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#sugar-meeting, 2012-02-29

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00:01 kaametza cjl: we need creative strategies
00:02 cjl kaametzaCan you do another sprint at EscueLab?
00:02 We have not really had any work submitted since then, despite numerous requests.
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00:03 cjl We need to reach out to more people, but it comes best from a Peruvian.  I've tried apesol without much luck
00:04 We also need to talk to DIGEBIR
00:04 kaametza cjl: we are looking forward for a meeting with Sandro Marcone (current director of DIGETE) to ask for intitutional support
00:05 cjl: still another sprint is something we can discuss locally
00:06 cjl Ok, We know the MinEd wants Quechua too, so see if they can get DIGEBIR to do some work
00:06 kaametza cjl: I? right on top of it ;)
00:06 cjl kaametza even if it is just Aymar and Irma, that is one quz and one aym :-)
00:07 Can we get something going wit hN3eydar in Puno?
00:07 kaametza cjl: i already ask Irma for an estimated scheduale, will keep you cc'd
00:07 cjl ok
00:08 If ther eare more strings contributed,  Iwill work to make sure any matching strings ar efilled in.
00:08 And that any getext errors are flagged or fixed.
00:08 kaametza great
00:09 cjl The focus should be Glucose 0.94
00:09 kaametza ok, got it
00:09 cjl and if you are going to sue Dextrose add that in after Glu94
00:10 the files are jsut the Dextrose strings added to Glu94 to make a Dextrose build.
00:12 kaametza I'll  keep you updated with any news/ideas we get
00:13 cjl ok
00:13 kaametza thanks again for all your help
00:14 cjl You have started a good thing, Paraguay is going to do Guarani, bvut you don't want them to finish first :-)
00:15 kaametza :-)  let's hope we all make some steady progress soon
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00:26 dogi congrats walterbender :) gsoc org-admin ...
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