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#sugar-meeting, 2013-07-17

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15:17 meeting <ClaudiaU_-es> Hello
15:20 <MelissaHT-es> hello
15:20 <MelissaHT-es> Good *dias
15:20 <ClaudiaU_-es> Good
15:20 <ClaudiaU_-es> Martin does not go to come to the talk
15:21 <ClaudiaU_-es> And I do not think that Aura arrive neither :(
15:21 <ClaudiaU_-es> We expect that it happens with others
15:21 <ClaudiaU_-es> The *guias *estan lists
15:21 <ClaudiaU_-es> In Groins and Spanish.. I translated all what Aura *deberia to do and *corregi the yours
15:21 <MelissaHT-es> ah That well
15:21 walterbender irma cannot get into the chat, again
15:22 meeting <MelissaHT-es> It does a lot of that *martin does not answer my emails
15:22 walterbender I think she must be behind a firewall
15:22 meeting <MelissaHT-es> *claudia, *podrias *reenviar the link of *dropbox but to melissa@laptop.org?
15:22 <ClaudiaU_-es>  No  that happens with Irma, but she have problems with *yahoo
15:22 <ClaudiaU_-es> It can not see his email
15:22 <ClaudiaU_-es> Already it command them in an email the link to the *dropbox
15:23 <ClaudiaU_-es> *avisame If you can open it
15:23 walterbender not sure what yahoo would have to do with it...
15:23 meeting <ClaudiaU_-es> *walterbende... I go to send the *guia to Cecilia *Alcala
15:23 <MelissaHT-es> I could not it open because it says that it is for melissaolpc@gmail.com
15:24 <ClaudiaU_-es> this link is publish
15:24 <MelissaHT-es> https://www.dropbox.com/s/kl29x0hrvxekbjf/turtle *ART Projects1.mp4 this is the first *version of the *video of *guzman *trinidad. It is of 8 minutes, have to cut it to 2!
15:24 <ClaudiaU_-es> The one of the email
15:24 <ClaudiaU_-es> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qxh[…]yoppgt/b8lfngxwqq
15:25 <ClaudiaU_-es> We can not open that
15:25 <MelissaHT-es> *ok, now if
15:25 <MelissaHT-es> Already I could open the one of *walter
15:26 <ClaudiaU_-es> I need help *ingresando the resources in the *guia
15:26 <ClaudiaU_-es> No  if there is but resources in Groins, but in Spanish have all the ones of the page of the *wiki
15:27 <ClaudiaU_-es> MelissaHT: you can share the *folder of the *videos
15:27 <MelissaHT-es> *nestor *tambien Asks if have *musica to add to the *videos
15:27 <ClaudiaU_-es> Of the *dropbox
15:28 <ClaudiaU_-es> I do not create..
15:28 <ClaudiaU_-es> The truth my idea is that Martin and your commissioned
15:28 <ClaudiaU_-es> I am overwhelmed with so many things of *TA *day
15:29 <MelissaHT-es> *ok, says that if the *videos go to be published in internet, need to buy right of the *musica $35 *aprox
15:29 walterbender what is the music?
15:29 $35 per video?
15:29 meeting <ClaudiaU_-es> *music *for *the *videos
15:29 walterbender yes... but what music?
15:30 meeting <MelissaHT-es> No, it is the cost of copyright to use *musica publishes
15:30 <MelissaHT-es> If have our own *musica background, do not have to pay
15:30 <MelissaHT-es> *background *music *walter
15:30 walterbender but do we need a license for each video? I am guessing, yes
15:30 meeting <MelissaHT-es> *whatever *music *we *want *to *add
15:31 <MelissaHT-es> *not *sure *if *we *need To *license *for *each *video
15:31 <ClaudiaU_-es> I *think under
15:31 walterbender I leave the decision to the editors... if they think it is important
15:31 meeting <MelissaHT-es> *nestors *says *we *can Use *the *same *license *for *different *videos
15:32 <MelissaHT-es> *ok We will decide
15:32 <MelissaHT-es> *ok
15:32 <MelissaHT-es> *claudia, could not open the link that *envie?
15:32 <ClaudiaU_-es> No
15:32 <ClaudiaU_-es> There are two forms to share the *folderes
15:32 <ClaudiaU_-es> Or with *share (but that is to the email)
15:33 <ClaudiaU_-es> Or obtaining the link publish
15:33 <MelissaHT-es> https://www.dropbox.com/s/kl29[…]T%20projects1.mp4
15:33 <ClaudiaU_-es> Already
15:33 <MelissaHT-es> This is the correct link
15:33 <ClaudiaU_-es> That beautiful
15:33 <ClaudiaU_-es> *super
15:33 <MelissaHT-es> As them *decia this even very long, have to cut it but even have not received answer of *martin
15:34 <ClaudiaU_-es> I do not like me that in the second 27 does like capture
15:35 <ClaudiaU_-es> It does not like me this transition..
15:35 <MelissaHT-es> *ok
15:35 walterbender still has no access to the dropbox account... could someone please add me?
15:35 meeting <ClaudiaU_-es> *crei That I *habia done something...
15:36 <ClaudiaU_-es> I recommend to share with the complete group
15:36 <ClaudiaU_-es> Maybe Jose Miguel
15:36 MelissaHT just did
15:36 meeting <ClaudiaU_-es> Until minute 2 the goes on speaking of *background
15:36 <MelissaHT-es> *walter, you *envie the link
15:37 <MelissaHT-es> *ok. Can send it to the complete group but prefer to cut it a bit before
15:38 walterbender thx
15:38 watching now
15:38 meeting <ClaudiaU_-es> The of the *background is not so important
15:38 <MelissaHT-es> *claudia, *decias that need help with *ingresar resources to the *guia
15:38 <ClaudiaU_-es> The *ppio this very where says that the uses sensors
15:39 <MelissaHT-es> *ok
15:39 <ClaudiaU_-es> And *despues where already speaks of concrete things... As in *min 4:30
15:39 walterbender melissa too much about OLPC and Ceibal...
15:39 meeting <MelissaHT-es> *ok *claudia
15:39 walterbender all of that can get cut
15:39 also, why the OLPC logo at the beginning?
15:40 ClaudiaU_ tal vez TA day
15:40 we can use the TA day logo... and add sugarlabs one and olpc at the end
15:41 meeting <MelissaHT-es> Clear, can add *logo *turtle *art *day
15:41 <MelissaHT-es> Erase the one of *olpc
15:42 <MelissaHT-es> To confirm the *logo of *turtle *art *day is the *ultimo that *envio aura, true? Or there is another but up to date?
15:42 <ClaudiaU_-es> It has to have one but, but she has not shared it
15:42 <ClaudiaU_-es> The one who has all the title in bold
15:42 <MelissaHT-es> *ok *walter, can cut this part that say of *olpc and *ceibal
15:44 <MelissaHT-es> *ok, go to speak with *nestor on these changes. I expect to have this and the one of *walter for the Friday of  this week.
15:45 walterbender quick work :)
15:46 meeting <MelissaHT-es> If, I said him to *nestor that the *necesitabamos for 15 July ;0
15:46 <ClaudiaU_-es> thank you
15:46 <MelissaHT-es> Sure we go to do but changes but at least the first *version
15:47 <ClaudiaU_-es> Maybe we give other *updates
15:47 <ClaudiaU_-es> 1. We expect to know of the bottoms this Friday
15:47 <MelissaHT-es> *ok
15:47 <MelissaHT-es> *great!
15:47 <ClaudiaU_-es> 2. Already *Artemis and Brian *estan doing his *video, the one of Walter this delivered, and Martin this working with the people of *Butia *project
15:47 <MelissaHT-es> *super
15:48 <ClaudiaU_-es> 3. The *guias *estan 99% lists
15:48 <MelissaHT-es> Excellent
15:48 walterbender melissaHT: FYI https://www.facebook.com/TurtleArtists
15:48 meeting <ClaudiaU_-es> They are missing the resources at the end... *walter And I review this morning.. I complete the translation and *corregi both
15:48 <ClaudiaU_-es> The designer has to to be finishing the art this week
15:49 <MelissaHT-es> A lot of advances
15:49 <ClaudiaU_-es> 4. Have meeting with the designer to speak of the site
15:49 <ClaudiaU_-es> She will give me budget and *entregaria all the *templates in HTML
15:49 <ClaudiaU_-es> It could work the weekend and deliver to finals of the *prox
15:50 <ClaudiaU_-es> Have two budget of the programmers of the *pagina
15:50 <MelissaHT-es> *ok
15:50 <ClaudiaU_-es> - In Costa Rica earns us $850 *dolares and  *demora 25 *dias
15:50 <ClaudiaU_-es> - In Colombia earns us $750 *dolares and  *demora 12 *dias
15:50 <MelissaHT-es> *colombia Then, no?
15:51 <ClaudiaU_-es> It likes us of 12 *dias, but will see if we can have the money to hire it... The Friday when we know of budget
15:51 <MelissaHT-es> Very well
15:51 <ClaudiaU_-es> 5. We gather us with Cecilia and *Pacita yesterday... They *estan promoting the @evento *alla.. To see if it can attain bottoms
15:51 <ClaudiaU_-es> I finish them to send the *guia in Spanish
15:51 <MelissaHT-es> *ok
15:52 <ClaudiaU_-es> The *TA *day will be *sabado
15:52 <MelissaHT-es> *ok. *sabado 12 October
15:52 <ClaudiaU_-es> And the *TA *conference will be Monday... Cecilia does not think that Friday was good *dia to do this @evento..
15:52 <ClaudiaU_-es> If, 12 and 14 of *Oc
15:52 <ClaudiaU_-es> Oct
15:52 <MelissaHT-es> *ok. In *asuncion and *caacupe
15:53 <ClaudiaU_-es> *Caacupe *TA *day
15:53 <ClaudiaU_-es> And Asunción Conference (Monday)
15:53 <MelissaHT-es> Perfect
15:53 <ClaudiaU_-es> There is a lot that do even
15:53 <MelissaHT-es> If, a lot
15:53 <ClaudiaU_-es> *TA *Card, this morning look this
15:53 <MelissaHT-es> That it is this?
15:53 <ClaudiaU_-es> *TA *pagina/*galeria Of projects that *sera in *Wiki
15:53 <ClaudiaU_-es> That does lacking all this
15:54 <MelissaHT-es> *ok
15:54 <ClaudiaU_-es> Maybe I can help to Walter but advance
15:55 <ClaudiaU_-es> But we need to have a pair of *videos, resources, *guias.. To start with the *pagina
15:55 <ClaudiaU_-es> We expect that the budget go out and can give the *ok to this
15:55 <MelissaHT-es> Clear. *Ok.
15:56 <ClaudiaU_-es> MelissaHT: I finish you to invite to the *pagina of *TA *day
15:56 <ClaudiaU_-es> That create Walter in *FB
15:56 <ClaudiaU_-es> *alli This the *ultimo *logo
15:58 <MelissaHT-es> If, already I saw it
15:58 <ClaudiaU_-es> *ok
15:58 <ClaudiaU_-es> I do not have but *updates
15:58 <ClaudiaU_-es> Your *ultimo *dia in MIA is prompt, MelissaHT
15:58 <MelissaHT-es> If, in two just weeks
15:59 <MelissaHT-es> *miercoles 31 July
15:59 <ClaudiaU_-es> I expect that we can finish the *videos
15:59 <ClaudiaU_-es> *wow
15:59 <ClaudiaU_-es> *ok
15:59 <MelissaHT-es> I *seguire *apoyandoles with *turtle *art *day *despues that it go me
15:59 <MelissaHT-es> Clear
16:00 <ClaudiaU_-es> *ok
16:00 <MelissaHT-es> If have a minute to speak *claudia? Me *gustaria explain you *updates of the talks of the *miercoles
16:00 <ClaudiaU_-es> well..
16:00 <ClaudiaU_-es> Give him.. *llamame
16:00 <MelissaHT-es> *ok, to the *cel
16:00 <ClaudiaU_-es> I go to communicate me with Aura to see in that it goes the *guia, etc
16:00 <ClaudiaU_-es> if
16:00 <MelissaHT-es> *ok
16:00 <ClaudiaU_-es> we are speaking us..
16:01 <MelissaHT-es> Give me a minute, go to the *bano first ;
16:01 <ClaudiaU_-es> *ok
16:01 <MelissaHT-es> *bye *walter
16:03 walterbender chau
16:17 ClaudiaU_: I started something very simple: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/A[…]TurtleArt/Gallery OK?
16:18 I can continue to populate it over the next few days
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16:34 ClaudiaU_ perfect, walterbender
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