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#sugar-meeting, 2012-04-25

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15:53 humitos <humitos!~humitos@201-213-135-73.net.prima.net.ar> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:53 humitos hello guys
15:54 gonzalo hello humitos
15:54 we start in a few minutes
16:08 please boys, we are a little telephone meeting right now, when finish start our meeting
16:08 garycmartin Ready when you are.
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16:18 erikos <erikos!~erikos@e178081044.adsl.alicedsl.de> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:19 erikos luurks
16:19 garycmartin waves
16:19 gonzalo sorry, martin captured us :)
16:24 callkalpa listening
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16:31 gonzalo oooook, garycmartin , erikos , manuq , humitos
16:32 sorry by the delay
16:32 humitos gonzalo: here
16:32 gonzalo hello callkalpa
16:32 garycmartin gonzalo: I'll let you off this time ;)
16:32 callkalpa hi gonzalo
16:32 gonzalo garycmartin, :) do you have your wiki page updated?
16:33 garycmartin You mean http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/D[…]ivity_Touch_Input
16:33 gonzalo yeeessss
16:33 garycmartin There are still some gaps I'm afraid, but hacking through it.
16:34 gonzalo: FWIW I can see Etoys and Scratch being the tough ones to make progress on without external help.
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16:35 gonzalo garycmartin, yes, we need ask martin what is the plan here :/
16:35 garycmartin, and i have released a fototoon version with changes...
16:36 garycmartin (I can/will make suggestions, but touch to land without external devs help/agreement)
16:36 gonzalo garycmartin, yeah
16:36 garycmartin gonzalo: Fab, feel free to add strike thru style to things you've fixed (or I'll do it once I get to retest)
16:37 gonzalo garycmartin, i will add comments to the wiki
16:38 i have changed the size of the globe controls to style.GRID_SIZE / 2
16:38 but with my fingers are not very usable anyway
16:38 i think we need check, and suggest a appropiate size
16:39 if not, every activity will have different criteria
16:39 garycmartin BTW I have some non touch feed back for Browse-135 in 12.1.0 build 8, shall I fire them here in case they are being felt with already.
16:39 gonzalo manuq, ^
16:39 manuq garycmartin: sure
16:40 garycmartin manuq: OK, here they come… ;)
16:40 gonzalo manuq, flick is solved in os8, right?
16:40 feel much better
16:40 manuq gonzalo: yes it is, thanks to garnacho
16:41 garycmartin 1) progress bar redraw issue for new tabs (you see an outline of the progress over the input text)
16:42 2) The debug page URL text in the bottom left of the screen will be removed soon?
16:42 3) Icons are missing from the right click palette
16:42 4) Open Link in New Window, should read Open Link in New Tab
16:43 5) Toolbar Edit --> Find input field has an oversized (x) clear widget
16:44 6) Collaboration toolbar palette has the Private icon showing as a white square
16:44 gonzalo 6) is a toolkit or artwork error
16:45 garycmartin That's the non touch items, there are also two touch related items mentioned on the wiki page.
16:45 manuq garycmartin: ok, finished?
16:45 garycmartin Yea :)
16:45 manuq garycmartin: :)
16:45 ok...
16:45 5. is #3385
16:45 4. is #3507
16:45 humitos about 3) I don't see the icons in my Fedora jhbuild version, but I can see them in my Debian jhbuild version
16:45 manuq 3. is #3455
16:46 humitos I have different versions of python-gi
16:46 in Debian I compiled it by myself
16:46 callkalpa for me also 3. issue is there on f16 jhbuild
16:46 manuq garycmartin: 1. thanks for noting, will fire a ticket for it
16:46 garycmartin: 2. is intended, erikos and I thought that was a good thing to have
16:47 humitos about 4) it doesn't open a new tab with the url, it do nothing
16:47 manuq garycmartin: what do you think about 2?
16:47 gonzalo humitos, the icons in the palette when you press second button over a link?
16:47 manuq humitos: right, I have a patch almost finished for 4.
16:47 humitos gonzalo: over anything (link or nothing)
16:48 gonzalo: or... an image
16:48 garycmartin manuq: FWIW, my testing was on an XO-1.75 TS with Fedora 17, 12.1.0, build 8
16:48 manuq garycmartin: great
16:48 gonzalo humitos, what version of webkit you have in debian and fedora?
16:49 humitos gonzalo: how can I do to know that?
16:49 gonzalo humitos, packages installed
16:49 garycmartin 2 is a new feature, ohh I thought that was just debug output… kinda distracting flickering away down there.
16:49 manuq humitos, gonzalo, can you do a step aside with distro issues so we can continue?
16:49 gonzalo manuq, yes, but this can be a good point (should be solved upstream)
16:50 manuq, humitos later we need check that
16:50 humitos gonzalo: manuq ok; please write down that to ask me
16:50 gonzalo garycmartin, manuq humitos we have two weeks until we enter in bug fixing only stage
16:51 what changes we want push in activities?
16:51 i asume manuq will be 100% time in browse, but ....
16:51 by example, garycmartin you need help with moon patches or anything?
16:52 humitos is a patch machine :)
16:52 manuq garycmartin: 2 is trying to resolve a way to represent loading status
16:52 garycmartin: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]ebKit/Development
16:52 humitos I have another issue to comment about browse
16:52 garycmartin manuq: FWIW 2. is also only useful for trackpad/mouse user, would definitely need to go away for touchscreen as there is no ability to show hover.
16:52 manuq garycmartin: "we may add other ways to represent loading status in the future"
16:52 humitos haha a patch machine :D
16:53 manuq garycmartin: right, good point
16:53 humitos gonzalo: I'm only a machine, that's the true
16:53 gonzalo :)
16:53 humitos Browse issue: when you open a new tab clicking on the plus sign the "tab bar" is expanded vertically
16:54 "I think" to fit the first page title on the tab title
16:54 the "..." at the end dissapears
16:54 garycmartin gonzalo: humitos: thanks. I'm going to push on Clock and Moon, then the Physics bug.
16:54 gonzalo hmm, i think the "+" is displayed bigger than the "x"
16:54 manuq humitos: yes, see http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]ent#Multiple_tabs
16:54 gonzalo garycmartin, great
16:54 manuq look for "enhace"
16:55 humitos: we should do a ticket for that
16:55 gonzalo garycmartin, any feature you think we should give priority in these weeks?
16:55 humitos manuq: ok, are you taking notes of these things?
16:56 manuq humitos: sure
16:56 humitos manuq: cool, you're good
16:57 Ariel_Calzada <Ariel_Calzada!~aricalso@> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:57 manuq garycmartin: feel free to comment in the tracker for 3, 4 and 5
16:58 garycmartin: and thanks for pointing the issues
16:58 garycmartin gonzalo: I was hoping to get through all Activities by now, and then try and raise some red flags. So I have a lot rolling around in my head right now. I guess we want to focus on the Activities with most use...
16:59 gonzalo garycmartin, yes
16:59 garycmartin manuq: no problem, just hit them today when looking for Touch issue in Browse.
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17:00 garycmartin manuq: FWIW 2. feels very insular like and like debug text for me, that's why I assumed it was just for you guys testing for webkit bugs ;)
17:00 humitos manuq: gonzalo garycmartin I'm new and don't know which are the important tickets
17:00 garycmartin s/insular/un-sugar
17:01 gonzalo humitos, i think i can help you with this
17:01 garycmartin curses his auto correction ;)
17:01 gonzalo may be we can prepare a list togheter
17:01 humitos I don't fell like a I can take a decision on that or say what to do
17:01 manuq garycmartin: hehe, I think is a common feature for all browsers, while hovering a link, show the address
17:01 humitos gonzalo: but I can say... : "I'd like to work on this one" :D
17:02 gonzalo is ok
17:02 garycmartin manuq: yes, but in a toolbar, and usually optional (you can hide or show the toolbar)
17:02 manuq garycmartin: yes, sometimes in a toolbar, the overflow is stolen from epiphany
17:03 gonzalo garycmartin, manuq, ok, i will prepare a list of tickets to work with humitos, please send me anything if you feel is important to have
17:03 manuq garycmartin: erikos and I are open to suggestions for that feature, of course
17:03 gonzalo: great
17:04 gonzalo: I will do the picker cursor for Paint
17:04 gonzalo manuq, thanks
17:04 garycmartin manuq: maybe a full width black strip across the bottom if folks really think this is an essential feature? Or perhaps show the link only if you hover over a URL for a certain delay (again, no use in a touch world)
17:04 manuq and I will check Clock issue too
17:05 the one for the uncentered clock
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17:06 manuq garycmartin: ok, and that overflow is used also for showing "loading..." and "loading http:/.."
17:06 garycmartin manuq: the uncentered clock is resolved now (your patch, thanks)
17:06 manuq garycmartin: ah yes!
17:06 thanks!
17:07 gonzalo garycmartin, tts is not working in clock right now, right?
17:08 garycmartin manuq: I need to take a look a the streamer espeak plugin and see if I can get Clock to easily use that instead of just calling speak.
17:08 gonzalo ok
17:08 manuq garycmartin: great
17:08 garycmartin gonzalo: it is the espeak command that is broken in the 12.1.0 builds. Seems broken every time we do a new release and needs fixing up.
17:09 gonzalo garycmartin, i hope for sugar 0.98 we have a speech service in sugar-toolkit and we can kill all the speech code in the activities
17:09 garycmartin I'm fed up with the new builds breaking it every time :( so it's time to look at another solution.
17:09 Ariel_Calzada <Ariel_Calzada!~aricalso@> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:10 gonzalo garycmartin, yes
17:10 garycmartin manuq: "loading..." and "loading http:/.." is already indicated by the progress bar, why did we need to show it again elsewhere?
17:11 manuq garycmartin: right
17:12 ok, anything else we need to discuss?
17:13 garycmartin gonzalo: I guess Paint would be an important activity to tidy up for Touch if we need to pick on something today ;) http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/D[…]Touch_Input#Paint
17:13 manuq is hurried to put hands on code :P
17:13 gonzalo garycmartin, yes, but is not a two weeks task
17:14 i have been talking with manuq about opening a branch to the port to gtk3
17:14 garycmartin True, but I can't try and give a definitive hit list until I've got through them all! ;)
17:16 gonzalo garycmartin, yes, Paint have a lot of issues
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17:17 garycmartin yes, and Paint is an obvious one folks will try out on a touch screen.
17:18 manuq garycmartin: I did some research regarding painting activities
17:18 gonzalo garycmartin, yes, and i want improve tamtam with a on screen music keyboard too
17:19 manuq for sure, our paint activity has to rock for touch
17:19 gonzalo garycmartin, in these activities we can use not only multiple points but also the pressure information
17:20 garycmartin gonzalo: tamtam code is pretty scary to work with (I looked and partly hacked on external MIDI keyboard support)...
17:20 gonzalo but first we need port Paint to gtk3 :)
17:21 garycmartin, i have not looked at it yet, i did a gtk widget with a piano keyboard
17:21 i hope we can integrate it without touching too much .....
17:21 Ariel_Calzada <Ariel_Calzada!~aricalso@> has joined #sugar-meeting
17:22 gonzalo ok, guys, anything more to share?
17:22 garycmartin gonzalo: the key events were quite a mess to my eye, no easy way to hook up new events from another source (vs. the existing keyboard keys).
17:22 gonzalo garycmartin, ouch
17:22 that is bad
17:22 humitos I think no
17:22 gonzalo: I'll talk with you later to know what to do
17:23 gonzalo humitos, ok
17:23 garycmartin gonzalo: actually I don't think it was using events at all, just a huge nested if statement (it's been a while since I dared look)
17:23 gonzalo garycmartin, i don't know how they check multiple keys pressed at the same time
17:24 garycmartin gonzalo: I was leaving the tamtam suit to last in my review otherwise I'd get nothing else done! ;)
17:25 gonzalo garycmartin, ha ha
17:26 manuq has to run
17:26 gonzalo too
17:26 garycmartin also
17:26 manuq (lunch time)
17:27 gonzalo ok....
17:27 thanks all,
17:28 manuq thanks all!
17:28 humitos: welcome to the team!
17:28 humitos manuq: thanks... welcome you to my life :D
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