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#sugar-meeting, 2013-06-28

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17:19 tch__ hello everyone
17:19 I willbe leading todays meeting
17:20 iamaregee2 tch__ : hello
17:20 llaske hi akk
17:20 tch__ lets be begin? :) iamaregee2, surajgillespie_, axitkhurana , callkalpa, mzepf ?
17:20 llaske hi all
17:20 iamaregee2 sure
17:20 surajgillespie_ I'm ready
17:20 axitkhurana hi. sure! :)
17:20 callkalpa hi all
17:20 tch__ #startmeeting
17:20 meeting Meeting started Fri Jun 28 17:20:40 2013 UTC. The chair is tch__. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
17:20 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
17:20 tch__ Welcome everyone!
17:21 boredomist Hello hello
17:21 callkalpa hi
17:21 mzepf hi
17:21 surajgillespie_ hey!
17:21 tch__ As every week, we would like to hear about your progress :)
17:21 surajgillespie_: want to start?
17:21 surajgillespie_ Sure :)
17:21 I've been working on the activity palette.
17:22 here is a sample,
17:22 #link https://github.com/surajgilles[…]ity-Toobar-sample
17:22 manged to get it sync with the datastore as well
17:22 hopefully, my work will be committed into sugar-web in a few days
17:23 and i had a hard time figuring out on how to expose a sugar api
17:23 iamaregee21 <iamaregee21!~aregee@> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:23 surajgillespie_ but finally understood how it is done
17:23 tch__ surajgillespie_: nice!
17:24 surajgillespie_ will come up with a sample api in a couple of days
17:24 I've started to document the working of the HTML5 framework as well
17:24 tch__ surajgillespie_: have you been in contact with dnarvaez_ and manuq?
17:24 surajgillespie_ tch__: yep
17:25 iamaregee2 has quit IRC
17:25 surajgillespie_ That's all from my side .
17:25 Thanks!
17:25 tch__ surajgillespie_: good!
17:26 axitkhurana: you turn!
17:26 axitkhurana: s/you/your
17:26 axitkhurana Sure :)
17:27 Social IDs are now taken from webservices module by Walter instead of gconf.
17:27 I'm working on the UI of mini profiles now.
17:28 tch__ axitkhurana: any mockups yet? :)
17:28 axitkhurana Tried making a SVG icon for the cloud. Will send it to you :)
17:29 tch__ axitkhurana: publish it on your wiki article please
17:29 axitkhurana Sure.
17:29 I've added the details of the mini profiles design we discussed on the wiki as well.
17:30 tch__ axitkhurana: great, anything else you would like other to know about your progress?
17:31 axitkhurana No, that is all for this week.
17:31 tch__ axitkhurana: thank you!
17:31 callkalpa: you there? :)
17:31 callkalpa yes tch__
17:32 I have been fine tuning my script to convert html to mallard
17:32 tch__ callkalpa: please tell us about your progress, whats new for this week?
17:32 callkalpa #link https://git.sugarlabs.org/mallardhelp/mallardhelp
17:32 this script is stable and I am just adding new tags as I come across them
17:32 I have moved to implementing viewer for mallard docs in sugar
17:33 I have been studying Help activity and Browse codes to get familiarized with implementations with webkit
17:33 I hope to use webkit to view Mallard docs
17:34 Apart from that I have been working on Measure help as well, it is just a small portion of work and didn't commit. I'll complete it probably by next week
17:34 That's all from me for now.
17:34 Thanks
17:35 tch__ callkalpa: thank you !
17:35 iamaregee21: you still around?
17:35 iamaregee21 yes
17:35 tch__ iamaregee21: then its your turn hehe
17:36 iamaregee21 So over the week I have implemented a very basic RESTful Apis to my project
17:36 https://github.com/aregee/moksaya
17:37 currently we can access django models defined in the project with the GET  request , I will update my wiki page with complete details
17:38 Right now I am working on to add Like functionality and project cloning and forking
17:38 and Over the next week I would work on Authentication part
17:39 The current RESTful design offers all the basic things we need in a site
17:40 like user profiles and their linked projects , comments
17:41 tch__ iamaregee21: nice, what about creation of projects? is that also covered now?
17:41 iamaregee2 <iamaregee2!~aregee@> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:41 iamaregee2 Got disconnected
17:42 ;(
17:42 tch__ iamaregee2: no problem, your last line was "like user profiles and their linked projects , comments"
17:43 iamaregee2 yes ,I have shown some examples on my github repo as well and I will include this on the wiki
17:43 So by the end of the next week I plan to start with the front end
17:44 tch__ iamaregee2: awesome
17:44 iamaregee2 and I plan to use backbone.js or something similar ...
17:44 for the front end ..
17:44 as of now , I am going through the docs of backbone.js
17:45 tch__ iamaregee2: alright, make sure you understand the kind of license it uses,
17:45 iamaregee21 has quit IRC
17:45 iamaregee2 it's MIT license
17:45 ..That should do I guess ?
17:46 tch__ iamaregee2: as I understand, it shouldn't be a problem
17:47 iamaregee2 I am open to consider alternatives
17:47 well that's all from me for this week
17:48 tch__ iamaregee2: thank you very much!
17:48 mzepf: ping :)
17:48 mzepf tch__: pong
17:49 I worked on 3 things this week:
17:49 1. I hand-converted another sample to Python code, math-dice.ta.
17:49 It's different from the other samples because it stores the names of some boxes as the values of other boxes.
17:49 Some of those box names were numbers, which are not acceptable variable names in Python.
17:49 This is why the exported Python code now stores all boxes and actions in dictionaries.
17:50 2. I adjusted the hand-exported code to Walter's new turtle-centric model of TA.
17:50 Previously, all drawing functions were called on a canvas object,
17:50 but now they're methods of a turtle object.
17:50 The code makes a lot more sense now.
17:51 3. I am about to submit another patch of TA which allows me to use the TurtleArtWindow class directly,
17:51 rather than having my own class that inherits from it.
17:51 TurtleArtWindow is the class that holds the canvas and the tutles and everything.
17:51 This eliminates a lot of code duplication between TA and the exported code,
17:52 and I've also added some more in-code documentation to TA.
17:52 That's it. Sorry for the long monolog.
17:53 tch__ mzepf: it was great, are you in touch with walter?
17:54 mzepf tch__: Yes, I'm in contact with Walter.
17:54 tch__: We have a meeting each week.
17:54 tch__ mzepf: perfect
17:55 (checking my list hehe)
17:57 Casey, Erik or Anna, are you around?
17:58 boredomist i'm here
17:58 (erik, if you didn't know)
17:58 tch__ boredomist: sorry! :) please tell us about your progress
17:59 boredomist This week, I mostly worked on getting the server more stable
17:59 Added a bunch of unit tests, wrote some documentation on the plugin interface and api
17:59 I also added a plugin that allows the server to delegate to another instance of itself
17:59 pretty basic, but it works
17:59 uh, let's see.
18:00 i also added a semi-functional js frontend
18:00 see http://home.erikprice.net:5000/
18:01 and excluding a few minor additions and tweaks, i think that's about it
18:01 llaske_ <llaske_!50d73127@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
18:02 tch__ boredomist: nice, (testing it hehe), what would be the next step?
18:02 boredomist lionaneesh suggested a couple of changes to how the server should be run, and how the configuration should be handled
18:03 tch__ boredomist: have you agreed on these changes?
18:03 boredomist they make sense, yeah
18:04 right now it's just a standalone server you run, but he suggested setting it up to be run by apache or whichever other server
18:04 as well as a configuration system more like django's.
18:04 where you load a settings.py or so
18:04 tch__ boredomist: sounds reasonable
18:06 boredomist: well, thank you very much for the report !
18:06 boredomist sure :)
18:06 tch__ Casey or Anna, ping?
18:07 mentors are welcome to represent too :)
18:08 decause: ping
18:13 still have some minutes to go, anyway, thank you everyone for coming!
18:14 mzepf tch__: Thank you for leading the meeting!
18:14 tch__ good luck with your projects and see you next week!
18:16 #endmeeting
18:16 meeting Meeting ended Fri Jun 28 18:16:30 2013 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
18:16 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-28T17:20:40.html
18:16 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]13-06-28T17:20:40
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19:04 decause pong
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