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#sugar-meeting, 2012-06-12

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14:47 erikos #startmeeting
14:47 meeting Meeting started Tue Jun 12 14:47:04 2012 UTC. The chair is erikos. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
14:47 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
14:47 erikos tracks the 'in-the-room-comers'...
14:48 bernie lurks
14:56 m_anish listens
14:57 we're starting before time :P
14:57 garycmartin waves
14:58 gonzalo_ hello all!
14:59 m_anish silbe`away, is ill (and probably won't make today's meeting)
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15:00 humitos hola
15:01 gonzalo_ any newcomer present?
15:04 erikos hey, hell oeverybody
15:05 garycmartin erikos: hi
15:05 erikos uff, too fast typing
15:05 gonzalo_: good point, let's go to the first topic!
15:05 humitos erikos: hello
15:05 erikos #topic Introducing new contributors
15:05 gonzalo_ erikos is angry.... :)
15:06 erikos anyone around who is new to the crowd and want to introduce himself?
15:06 gonzalo_: ohh, no not at all ;p
15:07 manuq_ seems like we can go on to the next topic
15:08 erikos yes
15:08 manuq_ maybe next week :)
15:08 erikos #topic Update list of action items
15:08 manuq_: :)
15:08 manuq_ hopes new people discover sugar
15:08 erikos as announced last week, we want to keep track of progress on the action item list
15:09 let's see:
15:09 * garycmartin to proove that Clock is not broken
15:09 garycmartin OK so Clock is borken ;)
15:09 erikos gary, you are close, right?
15:09 garycmartin (broken even)
15:09 erikos garycmartin: :)
15:10 garycmartin erikos: So two issues with Clock
15:10 erikos garycmartin: does that mean, you did not do your action item? ;p
15:10 or better, you did not succeed ;p
15:10 manuq_ garycmartin: sorry other tasks kept me away from the issue
15:10 gonzalo_ garycmartin, changing to gettext does not solve the issue?
15:11 garycmartin 1) pgettext is not a happy bunny, there is a Sugar fix as of 0.92.0 but using that would break compatibility with existing users
15:12 2) a pep8 patch cleaning up the formatting of code broke many strings and stopped the TRANS: comments form appearing in pootle.
15:13 gonzalo_ ouch
15:14 erikos garycmartin: ok, I guess you can break with the exisiting users when you port over to gtk3
15:15 garycmartin I landed a patch last night that takes out pgettext and replaces it with the more usual gettext calls. There were no specific strings that required disambiguation that I could find (i.e. same text in different places needing potentially different translations), and the TRANS: comments are back so that should help localisers understand a little more what the strings are for.
15:16 erikos garycmartin: ok, I guess now you need cjl's help for porting the strings over?
15:16 garycmartin So I need to see if clj will now come and shout at me for a while for any pootle breakage! ;)
15:17 (pinged him last night before I pushed the patch, so he is at least expecting 'something')
15:17 gonzalo_ garycmartin, erikos probably next Clock will be in 12.2.0 anyway, right?
15:18 erikos gonzalo_: I would hope so, yes
15:18 garycmartin has no idea how the original author managed to get this to work, might have even been manually editing the .pot file.
15:18 manuq_ hehe
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15:18 manuq_ good work, garycmartin
15:18 gonzalo_ thougt garycmartin was the original author :)
15:19 garycmartin gonzalo_: Do you not think another Clock version can land for 12.1? It's a pretty big glitch if Spanish and other strings are missing...
15:20 gonzalo_ garycmartin, you will need convince dsd :) (not easy)
15:20 erikos garycmartin: if it only fixes this, and does not introduce new things
15:20 garycmartin gonzalo_: good point ;)
15:20 erikos garycmartin: ok, so you are on it, I will leave it on the list until it is fixed ;p
15:20 manuq_ otherwise, go back to previous working clock
15:21 erikos but I am happy with all the progress
15:21 garycmartin erikos: Yes, I'm just trying to fix the translation issue.
15:21 manuq_ however, the new one fixes other things
15:21 gonzalo_ garycmartin, but yes, try to include only important fixes
15:21 erikos garycmartin: perfect
15:21 * manuq follow up on humitos list of non-translated activities
15:21 manuq_ ok, so we have a wiki page
15:22 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/U[…]anslatedBuildOs13
15:22 this is the new one, for os13
15:22 erikos manuq_: yes, very good
15:22 manuq_ in the old one, the diagnostic of each issue was made:
15:22 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/U[…]anslatedBuildOs12
15:22 gonzalo_ dirakx, ^^ look at os13 state
15:23 garycmartin manuq_: I'm not sure how far back we would need to go, certainly at least last year (the pep8 things broke in Dec 2011), and I've fixed the speaking clock recently for 12.1 that would fail again...
15:23 manuq_ erikos: now I think we can diagnose the pending issues
15:23 (garycmartin: exactly, that was what I was talking about)
15:24 we know about Clock already
15:24 HelloWorld... is it intentionally untranslated, right?
15:25 pippy... who is the maintainer?
15:25 erikos manuq_: I think pippy and terminal are the ones left
15:25 manuq_: for (12.1.0) at least
15:26 manuq_ terminal.. dirakx your help would be welcome here
15:26 erikos: yes
15:26 erikos: so, action?
15:26 erikos manuq_: action would be to track someone down to do the two remaining activities
15:26 manuq_: who maintains pippy?
15:27 dirakx manuq_: I already did a release of terminal and pippy.
15:27 erikos dirakx: hurray
15:27 gonzalo_ dirakx, thanks!
15:27 manuq_ dirakx: great!
15:27 gonzalo_ then only need test
15:27 erikos can someone test this and then make sure it appears in 12.1.0?
15:27 dirakx gonzalo_: +1
15:27 erikos (file ticket or whatever is needed)
15:27 dirakx what i did is making sure of mos.
15:27 manuq_ erikos: count with me for that
15:27 erikos dirakx: perfect
15:27 manuq_: thanks
15:27 gonzalo_ humitos, can you check the last versions of terminal and pippy?
15:28 erikos #ACTION manuq to test pippy and terminal and make sure it appears in 12.1.0
15:28 humitos gonzalo_: the latest version you mean?
15:28 erikos removes the old action item then
15:28 humitos on os13? or in ASLO?
15:28 gonzalo_ humitos, manuq won the task :)
15:28 erikos * Gonzalo will have a look at #3407 #3388
15:28 humitos: you must be quicker!
15:29 gonzalo_ good, i have updated #3388, any comment about that?
15:30 part of the issue noted in #3407 is solved with the proposed change
15:30 humitos erikos: I need more Quaker to be quicker
15:31 gonzalo_ and also #3562 is related
15:31 humitos good news: my bug report about reorder is fixed! :)
15:32 gonzalo_ wow
15:32 manuq_ gonzalo_: #3388 I will give it another look today
15:32 gonzalo_ manuq_, great
15:33 erikos manuq_: yes, we have to find out the issue first before we should touch/fix it
15:33 gonzalo_: thanks for all your effort
15:33 manuq_ yes
15:34 erikos * Manuel will have a look at #3561 to do in the theme
15:34 gonzalo_ erikos, it's dificult understand why we have that 1 px difference
15:34 erikos gonzalo_: yeah, I know :/
15:35 manuq_: can you follow up on that one?
15:35 manuq_ erikos: yes
15:35 erikos manuq_: we just keep it on the list
15:35 cool
15:36 * humitos will have a look at the patches at #3605
15:36 m_anish gonzalo_, probably a gtk bug? (re: #3561)
15:36 humitos erikos: is that the next topic?
15:36 erikos humitos: so you did try it, happy with the patch?
15:36 manuq_ humitos: yes
15:36 humitos here is my report: http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/3605#comment:8
15:36 erikos humitos: yes
15:37 m_anish humitos, feel free to ping ajay on that (#3605)
15:37 erikos humitos: thanks, and the code itself, happy with it, too?
15:37 ajay humitos, m_anish: i will be happy to offer any help.
15:37 gonzalo_ m_anish, a theming issue
15:37 m_anish gonzalo_, ok
15:38 humitos erikos: I can't confirm that because I don't know the code... I mean, I can't judge it
15:38 erikos humitos: well, that is the interesting part ;p
15:38 humitos erikos: it looks to be simple, but I don't know if it's OK, so so or ...
15:38 I mean, the Sugar code
15:39 ajay erikos, humitos: the code simply sets the global mount-point, whenever the user clicks on any icon in the bottom journal panel tray
15:40 erikos, humitos: and it is then used to retrieve the "metadata" property, of a particular entry (being "detail viewed
15:40 erikos ok, I will follow up, thanks humitos for that
15:40 humitos erikos: welcome, and sorry
15:40 erikos #ACTION erikos to follow up on #3605
15:40 ajay: thanks for the details
15:41 * erikos to review and push #3406
15:41 I have done
15:41 ajay erikos, humitos: thanks to you too. and to humitos for verifying the results.
15:41 erikos * gonzalo look at soas for development of actviities
15:42 * erikos posting his fedora-jhbuild patches
15:42 *    erikos working on Fedora 17 jhbuild
15:42 those we can handle now in the env section
15:42 gonzalo_ good, i have downloaded soas and tried run Boxes in F17 to create a vm, but without success yet
15:44 now i downloaded VirtualBox to try it
15:44 erikos gonzalo_: so creating boxes did fail
15:44 gonzalo_ erikos, yes
15:44 erikos ok, I presume you did find all the documentation?
15:44 gonzalo_ anybody has tryed use Boxes in F17?
15:45 m_anish gonzalo_, what's the issue with the activity?
15:46 erikos gonzalo_: I think fedora infra has some issues atm but: http://www.google.de/url?sa=t&[…]vy9GscY7Q&cad=rja
15:46 m_anish gonzalo_, I just downloaded, and it boots up fine (atleast)
15:46 erikos gonzalo_: aeh http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/[…]05-17_Gnome_Boxes
15:46 maybe that helps
15:46 gonzalo_ erikos, thanks
15:46 m_anish, are you talking about Develop?
15:47 m_anish gonzalo_, Boxes
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15:47 gonzalo_ m_anish, starts, but I can't create a vm
15:47 erikos gonzalo_: maybe peter has an idea as well
15:47 never used it to give a better report :/
15:48 m_anish gonzalo_, is there a bug report. FWIW, I'm on f17/jhbuild and Boxes starts up fine. I finished a game just now (which I lost), but that works too.
15:49 erikos gonzalo_: looks like m_anish has the magic for you ;p
15:49 I did post my Fedora jhbuild patch
15:49 so that one is done as well
15:49 gonzalo_ m_anish, ok, can i ping you after the meeting to check that?
15:49 m_anish gonzalo_, sure, erikos :)
15:49 erikos gonzalo_: want to talk about: Porting of activities (GTK2 + Pygtk ---> GTK3 + gobject-introspction/pygobject)  ?
15:50 :)
15:50 gonzalo_ erikos, yes
15:50 i have updated the page http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Acti[…]ate_of_Activities
15:50 manuq_ (dirakx: just tested pippy and terminal, terminal is ok, pippy 47 still has translation issues)
15:50 erikos great
15:51 gonzalo_ organized the activities in groups, based in what we talked with dirakx in montevideo
15:51 by activities maintainers groups
15:51 this does not mean anybody can't help with porting, but is to help organize the work
15:53 this week humitos started to port GetBooks, and as expected, a big part was easy, but found a few difficults
15:53 humitos gonzalo_: a big part wasn't easy! :( In fact, it was more difficult that I thought
15:53 gonzalo_ would be good if when we found this problems, and solutions, post a resume in sugar-devel
15:54 humitos, hey, don't cry :)
15:54 humitos as I said at #sugar; I would like to complete the Porting guide already written
15:54 gonzalo_ humitos, good :)
15:54 humitos I have a lot of things to "re-mark" about porting activities that are not easy to find out
15:54 gonzalo_ we can add porting tips
15:54 manuq_ adds info about Clock port to Cairo
15:54 erikos gonzalo_: I hope people are aware of http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]/Activity_Porting
15:54 gonzalo_: for the conventions
15:55 garycmartin erikos: Yes that's a very useful page :)
15:55 gonzalo_ erikos, good point, i will add the link
15:55 erikos gonzalo_: yes, tipps are great
15:55 great
15:55 gonzalo_ humitos, you can add your own tips
15:55 erikos go manuq_ go
15:56 dirakx manuq_: which issues some strings unstranslated?.
15:56 gonzalo_ any comment about porting?
15:56 garycmartin likes code snippets, makes googling and doc hunts much more successful!
15:56 gonzalo_ have another issue to talk
15:56 manuq_ dirakx: (yes, example "Run" in the toolbar button tooltip)
15:57 dirakx: (run, stop running, clear -- all three not translated)
15:58 gonzalo_: shoot
15:58 dirakx manuq_: have to check but can be a pootle issue.
15:58 manuq_ dirakx: (can you quickly check?)
15:58 ok
15:58 gonzalo_ The last meeting we was talking about how improve developer experince in sugar
15:59 i was looking at the Develop activity
15:59 dirakx manuq_: yes strings commented in .po
15:59 gonzalo_ was abandoned and didn't start
15:59 cloned it http://git.sugarlabs.org/~godiard/develop/godiard
15:59 manuq_ hasn't talked about his action items yet
15:59 gonzalo_ fixed the issues, added new toolbar, removed dialogs....
16:00 now you csan create one activity or edit one existing activity
16:00 but no save :)
16:00 nothing is perfect
16:00 m_anish gonzalo_, fwiw, me and quozl had done similar brainstorming around pippy a while ago. some of the notes might be useful http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/User:Quozl
16:01 gonzalo_ is a work in progress, if anybody is interested, is welcomed
16:01 erikos gonzalo_: haha
16:01 m_anish gonzalo_, but neither of us ever got the time to implement (maybe its a potential GSoC proposal ;-) )
16:01 erikos gonzalo_: fabukous
16:01 gonzalo_ m_anish, good point, i will look at that
16:01 erikos <- 'l'
16:01 manuq_ gonzalo_: m_anish, cool, an activity like that is much appreciated
16:02 gonzalo_ agustin is helping me with the editor
16:02 :)
16:02 manuq_ also look into agus editor, is a nice editor, and agus may like to be involved
16:02 gonzalo_ can read minds :)
16:02 manuq_ we can invite him to next dev meeting, if he's not at school
16:02 gonzalo_: great :)
16:03 gonzalo_ i plan contact to the original authors, and prepare a feature page
16:03 to discuss ideas
16:04 m_anish gonzalo_, i think on this, you will need to be quite clear on your target audience
16:04 gonzalo_ m_anish, this is a tool for activity developers
16:04 m_anish gonzalo_, okay
16:04 gonzalo_ not for edit sugar or low level stuff
16:05 m_anish gonzalo_, and neither for 'learn python from scratch;
16:05 gonzalo_ if you can break sugar, do it in the terminal :)
16:05 m_anish ?
16:05 gonzalo_ m_anish, you have pippy for that
16:05 m_anish gonzalo_, yep
16:05 erikos gonzalo_: congrats, great effort
16:06 gonzalo_ erikos, thanks
16:06 m_anish gonzalo_, pippy is not a very good learn from scratch activity, but I get your point. good luck!! :-)
16:06 erikos that should be about it for today, I think
16:06 any urgent comments?
16:06 m_anish erikos, i'd like to quickly discuss a couple of things if there is time?
16:06 gonzalo_ m_anish, pippy need improve
16:06 manuq_ I haven't talked about my action items :)
16:06 m_anish gonzalo_, +1
16:07 erikos m_anish:
16:07 m_anish: sure
16:07 manuq_: I thought we covered them all?
16:07 manuq_ erikos: sorry, the translation one, yes, but not the other...
16:07 humitos I have no new actions for this cycle... I'm not sure if that is OK or not
16:07 manuq_ http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/3561
16:07 humitos (1. I'm porting getbooks, 2. I'm working as a firefighter with new bugs)
16:08 m_anish so I created a couple of feature pages of stuff we want to get inlcuded in 0.98... As I understand, since gtk3 port is happening, actual code will be accepted after that
16:08 but until then if we could discuss and approve the design, that would be great
16:08 #link Simple Messages Notification system feature page http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]ages_Notification
16:09 #link 3G database support http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]/Database_Support
16:09 I'm working on more feature pages, but I guess we could start with these
16:09 garycmartin, ^
16:09 I know its a dev meeting and not a design one, but we dont have design meetings nowdays
16:09 gonzalo_ m_anish, will you push the features left out of 0.96?
16:09 garycmartin m_anish: yes… looking ;)
16:09 erikos m_anish: I think discussion should happen on the ml about them
16:10 gonzalo_ m_anish, i remember modem configuration was not ready
16:10 erikos gonzalo_: yes, correct
16:10 m_anish erikos, +1, I just wanted to bring it up (just this once, since this is some of the first feature pages we created with intention of upstreaming for 0.98)
16:10 garycmartin m_anish: Perhaps we should organise a design meeting then? Ideally as soon as 12.1 is done?
16:10 cjl waves
16:10 manuq_ so about #3561 the border in the description entry in Read bookmarks, problem is that gtk3 theme is not displaying the shadow in scrolled windows, so I have yet to figure it out
16:10 m_anish garycmartin, that would be awesome!
16:11 gonzalo_, yes
16:11 erikos m_anish: sure, and as garycmartin says a design meeting would be great as well
16:11 manuq_ +1
16:11 gonzalo_ m_anish, i am very happy you are working on that, last cycle was sad :(
16:11 ajay gonzalo_, m_anish: in  what respect (as to modem configuration wasn't ready) ?
16:12 m_anish ajay, i think gonzalo_, means about upstreaming dx features in general
16:12 gonzalo_ ajay, didn't landed in sugar upstream
16:12 ajay m_anish, gonzalo_: ahh .. ok.
16:13 m_anish garycmartin, can I write you an email to coordinate design meeting/review efforts?
16:13 gonzalo_ m_anish, also i think you have a lot of stuff, and probably will be diffucult land all. would be good if you can put priorities
16:13 m_anish gonzalo_, we have! :-) working on the most high pri stuff first
16:14 gonzalo_ m_anish, great
16:14 m_anish, just courious, what priority have multiple selection in journal ? :)
16:14 m_anish gonzalo_, quite high!! :-)
16:14 gonzalo_ nice....
16:14 garycmartin m_anish: an email thread to the dev list would be best, and we (I) at least need to get past the 12.1 cycle, there's lots of review filtering to be done for 12.2 efforts.
16:15 m_anish gonzalo_, its an awesome feature IMHO!
16:15 erikos has to leave
16:15 gonzalo_ m_anish, yes, but will need a lot of review
16:15 m_anish garycmartin, what's the (tentative) release date for 12.1
16:15 cjl expects t ocommit en and es PO for clock shortly
16:15 gonzalo_ m_anish, July 9
16:16 ajay erikos: just one  last query, any updates regarding sl#2201 patches?
16:16 m_anish gonzalo_, actually, it might not, since it was extensively discussed with walter et. al. in eduJAM 2011
16:16 gonzalo_ manuq_, you have topics to talk?
16:16 humitos cjl: cool
16:16 m_anish garycmartin, ah! I'd ideally like to start these discussions much before that! :-/ (by that time We expect to be working on the code)
16:16 manuq_ gonzalo_: so about #3561 the border in the description entry in Read bookmarks, problem is that gtk3 theme is not displaying the shadow in scrolled windows, so I have yet to figure it out
16:17 gonzalo_ manuq_, ok
16:17 manuq_ gonzalo_: maybe ask if that is themeable, otherwise, why is not working in sugar
16:18 it is working in gnome theme
16:18 gonzalo_ manuq_, ok, we can talk after meeting, erikos is hurried
16:18 garycmartin cjl: (Oooh thanks, I get to buy you a beer or two at some point in the future!)
16:18 manuq_ gonzalo_: sure
16:18 erikos ajay: if you are blocked on me, please ask silbe
16:18 cjl en committed, es coming shortly
16:19 erikos ajay: I am full head in shell port
16:19 manuq_ cjl: cool
16:19 erikos ajay: sorry
16:19 ajay erikos: okies. thanks and sorry,
16:19 gonzalo_ m_anish, silbe is not working anymore in upstreaming?
16:19 pflores                               gonzalo_ the patches are sorted by priority in http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/D[…]ACPriorityPatches, but this is a prioritization based on AC needs
16:19 gonzalo_ ajay, ^?
16:20 great pflores
16:20 cjl clock es commit http://git.sugarlabs.org/clock[…]3722981841d46dd21
16:20 ajay gonzalo_: no.. nothing like that. just that he is a bit unwell today.
16:21 erikos ok, thanks everyone for attending
16:21 #endmeeting
16:21 meeting Meeting ended Tue Jun 12 16:21:39 2012 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
16:21 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-12T14:47:04.html
16:21 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]12-06-12T14:47:04
16:21 manuq_ thanks all!
16:22 garycmartin thank folks!
16:22 looking at clock commit
16:22 dirakx cjl: I think we are having the same clock's problem on pippy :/.
16:23 humitos thanks
16:23 cjl let's look at pgetext then\
16:23 garycmartin: hold off on beer, I still do not see the 60 lines of markup for saying each minute
16:26 garycmartin cjl: Hmmm, I think it's there fine, just didn't need to change (was working fine before, no tinkering needed), it was other strings that needed futzing with to sort out context and TRANS: line break issues.
16:26 cjl looks again, had only looked at commit diff
16:26 garycmartin :)
16:27 cjl whew, ok, I'm good.  Thanks for figuring outpgetext oddity.
16:28 garycmartin cjl: Glad to have tracked it down, I'm not the original creator of Clock so it's easy to slip past some details.
16:28 cjl Fortunately Pootl4e never thro2ws a string away, just obsoletes it at the bottom of the PO :-)
16:29 All I had to do was fill in the zero for interval as I guess one character is too short to match on.
16:29 erikos has left #sugar-meeting
16:30 cjl Pootle is dragging a bit today, I will update other langs as it allows.
16:31 garycmartin cjl: So assuming my tests here work out for en and es, is there any other language that could be landed if I hold off on a Clock-9 release today? Or should I just test and release v9 ASAP today?
16:31 cjl I guess you'll need to generate a new Clock release,  Telling dsd tha it is correctign a reversion may get him to accept it.
16:31 give me an hour or two to answer the question about opther langs.
16:32 en-GB will be landing soon, which I think the Aussies use.
16:32 And I believe it is actually diff from en-US
16:33 farthings per fortnight or something. . .
16:34 garycmartin cjl: Fab, an hour or two also gives me plenty of time to test the es and en strings on a few different XO builds here. Will keep IRC open if you need to ping, and will keep an eye on git changes.
16:34 cjl:  :)
16:35 cjl Where is the list of langs default in the OLPC builds?  I'll prioritize my updates
16:35 garycmartin cjl: Hmmm, sorry not sure.
16:36 cjl I'll find it
16:48 garycmartin: I found the default lang list for 11.2, I'm assuming no big change.  When those langs are recommitted, you can make a build and push for inclusion in 12.x
16:49 We can pick up the other langs at our liesure in a build to go into ASLO.
16:49 garycmartin cjl: Fab, that sounds great.
16:50 cjl In any event, I have to say that clock is not one of the better localized activities, the pango mark up is jsut too confusing for most localizers.
16:50 I did go through and add the English as a "suggestion" in Poolte t ogive localizers a model to follow, but it is still somewhat obscure.
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17:32 garycmartin has quit IRC
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17:41 garycmartin <garycmartin!~garycmart@> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:41 garycmartin cjl: Just ran a test build with the es.pot on XO-1s with an v.old 802 OLPC build, an old 883 OLPC build, a 12.1.0 13 build, and an XO-1.75 grid membrane with 12.1.0 13 build. All set to Spanish (Peru). All toolbar strings look good (Spanish), and the written text date looks good as well! :)
17:43 cjl: One interesting item is that the v.old 802 build is pronouncing the time text with a good Spanish accent, but all the others are using a strong English accent...
17:54 manuq_ has left #sugar-meeting
17:55 cjl hmmm, the voice is specified by e-speak, I know there is a latin spanish variant, maybe that is the good one.
17:56 garycmartin: http://espeak.sourceforge.net/languages.html
17:58 Looks like the PO is specifying es.  I wonder if the old build has an old e-speak voice file?
17:58 garycmartin just records it for you to hear ;)
17:59 cjl That is about the only thing I can think fo, unless a different voice is specified in the PO, then the diff would have to be in the e-speak voice file being called.
17:59 garycmartin Sounds like it is just using the standard default en accent.
18:00 cjl Look for presence fo es e-speak voice file.
18:00 garycmartin cjl:s
18:01 cjl I'm guessing clock is just relying on the e-speak dependencies pules in by Speak activity.
18:01 garycmartin cjl:  so the es.pot is asking for es-la (which seems to be good on the very old 802 olpc build).
18:02 cjl: ahhhh, looks like they are #~ out still...
18:02 cjl so we cahnge the POT to ask for es-la?
18:04 sorry, not POT, but es.po
18:04 goes to recommit es with es-la specified
18:04 garycmartin There should be a "50" for pitch, a "170" for speed, " a "0" for pause, and an "en" for language selection.
18:06 cjl garycmartin: http://git.sugarlabs.org/clock[…]e6d396f7665459c97
18:06 garycmartin cjl: The used to have context strings like "espeak-voice" and "espeak-speed" but I removed that as part of the fix last night (avoid using pgettext).
18:06 cjl why en for the es PO?
18:07 garycmartin cjl:  sorry "en" was just the default in the code as an example.
18:07 cjl see last commit making it es-la
18:08 Our Castillian presence is minimal, so I think es-la is fine.
18:08 garycmartin cjl: OK let me test...
18:10 cjl garycmartin: double check that the es-la e-speak voice file si rpesent in the build.
18:13 gonzalo_ espeak --voices show "es-la"
18:16 garycmartin, are you testing with os13?
18:17 garycmartin cjl: just for reference, here's what it sounded like on 802 build vs newer. Just testing you new commit now...
18:17 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]Clock_testing.ogg
18:17 gonzalo_: yes, both os13 builds (XO-1.75) have the same english accent
18:19 gonzalo_ garycmartin, ok, just to confirm you have the sugar patches
18:21 garycmartin gonzalo_: yes, text translating looks good, this last item is just about the espeak accent, it sounds like it's falling back to an en pronunciation just now (for Clock at least).
18:21 cjl garycmartin: the second sounds like en. the first like es
18:21 garycmartin cjl: yep, that's what I thought ;)
18:21 cjl need tomke sure the ve-speak voice file is where clock is looking for it.
18:22 garycmartin cjl: Sounds like me trying to order food in a Spanish restaurant, so I knew something was up! ;)
18:22 cjl :-)
18:22 tard versus tarday is a good hint
18:24 garycmartin Also 'nochey' v.s. 'notch' ;)
18:24 cjl garycmartin: I have no idea where the e-speak files get kept in OLPC builds, but I think you need to find them and make sure clock knows where they are.
18:25 It is possible something changed there.
18:25 garycmartin cjl: The es-la did not make any difference, still using an english accent.
18:25 ponders...
18:25 cjl Can you confirm the presence fo the e-speak voice files?
18:27 garycmartin cjl: I'm going to go try the Write speak patch gonzalo_ landed, see gonzalo_ I knew there had to be some reason the feature is in the UI twice ;P
18:27 cjl ok, You've got my best debugging guess already :-)
18:27 It is clearly not a Po issue AFAICT
18:28 Unless ther eis something funky about how it gets handed over as an argument.
18:28 PO files should be UTF-8 encoded. . .
18:29 garycmartin cjl: OK so Write, set to spanish-latin-american, sounds just fine.
18:29 gonzalo_ garycmartin, i am open to talk about changes.... i wanted involve to the people who was asking for the feature, and if possible, to final users
18:29 cjl So does the Write patch look like it can be adapted for Clock?
18:30 gonzalo_ garycmartin, i am taking your opinion lightly
18:30 i am not :)
18:30 garycmartin, sorry
18:30 garycmartin, you can look at the sugar code too ...
18:31 garycmartin cjl: Yes I agree, seems very unlikely to be a Po issue. Your pushes today look good. I'll start digging in Clock and see if I can find anything odd!
18:31 gonzalo_: ;)
18:31 cjl garycmartin: Just FYI, one of the reasons it is taking me a while is that I am trying to cobble together something useful for pt and pt_BR
18:32 gonzalo_ garycmartin, in the future, will be good take speed and pitch parameter from gconf too, puting this info in pootle is a recipe for a dissaster :)
18:32 cjl gonzalo_: +1
18:32 gonzalo_ and the voice can be based in your locale too
18:32 cjl We do not have an e=speak voice for every lang in Poolte
18:33 But we could always cobble together a lookup table of our own . . . :-(
18:33 garycmartin gonzalo_: cjl Understood, though that would all be new to me (never tinkered with gconf in Python before)
18:33 gonzalo_ garycmartin, ok, Write code can be useful for you then
18:34 cjl Ever since TTS seemed like it was going to land, I've had concerns about not enough e-speak voice files (compared to our Poolte langs).
18:35 I have pondered tha the way to get into making new e-speak voices was to tweak es for a few national variants to learn about the process and then document it so other langs could start from scratch.
18:35 garycmartin gonzalo_: OT, Hmmm the default font in Write seems to not match the combo box :( It says "Sans" but if you change to a different font, and the back to "Sans" you get a 3rd different font.
18:36 cjl goes back to trying to land PO files for the defauly OLPC langs
18:37 garycmartin has head in Clock source.
18:38 (my that could be easily misunderstood! So to clarify I am looking at the Clock source code.)
18:39 gonzalo_ has quit IRC
18:48 garycmartin cjl: OK so found it, just need to fix it… There are two paths for espeak based on what is available to the build, the patch I landed to fix speech in 12.1 (use gstreamer plugin if available) is not passing on any custom option to espeak. This explains why the v.old 802 build sounds fine, it doesn't have the gstreamer plugin for espeak.
18:49 cjl Thought it might be something like that
18:50 garycmartin: At some point (after a usable Clock has been landed for 12.x) I would love to discuss a few ways t oimprove it's i18n that woudl harden it against poor L10n.
18:51 garycmartin cjl: yep ;)
18:53 cjl One of the big pushes in the Gnome i18n world this cycle is to keep markup out of Po files :-)
18:54 I also think we can figure out how to pick up some of the entries from the glibc locale in use and eliminate some the variability there, because we will always have t ohave a glibc locale around.
18:55 I have some pointer on how t ocall glibc entries from python.
18:55 Ariel_Calzada <Ariel_Calzada!~aricalso@> has joined #sugar-meeting
18:55 cjl But we will leave tha tto a later date.
18:56 garycmartin cjl: yes glibc, I did read your mail threads, just not time to research and didn't seem it fix the specific translation issue with the pointy stick ;)
18:57 Ariel_Calzada1 <Ariel_Calzada1!~aricalso@> has joined #sugar-meeting
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20:07 garycmartin cjl: Oh joy… ;) Have a fix for pasing voice, pitch etc to the gstreamer espeak plugin. Works well, tested across several builds. Unfortunately the old 806 box has reverted to an english accent, turns out it doesn't cope with es-la (no nice fallback), only es is supported. Could you go back to es for the es.po string? I'll likely just manually fix it here to get a new release out tonight.
20:09 m_anish has quit IRC
20:09 cjl np, committing shortly.
20:11 garycmartin: almost through OLPC default langs.  Not all have decent L10n of the markup, but at least that is not a reversion, they never had good L10n :-(
20:12 m_anish <m_anish!~anish@2001:4830:134:7::11> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:13 cjl reverted to es  http://git.sugarlabs.org/clock[…]193726b9c2de609b9
20:13 garycmartin cjl: thanks, will need to take a break for a while and re-test push a Clock-9 release later. But looking/sounding so much better. Hope dsd will accept it.
20:13 cjl He is a little wary of L10n changes, but wit htesting hopefully he will accept that it si fixes for Spanish as opposed to broken.
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