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#sugar-meeting, 2013-07-10

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All times shown according to UTC.

Time Nick Message
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14:42 meeting * Josemiguel-es has joined
14:43 <Josemiguel-es> Hello. *Estan Here?
14:43 <Josemiguel-es> Or I am badly with the hour?
14:44 <Josemiguel-es> Already I saw... It is inside a while...
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15:21 meeting * JoseMiguel-es has joined
15:21 <JoseMiguel-es> Hello!
15:21 walterbender hi
15:22 are we meeting here for Turtle Art day or on irc.oftc.net?
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15:23 meeting <JoseMiguel-es> I think that here...But still we are few
15:27 walterbender ClaudiaU cannot join today, but I expect Aura
15:27 MelissaHT has quit IRC
15:27 walterbender I guess we lost Melissa :P
15:28 meeting <JoseMiguel-es> Aura said that it neither could come...
15:28 MelissaHT <MelissaHT!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:28 meeting <MelissaHT-es> *walter This?
15:29 MelissaHT walterbender: ping
15:29 Hi walterbender. Have you recorded your interview?
15:29 meeting <JoseMiguel-es> If,...
15:30 walterbender MelissaHT_: no :9
15:30 ClaudiaU and I were going to do it in Sydney, but we were too busy
15:30 maybe later today or else next Monday
15:31 I hear next Tuesday about $$
15:31 I am hopeful
15:31 MelissaHT ok. Later today would be best so we can have 2 videos ready by next week.
15:32 We are working on guzman trinidad's video
15:32 Thanks so much, we'll talk soon
15:32 Ok. Good luck with the $$ :D
15:33 meeting <JoseMiguel-es> The another *video is prompt?
15:34 walterbender josemiguel: I am sending out instructions to Cynthia, Artemis, and Brian today
15:34 meeting <JoseMiguel-es> Excellent... And the one of Guzmán?
15:40 walterbender tincho is checking to see if Pacita's proposed change from Monday 14-10-13 to Friday 11-10-13 for the ANU event is possible
15:43 Guest66437 is now known as alsroot
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15:47 walterbender anything else we need to discuss today? (was hoping Aura would be here)
15:48 meeting <JoseMiguel-es> Irma is procuring to go in... No  if there is something more..
15:55 Clau <Clau!~webchat@rev-18-85-44-69.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:01 walterbender FYI, I just sent the revised video instructions to Artemis, Brian, and Cynthia
16:01 I offered to Brian and Artemis to make a join video if they wanted to... or individual videos
16:11 meeting <JoseMiguel-es> One thousand apologies... I have to go out. Embraces
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