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#sugar-meeting, 2012-04-24

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Time Nick Message
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14:36 humitos hi
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14:59 erikos #startmeeting
14:59 meeting Meeting started Tue Apr 24 14:59:28 2012 UTC. The chair is erikos. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
14:59 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
14:59 erikos opens the room for the dev meeting
15:00 gonzalo__ is here
15:00 humitos I'm here, but I'm leaving in a while
15:00 callkalpa is here
15:00 m_anish_ is listening (cellphone-IRC)
15:00 garycmartin waves
15:02 dsd_ <dsd_!~dsd@unaffiliated/dsd/x-7009359> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:04 silbe waves
15:05 Cerlyn <Cerlyn!~cerlyn@173-12-75-12-miami.hfc.comcastbusiness.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:05 manuq waves
15:07 erikos: close the door, the devs that come late can knock
15:08 m_anish_ :)
15:11 humitos has left #sugar-meeting
15:14 m_anish_ Is the meeting on? Just checking to see if connected :)
15:15 manuq m_anish_ we are here :)
15:15 m_anish_ manuq okay
15:17 erikos hey, sorry -
15:17 so, did people test 0.96? and with which results?
15:18 dsd_ i've been playing with a few activities and havent seen anything strange
15:18 erikos did people test collaboration for example
15:19 dsd_: and in the toolkit-gtk3 activities, no issues at all?
15:19 dsd_ i noticed that salut presence is working, thats about as far as i went
15:19 erikos dsd_: with which activity?
15:19 dsd_ i used browse to download a couple of activities, was fine
15:19 silbe I've successfully tested the WLAN support (as part of the SSID fix).
15:20 dsd_ salut presence was tested with neighborhood view only
15:20 erikos yeah, wlan is fine
15:20 dsd_: ok, I shared chat yesterday, but with browse I had several issues
15:21 Cerlyn: any blockers from your side?
15:21 Cerlyn for 0.96?  Not at this time
15:21 erikos yes, 0.96 , ok
15:21 http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/quer[…]pe&milestone=0.96
15:22 here is our 0.96 list
15:22 looks like translations have not been pushed yet: http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/3504
15:23 or are sometimes unfinished
15:23 gonzalo__ erikos, yes, there are a confict with git in pootle server
15:24 erikos gonzalo__: can you add that info to the ticket please?
15:25 garycmartin erikos: I'd like to release a version of Moon which impacts strings so it gets into 12.1.0, do I have to hold off due to 0.96 string freeze (I have a couple of other activity strings I think I need to change as well for 12.1.0)
15:26 gonzalo__ garycmartin, 0.96 string freeze is for sugar not for honey
15:26 garycmartin gonzalo__: and Fructose?
15:26 erikos garycmartin: moon is outside of the string freeze, as gonzalo__ says
15:26 garycmartin: fructose, yes, the string freeze applies here
15:26 gonzalo__ garycmartin, ^
15:26 erikos but moon is not part of fructose
15:27 manuq no, it's in honey
15:27 garycmartin as yes :) it's just in the 'Defaults builds'.
15:28 erikos garycmartin: correct
15:28 garycmartin s/as/ah
15:28 manuq gonzalo__: too confusing until we do the renames
15:28 garycmartin: ^
15:28 gonzalo__ manuq, yeah
15:28 garycmartin Fab, I'll break my po files soon then, certainly for Moon...
15:28 manuq so erikos, there are a couple of bugs still
15:29 gonzalo__ garycmartin, great, we need a new moon :)
15:29 garycmartin thinks Clock will be the other
15:29 erikos manuq: yes, and those are only the ones we (a) found
15:29 manuq: and (b) are part of that list
15:30 gonzalo__ erikos, #3154 (memorize bug) is not for 0.96, should be 12.1.0
15:31 erikos gonzalo__: changed
15:31 more of those bugs that do not apply?
15:32 manuq: http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/3458 can be moved out, no?
15:32 manuq erikos: sure
15:33 erikos manuq: actually, it is even a olpc ticket, right?
15:33 manuq: is hardware specific
15:33 manuq: and (b) is it a regression? or a nice to have?
15:33 manuq erikos: is in browse 129
15:34 erikos: tested in olpc build 833 and behaves that way
15:34 erikos: if you think is an olpc ticket I will move it
15:36 erikos manuq: yes, so if it is a regression over 833, you can add it into the 12.1.0 milestone
15:37 manuq: yes, it is hardware specific, so olpc bug tracker
15:37 manuq: it might be triggered by an underlying bug
15:37 manuq erikos: ok I will, and keep hardware specific tickets in mind for olpc bug tracker
15:37 erikos manuq: but does not affect 0.96
15:37 manuq: great, thanks
15:37 manuq erikos: right, understood
15:38 silbe erikos: is it actually hardware related (only happening on specific XO-1.75 units) or just operating under memory pressure? What happens if you try it a) on an XO-1 and b) on a non-XO PC with RAM limited to 512MB?
15:39 erikos silbe: you mean 3497?
15:42 silbe erikos: no, I was thinking of SL#3465. I thought that was what you were just discussing.
15:44 erikos silbe: no, we were discussing 3458
15:44 silbe erikos: how is "step scroll with the XO arrow keys in hand-held mode" hardware related? (there's no description at all, BTW, just the summary)
15:45 erikos silbe: XO arrow key?
15:46 manuq silbe: they are the arrow keys on the screen
15:46 erikos silbe: tell me blockers if you have some
15:47 silbe: i think manu understood what I meant
15:47 silbe erikos: The XO arrow keys are just (keypad) cursor keys. Scrolling in Browse with cursor keys should work on any hardware.
15:48 erikos silbe: please read above what i said to manuq
15:49 manuq silbe: it does work with cursor keys, not with the XO on-screen cursor keys
15:49 silbe manuq: ok, that was the point I was missing (and the description of the ticket was missing as well), thanks!
15:49 dsd_ did you test with keypad cursor keys or just the normal ones?
15:50 manuq silbe: I don't think so, "XO arrow keys in hand-held mode"
15:50 silbe: note "in hand-held mode"
15:50 silbe manuq: but it doesn't say that the regular cursor keys *are* working.
15:51 manuq: anyway, let's move on, I got the point now.
15:55 erikos ok, I am still looking for blockers
15:55 either we do not have enough testing
15:55 or there are not really some
15:58 silbe probably the former
15:59 erikos ok, so I would suggest the following
15:59 please keep on testing and file bugs
15:59 silbe but I don't see much additional testing happening if we're delaying the release
15:59 erikos probably not
16:00 dsd_ and releasing it as final would probably increase the "testing" and find some interesting stuff
16:00 silbe so we might as well just get it out of the door and mention in the release notes that GTK3 support (which is where I'd expect the most bugs) is a huge effort and may still have some rough edges.
16:01 dsd_: +1
16:02 erikos we have been doing the releasing and getting feedback in previous releases and people were not happy neither
16:02 asking how we can release such an unfinished version
16:02 but I guess that is part of the game
16:03 dsd_ unfortunate, but at least we can tell those people they are welcome to test earlier and help us
16:03 erikos yeah, I guess so
16:05 ok, so I think I will just release with what we have and schedule another bug fix release
16:05 dsd_ sounds good to me
16:06 silbe erikos: +1
16:06 erikos gonzalo__: silbe how far are we with the clipboard patches?
16:06 silbe: and ok with me landing Remove "Extreme Power Management" control panel option, OLPC #11671
16:07 silbe: and the one about the 'view source key'
16:08 silbe erikos: as much as I like seeing hardware-specific code go, shouldn't that wait until either 0.97 or at least 0.96.1? Does it break anything? (re. Remove Extreme Power Management)
16:08 m_anish_ erikos, we,ve done tht in dx3 too (remove extreme power management. Its now controlled by a gconf in dx FBI :))
16:09 Fyi
16:09 erikos silbe: ok, I am ok with doing it in 0.96.1
16:10 silbe erikos: FWIW, given that we want to do a release now, there are too much outstanding patches for my taste. Maybe we should look at patches in addition to tickets?
16:11 every last-minute change means that the release can't have been tested thoroughly
16:11 erikos silbe: yeah, maybe we should release what we have now, and get all the bug fixes in the 0.96.1
16:11 silbe: that implies that it has been tested before
16:11 silbe for critical fixes like the SSID fix that's ok, but not for things like adding a keyboard shortcut.
16:11 erikos silbe: :)
16:12 silbe erikos: yes, I'm assuming that developers test as part of their workflow. Testing their own changes usually involves testing other parts of Sugar as well. So even if it's rather limited, it's still more than nothing.
16:14 erikos silbe: ok, let's release and all the rest will be 0.96.1 and future
16:14 silbe erikos: unless there's any critical bug fix floating around (and I don't remember seeing one), we should just release what we have as 0.96.0.
16:14 erikos: +1
16:14 erikos ok, I will do tarballs later tonight then
16:14 but I have a request to everyone:
16:15 manuq erikos: tell us
16:15 erikos please test, and report all the issues!
16:15 - there are olpc builds
16:15 - you can test with F17 beta (install the sugar packages as well on a live image, /me did that yesterday)
16:15 m_anish_ has quit IRC
16:15 erikos - or just install F17
16:16 - and I think there are soas iamges
16:16 the quality depends on all of us!
16:16 any comments, questions, rants?
16:17 dsd_ F17 preupgrade worked well for me
16:17 from F16
16:18 erikos cool
16:18 manuq erikos: sure will do
16:18 erikos thaks manuq
16:20 manuq yeah please all let's test sugar as far as we can, so the children in the world can get a nice learning experience
16:20 erikos ok, next week, I want to have 3 bugs filed minimum per person
16:20 the new bugs
16:20 I will ask at the beginning of the meeting!
16:21 manuq erikos: hehe sounds like a nice competition :)
16:21 erikos starts countdown, then
16:21 5
16:21 silbe 4
16:21 manuq 3
16:22 erikos 2
16:22 1
16:22 #endmeeting
16:22 meeting Meeting ended Tue Apr 24 16:22:43 2012 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
16:22 Minutes: http://meeting.ole.org/sugar-m[…]-24T14:59:28.html
16:22 Log:     http://meeting.ole.org/sugar-m[…]12-04-24T14:59:28
16:22 erikos thanks for joining in
16:23 garycmartin Thanks all!
16:23 silbe +1, thanks for keeping Sugar going!
16:25 erikos silbe: thanks for the thanks :)
16:27 silbe erikos: I'll try to get AC devs test 0.96, but I can't promise anything as we're about to release ourselves.
16:27 erikos silbe: thanks - that is welcome
16:33 dsd_ has left #sugar-meeting
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16:49 Cerlyn silbe: Make sure to take that Wifi name patch into Dextrose as it already caused a panic once
16:54 silbe Cerlyn: for sure. I'm quite surprised it came up only recently, as it has been in Sugar for as long as it had WLAN support.
16:57 Cerlyn A certain factory didn't want to accept a Dextrose build over it until the deployment patched it in for us
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21:20 ClaudiaU hello
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