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#sugar-meeting, 2013-04-25

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22:07 walterbender hi GeraldA
22:07 ClaudiaU: ?
22:07 GeraldA Hi Walter. How was RIT?
22:07 walterbender good
22:07 GeraldA nice to hear
22:08 walterbender GeraldA: btw, I have that book chapter for you.. keep forgetting to send it
22:08 will send it now
22:08 GeraldA Thanks. I really appreciate it.
22:08 I will be giving my doctoral students a Sugar/XO session next weekend.
22:09 walterbender sent
22:09 GeraldA great. thanks.
22:11 walterbender seem to be missing daniel, Claudia, adam, and gonzalo, all of whom said they could be here
22:12 GeraldA shall we give them another 5 minutes?
22:12 walterbender GeraldA: We are holding a Turtle Art Day in October.
22:12 GeraldA That is very exciting.
22:12 walterbender GeraldA: think your school may want to participate?
22:12 GeraldA Is there a date?
22:12 I am sure we will
22:12 walterbender tentatively October 5
22:12 a Saturday
22:13 GeraldA Will there be an online conference or hub. Or will it just be satellites doing and then sharing cool things?
22:14 walterbender online conference and a hub (prob. in Paraguay)
22:15 GeraldA nice
22:15 walterbender a couple of ideas, including an online forum for kids to show off projects (demo) and for teachers to present classroom ideas
22:15 sdanielf <sdanielf!~dfrancis@r186-49-39-247.dialup.adsl.anteldata.net.uy> has joined #sugar-meeting
22:16 GeraldA Do you think we will have the ability to easily share TA projects by then (a la Scratch)?
22:16 walterbender easily? I hope so... we do have a few mechanisms already... unused
22:17 sdanielf Hi all
22:17 walterbender hi sdanielf
22:17 GeraldA hi sdanielf
22:17 walterbender still waiting for a few more people
22:18 GeraldA walterbender, what mechanisms do we have now for sharing TA projects (other than email)?
22:18 walterbender GeraldA: if you run TA from GNOME, there is an upload mechanism to a 'scratch-like" website
22:19 GeraldA I will have to check that out. Thanks.
22:19 outofindia <outofindia!73f1684a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
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22:22 walterbender GeraldA: http://turtleartsite.appspot.com/
22:23 GeraldA nice. thanks.
22:24 sdanielf walterbender: maybe TA is needing a client to get examples from that website?
22:24 (and not only load examples from the TA bundle)
22:25 walterbender sdanielf: patches welcome :)
22:26 sdanielf: right now, you can download using Browse
22:26 and then open from the Journal
22:26 sdanielf: not so terrible
22:26 GeraldA not at all
22:26 walterbender uploading is more the problem
22:26 sdanielf that's true, but many children don't know that website exists
22:26 walterbender mostly because you need to log into the site
22:27 GeraldA well, what I do with Scratch is that I have a teacher account and just have the students use that to upload. I would do the same with TA
22:27 walterbender GeraldA: that works
22:28 I suppose I could add the upload to the Sugar version
22:33 GeraldA do we have a quorum, or should we call it a night?
22:34 walterbender I think we call it a night and try again next week :P
22:34 GeraldA okee dokke.. see you then
22:35 walterbender sdanielf: I'll work on the upload patch and maybe you can work on the download patch?
22:35 GeraldA has quit IRC
22:37 sdanielf walterbender: maybe... I'm now a bit busy with school (finishing tests tomorrow) and making a presentation for a tecnological fair in some days, but after that... no problem
22:38 walterbender sdanielf: we have until October :)
22:38 sdanielf walterbender: I'm sure I can finish it before that month
22:41 walterbender: btw, GSoC mentors must be 18+, but Melange accepted me when I signed up :P
22:46 walterbender sdanielf: I think that was my mistake
22:47 sdanielf: you can be a Sugar Labs mentor instead of a Google mentor
22:47 we have no minimum age
22:50 sdanielf walterbender: ok, I have read in the GSoC mailing list a simmilar case about an Iranian mentor
22:55 ClaudiaU sorry I got delayed in traffic.. then picking up my daughter at school
22:55 :(
22:56 so very sorry.. :(
22:57 walterbender: I will talk to you later
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