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#sugar-meeting, 2013-02-04

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23:00 walterbender hello all
23:01 ClaudiaU: did you ever get that .ta project to run?
23:01 sdanielf walterbender: hola
23:01 walterbender sdanielf: thanks for the reminder today
23:01 ClaudiaU Hello
23:01 walterbender: no
23:01 walterbender ClaudiaU: I can look at it with you on Wednesday
23:02 ClaudiaU After I installed the v. 170 all my .ta projects can not open
23:02 walterbender ClaudiaU: very troubling... I will look into it
23:02 ClaudiaU ok
23:02 thanks
23:02 walterbender anyone else around? cjl? CanoeBerry?
23:03 SeanDaly lurkin
23:03 walterbender Gerald will prob. not make it.
23:03 haven't heard from gonzalo
23:03 maybe we can chat a few minutes in the meanwhile
23:04 lots going on...
23:04 GCI announcement and our first press release in over 1 year (thanks sean)
23:04 ClaudiaU fine with me
23:04 Thanks SeanDaly!
23:04 walterbender sdanielf: sorry you could not be one of the winners :(
23:04 sdanielf walterbender: Can I sign up as a mentor next year?
23:04 walterbender sdanielf: of course
23:05 sdanielf: we'll reapply for google summer of code too... maybe you can mentor there too
23:05 SeanDaly hoping it gets picked up... impossible to predict that sort of thing
23:05 walterbender the sugar sprint this weekend was really fun
23:06 mostly rgs and me, but we had some contributions from a few others too
23:06 I am pretty excited about our webservices framework
23:06 it should be pretty straight forward to drop services in.
23:07 and I am using it as an excuse to make some changes to the journal detail view :P
23:07 ClaudiaU sounds promising
23:07 walterbender rgs and I will be breaking up the patch into 3-4 independent parts tonight
23:08 ClaudiaU looking forward to test some of that functionality
23:08 walterbender ClaudiaU: I think you'll like it
23:08 sdanielf oh, now I understand why are you posting many TB draws
23:09 walterbender ClaudiaU: I am going to integrate it with the Portfolio sharing code... you'll have a running log of comments people make on your project
23:09 from within Sugar and from web services
23:09 ClaudiaU +1
23:11 We can look at this together on Wed
23:11 are you back in Boston?
23:11 walterbender yeah
23:11 tomorrow night
23:12 I have to give a talk in a couple of hours... then back to coding
23:12 FWIW, I think SLOBs should be cognizant of the discussion about getting into bed with commercial web services
23:13 not that that is what we are doing, but it is not a slamdunk that people will be comfortable with this direction
23:13 I blogged about it this morning
23:13 feel free to join the debate (on either side)
23:14 CanoeBerry Late, here at last, catching up..
23:14 walterbender ok, we have a quorum
23:14 #start-meeting
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23:14 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
23:14 walterbender just to get it into the log:
23:15 1. Congrats to Aguz and Aneesh, our GCI winners
23:15 2. Thanks to SeanDaly for launching the PR efforts
23:15 3. Stay tuned for more debate about web-service integration into Sugar
23:16 Adam, wanna give a heads up re the School Server sprint?
23:16 SeanDaly we'll see if launch goes somewhere tomorrow... touch wood
23:16 CanoeBerry Sure, we have 10 people gathering near Toronto here starting Wed night thru Sunday.
23:16 Still getting organized, but scratchpad is http;//schoolserver.org for now..
23:16 walterbender any specific goals for the sprint?
23:17 CanoeBerry Yes, a "v0.1" core that's intentionally pushing off most of the educational modules for now, so we have a very solid/shippable core infra.
23:18 Running on XO-1.5 and XO-1.75 at min.
23:18 walterbender CanoeBerry: had some interesting discussions with Sameer about how we might proxy some of the work rgs and I are doing through a school server, but that is definitely *not* core
23:18 sdanielf: was it you who was asking about the timeline for Sugar 1.0?
23:19 CanoeBerry walterbender: What is that work roughly, Paraguay stuff?
23:19 walterbender CanoeBerry: no... it is the webservice stuff... Share on Facebook... Share on Google Drive
23:19 CanoeBerry Right.
23:20 ClaudiaU btw, walterbender, the scripts for data analysis will be useful too
23:21 the ones we used for Holmes School in Miami and for the paper
23:21 walterbender I should package those up
23:21 I think I pushed them to git somewhere
23:22 I don't recall if my launch_time patch landed in 0.98
23:22 looks
23:22 ClaudiaU ok
23:22 walterbender it is import to adding value to those scripts
23:22 sdanielf walterbender: I have asked about the timeline for Sugar 1. I'm making a documentation plan
23:22 walterbender great...
23:23 sdanielf: we need to do a design review of the multihome page patch
23:23 I have some ideas about it
23:23 sdanielf walterbender: ok
23:23 walterbender sdanielf: maybe I'll make some sketches on the plane tomorrow
23:24 and if the webservices stuff lands, we'll call this version of SoaS "cloudberry"
23:25 sdanielf walterbender: lol
23:27 I would like to share the documentation plan I made for Sugar 1
23:27 ClaudiaU :)
23:27 walterbender great... I was about to ask for updates
23:27 sdanielf #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/D[…]on_Team/Notes/1.0
23:28 I think we need to schedule a Documentation Team meeting
23:28 walterbender yes
23:28 FWIW, I think there was a GCI task to figure out which activities had/didn't have documentation
23:29 and we have the uptodate versions of Sdenka's book we should add to the list (in .EN and .ES)
23:29 sdanielf walterbender: that may be added to the resources list
23:30 walterbender sdanielf: the docs are all linked somewhere on melange
23:30 ClaudiaU I asked Julia for update and links to the Help pages she updated
23:30 I will send that to all of you once I get it
23:31 walterbender sdanielf: should we expand the scope of this task to include the wiki? lots of good dialog of late about our download landing page
23:31 and we have the mock up of a new webpage
23:31 #link http://www-devel.sugarlabs.org/
23:32 pay no attention to the content :P
23:32 sdanielf: in any case, please schedule a meeting
23:33 SeanDaly: are we set re marketing team meeting at the moment?
23:34 SeanDaly you mean, have I scheduled another meeting? not yet, although
23:34 walterbender ClaudiaU: also in our queue is to kick the TA Day can down the road...
23:34 SeanDaly: I guess I am asking, do we have a queue for PR events?
23:34 SeanDaly JT4sugar quite rightly is asking that we set priorities & strategy for the year
23:35 ClaudiaU yes walterbender..
23:35 SeanDaly There are two splashes i'd like to do this year:
23:35 ClaudiaU need to work on a few points to share with the community this wed during the chat
23:36 SeanDaly 1. Sugar v1 (however, in my view requires discussion of numbering system since actual means v2 in 5 years and v3 in 10)
23:37 2. Raspberry Pi Education launch, which they have stated will feature an official case & they are seeking partners
23:37 walterbender SeanDaly: we can switch to Sugar XP, Sugar Millenium Edition, ...
23:37 SeanDaly :D
23:37 Sugar-coated Low Fructose Dietary Edition
23:37 walterbender I asked Aneesh to take a serious look at Sugar/RPi
23:38 he is well versed in both
23:38 SeanDaly yes Aneesh has hacked on it... good idea
23:38 did media server RasPod
23:39 re PR, I am of course open to suggestions for the queue
23:39 walterbender 3. Cloudberry
23:40 hopefully TA Day
23:40 and a Sugar summit in .NI
23:40 SeanDaly Note: if we are fortunate enough to catch a wave, we may wish to build on momentum = opportunistic approach
23:40 TA Day?
23:40 CanoeBerry re Raspberry Pi, a reminder from last week that George Hunt & Caryl Bigenho will be presenting at http://www.socallinuxexpo.org/scale11x in LA Feb 22-24
23:40 walterbender Turtle Art Day
23:41 SeanDaly ah mais bien sur
23:41 walterbender de rien
23:41 SeanDaly saw great TA photo on El Pais (Montevideo) website, blue XO-HS with Lego robot
23:41 walterbender that is Butia
23:42 sdanielf walterbender: nope, most schools have Lego NXT kits
23:42 walterbender oh...
23:42 too bad
23:43 sdanielf the Butia project is applied to schools who contact the Butia folks
23:43 walterbender not that Lego is bad.. but Butia is great
23:43 ClaudiaU grrrr.. Lego NXT
23:43 walterbender sdanielf: then we should work to get more schools to contact them
23:43 ClaudiaU Lego is not bad, but NXT is just terrible
23:44 walterbender there is a new version of the WeDo software that runs on all XO hardware
23:44 needs to write the GoGo TA plugin
23:45 so little time... so much code to write :P
23:45 ClaudiaU Yes walterbender!
23:45 SeanDaly has obtained a pair of Raspberry Pies for testing
23:45 walterbender BTW, I asked about the Delhi RPi project...
23:46 currently on hold :(
23:47 any other updates?
23:47 I need to finish writing my talk :P
23:47 using Turtle Art of course
23:47 ClaudiaU of course
23:47 I need to work on my TA doc
23:47 and finish the presentation for Wed
23:48 walterbender squashed an obscure bug yesterday
23:48 BTW, everyone should check out the Brian Silverman/Lionel Laske collaboration
23:48 ClaudiaU obscure bug where?
23:48 walterbender gets the link
23:49 #link http://activities.sugarlabs.or[…]sugar/addon/4647/
23:49 it is a great example of JS/Sugar integration
23:49 ClaudiaU :)
23:49 love it
23:49 walterbender ClaudiaU: TA bug
23:49 ClaudiaU walterbender: ok
23:50 walterbender I think we should make some noise about it to attract JS hackers
23:50 SeanDaly: ^^
23:50 the html5/JS discussions are getting quite interesting on devel
23:51 sdanielf walterbender: I didn't test Lionel's activities, but my experience developing content in JS for .HN was a slow-responsive activity.
23:51 walterbender sdanielf: this is anything but slow
23:51 ClaudiaU I will test
23:51 walterbender the Turtle Art version is very slow :)
23:51 SeanDaly hmmm need some advice to do that... to go where they are...
23:52 ClaudiaU walterbender: still waiting to see it
23:52 but I saw pictures in FB
23:52 walterbender but if a block == 1 line of code, the TA version is much less code :)
23:52 ClaudiaU: wednesday
23:52 ClaudiaU yes
23:52 walterbender OK... anything else for today?
23:52 sdanielf walterbender: What do you think about exporting TurtleArt projects into JS step-by-step drawing scripts?
23:53 walterbender sdanielf: interesting idea
23:53 I already export SVG, but not as a step-by-step script
23:53 needs to finish up the Python Logo activity too
23:54 ClaudiaU walterbender needs more hours in his days
23:54 walterbender thanks for coming everyone...
23:54 adam, keep us in the loop re the server sprint
23:54 ClaudiaU keep the good work
23:55 walterbender ClaudiaU: looking forward to Wednesday's chat
23:55 ClaudiaU please let me know (or Adam) about the scripts for the server
23:55 sdanielf walterbender: thanks for scheduling this meeting
23:55 ClaudiaU walterbender: Yes! I will send slides tomorrow
23:56 walterbender #link http://git.sugarlabs.org/ds-analysis-scripts
23:56 sdanielf: let me know when the doc meeting gets scehduled
23:56 sdanielf walterbender: what time do you recommend?
23:57 walterbender sdanielf: whenever works for you
23:57 sdanielf ok
23:58 ClaudiaU thanks walterbender
23:59 6:59 pm. I have to go
23:59 CanoeBerry ClaudiaU: forgive me, which scripts for server? email if poss :)
23:59 ClaudiaU CanoeBerry: data analysis from journal

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