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#sugar-meeting, 2013-06-07

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16:08 walterbender gsoc meeting starts in 1 hour
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17:09 walterbender #start-meeting
17:09 meeting Meeting started Fri Jun  7 17:09:56 2013 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
17:09 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
17:10 walterbender hi everyone
17:10 llaske hi all
17:10 CDeLorme Hello
17:10 walterbender I realize this is not the best time for everyone, so I appreciate your being able to join us
17:11 I am assuming that the mentoring teams have been able to meet this week?
17:11 anyone not able to meet with their mentor?
17:12 axitkhurana <axitkhurana!~ubuntu@edciitr.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:12 tch_ hello everyone!
17:12 ClaudiaU I have not
17:13 I sent email to Gerald and Tincho about meeting with Rahul.. not sure if they manage to do it
17:13 walterbender ClaudiaU: world traveler :P
17:13 ClaudiaU but I will be avalable for a while now
17:14 haha.. look who is talking
17:14 walterbender ClaudiaU: it is important that one of the two of us is always at 30000 ft
17:15 everyone else has met?
17:15 ClaudiaU walterbender: :)
17:15 iamaregee2 <iamaregee2!~aregee@> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:15 walterbender so maybe we could ask each student to give a quick update?
17:15 and then open the floor to any questions/issues?
17:16 llaske Yes good idea, @Suraj: let's go !
17:16 surajgillespie_ Alright :)
17:16 setup the env
17:16 playing around with the current framework
17:17 trying to build a web activity of my own
17:17 .
17:18 CDeLorme Met with Remy, have put together a basic outline of goals to throw onto the github tracker, plan to have it reviewed Monday.
17:18 walterbender mzepf: want to tell everyone what you are working on at the moment?
17:19 mzepf Sure. I'm currently putting together an example of the output of the Python Export tool.
17:19 walterbender (from Turtle Blocks)
17:20 mzepf It's supposed to show which code will need to be imported from Turtle Blocks.
17:20 walterbender and in the process, mzepf has convinced me I need to do some refactoring of Turtle
17:21 ClaudiaU :)
17:21 there is always room to improvement
17:21 walterbender anyone else have progress to report?
17:22 axitkhurana: ?
17:22 callkalpa <callkalpa!~kalpa@> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:22 gonzalo_odiard hello
17:22 axitkhurana Sure.
17:22 I checked out previous work done: on webservices, journalx and sugar-network
17:22 Timelines revised to include subtasks identified by Martin
17:23 Martin and I will discuss the features of mini-profiles today to move ahead with defining a set abstractions to represent them.
17:24 walterbender axitkhurana: good timing because I am trying to wrap up the simple webservices code we already have
17:24 ClaudiaU I was just chatting with Raul
17:24 tch_ walterbender: I was telling axitkhurana we would probably work on top of it ;)
17:24 we = axitkhurana and me
17:25 it = webservices support
17:25 ClaudiaU He just sent me the first UI design for the Project Sharing WebSite
17:25 walterbender ClaudiaU: great
17:25 I think he is one person who could not make this timeslot
17:25 gonzalo_odiard: have you an anna met?
17:25 iamaregee2 Hi
17:26 gonzalo_odiard walterbender, not yet, but coordinated a meeting for next monday
17:26 is anna here?
17:26 iamaregee2 I am here only :)
17:26 walterbender iamaregee2: anything to report/share?
17:26 lionaneesh walterbender: I haven't yet had a meeting with Erik.
17:27 gonzalo_odiard i didn't identified your nick :)
17:27 walterbender lionaneesh: do you know if he has gotten started?
17:28 iamaregee2 I have started with UI design  and  I hope to iterate over my design and User Experience over the next week
17:28 lionaneesh walterbender: No. Tried to catch him in IRC several times, but he isn
17:28 *isn't available most of the times.
17:28 And he hasn't emailed me either.
17:28 walterbender lionaneesh: please let me know if you don't connect by the end of the weekend
17:28 lionaneesh I am kinda worried!
17:28 walterbender me too
17:28 lionaneesh walterbender: Sure!
17:29 walterbender it would be good if we have a repository for everyone's work
17:29 maybe we can share it on the mailing list
17:30 where you are putting your design documents, code, etc
17:30 as far as code, either github or gitorious would make sense
17:30 lionaneesh walterbender: +1 to that!
17:30 walterbender design docs should probably just go in the wiki
17:31 tch_ walterbender: +1
17:31 walterbender whom else have we not heard from?
17:31 callkalpa hi
17:31 iamaregee2 I already have the repo for my project on Github and push changes in sometime from now
17:32 walterbender ah... callkalpa
17:32 what is happening?
17:32 callkalpa I already had an discussion with gonzalo_odiard last Monday and I am working on the things discussed there
17:32 I will come up with a progress report next week
17:33 llaske +1 for wiki
17:33 walterbender maybe each project should have a running update off the gsoc page in the wiki...
17:33 will make it easy to write up your reports for Google and we can find things that way...
17:34 could be a link to a repository or a wiki page
17:34 gonzalo_odiard i think one page in the wiki for every project should be good
17:35 llaske +1 for one page for every project (our page already exist :-))
17:35 walterbender http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Summer_of_Code/2013
17:35 gonzalo_odiard llaske, one step further :)
17:36 llaske :-)
17:36 ClaudiaU i like the idea
17:37 gonzalo_odiard walterbender, we can move that content to a page of proposals and put a list of the selected projects with links to the pages
17:37 walterbender gonzalo_odiard: +1
17:37 gonzalo_odiard i can do it later
17:39 walterbender so... any roadblocks? everyone have what they need to progress?
17:40 gonzalo_odiard all the participants are ok with doing one weekly of biweekly chat meeting at this time?
17:40 walterbender I think frequent mentor meetings and one group meeting per week
17:41 gonzalo_odiard are all the mentors here?
17:41 llaske okay for me
17:41 callkalpa fine with me as well
17:41 surajgillespie_ #agree
17:41 mzepf #agree
17:42 boredomist Hi, i'm here, sorry
17:42 lionaneesh Oh! Hey Erik!
17:42 walterbender boredomist: anything to report?
17:42 boredomist No, not that I can think of, I'm reading  through the scrollback now
17:43 tch_ echo
17:43 boredomist really sorry, opened the window early and then completely lost track of time
17:43 lionaneesh boredomist: We need to setup some communication. I haven't heard anything from you since the onset of the coding period (GSOC).
17:44 walterbender boredomist: yes... regular updates are a requirement
17:46 ClaudiaU Tincho, Rahul and I set up initial meeting time for Wed 2pm EDT
17:46 will have more to report soon
17:46 boredomist lionaneesh: walterbender: Would you like to establish a weekly meeting time, or just prefer I do regular email updates?
17:47 walterbender boredomist: I prefer both
17:47 lionaneesh ^ +1 to that.
17:47 walterbender a quick meeting once per week and regular updates
17:47 ClaudiaU +1
17:47 boredomist Okay, good, I agree. Looking at the times everyone listed to see if another slot coincides for the three of us
17:47 walterbender boredomist and lionaneesh should work out a time and I will join
17:49 boredomist lionaneesh: This time tomorrow seems to work for the both of us, would that be good for you?
17:49 walterbender so... maybe we can wrap up?
17:49 #agreed to create a resource/progress page in the wiki for each team
17:49 tch_ sure
17:49 surajgillespie_ walterbender: didn't we plan a triage session for this meeting last time?
17:50 walterbender surajgillespie_: oh... I completely forgot.
17:50 surajgillespie_: jetlag
17:50 I would love to do that
17:50 do people have time?
17:50 mzepf walterbender: I have time.
17:50 boredomist I'd join as well
17:51 walterbender ok...
17:51 iamaregee2 count me in as well
17:51 callkalpa me too
17:51 walterbender maybe we can do that on #sugar
17:51 llaske Not sure to understand what is a triage session
17:51 surajgillespie_ surajgillespie_: me too
17:51 walterbender we need to go through the open tickets on bugs.sugarlabs.org and see which ones are still valid
17:52 trackers tend to get a bit out of date
17:52 gonzalo_odiard all the participants need a working sugar environment
17:52 llaske ok
17:52 walterbender shall we end this meeting and jump to #sugar (where we can divide and conquer our open ticket list)
17:52 surajgillespie_ #agreed
17:53 walterbender OK... let's go for it !!
17:53 same time next week...
17:53 #endmeeting
17:53 meeting Meeting ended Fri Jun  7 17:53:25 2013 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
17:53 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-07T17:09:56.html
17:53 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]13-06-07T17:09:56
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