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#sugar-meeting, 2013-01-29

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Time Nick Message
00:00 walterbender also, we need to address out Spanish market too
00:00 ClaudiaU Julia left OLPC
00:00 gonzalo__ ahh
00:00 CanoeBerry Most resources are at: j.mp/xomanual
00:00 ClaudiaU gonzalo__: I thought she was done
00:00 CanoeBerry But Julia might have others?
00:01 walterbender CanoeBerry: is it an XO manual or a Sugar manual? we need to focus on the latter
00:01 gonzalo__ ClaudiaU, if you have some info about what she did, please tell me
00:01 ClaudiaU we can ask het
00:01 her
00:01 she is working at MIT.. so we can send email
00:01 gonzalo__ great
00:02 walterbender sdanielf: can you poke around in  j.mp/xomanual and report back whether or not you think we can build something useful from there?
00:02 ClaudiaU I thought she worked with Christophe
00:02 on the images... I heard that in SF
00:02 but I will get a report from her
00:03 CanoeBerry The goal was an XO+Sugar focused refresh of the Help Activity..
00:03 walterbender there are some other potential resources out there... escolab in .PE is gearing up for doing some training and presumably will create some docs
00:03 gonzalo__ ClaudiaU, thanks!
00:03 sdanielf walterbender, sure. I only need the full address of j.mp
00:04 walterbender http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC[…]_Activity_Refresh ???
00:04 CanoeBerry Look over this status especially: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Help[…]ivity_refresh/TOC
00:05 ClaudiaU I have to go now
00:05 walterbender me too
00:05 JT4sugar sdanielf, Could we assemble the set of tools in Sugar infrastructure along with a template  process that would allow community members to capture screencasts of Sugar 1.0 and then have texyt boxes that could be translated or use voice overs to put together a brand new set of tutorials and manuals?
00:06 cjl must go also
00:06 ClaudiaU talk to you all next week.. have a great week
00:06 cjl 6
00:06 walterbender we should wrap up
00:06 7
00:06 4
00:06 GeraldA 3
00:06 walterbender I cannot count
00:06 ClaudiaU :D
00:06 sdanielf JT4sugar, I was thinking in write it and then add the documentation to pootle, but it's a good idea too
00:07 ClaudiaU 2
00:07 sdanielf 1
00:07 walterbender 0
00:07 thanks all
00:07 #end-meeting
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00:07 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-28T23:00:42.html
00:07 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]13-01-28T23:00:42
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01:06 bernie walterbender: good point, i pledge to work on the website this weekend
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