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#sugar-meeting, 2012-03-13

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Time Nick Message
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15:00 manuq waves
15:00 garycmartin waves
15:00 JT4sugar <JT4sugar!~JT@d192-24-234-153.try.wideopenwest.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:02 gonzalo hello garycmartin manuq
15:02 garycmartin Hi gonzalo!
15:03 gonzalo garycmartin, how are you?
15:03 erikos <erikos!~erikos@e178076190.adsl.alicedsl.de> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:03 manuq hi gonzalo! let's wait until erikos sits in the chair
15:03 erikos hey manuq
15:03 #startmeeting
15:03 manuq waves again
15:03 meeting Meeting started Tue Mar 13 15:03:26 2012 UTC. The chair is erikos. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
15:03 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
15:03 erikos who is around for todays meeting?
15:03 garycmartin raises hand
15:03 Cerlyn <Cerlyn!~cerlyn@173-12-75-9-miami.hfc.comcastbusiness.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:04 erikos hey garycmartin and Cerlyn
15:04 m_anish me me ;)
15:04 erikos hey m_anish
15:04 m_anish dev team meeting, right?
15:04 erikos, guten tag!
15:04 erikos indeed
15:05 gonzalo hey m_anish !
15:05 m_anish gonzalo, hi!
15:05 erikos ok, let's roll!
15:05 #topic status of the GTK3 port
15:06 we just did a few fixes in the artwork
15:06 fixed some regressions and adopted to changes in the gtk css parsing
15:06 dirakx <dirakx!~rafael@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:07 erikos and since inner-border has been deprecated as a property, we need to adopt here as well using typical css style border/padding
15:08 ajay hi all :)
15:08 erikos hey ajay
15:08 gonzalo hello ajay
15:08 m_anish hi ajay !
15:08 ajay erikos, gonzalo, m_anish: hi !!
15:09 erikos we are working on a new olpc build atm: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/User:Erikos/Testing/os4
15:09 and gathered some test results
15:09 silbe is half-there (got a cold :-/ )
15:09 erikos sends healthy greetings to silbe
15:09 gonzalo half hello silbe :)
15:10 erikos gonzalo: are there some activities you need help with fixing?
15:10 m_anish silbe, hel... <message truncated> :P
15:10 manuq erikos: is there a workaround for the network issue in the build?  I want to test Browse on it
15:10 erikos gonzalo: from people here?
15:10 silbe thx
15:10 m_anish erikos, this is 0.95.x/f16/f17 based?
15:10 manuq m_anish: f17 based
15:10 gonzalo erikos, i already sent a abacus patch to walter
15:10 erikos gonzalo: did you try the workaround from peter?
15:10 gonzalo: great!
15:11 gonzalo peter network workaround didn't worked for me
15:11 m_anish manuq, dl link?
15:11 erikos manuq: http://blog.nixpanic.net/2012/[…]tworkmanager.html might work
15:11 gonzalo: ok
15:11 manuq erikos: great, I will try
15:11 erikos m_anish: yes F17 based with latest sugar
15:12 manuq m_anish: http://build.laptop.org/12.1.0/os4/xo-1.5/
15:12 m_anish erikos, ok manuq thx!
15:12 gonzalo m_anish, there are a lot of issues, see   http://wiki.laptop.org/go/User:Erikos/Testing/os4
15:12 erikos m_anish: it hasn't been announced as a testable build, as we wanted to fix a few core isues first
15:12 m_anish erikos, manuq, to build this, I just use the latest dev HEAD of upstream OOB, right?
15:12 gonzalo of course, test and help is welcomed
15:13 m_anish gonzalo, okay, I understand, erikos makes sense
15:13 erikos m_anish: I would guess so, yes
15:13 m_anish: peter did build it
15:13 m_anish erikos, ok
15:15 erikos manuq: ok, so we need to fix the permission issues, soon :/
15:15 m_anish: is there someone from activity central working on activities lately?
15:16 m_anish erikos, dirakx and Ariel_Calzada I guess
15:16 Ariel_Calzada m_anish: :P
15:16 manuq erikos: so yesterday I was granted push permission to Implode
15:16 and I did a release
15:17 erikos manuq: ahh, yeah, great so we are not blocked there anymore
15:17 manuq erikos: yes
15:17 erikos: so I will release Labyrinth today too
15:17 erikos m_anish: just wondering, since if we have to switch over the activities to gtk3 it will be quite a bit of work
15:18 manuq erikos: I need to undo some commits that are not in any release, unfinished code
15:18 erikos m_anish: not sure what the AC plans are on that track
15:18 m_anish erikos, yep, I would recommend getting dirakx in the loop on this (if he already isnt)
15:19 gonzalo erikos, i can coordinate with dirakx
15:19 erikos gonzalo: great
15:19 dirakx gonzalo: m_anish erikos +1.
15:19 m_anish erikos, I think we (AC) have identified a set of 30 activities we'd want to support on dextrose, so I think he'd be interested in investing in this effort
15:19 dirakx, hi!
15:20 ;)
15:20 erikos perfect!
15:20 dirakx m_anish:  ;)
15:20 erikos so, yeah, we will release a new artwork and a new toolkit-gtk3 tomorrow
15:20 which brings us to the next topic:
15:21 #topic current status of the development cycle
15:21 dogi <dogi!~omen@fw-1-user-net-flrs.cictr.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:21 erikos http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0.96/Roadmap
15:21 gonzalo dirakx, we need talk about activities plans
15:22 dirakx gonzalo: we can coordinate after meeting. if that's ok with you.
15:22 gonzalo dirakx, perfect
15:22 erikos ups, it says next week is hard code freeze already
15:23 manuq erikos: yes
15:23 erikos so good that we are working hard to get an image out of the door
15:23 so we can test/bug-fix/release/...
15:23 any hand is appreciated here!
15:24 garycmartin raises one hand
15:24 erikos garycmartin: yes, please
15:25 manuq would be great garycmartin, thanks
15:25 garycmartin How soon before we have a build to test?
15:26 erikos garycmartin: I think the end of the week is realistic
15:26 garycmartin Fab :)
15:27 erikos we coordinate fixing in #sugar, so for anyone interested chime in
15:27 manuq erikos: so, one week to land the journal preview and screenshot using cairo
15:27 erikos manuq: that is doable ;p
15:27 manuq erikos: I remember the preview is almost finished, and the screenshot is similar
15:27 gonzalo erikos, the toolbars and palettes are ready too?
15:28 erikos gonzalo: yeah, mostly, I have to get back to this
15:28 gonzalo: I want to land  it tomorrow!
15:28 all of it :)
15:28 manuq erikos: woa!
15:28 gonzalo great
15:29 erikos ok, any questions on this track?
15:29 or any other questions for the meeting?
15:30 gonzalo erikos, if you are ready we can talk a little about activities now
15:30 dirakx, garycmartin any plans from your part?
15:32 erikos, is ok for you?
15:32 erikos gonzalo: yes, please!
15:32 garycmartin gonzalo: I need to land some patches and make releases for Moon, Clock, Physics.
15:32 manuq side note: I just want to say that I was talking in #gtk+ about doing a floating toolbar with the GtkOverlay widget, and doesn't seem to be possible at the moment
15:32 erikos manuq: ahhh, did you keep the conversation?
15:33 manuq erikos: yes, I pasted to them this little script:
15:33 erikos manuq: ahh, I have it
15:33 manuq http://fpaste.org/aO0N/
15:33 gonzalo garycmartin, great
15:34 garycmartin, could you see the changes proposed by flavio?
15:34 manuq erikos: so, they say that the toolbar still uses the old GTK2 size request, needs to be fixed in GTK+
15:34 shuts up
15:36 garycmartin gonzalo: Flavio and Moon patches, yes, but I think I'll pick up some of his code changes and land my own patches of them in mainline.
15:36 gonzalo do not understand why we need a floating toolbar
15:36 erikos manuq: (maybe it is not too hard to fix it in gtk)
15:36 gonzalo garycmartin, perfect
15:36 erikos manuq: (we can look at it later)
15:36 manuq erikos: (ok!)
15:37 gonzalo garycmartin, we are trying to work with him to improve the way he interact
15:37 erikos prepares for the next meeting
15:37 gonzalo dirakx, are you here?
15:38 garycmartin, between clock and physics have issues in os4
15:38 dirakx gonzalo: hi.
15:38 gonzalo dirakx, any plans in the activities you maintain ?
15:38 garycmartin gonzalo: understood, it's great that he has put so much effort in, nice to see.
15:39 dirakx gonzalo: regarding gtk3 ?
15:39 gonzalo garycmartin, he is interested in the eclipse ticket, but do not understood it (and i could not explain neither)
15:39 dirakx, regarding this cycle
15:39 anythink you wnt share
15:41 dirakx gonzalo:I usually don't follow olpc release cycle, but should do it, I mean we have to keep up and hav a plan for it,
15:42 gonzalo: I don't have anything specific yet.
15:43 gonzalo: please have me some patience ;).
15:43 garycmartin gonzalo: http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/2911 is about designing some small icons and probably extra text to indicate the type eclipse.
15:43 gonzalo: but I really need to clean up the information panel strings first I think.
15:43 gonzalo dirakx, ok, just to organize us
15:44 dirakx gonzalo: +1.
15:44 gonzalo garycmartin, ok, we can tell him this
15:44 dirakx gonzalo: lets keep taling about it.
15:44 gonzalo dirakx, ok
15:45 anything more in activities land?  dirakx , garycmartin , manuq ? (If walter was here we had almost all the team) :)
15:45 manuq gonzalo: no from my side
15:45 garycmartin yea, the A team! ;)
15:45 gonzalo would be happy if we can coordinate a few tasks for the next months
15:45 manuq garycmartin: he he
15:46 well, I would like to finish Browse next-gen, feature complete compatible with the previous
15:47 gonzalo manuq, are you close, right?
15:47 manuq gonzalo: here is the list of pending tasks: wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Features/WebKit/Development
15:47 dirakx just regaining pace  about meetings :)
15:48 manuq gonzalo: not far, but, still work to do
15:49 gonzalo erikos, ok, i think we are ready....
15:50 manuq ok!
15:50 erikos gonzalo: ok!
15:50 gonzalo: we can make it part of the items we go through weekly
15:50 gonzalo: the activities I mean
15:51 starts countdown
15:51 5
15:52 manuq manuq: 6
15:52 manuq: ...4
15:52 silbe 3
15:52 erikos manuq: :)
15:53 2
15:53 1
15:53 #endmeeting
15:53 meeting Meeting ended Tue Mar 13 15:53:19 2012 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
15:53 Minutes: http://meeting.ole.org/sugar-m[…]-13T15:03:26.html
15:53 Log:     http://meeting.ole.org/sugar-m[…]12-03-13T15:03:26
15:53 erikos thanks everyone for attending, see you next week!
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