looks
17:06 boredomist Besides that, added some convenience functions to the client, and fixed a couple issues I noticed while implementing the avtivity
17:07 walterbender we should make sure Kalpa gets your docs into his help system
17:07 boredomist What's Kalpa's irc nick?
17:08 walterbender boredomist: I am cloning your activity... I'll give you feedback later today
17:08 callkalpa
17:08 boredomist walterbender: thanks. I forgot to update the requirements, so you'll have to install 'babel' as well
17:08 walterbender he should be here...
17:08 callkalpa <callkalpa!~kalpa@> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:08 walterbender boredomist: will do
17:09 callkalpa: boredomist has some documentation for you
17:09 boredomist Well, will have some documentation
17:09 callkalpa good
17:09 boredomist unless you think the WIP docs should be included
17:09 walterbender callkalpa: maybe you can give an update and repeat your request to the group?
17:10 callkalpa walterbender, sure I will
17:10 boredomist, would you please forward me the docs
17:10 walterbender http://boredomist.github.io/translate/index.html
17:11 boredomist The sources are here: https://github.com/boredomist/[…]/tree/master/docs
17:11 callkalpa I will have a look, thanks
17:12 walterbender callkalpa: what else is up?
17:13 callkalpa nothing much for this week, I was reviewing the current content and doing necessary modifications
17:13 btw boredomist this doc is about setting up a translation instance, isn't it
17:14 boredomist yeah
17:14 walterbender but he also has a translation activity
17:14 callkalpa I thought to send the pot files to Chris, so that he can add it directly yo pootle
17:15 boredomist That's a good idea, thanks
17:15 callkalpa anyway thanks boredomist for your concern
17:16 I think it is better that the help content is also in pootle, so that all the stuff for translations in sugar are in one place
17:16 translation activity, could you please tell more about it?
17:17 boredomist callkalpa: Well it's just a simple activity that does machine translation using https://github.com/boredomist/translate
17:18 Source for it is here: https://github.com/boredomist/translate-activity
17:19 Not too pretty, but this is what it currently looks like: http://i.imgur.com/hFSWmTk.png
17:20 callkalpa that's great I'll check that out. btw, do you see any relevance (or a way it can help) of the activity to translating the help content?
17:20 You may have some idea that I don't see, that's why I am asking :-)
17:20 boredomist It could feasibly be used as a fallback if no human translation is available
17:21 but machine translation does have a tendency to be a bit off, so I'm not sure
17:21 walterbender anyway, callkalpa put out a call for documentation, so if you have documentation, please send it his way
17:22 callkalpa well that's a great idea. Once we are done with this method, we can check how it would look like to have machine translation
17:23 walterbender more updates?
17:23 axitkhurana: ?
17:23 axitkhurana sure.
17:23 callkalpa meantime if you can review the current help content (or write new content as well) that is highly appreciated
17:23 axitkhurana I asked Manuel's help with the artwork and tried to incorporate his suggestions.
17:24 gonzalo_odiard_ boredomist, should be a good help for pootle
17:24 axitkhurana here's how it looks now: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]leScreenshot4.jpg
17:24 walterbender axitkhurana: hope he had good suggestions :)
17:25 axitkhurana Very useful
17:25 gonzalo_odiard_ axitkhurana, why the cloud inside the cloud? :)
17:25 axitkhurana gonzalo_odiard_: That's just the icon of the webservice, for my mock-service, i chose the cloud :)
17:26 walterbender's facebook webservice would display an 'f' icon there.
17:26 gonzalo_odiard_ ahh, ok
17:27 axitkhurana ui changes include, centering text, reducing the border of big cloud, making the top of the big cloud point the xo icon
17:27 walterbender axitkhurana: lookking good
17:27 axitkhurana walterbender: thanks
17:27 Also, I had set up a VM to test if the extension actually works on the network.
17:28 Fixed some issue in my extension ( I was missing some files required by webservices)
17:29 and some issues in accessing social ids in group view.
17:29 walterbender axitkhurana: sorry that that code has been so flaky lately
17:30 CDeLorme: you around?
17:30 wanna follow axitkhurana?
17:30 axitkhurana walterbender: No, I guess it was my mistake
17:31 the extension was pretty simple, but I didn't realize one folder was required (where you placed the facebook fns, in my mockservice I had mocked the fns)
17:32 walterbender axitkhurana that is an artifact of some import weirdness
17:32 axitkhurana: I do some strange things to enable installing in multiple places
17:32 axitkhurana walterbender: right, I read that part of code to realize that.
17:33 iamaregee2 <iamaregee2!~aregee@> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:34 walterbender iamaregee2: report?
17:35 kGrange <kGrange!~kGrange@yacht.rit.edu> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:35 iamaregee2 walterbender  : been pretty much busy with college this week ..
17:35 walterbender : but I have been learning Javascript frameworks
17:35 and initially doing a proof of concept to figure out how to consume RESTful apis with web app
17:36 walterbender iamaregee2: understood
17:36 surajgillespie: and you?
17:36 surajgillespie same here too, campus recruitment going on in college
17:37 rest assured, I'll try putting in more hours to make up for the lost time
17:37 during the forthcoming weeks.
17:38 walterbender mzepf: wanna give everyone an update?
17:38 mzepf walterbender: Sure.
17:38 walterbender: Thanks for merging my requests on gitorious!
17:39 This week, I added Primitive objects for a lot of blocks,
17:39 that is, I made them exportable.
17:39 This includes the two remaining loop blocks, while and until,
17:40 the two conditionals, if-then and if-then-else,
17:40 some boolean operators (and, or, not),
17:40 and the rest of the Pen palette.
17:41 Everything works fine so far.
17:41 walterbender things are progressing nicely
17:41 mzepf I've already started with the Pen Colors palette today.
17:42 Next week, I'll also take care of numeric operators,
17:42 variables (i.e., boxes) and functions (ie.
17:42 action stacks).
17:42 walterbender then we'll have all the basics covered
17:43 mzepf walterbender: Right.
17:43 walterbender mzepf: extra credit if you write Python to Turtle :)
17:44 mzepf walterbender: Well, the ast module has a parse function... ;)
17:45 walterbender anyone else have anything to report this week?
17:49 OK... I guess we are done for this week
17:49 #end-meeting
17:49 meeting Meeting ended Fri Aug  9 17:49:31 2013 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
17:49 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-09T17:02:11.html
17:49 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]13-08-09T17:02:11
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