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#sugar-meeting, 2013-05-06

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14:05 erikos hello too
14:05 gonzalo_odiard_ anybody else i said :)
14:07 erikos man...u?
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14:09 manuq hola
14:09 gonzalo_odiard_ finally :)
14:09 manuq gonzalo_odiard_: erikos, I'm here now
14:10 gonzalo_odiard_ great
14:10 manuq sorry, was doing another task
14:10 gonzalo_odiard_ manuq, we know....
14:10 erikos tztztz
14:10 gonzalo_odiard_ :)
14:11 erikos ok, let's talk about Journal share
14:11 gonzalo_odiard_ ok, try to get this on tpic
14:11 erikos, please start :)
14:11 erikos gonzalo_odiard_: you have already read/seen what we designed so far
14:11 gonzalo_odiard_ yes
14:12 i think i replied the mail too
14:12 erikos yes
14:12 the controversial point is if we think that we should include one-to-one communication
14:12 or if the activity is only used as a pinboard
14:13 gonzalo_odiard_ erikos, pinboard, but with the option to items visible to all or not
14:13 erikos a global space, where people offer a share that is visible to all the members of the session
14:14 gonzalo_odiard_: can you elaborate on the last sentence?
14:14 gonzalo_odiard_: how would that visible or not to all look like?
14:15 manuq not visible to all == visible only to the teacher?
14:16 gonzalo_odiard_ thinking about the use case you defined, may be who initiated the session (the teacher) if the objective is collect draw form kids, can have a option to define than the work provided by the kids shoukd be visible for all or not
14:16 instead of needing define by every kid
14:16 erikos you mean, when the sharing session is started, like:
14:17 - teacher starts the activity
14:17 - shares it
14:17 - an alert is asking him whether it is a 'private' one or an 'open' one
14:18 gonzalo_odiard_ that is a implementation issue, but yes, is the idea
14:18 manuq let's not go for implementation, let's describe workflows instead
14:18 gonzalo_odiard_ maybe open/closed to ot use the term "private", because can be confusing with the sharing state
14:20 erikos ok
14:21 manuq so the person who shares can decide if it will be an open or closed sharing
14:21 erikos ok, so you raised the point that one-to-one transfers are already possible in the shell
14:21 gonzalo_odiard_ yes
14:21 erikos I think there are two issues with offering that as a solution for the "teacher collects assignment" workflow
14:22 - the current interface for authenticating the incoming transfers does not work well for many transfers at the same time
14:23 - you have to make the person you want to send to a friend first
14:23 gonzalo_odiard_ erikos, you are talking about transferences in sugar, not journalshare
14:23 erikos gonzalo_odiard_: yes
14:23 I want to see if we can say:
14:24 - Journal share is a pinboard
14:24 - for collecting files one-by-one use the shell file transfers
14:24 this would be one option
14:25 the other would be to have both use cases available in the activity, like we tried to illustrate in the second mockup
14:25 gonzalo_odiard_ hmm
14:25 manuq shell file transfers like in: go to journal -> open palette in an item -> Send to: -> select friend
14:26 erikos manuq: yes
14:26 gonzalo_odiard_ erikos, in that case, to collect the work the teacher should autorize every transference?
14:26 manuq gonzalo_odiard_: yes
14:27 cumbersome
14:27 gonzalo_odiard_ hmm
14:27 erikos yes, but I think that has to be the case both if we go for the shell-implementation and for the activity one
14:27 gonzalo_odiard_ and also is difficult later to the teacher check where all that works
14:28 manuq erikos: but a "download all" button can make it easier
14:28 gonzalo_odiard_ erikos, manuq, wait
14:28 in the activity, you don't need authorize transferences
14:29 erikos gonzalo_odiard_: why not?
14:29 gonzalo_odiard_ the kids download and upload, the teacher have a report of the state
14:29 (report not implemented yet)
14:29 manuq gonzalo_odiard_: in my sketch, the kids publish and the teacher downloads
14:30 gonzalo_odiard_ manuq, that does not scale
14:31 manuq gonzalo_odiard_: can you describe me how should it be? like in "kid A does X, teacher does Y"
14:31 gonzalo_odiard_ yes
14:32 the kid select a item to share, is uploaded to the teacher computer, all the views are updated as needed
14:33 manuq so, a push model
14:33 gonzalo_odiard_ if the teacher upload something, the the kids view is updated, if the kid want, download it
14:33 is a web model, but with automatic update
14:33 is not push, only the view
14:34 erikos gonzalo_odiard_: each machine runs a server?
14:34 gonzalo_odiard_ Record activity is similar, you see the media from the other kids, but only download if click over the media
14:34 erikos, only the teacher
14:36 erikos gonzalo_odiard_: teacher as in the person who started the sharing session?
14:36 manuq gonzalo_odiard_: even sharing big files?
14:36 gonzalo_odiard_ erikos, yes
14:36 manuq, yes, why?
14:37 manuq gonzalo_odiard_: having no control of what your computer is downloading can be odd
14:37 erikos there is Bob and Chris in the class of Mister Wood
14:37 Bob adds an item from his Journal
14:37 manuq specially if the work was: take a video of the animals in the zoo
14:37 erikos what does happen in your case?
14:38 gonzalo_odiard_ wait :)
14:38 erikos :)
14:39 gonzalo_odiard_ erikos, if the pinboard is public (like is today) the view from Chris is updated, the item from Bob is uploaded to Mister Wood Journal,and the view from Mister Wood is updated too
14:40 if is closed, only Mister Wood view is updated
14:41 erikos gonzalo_odiard_: ok, so Mister Wood runs the pinboard and items are pushed to him
14:41 he can not really control it
14:41 gonzalo_odiard_ manuq, we can think on some limits
14:41 erikos, yes
14:41 erikos I always thought in pull models
14:41 gonzalo_odiard_ i am not concerned on dod atacks form 6 years kids.... (yet)
14:42 i am not concerned on dos atacks form 6 years kids.... (yet)
14:42 manuq :)
14:42 but 30 pupils sending 10MB works at the same time can boom
14:42 gonzalo_odiard_ erikos, well, the kid need select a item to download it
14:43 manuq, how many activities generate 10MB works? really....
14:44 manuq gonzalo_odiard_: ok, but I see a risk there
14:44 gonzalo_odiard_: also, where do uploads go? do they fill the teacher's journal?
14:44 gonzalo_odiard_ yes
14:44 erikos gonzalo_odiard_: yes, but not the teacher
14:46 gonzalo_odiard_ manuq, erikos, may be we can set a default file size limit, and let the teacher change it
14:46 and/or request confirmation for bigger files
14:47 erikos but do we really need such a structure?
14:47 gonzalo_odiard_ erikos, file size control?
14:47 manuq I'm a bit concerned about having 30 new items in the journal
14:47 erikos no, I mean a central server point
14:48 can not each member broadcast the items he shares
14:48 gonzalo_odiard_ erikos, is the point off all this, collect works....
14:48 manuq gonzalo_odiard_: erikos came with the idea of download options: to the journal, a usb stick, to the documents folder
14:48 gonzalo_odiard_ manuq, we not implement that in browse, right? ;)
14:48 erikos gonzalo_odiard_: I mean the implementation architecture
14:49 gonzalo_odiard_ erikos, what option do you imagine?
14:50 erikos the sharing model around telepathy does work that way
14:50 imagine Browse sharing for example
14:51 if Bob adds a new item he wants to share, this info is broadcastet to all the members
14:51 then when Chris wants to have that file he request it from Bob
14:51 and it is transferred
14:52 gonzalo_odiard_ erikos, i started to research this option, because we know the telepathy does not work for more than 6/8 kids
14:52 erikos, or that is what i always heard
14:53 sadly, i don't have a reliable way to test all this with a big group
14:53 erikos hmm, ok
14:54 gonzalo_odiard_ erikos, is wrong my thinking?
14:55 erikos I am thinking
14:55 I mean the basic presence/sharing bits remain unchanged in your model
14:56 what I mean is, which parts do we consider unstable when we say:
14:56 "telepathy does not work for more than 6/8 kids"
14:57 do we fail, because presence is not accurate?
14:57 do we fail because the session joining/leaving is not accurate
14:57 or is it the messages that we transfer during the session
14:57 that do not work reliably
14:58 manuq is worth checking, yes
14:58 gonzalo_odiard_: erikos, I think the three of us have more than 8 machines
14:59 gonzalo_odiard_ manuq, i have 10 working xos
14:59 manuq great
15:00 gonzalo_odiard_ manuq, anyway, is not so easy determine what is the problem with telepathy
15:00 ask simon if not
15:01 erikos, if you have some way to point me to how diagnose what happen with  the messages, tell me
15:02 erikos ok, i will think about it
15:04 manuq gonzalo_odiard_: regarding the UI, I don't think we are ready to do it in a webview.. if doing it in gtk3 things will be easier
15:04 the logic is in python already, the UI part is easy
15:05 gonzalo_odiard_ manuq, then we should not use http for transferences, right?
15:05 manuq gonzalo_odiard_: just talking about the UI
15:06 gonzalo_odiard_ manuq, but the ui in this case is linked to how the activity works
15:06 manuq gonzalo_odiard_: you use a webview because is needed to the transfers?
15:06 ok
15:07 gonzalo_odiard_ may be i am wrong, but i think, going for http should be safe for us. we have a lot of options for server and client side
15:07 you know, all can fail, but ....
15:08 manuq gonzalo_odiard_: I remember I used webkit without displaying any webview to perform a download (the little progress-bar icon)
15:08 erikos sorry guys - I am called for food hunting
15:08 I learned at least about the current implemenattion
15:08 gonzalo_odiard_ manuq, hmm, i didn't think about that
15:09 manuq erikos: ok! ejoy food, we can continue later
15:09 enjoy
15:09 erikos please sent me the conversation later
15:09 manuq gonzalo_odiard_: maybe for uploads is the same?
15:09 erikos: right
15:09 gonzalo_odiard_ ok
15:09 erikos manuq: it will be a while :/
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15:10 gonzalo_odiard_ manuq, may be
15:10 manuq, why you think the ui can't be done in a webui?
15:10 manuq gonzalo_odiard_: would be great, can you check? then I can do the UI using gtk3
15:11 gonzalo_odiard_: see the sketches erikos and I did.. there are conventional sugar widgets there
15:11 gonzalo_odiard_: porting them to http will be a lot of work
15:12 gonzalo_odiard_ manuq, i can't say with the sketch :)
15:12 manuq no? :)
15:12 gonzalo_odiard_ manuq, is not something we can't implement with web
15:13 manuq gonzalo_odiard_: but will not be consistent and will be hard.. get the nicks and colors from each buddy, for example
15:13 gonzalo_odiard_ in fact, is probably easier to do with a webview
15:13 manuq gonzalo_odiard_: ok, let's discuss this after we agree in the workflow
15:13 this == UI
15:15 gonzalo_odiard_ manuq, ok, something else to talk about?
15:16 manuq gonzalo_odiard_: next step?
15:17 gonzalo_odiard_ i think i should:
15:17 * add the open/closed option
15:17 * implement a view more similar to the mockup
15:18 see if simon have any recommendation about telepathy testing
15:18 and do a new round of review/talk
15:19 manuq gonzalo_odiard_: about open / closed...
15:20 if A starts the activity and B and C join, B will only see the items A shares, right?
15:21 so B will not see the items C shares and viceversa
15:22 gonzalo_odiard_ if is a closed pinboard, yes
15:23 right now is not working that way, all see all
15:23 manuq gonzalo_odiard_: yes, I meant for closed, yes
15:24 gonzalo_odiard_: also right now, you need to start one activity per "board"
15:24 gonzalo_odiard_ yes
15:24 manuq gonzalo_odiard_: erikos and I were thinking about having all boards in the same activity
15:24 gonzalo_odiard_ all boards?
15:25 what means all boards?
15:25 manuq gonzalo_odiard_: see my sketch, on the left you'll see a list of buddies
15:26 gonzalo_odiard_: selecting one buddy you will see his/her shared items
15:26 her "board"
15:27 gonzalo_odiard_ i don't like that. the teacher need go one by one
15:27 is not better have a single list, with information about the user?
15:30 manuq gonzalo_odiard_: if you see my sketch, the right side has a top area and a bottom area
15:30 gonzalo_odiard_: the bottom area is for items sent to you directly, the one-to-one sents, like in the "teacher collecting works" case
15:30 gonzalo_odiard_ yes, but that was thinking in a different transference model
15:34 manuq gonzalo_odiard_: I think seeing only one board is very much like the current Send to: option
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18:47 meeting * danisag-es has joined
18:48 <MelissaHT-es> Greetings *danisa!
18:48 <danisag-es> Hello!
18:48 <MelissaHT-es> Apology by the problems *tecnios
18:48 <MelissaHT-es> *tecnicos
18:48 <danisag-es> How it complicated us the technology today
18:48 <danisag-es> There is not problem, these things occur...
18:48 <MelissaHT-es> *siii
18:48 <danisag-es> It would be missing *Frannia?
18:49 <MelissaHT-es> If, it seems me that *sandra of the saviour *tambien *trataria to connect
18:49 <danisag-es> ah! Very good :)
18:49 <MelissaHT-es> And *claudia *tambien was in the another *salon
18:51 <MelissaHT-es> That such the *dia *feriado? 1 May?
18:51 sandra__ <sandra__!~webchat@> has joined #sugar-meeting
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18:51 meeting <danisag-es> Well! In Uruguay  *estila find with friends and share a roasted to the midday :)
18:52 <ClaudiaU-es> Hello
18:52 <MelissaHT-es> ah That well
18:53 <danisag-es> You how happened?
18:54 sandra__ <sandra__!~webchat@> has joined #sugar-meeting
18:54 meeting <MelissaHT-es> hello *claudia!
18:54 <ClaudiaU-es> Good afternoons
18:55 sandra__ Hola chicas, un gusto saludarlas
18:55 MelissaHT sandra, el salon es #sugar-meeting-es
18:56 sandra__ o.k
18:56 sandra__ has quit IRC
18:59 meeting <MelissaHT-es> well, we are *danisa, *claudia and *sandra if it arrives to join
18:59 <MelissaHT-es> *recapitulamos What have done up to now?
18:59 <danisag-es> We are, although it remains me *poquito time, have to go me to a meeting in 20 minutes :(
19:00 <MelissaHT-es> Some suggestion of as give him better follow-up to these talks?
19:00 <MelissaHT-es> Clear *danisa, understand
19:00 <MelissaHT-es> thank you By the documents that shared *danisa
19:01 <MelissaHT-es> *frannia *tambien *compartio Some things.
19:01 <danisag-es> Yes, I was looking this document, is *súper interesting
19:01 <MelissaHT-es> You could see the *video of his *presentacion?
19:02 <MelissaHT-es> Still they are slope the following tasks:
19:02 <MelissaHT-es> •Determine the critical appearances or skills to develop.
19:02 <MelissaHT-es> •Look the Activities of *Sugar and think which aim to the *lectoescritura http://activities.sugarlabs.org//in-*US/*sugar/
19:03 <ClaudiaU-es> I propose that the same members of the group can propose aims and activities that want to promote  or do like team
19:03 <danisag-es> I could not see the *video, have to go in from house. In the office do not have technology to be able to listen it, and wanted to download it to see it afterwards but did not attain it
19:03 <MelissaHT-es> *ok
19:03 <ClaudiaU-es> It is obvious that exists a *interes of part of which us "apuntamos" to this group...And it is very important to establish that we can do each one and like group
19:04 <ClaudiaU-es> No  that seems them?
19:04 <MelissaHT-es> Of agreement *claudia, but it *dificil is that all can participate to  propose aims and activities that want to promote  or do like team
19:05 * Frannia-es has joined
19:05 <MelissaHT-es> *danisa And *frannia have put a lot of effort in participating and appreciate them *grandemente.
19:05 <Frannia-es> Hello!! :)
19:05 <danisag-es> Up to now I think that we have had difficulties to advance in a work of team properly.... I was absent two Mondays followed, besides...
19:05 <danisag-es> hello *Frannia!
19:06 <Frannia-es> Hello Danisa, greetings for all
19:06 <MelissaHT-es> hello *frannia
19:07 <ClaudiaU-es> MelissaHT: but they can coordinate things *asincronicas
19:07 <ClaudiaU-es> In a *google *doc and go creating a *wiki *page
19:08 <danisag-es> If, this think that could be practical, not to depend so much that we coincide in the time
19:08 <MelissaHT-es> Clear
19:08 <MelissaHT-es> Of agreement
19:09 <ClaudiaU-es> Taking advantage of this big moment.. And that danisag they have to go prompt
19:09 <ClaudiaU-es> By that we do not think in an aim
19:09 <ClaudiaU-es> And some tasks... And like this it gives  follow-up
19:10 <danisag-es> Well, a first aim can be list the activities that aim to *lectoescritura in *sugar, and classify them with any *brevísima description
19:10 <MelissaHT-es> If
19:10 <danisag-es> More than an aim, that would be a task :*P...
19:11 <MelissaHT-es> If. It is one of the tasks described from the first meeting: Look the Activities of *Sugar and think which aim to the *lectoescritura http://activities.sugarlabs.org//in-*US/*sugar/
19:12 <MelissaHT-es> We put hands to the work?
19:12 <MelissaHT-es> In a *pagina *wiki?
19:12 <danisag-es> *perfeco
19:12 <danisag-es> *Perfect
19:12 <MelissaHT-es> *ok
19:12 <ClaudiaU-es> *siiii
19:12 <Frannia-es> *ok
19:13 <MelissaHT-es> It seems me well. Claudia you *gustaria create the *pagina of *wiki or of *google? Or you want to that I do it I?
19:13 <ClaudiaU-es> MelissaHT: forward
19:13 <ClaudiaU-es> We begin by the of *wiki
19:13 <MelissaHT-es> *ok. I go to do a *google *doc
19:14 <ClaudiaU-es> And when they have things specify that we want to share with all, created *google *doc
19:14 <MelissaHT-es> ah *ok
19:14 <MelissaHT-es> *wiki Then
19:14 <MelissaHT-es> *frannia And *danisa, know to edit *wiki?
19:14 <danisag-es> If, there is not problem
19:14 <MelissaHT-es> *ok
19:15 <Frannia-es> The aim would be directed to orient to the community on some guidelines to strengthen the processes of reading and writing, *asi is?
19:15 <danisag-es> If they arise me doubts, ask! :)
19:15 <MelissaHT-es> *ok
19:15 <ClaudiaU-es> It seems me that the group  could establish a base theorist that orient the activities related with *lectoescritura, and at the same time promote  best practices....
19:15 <danisag-es> I have to leave them by today, I expect a link in the post in these days for the *wiki?
19:15 <Frannia-es> If, already I have used *Wikis
19:15 <MelissaHT-es> In a first moment  list the activities that aim to *lectoescritura in *sugar, *frannia
19:16 <MelissaHT-es> *ok, thank you *danisa
19:16 <ClaudiaU-es> Until prompt danisag
19:16 <ClaudiaU-es> Following with this aim, the group commissions  of:
19:16 * danisag-es has left
19:16 <Frannia-es> *ok
19:16 <ClaudiaU-es> - Create and *recopilar theoretical information
19:17 <Frannia-es> Greetings Danisa
19:17 <MelissaHT-es> If
19:17 <ClaudiaU-es> - Identify the Activities of *Sugar that support the development of skills of *lecto-writing
19:17 <Frannia-es> *ok, understand
19:18 <ClaudiaU-es> - Promote the development of New Activities, where was necessary
19:18 <ClaudiaU-es> - Create and *recopilar practical examples of as these Activities can use in out and inside the classroom (formal environments and no formal)
19:19 <MelissaHT-es> If
19:19 <ClaudiaU-es> It seems them begin with this, and attach what has found ?
19:20 <MelissaHT-es> I *tambien have to go me now. Frannia, these available the *proximo *miercoles?
19:20 <Frannia-es> If
19:20 <MelissaHT-es> If *claudia
19:20 <ClaudiaU-es> It seems me that a task would be can write like a *parrafo or some *lienas that *resuman each one of the resources
19:20 <Frannia-es> Melissa confirm you tomorrow, since have workshops in *Ometepe and would go us from the day Wednesday. That penalty :(
19:21 <MelissaHT-es> You do not concern you
19:21 <ClaudiaU-es> You do not concern you
19:21 <MelissaHT-es> If you warn me *manana will have time to schedule
19:21 <ClaudiaU-es> *Meli.. You want to organise what carry..
19:21 <MelissaHT-es> And if you can not, we plan another subject
19:21 <Frannia-es> *ok
19:21 <ClaudiaU-es> Like this it is
19:21 <MelissaHT-es> If *claudia, put it in the *wiki *tambien
19:22 <MelissaHT-es> *ok *frannia Expect your *confirmacion *manana
19:22 <Frannia-es> They would define  roles to organise the *wiki?
19:22 <MelissaHT-es> Have to go me now.
19:23 <Frannia-es> Greetings Melissa, a good week for both
19:24 <ClaudiaU-es> Greetings!!!
19:26 <Frannia-es> We expect then, the link to the *wiki
19:26 <Frannia-es> Greetings Claudia, withdraw me
19:26 <Frannia-es> :)
19:26 * Frannia has quit (Quit: Page closed)
22:01 Ignacio has quit IRC
22:01 JT4sugar <JT4sugar!~JT@d192-24-234-153.try.wideopenwest.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
22:34 walterbender <walterbender!~chatzilla@146-115-134-246.c3-0.nwt-ubr​1.sbo-nwt.ma.cable.rcn.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
22:35 gonzalo_odiard_ hello....
22:35 walterbender hi ClaudiaU gonzalo_odiard_
22:36 expecting daniel
22:36 and gerald
22:36 and cjl
22:36 didn't hear from adam
22:38 gonzalo_odiard_: re GSoC, I submitted our "amazing" and "desired" and I began a first pass at the mentor assignments
22:38 GeraldA <GeraldA!~quassel@ool-4a59b1ff.dyn.optonline.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
22:38 walterbender kept about 1/3 of the applications in play at the moment.
22:38 hi GeraldA
22:39 we have a quorum :)
22:39 #start-meeting
22:39 meeting Meeting started Mon May  6 22:39:38 2013 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
22:39 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
22:39 walterbender welcome oversight board :)
22:40 gonzalo_odiard_ hi all!
22:40 walterbender we've not managed to meet in a while
22:40 I wanted to bring everyone up to speed on a few topics
22:40 #topic GSoC
22:40 As I think you all know, we are participating in Google Summer of Code
22:41 we had 37 applications... quite a few good ones... on a nice range of topics
22:41 we should know by the end of the week how many slots we get.
22:42 CanoeBerry <CanoeBerry!CanoeBerry@> has joined #sugar-meeting
22:42 walterbender I think the applications are public: http://www.google-melange.com/[…]oposals_submitted
22:42 hi adam
22:42 CanoeBerry ciao
22:43 walterbender Once we get our slot assignments, we'll meet as a group -- the mentors and anyone fro SLOB who wants to chime in
22:43 the goal is to pick students/projects that will bring the most value to the program.
22:43 any questions? concerns? ideas?
22:44 CanoeBerry: we are discussing Google Summer of Code
22:44 CanoeBerry i'm not getting access to http://www.google-melange.com/[…]oposals_submitted
22:44 walterbender hmm.
22:44 I will try to find the public link
22:44 gerald: did you ever figure out how to applu to be a SL mentor?
22:44 JT4sugar unable to access Sugar Labs stuff although I signed up through mentor link on GSOC landing page
22:45 walterbender seems to recall approving your application
22:45 GeraldA walterbender, no. I am working on it now
22:45 walterbender JT4sugar: seems you and gerald have the same problem
22:45 and for some reason gonzalo_odiard_ doesn't have access to the admin stuff??
22:46 I find the UI unintuitive, but I just figured it was me.
22:46 GeraldA when I signed up as a mentor yesterday, there was no place to indicate an affiliation with SugarLabs
22:47 walterbender GeraldA: maybe ask on #gsoc
22:47 well, meanwhile...
22:47 #topic turtleart day
22:47 gonzalo_odiard_ walterbender, yes, i don't see admin options
22:48 walterbender ClaudiaU and I have been helping a group from the learning team organize Turtle Art Day
22:48 re GSoC, let's sort these issues out after the meeting
22:48 it is tentatively scheduled for October 5 (or 12).
22:49 it will be a collection of local events around the world, with a main venue in Paraguay
22:49 (probably ANU, but maybe in Caacupe)
22:49 I've got a lead on some possible funding for travel. will keep you in the loop
22:50 gonzalo_odiard_ nice
22:50 GeraldA This is so great.
22:51 walterbender spent most of the day working on a new TA feature request from .UY
22:51 it will be cool: saving stacks as macros to be reused in new sessions.
22:51 lots of corner cases to sort out :P
22:52 ClaudiaU: any thing to add re TA Day?
22:52 gonzalo_odiard_ walterbender, like name procedures?
22:52 walterbender gonzalo_odiard_: yes.
22:52 gonzalo_odiard_: you can make named procedures already, but they are only part of a single instance.
22:53 now you can same them and you get an extra palette with your collection to use in any instance
22:53 ^same^save
22:54 more power to the people :)
22:54 gonzalo_odiard_ :)
22:54 walterbender a few more quick updates...
22:55 #topic sugar
22:55 not sure if you have been seeing the discussion in #sugar and on devel, but the html5/javascript work is really moving quickly
22:56 dnarvaez, manuq, lionel laske at al. are doing a great job
22:57 I'm pretty excited in general about the pace we are setting with the new release
22:57 setting the background has landed :)
22:57 sdanielf <sdanielf!~dfrancis@r186-49-50-9.dialup.adsl.anteldata.net.uy> has joined #sugar-meeting
22:57 walterbender we are debating how best to implement multiple home views
22:57 sdanielf walterbender: I appeared in the best time
22:58 walterbender sdanielf: :)
22:58 gonzalo_odiard_ hi sdanielf :)
22:58 walterbender sdanielf: we need to convince gonzalo_odiard_ of our approach :P
22:58 gonzalo_odiard_ ha ha
22:58 sdanielf need to read again the discussion, but I don't like the design too
22:59 walterbender lots of little things too, such as the keyboard section no longer crashes sugar :)
22:59 had the updater working again, but it crashes again (I suspect a problem on ASLO actually)
23:00 in any case, the devel team is doing a great job...
23:00 sdanielf I didn't see GSoC projects to enhance ASLO
23:00 gonzalo_odiard_ i have a little announcement too, we have a help activity with updated content
23:00 walterbender sdanielf: yes... would have been a good theme
23:01 sdanielf walterbender: and... soon or late somebody will have to do it
23:01 walterbender gonzalo_odiard_: yes. very nice
23:01 gonzalo_odiard_ i wanted to share because a lot of people worked on that, at different times
23:01 sdanielf gonzalo_odiard_: congrats
23:01 gonzalo_odiard_ ClaudiaU, julia reynolds
23:01 and the group of volunteers the last year
23:02 sdanielf now we just need to keep the documentation up-to-date
23:02 gonzalo_odiard_ there are content needing a update, but is a big improvement compared with the previous version
23:02 CanoeBerry gonzalo_odiard_: thanks! got a canonical link?
23:03 gonzalo_odiard_ yes, wait
23:03 walterbender CanoeBerry: are you using xo 4.0s in Haiti yet?
23:03 CanoeBerry Not yet
23:03 gonzalo_odiard_ CanoeBerry, http://activities.sugarlabs.or[…]/sugar/addon/4051
23:05 i created a repository to the content too, and is written in a easy markup
23:05 and is possible create html, epub, pdf...
23:05 walterbender CanoeBerry: when you do, touch base, because we have a lot of work on activities for touch that are not yet in the official builds
23:05 CanoeBerry gonzalo_odiard_: Right, http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Activities/Help is too stale to be of much use, got it.
23:06 walterbender: awesome, what's the timeline for integrating these into 13.2.0 ideally?
23:06 walterbender I wanted to make one more point re sugar devel: it seems that we are picking up a few new developers... a good sign
23:06 ClaudiaU hello
23:06 walterbender but we always need more :)
23:07 for example, I put some of Steve Jacob's students in touch with the Charolette NC deployment and they are working together on some new activities
23:07 good stuff
23:07 sdanielf will need to research about packaging help for activities and using the help activity to load help for all the activities which include it... that would be a way to update the help together with it's activity
23:08 walterbender sdanielf: we do have a GSoC project on help
23:08 sdanielf: please be a "shadow" mentor for that project
23:08 sdanielf walterbender: true
23:09 walterbender sdanielf: seems like there are a few new students of Flavio too
23:09 they are contacting me for help :P
23:10 gonzalo_odiard_ we need involve them before they have a girlfriend :D
23:10 sdanielf gonzalo_odiard_: really true
23:10 or we need to involve their girlfriends :P
23:11 gonzalo_odiard_ that should be better :)
23:11 CanoeBerry gonzalo_odiard_: just updated http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Manuals & http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Help_%28activity%29 so more ppl find yr work
23:12 walterbender sdanielf: seriously... how do we get them involved
23:12 gonzalo_odiard_ CanoeBerry, thanks!
23:12 ClaudiaU walterbender: the only other update I have on TA day is that the team is creating a series of videos to promote best practices...
23:13 walterbender, gonzalo_odiard_ I found email from you in this account I don't use much
23:14 gonzalo_odiard_ ClaudiaU, what email is better?
23:14 ClaudiaU, walterbender, you have material ready to promote replication of TA day?
23:14 ClaudiaU callaurrea@gmail.com
23:14 gonzalo_odiard_ ok
23:14 ClaudiaU I think walterbender used currea@slb.com
23:15 about summer code 2013 :(
23:16 need to get up to date on that
23:18 gonzalo_odiard_: we will get an update from the team working on the material to promote TA
23:18 we are also planning to create a guide to help people organize an international event
23:18 gonzalo_odiard_ i would like to contact here the people from conectar igualdad
23:18 ClaudiaU I will keep you posted
23:19 gonzalo_odiard_ thanks
23:19 walterbender anything else today?
23:19 ClaudiaU gonzalo_odiard_: to invite them to organize an event? or to come to the main event?
23:20 gonzalo_odiard_ to organize a local event
23:20 ClaudiaU great
23:20 we are advacing.. we'll let you know
23:20 GeraldA ClaudiaU, I very much want to participate in planning TA Day.
23:20 ClaudiaU GeraldA: we are getting together on Wed at 11 am
23:21 I will pass the info, in case you can join
23:21 GeraldA Great. I will try to join.
23:21 CanoeBerry Schoolserver Community Edition sprint happening right outside Toronto starting Wedn: http://schoolserver.org (May 8-13)
23:21 Our dream is a "v0.3" that will increasingly run well on all XOs, x86 and RPi..next week we'll know how close we get to the dreams :)
23:22 gonzalo_odiard_ CanoeBerry, great work
23:23 ClaudiaU GeraldA: it would be great
23:25 walterbender GeraldA: you should be in (GSioC)
23:26 GeraldA walterbender: I will check
23:29 walterbender GeraldA: you show up on the list now as a member of SL
23:29 maybe you can let ClaudiaU and CanoeBerry what you did
23:29 GeraldA walterbender: I see it now
23:29 Thanks
23:29 ClaudiaU and CanoeBerry: have you applied as a mentor yet?
23:32 This page was really helpful: http://en.flossmanuals.net/mel[…]fter-the-program/
23:33 ClaudiaU GeraldA: I just found the email
23:34 GeraldA: thanks
23:34 I registered last year
23:35 GeraldA This helped with the second piece, which was applying to be a mentor for a specific organization, say, SugarLabs.
23:37 ClaudiaU me looking!!
23:38 useful already
23:38 JT4sugar walterbender, Followed Geralds floss page and I just submitted request to mentor for Sugar Labs am I showing up on your list?
23:42 walterbender looks
23:43 JT4sugar: you should be in
23:45 ClaudiaU walterbender: I also registered
23:46 walterbender ClaudiaU: I am not sure if I have yours yet... loking
23:46 CanoeBerry: your's arrive...
23:47 CanoeBerry I registered as a GSOC13 mentor..and requested a "connection" w/ Sugar Labs..proposals page no longer blocked, but remains blank: http://www.google-melange.com/[…]oposals_submitted
23:49 walterbender CanoeBerry: I just approved you, but you are not on the SL list :P
23:52 GeraldA I am going to have to jump off. Do we have any other business?
23:53 ClaudiaU walterbender: did you see mine?
23:53 walterbender GeraldA: I think we are done
23:53 ClaudiaU: not yet :(
23:53 let's end the meeting and then poke around with melange
23:54 #end-meeting
23:54 meeting Meeting ended Mon May  6 23:54:06 2013 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
23:54 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-06T22:39:38.html
23:54 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]13-05-06T22:39:38
23:55 sdanielf has quit IRC
23:55 walterbender CanoeBerry: you are on the list now... try the link again
23:56 ClaudiaU: still no email re your application
23:56 CanoeBerry Works, thanks!
23:58 ClaudiaU walterbender: it appears in my dashboard as requested
23:58 GeraldA Ciao!
23:58 GeraldA has left #sugar-meeting
23:58 CanoeBerry Likewise, bye for now-
23:58 gonzalo_odiard_ bye
23:58 walterbender ClaudiaU: I'll keep looking
23:58 ClaudiaU ok
23:58 walterbender bye all
23:58 ClaudiaU bye
23:59 walterbender: yay
23:59 walterbender ClaudiaU: it just now showed up
23:59 ClaudiaU got approved
23:59 walterbender :)
23:59 ClaudiaU thanks!

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