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#sugar-meeting, 2012-07-24

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14:59 humitos <humitos!~humitos@201-213-135-73.net.prima.net.ar> has joined #sugar-meeting
14:59 humitos hello guys
15:08 garycmartin humitos: hi.
15:12 silbe waves
15:14 caspar too
15:15 gonzalo_ looks like erikos is not here ....
15:16 silbe, caspar, garycmartin, humitos, do you need have today meeting?
15:17 garycmartin gonzalo_: I was just here on the off-chance that the Sugar meeting was on. Nothing critical from me.
15:18 silbe gonzalo_: is there any news from the a) the hippo-canvas removal project and / or b) GTK3 porting project?
15:19 humitos I don't have anything to ask, but maybe to share what I'm doing... I don't know
15:20 silbe if there's not much news, I'd be happy to skip the meeting, so I can continue working on the UI tests.
15:20 gonzalo_ silbe, i think manuq, who was working in the shell port, is flying to guadec right now
15:20 silbe, yeah, me too
15:20 garycmartin, can i request you help with a few icons?
15:20 caspar nothing important from me
15:21 garycmartin gonzalo_: Sure, which icons?
15:22 gonzalo_ garycmartin, a) icon to represent the accelerator and/or guideline about how use it (ex. we can add accelerator support to Maze and Physics if available, but need a button in the toolbar to enable/disable it)
15:23 b) I continue working in Develop activity http://git.sugarlabs.org/develop/mainline but the icons are very bad
15:24 garycmartin gonzalo_: Oooh, interesting, yes good idea (and yes I am planning to add accelerometer support to Physics)
15:24 gonzalo_ garycmartin, none of this are high priority, just to add to your queue
15:24 garycmartin gonzalo_: Ok, adding to my todo :)
15:24 gonzalo_ garycmartin, thanks :)
15:26 garycmartin, Develop is in a early stage, but comments (and patches) are appreciated :)
15:27 garycmartin gonzalo_: I'll try and make time for a quick design review of Develop as I look through the current icons.
15:29 gonzalo_ garycmartin, great. i hope in a few months we can have a good proposal to develop activities included in sugar. code completion is in my task list
15:30 garycmartin gonzalo_: Some basic/minimum git support?
15:30 gonzalo_ garycmartin, the object tree have icons borrowed from ninja ide. no sugarized at all
15:30 garycmartin (e.g git as invisible and automatic as possible)
15:31 gonzalo_ garycmartin, yes, i need think about how much simplify/abstract it
15:31 garycmartin, yes, i am thinking about using git as a time machine only, and may be with labels
15:32 garycmartin, to provide a safe place to make changes
15:32 garycmartin gonzalo_: The other option is to make a separate git activity, I have a great little application on OSX called gitbox, my life is sooooo much easier!
15:33 gonzalo_ garycmartin, the difficult part is do this type of use coexist with a more advanced use of git
15:33 garycmartin, may be should be a option "enable automatic time machine" or anything similar
15:34 garycmartin, or use it based in if you have cloned a remote repo or not
15:34 garycmartin gonzalo_: yes lots to think about.
15:34 gonzalo_ yes
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15:47 caspar ok, leaving. bye
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16:47 m_anish oh missed today's meeting :-(
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17:47 silbe m_anish: there was no meeting because erikos was missing and there wasn't much news otherwise
17:48 m_anish silbe, ok
19:16 silbe is now known as silbe`away
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