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#sugar-meeting, 2013-05-01

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Time Nick Message
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15:20 walterbender <walterbender!~chatzilla@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:26 meeting * JoseMiguel-es has joined
15:26 <JoseMiguel-es> Hello!
15:27 ClaudiaU hello
15:27 walterbender hello josemiguel-es
15:27 ClaudiaU :)
15:27 meeting <JoseMiguel-es> I am in Bogota, and me *trancó the demonstration...
15:27 <ClaudiaU-es> But welcome
15:27 <ClaudiaU-es> That such my earth?
15:27 <JoseMiguel-es> Beautiful!
15:28 <JoseMiguel-es> And with a lot of rises! ;)
15:28 <JoseMiguel-es> I come of the *Monserrate
15:28 <ClaudiaU-es> I imagine it.. *wow
15:28 <JoseMiguel-es> And the demonstration cut the *trasmilenio...
15:29 ClaudiaU walterbender: are we going to be able to do this?
15:29 meeting <ClaudiaU-es> Where you these remaining?
15:29 <JoseMiguel-es> In the heroes.
15:29 <ClaudiaU-es> What do in Colombia? Holidays?
15:30 <JoseMiguel-es> No, a congress. Yesterday I was with Aura, giving a workshop of robotics for barefoot feet...
15:31 <ClaudiaU-es> I invite you Feet *Descalsos?
15:31 <JoseMiguel-es> No, as had the free day, Aura coordinate the workshop...
15:31 <ClaudiaU-es> Already.. Very well!!
15:31 <JoseMiguel-es> One can not with *s condition...
15:32 rsaucedo <rsaucedo!~webchat@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:32 meeting * Pacita-es has joined
15:32 * Irma-es has joined
15:32 <Pacita-es> They have begun?
15:33 <ClaudiaU-es> No
15:33 <ClaudiaU-es> Hardly *estan arriving
15:33 <Irma-es> Good morning Hard-working in his day!!!
15:33 <JoseMiguel-es> Hello!
15:33 <ClaudiaU-es> Like this it is
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15:33 meeting <ClaudiaU-es> Good  day of the worker
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15:34 meeting * rsaucedo-es has joined
15:34 <JoseMiguel-es> If, for the Uruguayans this is unusual. There it detains  the country. No transport, no trade, no at all...
15:34 <Pacita-es> Hello Ricardo
15:34 <rsaucedo-es> Pacita: hello
15:34 <ClaudiaU-es> The same here
15:34 <Irma-es> Warning to tod@s, have to withdraw me to the 13 local hours
15:34 <Pacita-es> If but *OLPC follows *trabjando!
15:34 <ClaudiaU-es> Neither Melissa, neither Walter are...
15:34 <ClaudiaU-es> Today it is not the day of the work
15:35 <Pacita-es> That subjects touch today?
15:35 <Irma-es> How it is not the day of the work? Here there is only aromas to roasted....
15:35 <JoseMiguel-es> Walter sent some documents yesterday...
15:35 <ClaudiaU-es> But if it is a festive national... It celebrates  the 2 of *Sept
15:36 <Irma-es> It did not know....
15:36 <ClaudiaU-es> Well..
15:36 <ClaudiaU-es> Melissa has problems to go in
15:36 <ClaudiaU-es> And Walter does not have internet
15:36 <ClaudiaU-es> I hit them  the "día del trabajo"
15:37 <JoseMiguel-es> *Uh...
15:37 <ClaudiaU-es> But we take advantage of some *munitos
15:37 <Irma-es> Well, regarding the virtual in *google *drive, wanted to know if finally it will create  a web page
15:37 MelissaHT <MelissaHT!~quassel@activation.laptop.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:37 meeting <ClaudiaU-es> Only explain them that Walter and I advance with the subject of aims and other appearances of the organisation... We share them the document...
15:37 <Pacita-es> If this very clear Claudia
15:37 walterbender <walterbender!~chatzilla@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:38 walterbender finally
15:38 meeting <Irma-es> Perhaps it can not go to Asunción because have a congress and report of the 2 to 5 October...
15:38 MelissaHT ah porfin pude entrar
15:38 por quassel
15:38 meeting <Pacita-es> This confirmed this date?
15:38 <ClaudiaU-es> Also we attain to review the document that *habian sent Jose Miguel and Martin
15:38 <ClaudiaU-es> Pacita: we decide that it would be the 5 of Oct
15:38 <Pacita-es> Perfecto
15:39 <ClaudiaU-es> Also we find a good document of *Guia for the creation of a @evento in the International Day of *Scratc
15:39 <ClaudiaU-es> *Scratch
15:39 <Irma-es> I finish to see it.... Very good
15:39 <ClaudiaU-es> We think that it is a good example of something that can create like resource for the countries
15:39 <ClaudiaU-es> Irma: the page of web have to create it
15:39 <ClaudiaU-es> I do not have clear the one who commissioned  of this
15:40 <Irma-es> *ok ClaudiaU
15:40 ClaudiaU walterbender, MelissaHT... are you here?
15:40 we just started...
15:40 meeting <JoseMiguel-es> I was speaking with a colleague that can arm us a basic place, so that afterwards each country can edit the local part...
15:40 <MelissaHT-es> If, *aqui am
15:40 <Irma-es> hello Melissa
15:40 <MelissaHT-es> hello! At last I could go in
15:41 <MelissaHT-es> Apologies, me *perdi a lot?
15:41 <Irma-es> *nop
15:42 <ClaudiaU-es> No
15:42 <ClaudiaU-es> It was doing a headcount of the advances
15:42 <JoseMiguel-es> No, we are a bit retarded...
15:42 <MelissaHT-es> *ok
15:42 <Irma-es> How they are the finances?
15:43 <ClaudiaU-es> Question for JoseMiguel and MelissaHT (and Martin)... They think that the document that write with Walter is clear... To continue with the *videos?
15:43 ClaudiaU walterbender: any updates on funds?
15:43 walterbender i have a meeting on Sunday to discuss it
15:43 meeting <JoseMiguel-es> If, I think that it is very clear...
15:43 <ClaudiaU-es> JoseMiguel: perfect JoseMiguel
15:43 <Pacita-es> I adhere me to the question of Irma
15:44 walterbender we should make a budget
15:44 meeting <Pacita-es> Walter
15:44 <ClaudiaU-es> If, *walter me *habia commented that has another organisation that maybe would be *intersada in *finaciar
15:44 <ClaudiaU-es> Maybe we can today create a *comite of budget, and another of *pagina of web?
15:45 walterbender +1
15:45 meeting <JoseMiguel-es> It seems me well.
15:45 <Pacita-es> The date already is the fixed?
15:46 <Pacita-es> *estan Confirmed the invited for this date or can retard  or advance *segun the needs?
15:46 <ClaudiaU-es> I can be part of the *comite of budget...
15:46 <Irma-es> I adhere, Claudia
15:46 <Pacita-es> *PY Has to be part of the *comite of budget.....Ricardo give him a hand to the team of USES in this
15:46 walterbender the date is still flexible but we should decide soon
15:47 meeting <ClaudiaU-es> In accordance with Walter on the date
15:47 <JoseMiguel-es> If, I think that it is necessary to leave the clear-cut date the before possible.
15:47 <Pacita-es> *podriamos Happen it a week but? Or a *semsana before? Because we do not ask to the invited?
15:47 <Irma-es> I clear, I adhere to form today these commissions, but can not be part of the committee of budget. Locally there is a lot for doing...
15:47 <rsaucedo-es> *ok Seems me well
15:48 <rsaucedo-es> In fact that we have to be in the majority of the *comites since we will be local
15:48 <rsaucedo-es> And we owe to be to the so much of the activities
15:48 <ClaudiaU-es> Pacita: it is important to ask to the invited.. I think that without budget have been a bit restricted
15:49 <Pacita-es> If we advance a week...*podria Come the one who has a report in this date
15:49 walterbender September is impossible for me :P
15:49 meeting <ClaudiaU-es> I do not have so much flexibility now... But even I have very *abieto my calendar
15:50 walterbender October y November are good
15:50 meeting <ClaudiaU-es> *Oct 12?
15:50 walterbender dia de Colombo
15:50 meeting <Pacita-es> *PY *podria Begin to think in local help to cover local costs of the visitors if *tuviermos confirmed visits
15:50 <rsaucedo-es> I think that November is not the best better
15:50 <ClaudiaU-es> *Oct 12 is weekend of the day of the race
15:51 <ClaudiaU-es> And *aqui *tambien is festive
15:51 <JoseMiguel-es> November is complicated here
15:51 <Pacita-es> *PY *podria Begin to think in local help to cover local costs of the visitors if *tuviermos confirmed visits
15:51 <Pacita-es> But being 12 October *dia Festive is even better
15:51 <Irma-es> It has to be before November, as in this month the schools are revolved with examinations and *planillas of all type...
15:52 walterbender is fine with any weekend in October
15:52 meeting <Pacita-es> Vote by 12 October
15:52 <ClaudiaU-es> I'm sorry.. I have to go me now..
15:52 <ClaudiaU-es> I connect with Walter to work the budget...
15:53 <ClaudiaU-es> MelissaHT, Walter... They remain connected to finish?
15:53 <Pacita-es> *Ok thank you Claudia communicate us by the budget
15:53 walterbender yes
15:53 meeting <ClaudiaU-es> An embrace to all and happy week
15:53 <MelissaHT-es> If, I am *aqui
15:53 <Irma-es> I do not agree with on 12 October, day of the *Américas ... It would have to be allusive the *tortugarte. It can be the next weekend, Saturday 19 October
15:53 walterbender ClaudiaU: good luck with your Turtle Talk today :)
15:54 meeting <rsaucedo-es> If to Irma it remains him well the one of 12 *oct this very since I think that only she has problem in the previous date
15:54 <Pacita-es> Walter...When *comenzariamos the invitations to the *expositores like Solomon
15:54 walterbender pacita: I am waiting until we decide on a date and a budget... but yes
15:54 I can ask Cynthia, Brian, et al. to save the date
15:55 but what date?
15:55 meeting <Irma-es> What does not seem me well on 12 October from the educational politics, would not fall well
15:55 <JoseMiguel-es> For Uruguay does not represent problem.
15:55 walterbender it would be great if we did TA Day on the 12 in Aymara, Quechua, Gurani, etc
15:56 no English or Spanish
15:56 meeting <Irma-es> If it was like this Walter, would be *genial!!
15:56 <Irma-es> Well, also Spanish...
15:56 walterbender :)
15:57 meeting <Pacita-es> Walter *proque no *averiguas with the invited if it remains them better the 12 or the 5 and afterwards decide....If it is that to Irma him seem that it is not good date.
15:57 walterbender but we really could put a focus on local language as part of the program
15:57 we have Turtle in many many languages
15:57 meeting <JoseMiguel-es> If, it is important to know if they can in these days...
15:58 <Irma-es> I agree Pacita, if we do it from the villages arrived before the Spaniards and in the *mestizaje
15:58 walterbender I'll ask about availability for 5, 12, ans 19
15:58 meeting <Pacita-es> Walter *deberia *averiguar the possibilities of these people...Because it already is quite late
15:58 <Pacita-es> *Perfect Walter
15:59 <rsaucedo-es> Vote by 12
15:59 <Irma-es> *ok
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16:00 satellit_Mate <satellit_Mate!~satellit@> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:01 meeting <rsaucedo-es> Somebody has problem with the 12 oct.????
16:01 <JoseMiguel-es> No...
16:01 <rsaucedo-es> Then I think that we remain in a new date
16:01 <Irma-es> No
16:02 <Pacita-es> It remains for the 12 if the invited to the one who Walter goes to contact the before possible *estan available
16:02 <JoseMiguel-es> *Ok
16:02 walterbender just sent email to Brian and Cynthia about dates
16:02 meeting <Irma-es> *ok
16:03 <Pacita-es> To us be that we think in other invited if his diaries *estan busy
16:03 walterbender maybe we will have to leave the date unresolved until next week
16:03 meeting <JoseMiguel-es> If, it is important this..
16:03 walterbender meanwhile, if anyone has specific needs re budget, please let me (and Claudia) know
16:04 meeting <rsaucedo-es> *ok
16:04 <Irma-es> It is necessary to see if the invited can. It seems me that the date of the 12 is to consideration of if they can assist
16:04 <Pacita-es> We expect of Walter comments on the possible *participacion of Brian and Solomon, Melissa, Claudia and Ricardo *podrian work in the budget
16:05 walterbender and please feel free to work on the documents
16:05 meeting <Irma-es> Walter, follow sending resources?
16:05 walterbender we'll create a page for the resources
16:05 meeting <rsaucedo-es> Then we will be in contact now have to withdraw me, but am to touch of post
16:06 walterbender does everyone have "permission" to edit the other documents? do I need to invite anyone?
16:06 meeting <Irma-es> Walter, if you place it in *google *drive, please, *habilitame, because it was not it
16:06 <Pacita-es> *OK Have to go out....We see us the *proximo *miercoles...I could not access to the *videos
16:06 walterbender I need to go soon too... but we continue to make progress :)
16:07 pacita: I'll invite you to join that page
16:07 meeting * rsaucedo has quit (Quit: Page closed)
16:07 <Irma-es> Yes, *invitame, Walter
16:07 <MelissaHT-es> I no *tambien need *aprobacion to see the *videos *walter
16:08 <MelissaHT-es> I *porfavor *walter
16:08 * Pacita has quit (Quit: Page closed)
16:08 <Irma-es> An embrace!  I sack me of tod@s. we see Us next Wednesday
16:08 walterbender chau chau
16:08 meeting <MelissaHT-es> Have to go me *tambien. It sent details of this meeting in the *transcurso of the *dia.
16:08 <MelissaHT-es> An embrace
16:08 <JoseMiguel-es> An embrace...
16:09 <Irma-es> Embrace!!
16:09 * Irma has quit (Quit: Page closed)
16:10 <JoseMiguel-es> We see us!
16:11 * JoseMiguel has quit (Quit: Page closed)
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