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#sugar-meeting, 2012-04-05

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00:18 alfredo <alfredo!baa22537@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
00:18 meeting <icarito-es> hello alfredo
00:18 <icarito-es> We are in #sugar-meeting-es
00:18 alfredo Hello Sebastian
00:18 meeting <kaametza-es> hello alfredo
00:18 alfredo Hello everybody
00:18 meeting <icarito-es> Already it goes up *yannick and lacking *koke
00:18 alfredo Hello Laura
00:19 icarito esa es la autotraduccion
00:19 estamos en #sugar-meeting-es
00:19 meeting <icarito-es> hello
00:19 <icarito-es> *aqui If *po
00:19 <icarito-es> :-)
00:20 <alfredo-es> +1
00:21 anita <anita!~webchat@jita.sugarlabs.org> has joined #sugar-meeting
00:21 meeting <icarito-es> *koke Went in to the building
00:21 <icarito-es> :-)
00:23 icarito bernie, cjl we're in #sugar-meeting-es for SomosAzucar's board meeting
00:25 meeting * KaiXo-es has joined
00:26 walterbender <walterbender!~chatzilla@146-115-134-246.c3-0.nwt-ubr​1.sbo-nwt.ma.cable.rcn.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
00:27 meeting <icarito-es> hello To all
00:27 <icarito-es> We are a *poquito retarded
00:27 <icarito-es> *juan *camilo Is putting a *google *hangout
00:28 <icarito-es> We expect it to share the link
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00:29 meeting <KaiXo-es> hello  To all
00:30 <icarito-es> #startmeeting
00:31 <icarito-es> #link *there *is to *google *hangout *to *meet
00:31 <icarito-es> I say I say
00:31 <icarito-es> #link  https://plus.google.com/hangou[…]?authuser=0&hl=es#
00:31 ywarnier <ywarnier!~ywarnier@> has joined #sugar-meeting
00:31 meeting <icarito-es> There is a *google *hangout to see us those that are in shape remote
00:31 <icarito-es> I go to transcribe what speak  *aqui but all are free to write what wish
00:33 <icarito-es> It finishes to arrive Paul *Deza
00:34 <icarito-es> We are *aqui *kiko *mayorga, *yannick *warnier, anita *chan, *laura *vargas, *juan *camilo lemma, *sebastian *silva, *koke *contreras and *paul *deza
00:34 <icarito-es> *juan *camilo Is opening a channel with KaiXo by *google *hangout
00:35 <icarito-es> *juan *camilo Goes to share a presentation
00:36 <icarito-es> The channel of chat is by *aqui so that it remain documented
00:36 icarito #sugar-meeting-es
00:37 meeting * Koke_-es has joined
00:37 icarito anita, #sugar-meeting-es
00:38 meeting <icarito-es> There are technical problems with *google *hangout
00:38 <icarito-es> *juan *camilo Goes to call to *puno by telephone
00:38 <icarito-es> They spoke that they go to connect by *skype
00:38 <icarito-es> *juan *camilo Opens the session
00:39 <icarito-es> In the record remain fixed that has closed  the *google *hangout
00:39 <icarito-es> *jclema Says that 2 hours
00:39 <icarito-es> it is conversing  *sober The diary
00:40 <icarito-es> kaametza, it says that we are 5 members of the board
00:40 <icarito-es> The model of *sugar *labs are 7
00:40 <icarito-es> kaametza it says that it has to define the *membresía and constitute the board
00:40 <icarito-es> *jclema Proposes to begin with a retrospective
00:41 <icarito-es> From *Sugar *Camp Lima 2011
00:41 ywarnier has left #sugar-meeting
00:41 meeting <icarito-es> It goes  to speak of the budget
00:41 <icarito-es> "sin importar lo que descubramos, comprendemos y verdaderamente creemos que todos hicieron el mejor trabajo posible, dado lo que sabían a ese momento, sus capacidades y habilidades y recursos disponbles"
00:42 <icarito-es> *jclema Asks that all agree on this
00:42 <icarito-es> "no se critican opiniones sino que se escucha y responden a dudas"
00:43 garycmartin has left #sugar-meeting
00:43 meeting <icarito-es> *jclema Begins speaking on *Sugar *Camp 2011
00:43 <alfredo-es> +1
00:43 * raulhugo-es has joined
00:43 * ywarnier-es has joined
00:43 <icarito-es> kaametza, it offers the word
00:43 <raulhugo-es> :)
00:43 <icarito-es> We are treating to establish *comunicacion with the boys of *puno
00:44 <icarito-es> *jclema Is to the *telefono
00:44 <icarito-es> And anita it offers his *pc
00:45 <icarito-es> anita it is by *skype with neyder
00:46 <icarito-es> * Proofs of audio *
00:46 <raulhugo-es> hello :)
00:46 <ywarnier-es> * It mentions  the list of the assistants *
00:47 <icarito-es> We follow coordinating
00:48 <icarito-es> *juan *camilo Has a *presentacion
00:48 <icarito-es> Without mattering what discover, comprise and truly think that all did the best possible work, given what knew to this moment, his capacities and skills and resources *disponbles"
00:48 <icarito-es> And the *situacion
00:48 <icarito-es> Two principles
00:49 <icarito-es> Honest and constructive
00:49 <icarito-es> Opportunity to listen to the *demas openly
00:49 <icarito-es> 2 subjects: "lo bueno"
00:49 <icarito-es> "lo que queremos mejorar"
00:49 <icarito-es> "no vamos a criticar la opinion de las personas pero se escucha pueden hacer preguntas si se tienen dudas
00:49 <icarito-es> *jclema Continues
00:50 <icarito-es> It says that we continue
00:50 <icarito-es> *laura Asks that it open  the *pagina of *sugar *camp file 2011
00:50 <icarito-es> *jclema "lo bueno" and "lo por mejroar"
00:50 <icarito-es> kaametza, good nights
00:50 <icarito-es> #link http://sugarcamp.somosazucar.org/
00:50 <icarito-es> We were summoned to realise an up to date image
00:51 <icarito-es> For the boys of the *region of *puno, *peru
00:51 <icarito-es> A marathon of work *colaborativo
00:51 <icarito-es> That they do  in several occasions
00:51 <icarito-es> Second time that does  this methodology
00:51 <icarito-es> The first was *Misky *Pachamama 2010
00:51 <icarito-es> They propose  several works and summons  to lead of the teams of voluntary translators
00:52 <icarito-es> *irma *alvarez And *edgar *quispe
00:52 <icarito-es> kaametza, #link http://*sugarcamp,somosazucar.org/maraton.html
00:52 * kikomayorga-es has joined
00:53 <icarito-es> The work of *traduccion of *Sugar *Camp *Puno 2020 (*Misky *Pachamama) lost
00:53 <icarito-es> The power of voluntary announcement was low
00:53 <icarito-es> The aims that reached  were modest
00:54 <icarito-es> It consolidated  a group of translators directed by cjl the one who assumed like coordinator
00:54 <icarito-es> *irma *alvarez *lideraria Instrument *quechua and *edgar *quispe to lead the team *aimara
00:54 <icarito-es> Both continue executing his roles
00:54 <icarito-es> We will look the plans to continue the process of translation
00:55 <icarito-es> The second activity "ciudadanía digital" proposal by Koke_
00:55 <icarito-es> To range us with the contents of the ministry
00:55 <icarito-es> And also the focus in native tongues
00:56 <icarito-es> *sugar *camp Was thought for 3 tongues, *aymara, *quechua and 1 tongue *amazonic
00:56 <icarito-es> The community *amazonica *sipiba asked economic compensation and the production decided to give him priority to the communities *quechua and *aymara
00:56 <icarito-es> (No *habia presupposed to pay them)
00:57 <icarito-es> "integrar a las comunidades amazonicas es parte de la agenda de somosazucar.org"
00:57 * raulhugo has quit (Quit: Page closed)
00:57 <icarito-es> It proposed  the activity *ciudadania digital to complement the *ofrecimiento of available contents in the image of operating system of *ULPN
00:57 <icarito-es> (A *Laptop by Boy)
00:58 <icarito-es> It did not advance  during *Sugar *Camp greater work on the realisation of this work
00:58 <icarito-es> Part of the budget proposed for the *produccion of *hexoquinasa includes contained
00:58 <icarito-es> ywarnier, it asks that it define  *hexoquinasa
00:58 * raulhugo-es has joined
00:59 <icarito-es> kaametza, "hexoquinasa es el resultado esperado de Sugar Camp 2011"
00:59 <icarito-es> It posed  collaborate with *escuelab and *runasimipi
00:59 * jclema-es has joined
00:59 <icarito-es> The announcement to all these volunteers had a called to deliver a final result that designate *Hexoquinasa
01:00 <icarito-es> #link http://pe.sugarlabs.org/go/pro[…]iloto_hexoquinasa
01:00 <icarito-es> ywarnier, it asks the one who took the responsibility of each activity of the project
01:00 <KaiXo-es> *ahi   Have something that say
01:01 <icarito-es> Each person assumed different levels of responsibility
01:01 <icarito-es> neyder speaking now
01:01 <icarito-es> *sobe *conversacion Between kaametza, KaiXo, neyder, *jose *antonio, and icarito
01:02 <icarito-es> It says that with *jose *antonio (*DREP *Puno) spoke  to give priority to the educational
01:02 <icarito-es> *segun KaiXo the translations did not lose
01:02 <icarito-es> cjl
01:03 <icarito-es> jclema asking where is documented
01:03 <icarito-es> neyder, it says that there is a *fotografia of a blackboard
01:03 <icarito-es> neyder, it says that in *picasa of *escuelab *puno
01:04 cjl http://translate.sugarlabs.org/
01:04 meeting <KaiXo-es> We are not  retorting,  but *acotandop
01:04 <icarito-es> kaametza, *irma called the attention on the loss of these translations
01:04 <icarito-es> cjl, *perdon, can confirm us the % of *traduccion *quechua before *sugar *camp?
01:05 <KaiXo-es>  That no  *perdiio but they are still in *pootle of *sugarlabs
01:05 <cjl-es> Translations of the 2010 have not lost by  complete, but the sugar had changed a lot
01:05 <icarito-es> cjl there is an user
01:06 <cjl-es> icarito: *very *low *percentage
01:06 <icarito-es> cjl, *misky_*qu
01:06 <icarito-es> % *translated *by *misky_*qu
01:06 <icarito-es> neyder and KaiXo they are affirming that the work of *sugar *camp 2010 has not lost
01:06 <icarito-es> They say that they are like "sugerencias"
01:07 <KaiXo-es> *sip
01:07 <cjl-es> We treat to obtain more archives of the lady that went eastwards, do not remember his name.\
01:07 alfredo has quit IRC
01:08 meeting <KaiXo-es> cjl  this speaking of  The councillor of  *Puno  of the *MPP
01:08 <icarito-es> *paul *deza Says that it has to define the one who goes to do  manager to confirm the no-lost of the *contribucion
01:09 <KaiXo-es> This can confirm  it cjl
01:09 <icarito-es> *koke Asks the word
01:09 <cjl-es> Yes, the previous work has conserved  like suggestions in the glossary so that they can go back to use  if possible.
01:09 <ywarnier-es> David, did not understand, say that it is in the *wiki of *sugarlabs, or where?
01:10 <icarito-es> kaametza, *irma *afiram that lost  *segun *irma
01:10 <icarito-es> It decides  continue
01:10 <ywarnier-es> (By the audio am not sure to having understood)
01:10 <icarito-es> jclema it says that the *idae is to define on the taking of *responsabiildades
01:10 <icarito-es> *koke Affirms that it is looking for  do reference to the 2011
01:10 <icarito-es> And from now on
01:11 <icarito-es> *koke Was with *edgar while it advanced  on the translation to distance
01:11 <icarito-es> In 2010
01:11 <ywarnier-es> neyder, you can happen my question to *david *porfa?
01:11 <icarito-es> (On the *traduccion *aymara)
01:11 <jclema-es> Boys *enfonquemonos in the *retro of the *sugarcamp2011
01:11 <icarito-es> Koke_, it comments the experience of *edgar in 2010
01:12 <icarito-es> Koke_, "lo bueno" a lot of minds and *espiritus brilliant gathered
01:12 <icarito-es> Koke_, it says that it is an example that does not occur in the common
01:12 <icarito-es> This type of production
01:12 alfredo <alfredo!baa22537@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
01:12 meeting <icarito-es> Opportunity to participate in a methodology *colaborativa
01:13 <icarito-es> Koke_, for the one who for the first time participates of this way, is a very big crash
01:13 <icarito-es> *sugar *camp: Methodology for construction of knowledge
01:13 <icarito-es> "modelo replicable en formas de comunicacion"
01:14 <icarito-es> "valiosas para aprender a comunicarnos"
01:14 <icarito-es> "desde la perspectiva de los maestros"
01:14 <icarito-es> "la creación"
01:14 <KaiXo-es> "Basada en personar y no en plataformas"
01:14 <icarito-es> Identify moments and creative beaks
01:14 <icarito-es> KaiXo, you are quoting?
01:14 <KaiXo-es> *sip
01:14 <icarito-es> KaiXo, to the one who?
01:14 <icarito-es> *koke Has not said this
01:15 <KaiXo-es> It is the  bottom of  his speech
01:15 <icarito-es> *koke Says that of different ways has distributed  the knowledge
01:15 <icarito-es> *koke Does a *autocritica to the work entrusted by the *comundiad for the subject of the catalog of contents
01:15 <icarito-es> In this measure have to improve in a too ambitious aim without being able to us gather before with an aim improved
01:15 <icarito-es> Without a clear methodology that was for defining
01:16 <icarito-es> "o tomamos contenidos distribuidos en la red o adaptamos actividades existentes y las contextualizamos"
01:16 <icarito-es> A way is the *adaptacion and improvement of the content in a local context
01:16 <icarito-es> In the context of *nua big demand
01:16 <icarito-es> And *diversificacion *curricular
01:17 <KaiXo-es> This is *metodologia  *pedagogica
01:17 <icarito-es> kaametza, it affirms that in the budget of *hexoquinsasa there is a game of budget to access to content of high quality
01:17 <alfredo-es> *Kaixo +1
01:17 <icarito-es> alfredo, KaiXo all very but without *comillas if it is not textual *porfavor
01:18 <icarito-es> kaametza, it affirms again that are retarded with the contents
01:18 <icarito-es> jclema *estamo speaking of the retrospective of *sugarcamp-> until today
01:18 <KaiXo-es> But as it uses the educational the *XO (contents), improve  his use  in  Class
01:18 <icarito-es> jclema it is an event of collaboration
01:18 <KaiXo-es> Have  something that say
01:19 <icarito-es> neyder it says on the methodology of *sugar *camp
01:19 <icarito-es> "una metodologia santificada perfecta mejorada no funcionará en cualquier lugar de la misma forma"
01:20 <icarito-es> *kiko Says that the well is the sum of the people is the important the aims are subjective
01:20 <icarito-es> kikomayorga, it affirms that it was not clear the aim for the and wanted to contribute the best of him to the event
01:20 <icarito-es> kikomayorga, it wanted to change the situation of existent lawsuit
01:21 <alfredo-es> Claro, "no porque tenga un martillo en la mano, todos mis problemas van a tener forma de clavo"
01:21 <icarito-es> KaiXo, it affirms that it has to see well the subject of the fault of success of *sugar
01:21 <icarito-es> KaiXo, it says that the *XO work for the educational in his classroom
01:21 <icarito-es> And it was him useful
01:22 <alfredo-es> +1
01:22 <raulhugo-es> +1
01:22 <icarito-es> anita *pidio the question
01:22 <kikomayorga-es> +1
01:22 <icarito-es> To organise *sugar *camp file 2011 - that it had to invest each one?
01:22 <icarito-es> anita, it asks after the budget of *Sugar *Camp 2011
01:23 <icarito-es> kaametza, the role is voluntary
01:23 <jclema-es> anita, *cual was the model of participation inside the *sugarcamp
01:23 <icarito-es> But it expects  fulfillment of what each one holds responsible
01:23 <icarito-es> kaametza, there is a report of *produccion and budget of *sugar *camp 2011
01:24 <icarito-es> anita *pergunta how paid  the passages
01:24 <icarito-es> kaametza, #link http://pe.sugarlabs.org/go/sugarcamp_lima_2011
01:25 <KaiXo-es> "No esta muy claro el informa de tesoreria"
01:26 alfredo has quit IRC
01:27 meeting <icarito-es> kaametza, it is doing several explanations on the repayments done
01:27 <KaiXo-es> "Quienes  aprobaron el  reembolso de Irma Alvarez"
01:28 <icarito-es> kaametza, it describes "la piedra" in the shoe that are the repayments of the terrestrial transport of Laura and Sebastian
01:28 <icarito-es> raulhugo, it affirms that it has to inform to all
01:28 <KaiXo-es> "Pero el dinero  de la donacion no se donaron  para eso, segun Bernie"
01:29 <icarito-es> raulhugo, it affirms that it has to inform all what does
01:29 <KaiXo-es> +1
01:29 <icarito-es> *aymar Is speaking on the importance of the methodology in the *sugar *camps
01:30 * jclema has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
01:30 <icarito-es> *aymar Was part of the team of *traduccion *aymara
01:30 <icarito-es> *aymar Says that for the *traduccion there was not context
01:30 <icarito-es> *david Says that it has to inform of everything
01:31 <icarito-es> On donations that *segun KaiXo have been badly addressed
01:31 <icarito-es> "no siempre tenemos una opinion buena"
01:31 <icarito-es> That it has to define  between the members of the board
01:31 <icarito-es> Decisions that are important
01:31 <icarito-es> They have to be done with transparency
01:31 <icarito-es> Between the team
01:31 <icarito-es> *yannick Asks the word
01:32 <icarito-es> neyder, it says that an event for the community does not have to have bosses or upper
01:32 <icarito-es> If you lead
01:32 <raulhugo-es> It wants to take the word
01:32 <icarito-es> *aymar Asks that when they avenge remain a while
01:32 <ywarnier-es> *I first* :-)
01:33 <icarito-es> *yannick Wants to have the clear things
01:33 <icarito-es> Quoting the post of *irma
01:33 <icarito-es> The *unica incongruence would be on the mount of the repayment of trip
01:33 <icarito-es> Of *irma
01:34 <icarito-es> kaametza, the conversations did  by *skype and offered  do the repayment
01:35 <icarito-es> kaametza, it asks clarity in *als communications
01:35 <KaiXo-es> "es importante conocer a las personas, antes de decir que ellos accedieron, a veces el silencio de algunos no es necesariamente la aceptacion"
01:35 <icarito-es> KaiXo, ""?
01:36 <icarito-es> *jclema Says that if *irma considers that it has to him  something more, would have to *reembolsarse
01:36 <KaiXo-es> Irma withdraw  of the request, by that was tired of so much problem.
01:36 <icarito-es> kaametza, speech on the countable support with a *comprobante by costs
01:37 <icarito-es> *kiko Says that a statement of *irma suffices
01:37 <icarito-es> *jclema Affirms that this is not *excluyente
01:37 <icarito-es> *jclema Have to go out of the *informalidad
01:38 <KaiXo-es> It went  the audio
01:38 <raulhugo-es> It goes down the *volumne
01:38 <icarito-es>  kaametza "no puede haber reembolso sin papelito"
01:38 <icarito-es> *segun *jclema
01:39 <icarito-es> It is necessary to carry a countable support to justify the budget
01:39 <KaiXo-es> All passage *aereo has receipt *electronico
01:39 <icarito-es> anita it says that each person contributes a lot to this small team
01:39 <KaiXo-es> They follow the problems of audio
01:40 <raulhugo-es> I create *ue have to value but the people
01:40 <raulhugo-es> But that the processes
01:40 <icarito-es> anita, the presence of these people has value
01:40 <KaiXo-es> +1 *raul
01:40 <raulhugo-es> We hate it *rigidas that they are the bureaucracies, and go to do a bureaucracy *aqui?
01:40 <icarito-es> raulhugo, we do not hate to anybody
01:41 <icarito-es> :-)
01:41 <KaiXo-es> It suffices of sarcasms
01:41 <raulhugo-es> No hate to the *burocratas
01:41 <raulhugo-es> But if the system
01:41 <raulhugo-es> :)
01:41 <KaiXo-es> *todav'*ia Do not listen at all
01:41 <Koke_-es> The countable supports also have like documents the statements sworn.
01:41 <KaiXo-es> *koke +1
01:42 <icarito-es> anita, since we are boys is not badly that no each agreement was documented
01:42 <icarito-es> kikomayorga, we have to be flexible
01:42 <icarito-es> anita, it does fault the presence of *aymar
01:43 <icarito-es> There is a subject to feel  included
01:43 <icarito-es> It is important that organise  a date to participate all
01:43 <icarito-es> *aymar Wants to ratify this thought
01:44 <anita-es> And it does fault the presence of *irma
01:45 <KaiXo-es> The image of a tongue *originaria is very used, as mere propaganda
01:45 <KaiXo-es> *ok The *demas are not invited?
01:46 <Koke_-es> If they are participating
01:46 * jclema-es has joined
01:46 <raulhugo-es> icarito it says that no all are members
01:46 <jclema-es> icarito, it says us that it is what want to agree *aqui
01:46 <KaiXo-es> *osea *SL *Peru Is exclusive
01:46 <icarito-es> icarito it took the word
01:46 <raulhugo-es> Only some
01:46 <Koke_-es> This is an open space, however there are decisions that has to take the board
01:46 <icarito-es> In December did  an assembly to choose a board
01:46 <raulhugo-es> Those that wanted to participate
01:46 <icarito-es> It is principle of *sugar *labs be transparent and open
01:46 <icarito-es> All are welcome
01:46 <icarito-es> Of agreement to the agreed procedures
01:46 <icarito-es> The same that in *sugar *labs
01:47 <icarito-es> This board conformed  in December and asks  that this board assume the leadership of this *reunion
01:47 <icarito-es> And they take  *deciciones
01:47 <icarito-es> In shape formal
01:47 <Koke_-es> *Icarito Refers  to the formal subject of the *membesía that is directly related with decisions of administrative type and of management
01:47 <icarito-es> kaametza, it affirms they do fault 2 members
01:47 <Koke_-es> Mechanisms of organisation and in this there is a level of formality, thus the Board
01:47 <icarito-es> In December  *definio the procedure to be part of somosazucar.org
01:48 <icarito-es> And of *sugar *labs *peru
01:48 <KaiXo-es> *aymar Requests that they do not speak for *lso *aymaras
01:48 <icarito-es> *puno
01:48 <icarito-es> It asks  that they go down his volume *porqe there is *feedback
01:49 <icarito-es> KaiXo, it says that we happen to another subject
01:49 <icarito-es> kaametza, it says that it wants to improve something more and *paul *deza *tambien
01:49 <KaiXo-es> Even it is missing the *rendicion of correct accounts of *SCLima, the *p'*agina is very inaccurate
01:49 <icarito-es> kaametza, it asks that the board have a *politica publishes on the behaviour in the list of post
01:50 <icarito-es> On the accuracy and the respect by the people and his reputation
01:50 <icarito-es> The reputations of the people have to be taken care by the board of supervision
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01:50 <icarito-es> kaametza, it asks that it establish  a code of behaviour because it feels  abused and sad
01:50 <icarito-es> And it asks explanations
01:51 <icarito-es> kaametza, it requests that the things that have been published that they are not true are denied
01:51 <icarito-es> "yo no expulsé a nadie de nada"
01:51 <icarito-es> "ni hice nada parecido a explotación"
01:51 <Koke_-es> Laura asks that we elaborate a code of behaviour
01:51 <icarito-es> "neyder no debió hablar mal de laura y llamarla "beautiful face" porque es un comentario sexista
01:52 <icarito-es> "todo se peude resolver con el dialogo y el entendimiento pero no se debe traatar asi en la lista"
01:52 <icarito-es> KaiXo, it says that there is not problem with that *laura was *lider
01:53 <icarito-es> KaiXo, that can not take arbitrary decisions
01:53 <icarito-es> The *decision has to be of the community
01:54 <icarito-es> KaiXo, They are taking  hasty and harmful decisions
01:54 <icarito-es> KaiXo, it says that it offered  the leadership but did not like them as  *asumio
01:55 <icarito-es> KaiXo, bernie it said that *puno is in the eyes of *sugar *labs
01:55 <icarito-es> KaiXo, they took the spirit of *escuelab to work in *puno
01:56 <icarito-es> KaiXo, there is a community in *puno
01:56 <raulhugo-es> Well Particularly it did not know of the details of the project therefore I did not comment at all
01:57 <KaiXo-es> neyder to'a did not do his *descargoque have asked him
01:57 <icarito-es> kaametza, "en ningun momento se les ha cerrado el acceso a los fondos de bernie"
01:58 <icarito-es> kaametza, "la cantidad de veces que se ha solicitado un presupuesto a david cruz y se le ha entregado la documentación solicitada"
01:58 <icarito-es> Without answer
01:58 <icarito-es> *aymar Says that the centralism killed this country
01:59 <raulhugo-es> neyder doing his plea
01:59 <icarito-es> *antropológicamente Has to consider to regions
01:59 <icarito-es> neyder it presents  like activist of the equality of generate
01:59 <Koke_-es> The methodologies of collaboration look for to break the centralism...
02:00 <icarito-es> neyder it says that "cara linda" it does not refer  to anybody in particular
02:00 <icarito-es> "nosotros nos hemos visto relegados en el trabajo"
02:01 <icarito-es> "se daba 8000 dolares al despliegue en puno de 30.000"
02:01 <icarito-es> It seemed them minimum
02:01 <icarito-es> The sum
02:01 <icarito-es> neyder it is taking out details
02:02 <icarito-es> Which *aqui kaametza wants to clear
02:02 <icarito-es> kaametza 200 *USD for each role by week
02:02 <icarito-es> jclema it goes to stop the *conversacion, kaametza *afirm that are but that 3, local producer, agent of contents, coordinator of *quechua, of *aymara, producers of contents, *chaski north, *chaski south
02:03 <icarito-es> Regarding the emphasis there has been a problem of *comunicacion
02:03 <icarito-es> It has not been able to  transmit the aim
02:03 <icarito-es> The aim is that the educational  *empoderen of the need to improve the system which use
02:03 <icarito-es> neyder, "los docentes son usuarios pasivos"
02:03 <icarito-es> neyder it is explaining the reason of the post
02:03 <icarito-es> And the "explotación"
02:04 <icarito-es> jclema you can not use these *plabras neyder
02:04 <icarito-es> jclema it clears: this budget is available in a *google *docs
02:05 <icarito-es> That it has worked  before a *reunion
02:05 <raulhugo-es> neyder it says that they explained what feel and
02:05 <icarito-es> And it follows *trabajandose
02:05 <raulhugo-es> No what is
02:05 <icarito-es> kaametza, if *uds do not agree in a game *presupuestada, everything is available to be conversed
02:05 <icarito-es> If it has to adjust the activities
02:05 <icarito-es> It can do
02:06 <icarito-es> neyder it affirms that the *reunion of the *sabado asked  that the one who authorised
02:07 <icarito-es> neyder, it affirms that if the board did not know these decisions are not valid
02:07 <icarito-es> jclema speech of *fornteras of belongings
02:07 <icarito-es> neyder it affirms that we are a small initial group
02:08 <icarito-es> neyder we have to begin with the sensitivity of a small community
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02:11 <icarito-es> icarito it affirms that it has had the control of the project until it have been transferred to the board
02:11 <jclema-es> jclema, as we go to reconstruct the confidence?
02:11 <icarito-es> That today it has for the first time his session
02:12 <icarito-es> It has committed  a fault and there is not a code of behaviour
02:12 <icarito-es> *laura Asks to the board that draft  a code of behaviour
02:12 <icarito-es> KaiXo, it says in this regard that the communication was initiated by *aleksey *preguntandole to them
02:13 cjl icarito can share the SFC conflict of interest policy
02:13 meeting <icarito-es> KaiXo, it expects to see what goes to happen with the bottoms deposited
02:13 <icarito-es> KaiXo, it affirms that the money used  to pay past things
02:13 <icarito-es> kaametza, it says that this is not true
02:14 <icarito-es> KaiXo, it says that it did  other things with the money
02:14 <icarito-es> neyder, it says that *pidio *comprension by the rent of 6 months
02:15 <icarito-es> neyder, because it did not do  the *donacion to *traves of *escuelab
02:15 <icarito-es> neyder, it needed  the money in December
02:16 <icarito-es> kaametza, we speak well of the context
02:16 <icarito-es> kaametza, of *uds has not received  any application specifies
02:16 <icarito-es> Any application of resources has been received
02:17 <icarito-es> neyder, "los fondos de bernie eran para puno y algunos proyecto de lima"
02:18 <icarito-es> anita "antes de venir a peru estuve en cambridge y estuvo 2 días con bernie y estuvo impresionado de lo que vio en puno"
02:19 <icarito-es> kaametza, the active taxpayers of this project have been alsroot, *david, neyder, jclema, icarito and kaametza
02:19 <icarito-es> "se recibieron los fondos de bernie"
02:19 <icarito-es> "esta destinada para lo que uds propongan"
02:20 <raulhugo-es> By that no  *esplico this to all????
02:20 <raulhugo-es> Before?
02:20 <icarito-es> "aqui documentar los beneficios aprobados para los miembros del proyecto"
02:21 <icarito-es> kaametza, "la transaccion sale mucho mas viable y economica de la forma que se hizo pero nadie puede decir que se les ha negado acceso a los fondos"
02:23 <icarito-es> *aymar "vengan a puno"
02:23 <icarito-es> kaametza, "david me aseguró que el municipio habia dado un local disnpoible a partir del 27 de diciembre"
02:24 <icarito-es> kaametza, "uds se comprometieron a asumir gastos del equipo somosazucar.org. nosotros les hemos dado todo el soporte documentario para uds obtener la luz verde del municipio"
02:24 <raulhugo-es> neyder, question commanded him a post with what had spent with *aleksey?
02:24 <icarito-es> "lamento que sus frustraciones terminen en esto"
02:24 <icarito-es> "no me parece que porque no han hecho ninguna solicitud de fondos"
02:24 <icarito-es> "en vez de esto uds van enviando correos privados a bernie y luego renuncian frente a sebastian por IRC"
02:24 <raulhugo-es> kaametza, to that calls him  application?, *odt?
02:25 <icarito-es> Afterwards they follow writing in the list accusing and *difamando without any *justificacion
02:25 <icarito-es> *koke Asks the word
02:25 <icarito-es> KaiXo, "solicitamos unas cartas que no nos sirvieron"
02:25 <icarito-es> The municipality has answered that "es una empresa"
02:26 <icarito-es> kaametza, KaiXo your *tiviste access to the draft of the letter
02:26 <icarito-es> kaametza, we are speaking of the letter that *sebastian *silva and *laura *vargas signed
02:26 <raulhugo-es> KaiXo, you said Him to *laura that did not serve you?
02:26 <icarito-es> KaiXo, the letter that was signed by walterbender was asked in a sense and could not  sign
02:27 <icarito-es> KaiXo, the letter of *uds that was here looked for the NGO and did not find
02:27 <icarito-es> kaametza, *despues of a lot of *dias of conversations walterbender issued the letter
02:27 <KaiXo-es> If
02:27 <icarito-es> If these letters did not serve them, this out of our hands
02:27 <kikomayorga-es> #link (late) https://plus.google.com/photos[…]277746?banner=pwa
02:28 <raulhugo-es> *koke
02:28 <raulhugo-es> It wants to say something
02:29 <icarito-es> kaametza it clears that third entities (do not know still) is looking for  the budget
02:29 <icarito-es> *koke Says good nights to all
02:29 <raulhugo-es> *Koke Speech :)
02:29 <icarito-es> *koke Says that it is a space of *comunicacion and opportunity to know us
02:29 <icarito-es> We have to take advantage of these spaces to arrive to concrete points
02:29 <icarito-es> And exits
02:29 <icarito-es> To actions to give steps from now on
02:30 <icarito-es> The real with sincerity "trabajar con el ministerio (yo vengo del ministerio y tuve posiciones criticas)"
02:30 <icarito-es> "casi literalmente no trabajo en el ministerio por mi compromiso con la comunidad"
02:30 <icarito-es> "nosotros somos comunidad"
02:30 <raulhugo-es> We do not put bureaucracies in the community
02:30 <icarito-es> "eso no es sencillo"
02:31 <KaiXo-es> +1Koke_.
02:31 <raulhugo-es> :*S
02:31 <icarito-es> "si nosotros vamos a construir comunidad, esto no es sencillo"
02:31 <raulhugo-es> With patience and good trial
02:31 <icarito-es> "estamos en la mesa TIC tratando de constuir comunidad con otros agentes"
02:31 <raulhugo-es> Can do it
02:31 <icarito-es> We are in a have a conversation that it can resolve by other channels
02:32 <icarito-es> Koke_, "aymar dice vayamos a puno - el contexto importa y ahorita estamos resolviendo unt ema de comunidad"
02:32 <raulhugo-es> Koke_, it begs to the *aymaras
02:32 <icarito-es> Koke_, "yo les suplico con cariño aimara (relata experiencia de trabajar cno edgar)"
02:32 <icarito-es> "miremos comunidad y construyamos comunidad"
02:32 <raulhugo-es> :)
02:32 <icarito-es> "les pido que demos un paso adelante"
02:33 <icarito-es> kikomayorga, "cada quien tieen que ubicar su posición en esta estrategia de grupo"
02:33 <icarito-es> "los que estan en puno están en puno"
02:33 <icarito-es> "los que están en software están en software"
02:33 <icarito-es> kikomayorga, it was not clear that the *sugar *camp was part of the strategy of the group that does *softare
02:34 <raulhugo-es> There has been lacking of *comunicacion
02:34 <icarito-es> kikomayorga, it seems me that by the posts of bernie, are not  giving to a project of software
02:34 <KaiXo-es> *comunicacon Cultural
02:34 <icarito-es> *kiko *propnoe That the money of the *donacion divide  between *runasimipi, escuelab.org and *somosazucar
02:35 <anita-es> To *kiko: +1
02:35 <raulhugo-es> *Sugarlabs *peru Is a team of software?
02:36 <icarito-es> *kiko Clears that it said "escuelab puno" no "Escuelab .org"
02:36 <icarito-es> (Pardon)
02:36 <anita-es> To the *aclaracion of *kiko: +1
02:36 <icarito-es> kaametza, we are a historical successful group in his attainments and am proud of our group
02:37 <icarito-es> It is necessary and evident that have to define the role of the *escuelabs
02:37 <icarito-es> This pilot project that are advancing turns into a role model
02:37 <KaiXo-es> The table  *abrio from the intercultural subject
02:37 <icarito-es> If it is not recyclable technology is not *replicable
02:38 <icarito-es> The educational have his needs and have experience of field
02:38 <icarito-es> Have needs
02:38 <icarito-es> All know it
02:39 <icarito-es> All the project designed  so that the boys and educational have access to the community still without internet
02:39 <icarito-es> KaiXo, it says that *aymar and *irma are supporting to personal name and no *runasimipi
02:40 <icarito-es> KaiXo, the budget that is presenting  to *digete, *hernan *pachas said that the aim is not the software but the professors
02:41 <raulhugo-es> *kaixo
02:41 <raulhugo-es> There are things that do not know
02:41 <icarito-es> *koke Wants to speak
02:41 <raulhugo-es> By that we speak with Sandro *tambien
02:41 <icarito-es> Koke_, we are speaking of solutions for contexts *unidocente and *multrigrado
02:41 <icarito-es> And *ahi if it goes in a subject of platform
02:41 <icarito-es> *pq Is an architecture that obeys to this context
02:42 <raulhugo-es> They are the 2 sew boys :*S
02:42 <raulhugo-es> They complement
02:42 <KaiXo-es> *sip
02:42 <icarito-es> We are *habladno of schools *disperass that they have to connect with other boys of other surroundings
02:42 <icarito-es> That is the context
02:42 <icarito-es> *digete Has like priority the *intervencio of the 800.000 *xo
02:42 <KaiXo-es> His suitable use of *XO
02:43 <KaiXo-es> it *ulyimo Do not listen
02:43 <icarito-es> This subject has generated an answer of other actors
02:43 <icarito-es> *microsoft, etc
02:43 <icarito-es> during a lot of months were striking to the *EBR and to *DIGETE and our message did not understand  by Oscar Becerra
02:43 <icarito-es> Today if it understands it Sandro *Marcone and is carrying it
02:44 <icarito-es> jclema it is a big step have participated *aqui
02:44 <icarito-es> jclema has 2 questions for neyder and *david
02:44 <icarito-es> From now on we have to think that we go to do
02:44 <icarito-es> jclema, "estamos o no en el barco"
02:44 <icarito-es> jclema, "que vamos a hacer"
02:45 <icarito-es> jclema, the first proposal is to decentralise the taking of decisions from Sebastian and Laura and place  in hands of the board
02:45 <icarito-es> anita, it proposes that it had to clear the subject of the debate on the rent in *puno
02:46 <icarito-es> neyder, it affirms that *aleksey if payment by his rent
02:46 <icarito-es> neyder, it affirms that they asked a repayment by the additional expenses of *aleksey that they already covered (light etc)
02:46 <icarito-es> neyder, that pay  the expenses of the project, for *segiur
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02:47 meeting <icarito-es> The budgets of *hexoquinasa are for *hexoquinasa no for *escuelab *puno
02:48 <icarito-es> icarito question clear where *uds withdraw  of the project
02:48 <icarito-es> jclema it asks them if *queiren keep on being part of the project if or no
02:48 <icarito-es> neyder, alsroot I ask the conditions to be able to go back to work in community
02:48 <raulhugo-es> *cuales Are the conditions?
02:49 <raulhugo-es> *Comite Representative
02:49 <raulhugo-es> Juan *camilo that take the *deciciones without need of a seen well
02:49 <icarito-es> They ask that the leadership of the project take it jclema
02:50 <icarito-es> jclema, "yo represento la direccion ejecutiva de la junta - a partir de diciembre esta mesa toma un rol principal en lo que se quiere coordinar"
02:50 <icarito-es> "es el momento de definir esto"
02:50 <icarito-es> "la forma en la cual se van a manejar cualquier tipo de ingresos que tengan la comunidad"
02:51 <icarito-es> kaametza, "y los recursos (tenemos activos, productos máquinas)"
02:51 <icarito-es> *paul *deza Has asked the word
02:52 <ywarnier-es> Parallel comment: Technically Sebastian informed me today that I am not officially splits of the board by not fulfilling with the requests (that I assume are to be member of *sugarlabs global - it *conversarsé with the when finalising this meeting)
02:52 <icarito-es> ^ Truth
02:52 <icarito-es> *paul *deza Greets in *aimara
02:53 <icarito-es> "la sangre aimara es una sangre muy encendida (mi lengua natal es aimara)"
02:53 <icarito-es> "cuando hay una expresion de disconformidad sea esta específica"
02:53 <icarito-es> "hay una actitud cuando se habla de comunidad - lleguesmo a una solucion comun"
02:53 <icarito-es> "mi propuesta: girar esto y comenzar a buscar respuestas, soluciones
02:54 <icarito-es> "porque hemos pasado un rato en desahogar
02:54 <icarito-es> "busquemos soluciones y aclaremos
02:54 <icarito-es> "queremos que se trabaje con transparencia, implica que antes no lo hubo, por eso hay que ser claro"
02:55 <icarito-es> "si nos seguimos quejando echamos mas leña al fuego y enredandonos en mas palabras"
02:55 <icarito-es> "muchas gracias"
02:55 <icarito-es> jclema, *preunta what go to do
02:55 <icarito-es> (It does not listen  to *aymar)
02:55 <icarito-es> neyder it says that it has to continue  and offer solutions
02:55 <icarito-es> "vayamos al siguiente nivel"
02:56 <icarito-es> "como vamos a solucionar"
02:56 <icarito-es> jclema, "qué proponen que hagamos"
02:56 <icarito-es> jclema, we close the *reunion in half hour
02:56 <icarito-es> jclema, we define to the form as up to now they go  to administer the resources of the community and at least a procedure
02:57 <icarito-es> jclema, it would be ideal to go out ratifying this board
02:57 <icarito-es> Those who are
02:57 <icarito-es> jclema, it is *impotante that *tengmaos *algun type of *gobernancia
02:57 <cjl-es> *necessitamos Words *aimara *aqui  http://translate.sugarlabs.org/aym/
02:57 <icarito-es> We are adopting the rules of *sugar *labs international
02:57 <icarito-es> In this frame ratify the members of this board
02:57 <KaiXo-es>  *perdio The audio
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02:58 <icarito-es> The board goes to do a motion to vote
02:59 <KaiXo-es> It went  the sound
03:00 <icarito-es> kaametza, it describes the process of *inscripcion in the board
03:02 <raulhugo-es> *Juancamilo
03:02 <raulhugo-es> It says that we are *practicos
03:02 <raulhugo-es> And we vote all
03:02 <raulhugo-es> But
03:03 <raulhugo-es> icarito, and kaametza they comment that only it can vote the board
03:03 <icarito-es> raulhugo, thank you
03:03 <icarito-es> *paul *deza Says a base cost that is to say there is 5 that *etan *aqui, that is valid
03:04 <icarito-es> Another *opcion is that "mientras no haya 7"
03:05 <icarito-es> kaametza, I asked *publicamente that define  the 7 members
03:05 <icarito-es> jclema, it looks the list of members
03:06 <icarito-es> anita, ask them to the *puno that agree
03:07 <icarito-es> jclema, it explains him to the ones of *puno that go to treat to clear
03:07 <icarito-es> jclema, *propne decide on:
03:08 <icarito-es> "como vamos a gestionar los recursos"
03:08 <icarito-es> We go to define a board
03:08 <icarito-es> kaametza, *uds have some proposal to be part of the board?
03:09 <icarito-es> *paul And *yannick have offered
03:09 <icarito-es> kaametza, "de uds deberia haber algun tipo de proactividad y definir a alguien que los represente"
03:10 <icarito-es> "queremos proponer un cargo"
03:10 <icarito-es> kaametza, this is a community of people
03:10 <icarito-es> kaametza, they have to separate his part *juridica
03:11 <icarito-es> neyder, We are asking them that the *comundiad *puno have a *repersentante (the president of *escuelab *puno)
03:11 <icarito-es> jclema, we need to define a person
03:12 <icarito-es> If this person decides to desist his duties notify
03:12 <icarito-es> neyder it will notify in the case that *escuelab *puno decide that the representative no longer is cost
03:12 <icarito-es> kaametza, there is a period of *duracion of the place
03:13 <icarito-es> kaametza, the places are by people no organisations and the members have a period
03:13 <KaiXo-es>  *perdio The sound
03:14 <icarito-es> kaametza, "hay que comunicar a la comnidad como se están tomando decisiones"
03:14 <icarito-es> jclema, we have agreed that the members of *SL *Peru belong to *SL Global
03:14 <icarito-es> jclema, we ask you that *envies and do follow-up of this process of *membresía
03:15 <icarito-es> jclema, in the *transcurso of the *proximos 30 days, neyder
03:16 <icarito-es> neyder, it affirms that icarito and kaametza they are a *decision with 2 votes
03:17 <icarito-es> kaametza, neyder I go you to request that we do follow-up to the subject of your lack of respect
03:17 <icarito-es> kaametza, it is vital that reaffirm a *posicion internal joined
03:17 <icarito-es> kaametza, neyder your were missing me the respect and request that this *situacion was corrected
03:18 <icarito-es> kaametza, this is the specific application
03:19 <icarito-es> "en este momento está difamandose a este grupo y tenemos que mostrar que hemos logrado superar nuestras diferencias y a mi me parece que debe resarcir mi imagen pública"
03:20 <icarito-es> icarito it proposes a motion
03:20 <icarito-es> In front of the board
03:20 <icarito-es> anita it says that it is not an attack with the women
03:20 <icarito-es> *paul Asks that it take out the subject of the feminist context
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03:22 <icarito-es> "la junta considera que para la construcción de la comunidad es necesario tener un código de conducta para solucionar temas de faltas"
03:23 <icarito-es> "la junta considera que para la construcción de la comunidad es necesario tener un código de conducta"
03:24 <icarito-es> neyder "estoy dispuesto a aceptar un codigo de conducta y pedir disculpas por el problema que hemos generado por falta de comunicación"
03:24 <icarito-es> neyder "la verdadera disculpa la vamos a dar con trabajo"
03:25 <icarito-es> kaametza, "de parte nuestra reciban cualquier cantidad de disculpas por cualquier trato que se les haya dado que uds hayan sentido inapropiado, tengan la certeza que fue con buena intención"
03:25 <icarito-es> kaametza, I *asumi the responsibility of *ayduar to manage the *emprendimiento and am proud
03:26 <icarito-es> kaametza, I have been very affected because have a big team and have handled  badly the relations especially to international level
03:26 <icarito-es> "la junta considera que para la construcción de la comunidad es necesario tener un código de conducta"
03:26 <icarito-es> *MOCION 1. "la junta considera que para la construcción de la comunidad es necesario tener un código de conducta" proposal
03:26 <icarito-es> +1
03:27 <icarito-es> *koke +1
03:27 <KaiXo-es> +1
03:27 <jclema-es> +1
03:27 <cjl-es> I think that a *montón of time is being wasted in the "corrección política", happen time of the writing of software or content, no rules.
03:28 <icarito-es> neyder, *votacion
03:28 <jclema-es> cjl, we are recovering the confidence of the members of the community is important to resolve these subjects
03:28 <KaiXo-es> *Neyder +1
03:29 <icarito-es> 4+ votes, *mayoria, accepts  the motion
03:29 <icarito-es> anita, question if there is a process for *disconformidades
03:30 <icarito-es> *kiko Says that the *codigo of behaviour has to include "que la ropa sucia se lava en casa"
03:31 <KaiXo-es> *nuestr Side *aymara *salio to light
03:31 <icarito-es> *kiko Asks that it do  a norm in the *codigo of behaviour
03:31 <icarito-es> That the posts conserve the copies
03:32 <icarito-es> *kiko And care when copying private posts
03:33 <KaiXo-es> It remains us,you without *micro
03:33 <icarito-es> Koke_, we have to close
03:34 <KaiXo-es> *esescribanlo
03:34 <KaiXo-es> *porfavor
03:35 <KaiXo-es>  Of the members
03:35 <icarito-es> Questions on as it reaffirms  the board
03:35 <KaiXo-es> If
03:35 <KaiXo-es> neyder +1
03:36 <icarito-es> kaametza, it says that the board is in 6 members
03:36 <KaiXo-es> If
03:37 <KaiXo-es>  The  subject  of cultural identity  *quechua and *aymara
03:37 <icarito-es> kaametza, to take into account assumed  to *yannick because *yannick copy us in his application of *membresia of *sugar *labs
03:37 <icarito-es> "ombudsman"
03:37 <icarito-es> kaametza, it asks to *paul that accept the role of "ombudsman"
03:38 <icarito-es> kaametza, it asks that it do  a record
03:38 <KaiXo-es> Where  this publishing the record
03:39 <icarito-es> jclema, *MOCION: #*motion "Estamos validando como equipo de trabajo que existe la Junta de Supervisión de Sugar Labs Perú conformada por Laura Vargas, Sebastian Silva, Koke Contreras, Alfredo Gutiérrez, Neyder Achahuanco, Juan Camilo Lema y Yannick Warnier"
03:40 <icarito-es> +1
03:40 <KaiXo-es> *Neyder +1
03:40 <jclema-es> +1
03:40 <kaametza-es> +1
03:41 <ywarnier-es> +1 of *Yannick, +1 of *Kiko
03:41 <Koke_-es> + 1
03:41 <icarito-es> +1
03:42 <KaiXo-es> There is not audio
03:42 * raulhugo-es has joined
03:42 <icarito-es> *MOCION #*motion "Como parte de la estructura de Sugar Labs, se define el rol de 'Ombudsman' - veedor -- agente neutral armonizador del proceso, y este rol se le ha pedido asumir a Paul Deza"
03:42 <KaiXo-es> icarito,  the *q *estan speaking   *escribelo
03:42 <raulhugo-es> This *aqui *xD
03:43 <jclema-es> +1
03:43 <icarito-es> KaiXo, defining the *mocion
03:43 <raulhugo-es> +1
03:43 <icarito-es> +1
03:43 <ywarnier-es> +1, +1 of *Kiko
03:43 <kaametza-es> +1
03:43 <Koke_-es> + 1
03:44 <KaiXo-es> It does not listen   well the *audo
03:44 <KaiXo-es> *audip
03:44 <icarito-es> #link http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/sugar_labs/ombudsman
03:44 <KaiXo-es> If *porfavor
03:44 <icarito-es> "The Ombudsman is a neutral party with whom anyone (member or non-member) may consult privately. The ombudsman makes a monthly report to the Oversight Board and the community.
03:44 <icarito-es> *Bert *Freudenberg *is *Ombudsman (*Please Email *ombudsman (*at) sugarlabs.org). "
03:45 <KaiXo-es> *Neyder +1
03:45 <KaiXo-es> icarito, *trascribe the conversations
03:46 <icarito-es> *juan *camilo Proposes a *mocion
03:46 <KaiXo-es> Give him
03:46 <icarito-es> jclema, "tenemos que definir un mecanismo"
03:47 <icarito-es> ywarnier, it says "en el caso que no haya claridad los fondos se deben rechazar"
03:47 <KaiXo-es> I do not create
03:47 <icarito-es> kaametza, the clarity of bernie assume it where he affirms that the destination of the bottoms remains in hands of *sebastian and *laura
03:48 <KaiXo-es>   It has to   to    review the budget and has to to be *sustentando
03:48 <Koke_-es> The bottoms have to be clear in his destination.
03:49 <Koke_-es> The Board of Supervision has to guarantee that there are precisions in the delivery of bottoms and resources.
03:50 <icarito-es> kaametza, as it works *sugar *labs global
03:50 <icarito-es> kaametza, neyder this part is important *qeu your listen
03:50 <icarito-es> jclema, we go to agree like giving him handle to the resources
03:50 <icarito-es> kaametza, the paper of the board has limited  to be a board of *supervision
03:50 <icarito-es> The members are free to do and execute his projects
03:51 <icarito-es> kaametza, the board is a board of supervision
03:52 <icarito-es> anita, taken care because if a professor in *puno needs a project as it does it?
03:52 <KaiXo-es> They write by *favorQ
03:52 <icarito-es> anita, I have a project, but as it does it a professor in *puno?
03:52 <KaiXo-es> neyder it wants to clear, that although we are the community representative of *sugarlabs *peru, are not the *monopoliod *esugar
03:53 <icarito-es> kaametza, we are delivering to the board so that  satisfied *SL *Peru
03:53 <icarito-es> kaametza, it does not want to say that we go us to engage to *gestinoar all the bottoms
03:53 <icarito-es> jclema, we speak of active
03:54 <icarito-es> kaametza, list of post, blog, *wiki, there are platforms that are active
03:55 <icarito-es> anita, no *debemso be a barrier
03:55 <icarito-es> kaametza, *aqui is an opportunity for *socializar your projects
03:56 <icarito-es> jclema, we do an inventory of active
03:56 <icarito-es> icarito the board approves presupposed
03:57 <icarito-es> kaametza, we are yielding control of the project of *SUgar *Labs Peru to the board
03:57 <icarito-es> *kiko Affirms that this board could manage a new branch of TIES that it devote  to *educacion and technology
03:57 <KaiXo-es> It understands
03:57 <KaiXo-es> neyder *enteinde
03:57 <icarito-es> And that this board decide
03:59 <icarito-es> *kiko No only there is an inventory of active
03:59 <icarito-es> kaametza, now it is necessary to look the balance
03:59 <icarito-es> kaametza, it results that have a project in execution from does long
03:59 <icarito-es> We are assuming accountings from November
03:59 <icarito-es> There are expenses that have done  and has to define  as they go  to be followed doing
04:00 <icarito-es> kaametza, what speak with *jorge *villacorta is that we support us in an agreement of collaboration with TIES
04:00 <icarito-es> For the management of the resources of *Hexoquinasa
04:00 <neyder-es> *ahi Have a *opinion
04:00 <icarito-es> And open a unit that was administered by *Sugar *Labs Peru in case that  of the entrance of the budget of *Hexoquinasa
04:00 <icarito-es> If it does not go in money does not do  because there are costs associated
04:01 <icarito-es> A new unit of *investigacion that *abririra a unit of *i+*d
04:02 <icarito-es> anita it says that it sounds well but that it could be more *inclusivo
04:03 <icarito-es> kaametza, it is a project that is in *ejecucion
04:03 <icarito-es> kaametza, and we are retarded with some activities
04:03 <icarito-es> kaametza, it does lacking to assume this executive management
04:03 <icarito-es> KaiXo, a project *demora too much in maturing
04:04 <icarito-es> KaiXo, we have to be but open
04:04 <icarito-es> KaiXo, when there is maturity can go by the board
04:05 <icarito-es> jclema the role of the board is to be a mediator to bring resources and is a supervisor that these resources define  for his end
04:05 <icarito-es> kaametza, have a project in *ejecucion
04:05 <icarito-es> kaametza, the one who goes to assume the roles that does fault
04:05 <icarito-es> jclema, we need to close the *reunion
04:06 <icarito-es> kaametza, the one who assumes the role of local producer (or another title)
04:06 <icarito-es> kaametza, for *uds execute to local level goes to have to have a manager
04:06 <icarito-es> kaametza, box C19 in the budget
04:07 walterbender has quit IRC
04:07 meeting <icarito-es> The *supervision is of *sugar *labs *peru but the *ejecucion follows *haciendose
04:07 <icarito-es> KaiXo, the name can be *x but has to define the responsibilities
04:08 <icarito-es> kaametza, question to KaiXo if it assumes this role
04:09 <icarito-es> kaametza, #*mocion "para efectos del proyecto hexoquinasa se pide que se defina un responsable en puno de la gestion local"
04:09 <icarito-es> *aqiu The team protests that the *reunoin this widespread
04:10 <icarito-es> icarito #*motion "la junta acepta de parte de los líderes del proyecto hexoquinasa la responsabilidad por la ejecución del proyecto, aprobando y agradeciendo su gestión hasta ahora"
04:11 <icarito-es> +1
04:11 <ywarnier-es> +1
04:11 <Koke_-es> + 1
04:11 <jclema-es> +1
04:11 <kaametza-es> +1
04:11 <Koke_-es> We vote
04:11 <neyder-es> +1
04:12 <Koke_-es> And I think that already we arrive at the end of the meeting
04:12 <Koke_-es> We see us very soon
04:12 <icarito-es> kaametza, we are making history
04:12 <Koke_-es> Greetings to all by there
04:12 <icarito-es> kaametza, to take out this *pais advance with help of technology
04:12 <Koke_-es> An embrace in the distance and follow it...
04:13 <Koke_-es> They put that I have to withdraw...
04:13 <icarito-es> Thanks to all sincerely
04:13 <kaametza-es> Thanks to all!
04:13 <ywarnier-es> Equally
04:13 <KaiXo-es> *aymar *ccopacati Says there are problems *culturaes deep that it is necessary to save or lose
04:13 <Koke_-es> Greetings to all... Now advance the work and follow it...
04:13 <icarito-es> KaiXo, we have to begin to *trbajar
04:14 <icarito-es> jclema, it proposes that the *proximo step is to range the *vision of the project *hexoquinasa
04:14 <icarito-es> kaametza, they are several parts that have to join up
04:14 <icarito-es> The needs of the ministry, the boys , the educational
04:14 <icarito-es> We are learning
04:14 <Koke_-es> Next meeting?
04:14 <icarito-es> kaametza, it asks that there is space for the *experimentacion, to the *experimentacion and the error
04:14 <Koke_-es> There is a date for the next meeting?
04:15 <KaiXo-es> *aymara *qmaqi *janiw *inamayaqu9*i *intentayasqpaptijia  *yatiqsnaqti *qamacha'*aniwa
04:15 <icarito-es> jclema, question if we coordinate the *reunion by the list
04:15 <icarito-es> kaametza, it asks a *motion
04:16 <icarito-es> #*motion "como junta directiva preparamos un comunicado para publicar a nivel de todas las listas exponiendo que somos producto del aprendizaje y que estamos asumiendo nuestros roles de laboratorio local a nivel internacional, con las disculpas del caso a la comunidad internacional"
04:16 <icarito-es> ywarnier, "añadiendo que los problemas particulares con las personas se han resuelto"
04:17 <kaametza-es> +1
04:17 <neyder-es> A communiqué   of the board
04:17 <jclema-es> +1
04:17 <ywarnier-es> +1
04:17 <icarito-es> #*motion "como junta directiva preparamos un comunicado para publicar a nivel de todas las listas exponiendo que somos producto del aprendizaje y que estamos asumiendo nuestros roles de laboratorio local a nivel internacional, con las disculpas del caso a la comunidad internacional añadiendo que los problemas particulares con las personas se han resuelto"
04:17 <Koke_-es> + 1 (no to the scandal)
04:17 <raulhugo-es> +1
04:17 <icarito-es> +1
04:17 <kaametza-es> +1
04:17 <icarito-es> jclema, this finish
04:17 <neyder-es> +1
04:17 <ywarnier-es> +1
04:18 <Koke_-es> Greetings!!!
04:18 <icarito-es> *kaixo Comes to file
04:18 <ywarnier-es> (The last +1 was so that jclema put  to charge of the editorial of the report)
04:18 <neyder-es> We come to file  the 11 to the 15
04:18 <icarito-es> thank you Of part of all
04:18 <Koke_-es> We follow it...
04:18 <icarito-es> kaametza, I am happy that have attained to resolve but *teniamos that go through she
04:19 <icarito-es> kaametza, we appreciate and they have we like allies
04:19 <Koke_-es> *bip *bip *bip *bip
04:19 <Koke_-es> We go us
04:19 <icarito-es> *kaixo Self-evident his gratitudes
04:19 <ywarnier-es> To you
04:19 <Koke_-es> Until prompt...
04:19 <icarito-es> I go to do # *endmeeting in
04:19 <icarito-es> 5
04:19 <icarito-es> 4
04:19 <icarito-es> 3
04:19 <icarito-es> 2
04:19 <icarito-es> 1
04:19 <Koke_-es> We follow it...
04:19 <icarito-es> #endmeeting
04:19 <jclema-es> End
04:19 <KaiXo-es> #endmeeting
04:20 * ywarnier-es has left
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