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#sugar-meeting, 2013-02-26

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Time Nick Message
00:00 ClaudiaU I propose to work on TA day and from there move to SugarJam
00:00 walterbender JT4sugar: ClaudiaU and I will try to get a good TA plan in place soon
00:01 JT4sugar Sounds very good!
00:01 walterbender OK... so we have a plan
00:01 ClaudiaU yes!
00:02 I have to go now..
00:02 walterbender #action everyone will think of people to become SL advisors/friends/educators
00:02 ClaudiaU yes
00:02 walterbender #action ClaudiaU and walterbender will work on TA Day
00:02 #action walterbender will kick off the GSoC application process
00:02 ClaudiaU yes
00:02 walterbender thanks all for joining us tongiht
00:02 ClaudiaU good to connect with all of you again!
00:02 walterbender 4
00:02 ClaudiaU 3
00:02 GeraldA_ 2
00:03 sdanielf 1
00:03 walterbender #end-meeting
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00:03 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]13-02-25T23:15:58
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00:03 walterbender manuq_: got a minute
00:03 manuq_ walterbender: yes
00:03 walterbender so here is the idea
00:04 manuq_ I'm running latest turtleblocks in the xo4 for the first time
00:04 walterbender I really find the approach to toolbars that are too wide to be inadequate
00:05 it is visually unappealing and it only works for a small number of elements
00:05 manuq_: try rotating the screen and see what happens to the palette toolbar
00:06 since it won't fit, I change it into a button-palette instead of a toolbar
00:06 manuq_ walterbender: yes, we need to find a solution for real to that limitation
00:06 walterbender originally, I thought, just wrap into a second row...
00:07 manuq_ walterbender: you mean for save/load ? yes I see the palette
00:07 walterbender I mean the palettes of Turtle blocks
00:07 manuq_ oh I see
00:08 walterbender the toolbar fits in landscape mode, so I make it a toolbar button
00:08 but in portrait mode, the toolbar doesn't fit, so I turn it into  a button with a palette
00:08 manuq_ I see
00:09 walterbender be nice if Sugar toolkit did that automatically
00:09 we have all the parts to do it
00:09 just an idea, but I wanted to get the conversation going...
00:10 I should write up a feature, I suppose
00:10 manuq_ yes, I like it, you use the tooltips as the acompanning text
00:10 walterbender yes...
00:10 so not really any additional work needed... we could make it just happen
00:11 (for secondary toolbars, anyway)
00:11 it is also easy vis-a-vis touch
00:11 manuq_ walterbender: and if the toolbutton displays another palette? do we have cases like that?
00:12 walterbender we do, actually. Not sure what happens...
00:12 damn corner cases :P
00:12 manuq_ walterbender: but in general I like it
00:12 walterbender but most widgets will work in a palette, I think
00:13 whereas most don't work when they run off the end of the toolbar
00:13 manuq_ and separators can be converted to horizontal separators in the list
00:13 walterbender yeah... wasn't an issue in this particular case
00:14 but I do this by calculating whether or not it will fit, as oppose to hardcoding it
00:14 manuq_ great
00:14 walterbender so if you add more items (with plugins) you may get the palette version even in landscape mode
00:15 manuq_ I'm looking at Paint right now
00:15 walterbender manuq_: I was going to try something similar there...
00:15 but right now, I am working on Fototoon
00:15 manuq_ it has subtoolbar buttons in the dropdown list of the primary toolbar :/
00:16 walterbender: great
00:16 walterbender I just got Labyrinth working with touch...
00:16 it is kind of nice
00:16 manuq_ walterbender: whoa! nice!
00:16 walterbender just one weird bug: the combo boxes don't work in touch
00:17 I think I saw that bug before...
00:17 manuq_ yes that's for gtk2, odd bug
00:17 walterbender flavio is going to port it to gtk3 so maybe it won't matter
00:18 I have a clone on git if you want to play with it
00:18 I also got rid of the silly right click to move mis-feature
00:18 manuq_ walterbender: nice, maybe after dinner I can play a bit
00:18 walterbender OK
00:19 manuq_ good move removing that behaviour
00:19 walterbender I won't keep you... just wanted a second pair of eyes on the toolbar idea
00:19 talk to you later
00:20 manuq_ walterbender: I was looking for a solution for a while, yours seems effective for subtoolbars, nice
00:20 walterbender: later
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