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#sugar-meeting, 2013-07-26

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17:11 aneesh-andro waves!
17:12 surajgillespie <surajgillespie!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:13 walterbender hi all
17:14 CDeLorme walterbender: hello
17:15 mzepf walterbender: hi
17:16 walterbender shall we get started?
17:16 #start-meeting
17:16 meeting Meeting started Fri Jul 26 17:16:28 2013 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
17:16 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
17:16 walterbender #topic half-way point
17:17 Note that on Monday, we need to begin submitting evaluations
17:17 If anyone has any problems with the GSoC website, please let me know
17:18 It is critical that everyone submit evaluations (mentors and students)
17:19 is looking into the issue of how to fix some problems with the wrong mentors assigned to the wrong students
17:19 aneesh-andro walterbender: Is there a template? On what to include in the evaluation?
17:19 walterbender aneesh-andro: there is a questionaire
17:19 i.e., you'll be led through a series of questions
17:20 CDeLorme walterbender: the questionaire is for students too, or just mentors?
17:20 tch__ walterbender: alright!
17:21 walterbender I think everyone has to fill out a questionaire
17:21 There is a window of ~5 days to do this.
17:21 CDeLorme I didn't see it in my todo's, but I did get an email and decause filled out a form.
17:21 walterbender checks
17:23 CDeLorme: the schedule says mentors *and* students
17:23 we have from Monday to Friday
17:23 CDeLorme yeah, dashboard doesn't have an evalulations option though
17:24 mzepf CDeLorme: That option will only appear on Monday.
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17:24 CDeLorme mzepf: ah ok, works fine for me.
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17:24 Thengrad <Thengrad!~Thengrad@yacht.rit.edu> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:25 walterbender #topic updates
17:25 CDeLorme: wanna start off the updates?
17:25 CDeLorme walterbender: sure, this week was a good week.
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17:26 CDeLorme Made contact in #telepathy and got a lot of questions answered, so I can now setup a chat channel and have a direction to go for the video streams
17:26 apparently they use Call now and not tubes or streamedmedia channels, and they pointed me to farstream
17:27 debian either updated or I had found an invalid page, because farstream versions exist on it as well, perhaps it was backported.
17:27 so that will probably expedite the creation of video when I start working on that (probably the end of next week).
17:28 currently working on getting the contact list working, found the method to check for updates to the contact list asynchronously.
17:28 at this point I am setting up a second machine to test network communication, but I have a channel request working and send_message working
17:28 so receiving the messages and connecting channel requests are all that is left for the network stack
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17:29 iamaregee2 <iamaregee2!~aregee@> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:29 CDeLorme I also will be adding an account management screen to the UI for jabber accounts.  To allow new users (on non-sugar specifically) to register or select from their accounts.
17:30 I have to do a bit of reading on farstream, but I was pointed to an set of modern python examples, so I should have the material I need
17:30 I posted a bunch of updates in my blog this week going over what I was working on.
17:30 walterbender +1 to blogging
17:30 CDeLorme Also, yesterday FOSS@RIT visited an elementary school and taught python programming to 6th graders for a few hours, so that was fun.
17:30 walterbender started blogging again too
17:31 soon you'll be abel to do that using Turtle Art :)
17:31 CDeLorme walterbender: it is nice to share stuff you are working on, especially if it can be helpful to others doing the same.
17:31 decause 19 6th graders learning turtle via pippy :)
17:32 we have some pics, will likely post to opensource.com soon
17:33 walterbender maybe queue them up for Turtle Art Day in October
17:33 decause walterbender: looking forward to TA python export :)
17:33 walterbender seems like a good transition point for mzepf to report in
17:33 decause walterbender: nod nod
17:33 mzepf This week, got the exported code from last week to work.
17:33 The following blocks can now be exported: 'forward', 'back', 'setxy', 'right', 'left', and 'repeat'.
17:33 callkalpa <callkalpa!~kalpa@> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:34 mzepf Then I made the 'forever' block exportable, too.
17:34 That is, I wrote a Primitive object for it, which handles both execution and export.
17:34 This was especially difficult since some of the other loop blocks rely on 'forever' for execution.
17:35 Things broke a few times while I was working on this, but now everything is fixed again.
17:35 The exported code for the 'forever' block seems to work, but it first executes all the code before showing the results.
17:35 walterbender was pleased with the reorg of the hidden block class too
17:35 mzepf And since it's an infinite loop, it never gets to show the results.
17:36 walterbender did you get a chance to test adding an idle call?
17:36 mzepf walterbender: Not yet.
17:36 walterbender: But I cleaned up the github repo.
17:37 walterbender: And added a few more samples.
17:38 walterbender any questions for mzepf ?
17:38 axitkhurana: next?
17:39 axitkhurana sure!
17:39 I tried using Gtk.Fixed as you suggested for overlaying the content over cloud but that didn't work.
17:40 walterbender :(
17:40 axitkhurana But I found Gtk.Overlay
17:40 that worked :)
17:40 walterbender :)
17:41 not sure why Fixed wouldn;t work
17:41 axitkhurana Yeah, I couldn't figure out. But this looks like a good solution.
17:41 Created a new larger icon to incorporate ~140 chars of text and a small image for the service
17:41 walterbender will look into it
17:42 ~140 is the right number
17:43 still wants to rename Tags to #Tags in the Sugar Journal :)
17:43 axitkhurana Also added the icon to the overlay content
17:43 tch__ axitkhurana: maybe you can show the latest screenshot?
17:43 axitkhurana tch__: sure
17:43 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]leScreenshot3.jpg
17:43 tch__ walterbender: we probably need a hand from the design team also
17:44 walterbender tch__: yes...
17:44 axitkhurana I've added the screenshot and the new icon svg to the wiki: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/S[…]ial_Sugar_project
17:44 walterbender axitkhurana: for example, in Sugar, we'd want to reduce the stroke line thickness to 3.5
17:45 looks to be about 15 right now
17:45 that would help with your overlap problem  the aS) in (SoaS)
17:45 but in general, this is looking good
17:46 axitkhurana walterbender: The svg has the stroke thickness same as the xo icon, but the scaling in the icon cairo surface increases it. I'll look into it.
17:46 tch__ axitkhurana: it seems you have the basic constructs for visual part
17:47 axitkhurana tch__: right, some small formatting changes to be done.
17:48 tch__ axitkhurana: also, get in touch with the design team, I am sure they can solve styling issues
17:49 axitkhurana tch__: right.
17:49 walterbender axitkhurana: what is queued up for this week?
17:50 axitkhurana walterbender: some formatting changes, like the overlapping text and the text color in case of dark backgrounds
17:50 also, I'll try to get a single webservice running with tch__ 's help :)
17:51 walterbender axitkhurana: a simple rule of thumb for calculating lightness of your background color is 0.3*R + 0.6*G + 0.1*B
17:52 axitkhurana walterbender: thanks, that should help!
17:53 walterbender who'd like to go next?
17:53 boredomist: ?
17:53 boredomist I'll chime in
17:53 heh
17:54 Well first off, since I wasn't around last week, I just want to make sure everyone saw my update for last week on the sugar-gsoc google group
17:55 This week was fairly uninteresting, I mostly worked on some maintenance kind of tasks, like cleaning up code, adding tests, and adding documentation
17:56 I'm working on finishing up the server as much as possible so that I can start working on an activity early next week
17:57 For new features, I added a limit to the amount of text that can be given to the server at one time, as well as new API endpoints to query that information
17:57 walterbender boredomist: this is all very timely in light of where we are heading vis a vis i18n
17:57 big push in that direction
17:58 boredomist Well I certainly hope this ends up being a good fit there
17:59 walterbender any questions for boredomist?
18:00 iamaregee2: want to report?
18:00 iamaregee2 sure :)
18:01 boredomist I'd certainly love to hear some feedback or criticism if anyone has it. It's been difficult to coordinate with lionaneesh so far, so any kind of feedback is very welcome :)
18:01 iamaregee2 this week I have been working on mostly resolving bugs and fixing other issues
18:02 walterbender boredomist: I'm happy to poke at your server some more
18:03 iamaregee2 Apart from that I worked on adding new test cases
18:03 still there are plenty more that needs to be added
18:03 walterbender test cases are good...
18:04 iamaregee2 then I added a search back end with elasticsearch server
18:04 walterbender is pounding his head against the wall with the webservices unit test
18:04 iamaregee2 but at the end of the day I felt like it was little too over kill for the moment
18:05 yes , certainly test cases are helping me to spot out the mistakes and logical errors more easily
18:06 walterbender any questions anyone?
18:06 iamaregee2 the restful interface is mostly done and provides all the basic functionality that we would require for the site
18:06 tch__ iamaregee2: please take in consideration the last suggestions I sent!
18:06 walterbender and the authentication issues sorted out?
18:07 iamaregee2 tch_  I will , I have been working on it today ..
18:07 I think I have found a solution to generate the API_keys automatically
18:07 and include them in the request.
18:08 walterbender I implemented api_key authentication and it works fine , but the catch is we need to assign the api_key to each user manually and then include it in the url request.
18:09 I will try to fix it by tonight and push it to github
18:09 roughly that's pretty much from me for the week
18:10 walterbender thx for the update
18:11 callkalpa: ?
18:12 callkalpa hi, sorry I was late a little bit late today
18:12 May I proceed with my progress for the week?
18:12 tch__ callkalpa: go for it :)
18:13 callkalpa well, the main task I was involved in was to update the current help content to be up to date
18:14 I have been updating around half of the content so far and I am continuing
18:14 I have sent the updated content to Gonzalo for review, but he is on vacation this week, he will be back next week
18:15 once we are done with the review, I will send it to Chris to be included in pootle to be translated
18:15 meanwhile, the initial work to display the translated content in each activity is done
18:16 that's all from me for now
18:16 walterbender sound good
18:17 callkalpa thanks
18:18 walterbender whom is left? surajgillespie ?
18:18 surajgillespie walterbender: hi
18:19 For the past few days, I've been devoting all my attention towards the web-activity which I mentioned last week.
18:19 You can take a peek at the working here,
18:19 #link http://surajgillespie.github.io/
18:20 walterbender it is really quite nice
18:20 surajgillespie As you can see, I managed to add few text formatting buttons(bold, emphasis, etc) and some other stuffs such as ol/ul list, code, quote, etc
18:21 walterbender surajgillespie: you may want to look at Word Press for inspiration for some of the icons you are missing, e.g., link
18:21 and I am sure manuq will help
18:21 surajgillespie walterbender: yup.
18:22 also, if you try the activity on sugar, it saves the markdown text content in the journal
18:22 walterbender worked for me :P
18:22 surajgillespie so got it syncing with the datastore.
18:23 decause surajgillespie: nice work
18:23 surajgillespie decause: :)
18:23 Earlier today, Lionel and walterbender pointed out a few bugs which has to be sorted out.
18:24 walterbender surajgillespie: did manuq's patch help?
18:24 surajgillespie walterbender: you meant the icon?
18:25 walterbender surajgillespie: maybe I misunderstood, but I thought he had a patch for the problem I had with first launch
18:25 surajgillespie walterbender: oh.
18:25 walterbender: if all goes well,
18:26 by next week you'll be able to insert image/text into the activity using sugar object chooser.
18:27 a feature which is missing in the framework as of now
18:27 .
18:27 walterbender be nice to do it a la Gonzalo's new patch, with image thumbnails
18:28 surajgillespie walterbender: I'll try to follow up on his work.
18:28 .i got a bit stuck on the preview field  stuff
18:28 I'll try to wrap it up in a couple of days
18:28 .
18:28 walterbender surajgillespie: don't block on that
18:29 surajgillespie walterbender: ok. :)
18:29 and yeah, I'm done.
18:29 walterbender OK
18:29 surajgillespie thanks.
18:29 walterbender I think unless I miscounted, that is everyone?
18:30 don't forget to work on your evaluations next week
18:30 Fortnight walterbender: decause wanted me to chime in about open badges progress
18:30 walterbender I was just about to ask
18:30 Fortnight I've been working with Brush and DAWacker
18:30 and Thengrad
18:30 This week we have badges loading into an activity called sash
18:31 DAWacker managed to get LemonadeStand and Skytime both importing badges, and awarding them based on the info from the metadata in the datastore
18:31 walterbender speaking of badges, Fortnight, have you seen https://diy.org/explore
18:31 a really nice badge system
18:32 Fortnight the badges can be organized by time and name so far I believe
18:32 I don't think I've seen that
18:32 ah, looks good, I'll check into that
18:32 walterbender decause: when do the students head to DC?
18:33 decause jenn got back wednesday
18:33 23rd was the big day
18:34 walterbender everything go OK?
18:34 decause she spoke with jess klein, mozilla open badges design lead
18:34 shes interested in hearing more
18:35 walterbender maybe she can join us next week and report in?
18:35 gonzalo_odiard <gonzalo_odiard!~gonzalo@> has joined #sugar-meeting
18:35 decause we'll try to get her out to rochester in the fall
18:35 walterbender hey gonzalo_odiard
18:35 decause walterbender: i'll ping her yes
18:35 walterbender well, we are way over time today
18:35 thanks for the updates
18:36 I'll end the meeting so gonzalo_odiard can read the log :)
18:36 Cerlyn_ is now known as Cerlyn
18:36 walterbender #end-meeting
18:36 meeting Meeting ended Fri Jul 26 18:36:24 2013 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
18:36 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-26T17:16:28.html
18:36 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]13-07-26T17:16:28
18:36 surajgillespie walterbender: sorry, I forgot to tell you,
18:36 walterbender surajgillespie: yes?
18:36 surajgillespie walterbender: my blog is still not being relayed on planet.sugarlabs.org :(
18:37 walterbender surajgillespie: you sent email?
18:37 surajgillespie i did mail bernie and he sent out a mail to a couple of folks.
18:37 walterbender I'll ping luke and bernie
18:37 cjb <cjb!~cjb@void.printf.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
18:37 surajgillespie walterbender: thanks :)
18:37 Cerlyn decause: Are you going to the Sugar/open badge session at the Flock Fedora conference next month?
18:37 walterbender needs to disappear for a few minutes
18:39 decause Cerlyn: yes, our team will be helping to run the session, and demoing their work
18:39 :)
18:40 Cerlyn: you going to flock i presume?
18:40 anyone else here going to flock?
18:40 Cerlyn decause: No; although I'm tempted to ask.  I nudged before and manuq seemed interested but no news on anyone attending from OLPC yet
18:41 decause CDeLorme: is helping run the gsoc/sugar BoF session too
18:41 Cerlyn I could drive it in a day but it's cheaper and faster to fly
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18:42 decause nod nod
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21:19 bernie walterbender: of the two people i messaged, valerie, responded that she can't keep running the planet
21:19 walterbender: the other one, [scs], did not respond
21:20 walterbender: luke stepped down from the planet long time ago
21:20 walterbender: so it seems we need to look for new editors
21:21 btw, i'll be traveling until monday
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