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#sugar-meeting, 2012-01-14

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15:59 JT4sugar Hi Christian
15:59 christianmarcsch Hi John--good morning
16:00 Icarito_mobile and kaametza lurking
16:00 christianmarcsch JT4sugar: I saw you shared a folder on Google docs
16:01 are we ready to get started?
16:01 JT4sugar christianmarcsch, Shared the folder that Mike & JT put together so interested individuals could see what was collected
16:02 christianmarcsch JT4sugar: yes, that's great
16:02 if everyone is here, i will post a link to the shared content document
16:02 JT4sugar christianmarcsch, Not sure if anyone else is here yet. Saw from emails that Bernie was going to joini
16:02 christianmarcsch looks like bernie may be here?
16:03 JT4sugar Please announce yourselves if you are here for Website revamp meeting
16:04 christianmarcsch +1
16:04 manusheel <manusheel!b64436a6@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:07 JT4sugar Please announce yourselves if you are here for Website revamp meeting
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16:10 JT4sugar christianmarcsch, Did you see that Sugar received some good exposure at CES with the XO 3
16:10 manusheel Greetings. I am Manu Sheel Gupta. Interesting in learning about everything related to Sugar. Did contribute in the past under Walter's (2006-2009) and David's (2010) assistance.
16:10 christianmarcsch JT4sugar: I didn't see much--do you have a link?
16:10 hi manusheel
16:11 manusheel christianmarcsch - Hi Chris. Hope you are doing great.
16:12 christianmarcsch manusheel: very well thanks :)
16:12 manusheel christianmarcsch - Glad to hear :)
16:12 JT4sugar christianmarcsch, http://www.engadget.com/2012/0[…]-tablet-hands-on/
16:13 christianmarcsch JT4sugar: very nice
16:13 JT4sugar: the spiral works pretty well
16:13 JT4sugar christianmarcsch, Interview with Ed Mc http://www.engadget.com/2012/0[…]erview-with-olpc/
16:14 christianmarcsch JT4sugar: i would be interested in testing sugar on a touch screen
16:14 GeraldA <GeraldA!~quassel@ool-4a59b8e8.dyn.optonline.net> has joined #sugar-meeting
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16:16 JT4sugar christianmarcsch, You should email Chris Ball and Adam Holt at OLPC and see if they can get you an XO 3 for testing
16:16 GeraldA, Hi Gerald
16:16 GeraldA JT4sugar, Howdy John
16:16 christianmarcsch hi GeraldA
16:16 satellit_ listening but have to leave in 45 min....
16:17 christianmarcsch JT4sugar: not sure if we have critical mass yet
16:17 JT4sugar christianmarcsch, If you want to start showing your links and ask for feedback from Gerald and Satellit we can take this into 12noon Skype call
16:18 christianmarcsch JT4sugar: sounds good
16:18 alright folks, thanks for attending
16:18 as you know from john's email, we have made progress on the design of a new website for sugar labs
16:18 however while the design has progressed, we are still missing much of the content
16:19 manusheel christianmarcsch - Can you share the links with me at manu<at>laptop<dot>org? Will be happy to share feedback.
16:19 christianmarcsch this meeting is a chance to review the design, and then more importantly to discuss where and how we might source the content
16:19 manusheel: yes, sure. i will also post right here
16:19 manusheel christianmarcsch - Thanks.
16:20 christianmarcsch please visit this link to view a shared document we have put together for content gathering purposes:
16:20 http://bit.ly/zaszwW
16:20 and also, here is a link to the latest design comps: http://christianmarcschmidt.co[…]ojects/sugarlabs/
16:21 i will start by writing a few words about the design, and then we can go over into the content doc
16:21 the driver for the redesign was to focus more on the content
16:21 manusheel christianmarcsch - Great. Thanks.
16:22 christianmarcsch the initial design of the sugar labs website was considered a somewhat temporary solution until we had better content
16:22 and therefor it fell short in a number of ways over time
16:22 it turned out very text heavy and not particularly current or informative
16:23 GeraldA I also think it has been burdened by having to serve too many different audiences
16:23 christianmarcsch these became the goals for the redesign--i led a workshop in new york with mike and JT, two students from RIT, where we discussed how to reshape the website to make it more visual, more current, and more informative
16:24 GeraldA: that may also have contributed
16:24 the current design starts with a modular homepage (slide 1), that can change dynamically as content is added
16:25 the content shown in the current mocks is placeholder
16:25 then, if you click ahead to slide 5 (click the right half of the screen to advance)...
16:26 …a series of case studies will showcase the benefits of sugar in the classroom, through real-life case studies
16:26 we may mix in a few quotes from educators as well
16:27 slide 7 shows a set of the most popular activities, linking off to the wiki for more information on each
16:27 (sorry, that was slide 6)
16:27 Ariel_Calzada <Ariel_Calzada!~aricalso@> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:27 christianmarcsch while slide 7 shows a set of video tutorials, many of which already exist, that help understand basic functionality in sugar
16:28 there are a few other mainly static text pages that explain the sugar labs mission, and how to get involved in the community
16:29 there is also a page where we will aggregate names and images of the people involved
16:30 but essentially, the three sections i just described, homepage, case studies, activities, and tutorials, are what we need the most help gathering content for
16:30 though also for the static text pages we are looking for help producing the writing and accompanying imagery
16:30 i'll pause there for a few minutes before moving on
16:30 do you have any thoughts before we look at the content document?
16:31 manusheel christianmarcsch - Chris, this is excellent. Will email you the case studies, posters and content we prepared from our side sometime this weekend.
16:32 christianmarcsch that would be fantastic manusheel
16:32 GeraldA This looks really good to me.
16:32 I can also help provide content
16:32 christianmarcsch thanks GeraldA
16:33 content is our biggest issue
16:33 GeraldA Of course
16:33 christianmarcsch once we have critical mass of content, i will be able to start on the coding
16:33 manusheel christianmarcsch - Do we plan to embed videos from website like youtube and others, or upload them?
16:33 GeraldA I am also thinking that we may invite community produced content
16:34 christianmarcsch but before we start writing the code for the site, it is important to understand if the content will require any changes to the design
16:34 GeraldA For example, some of my students have created tutorials
16:34 christianmarcsch manusheel: we were thinking of embedding them
16:34 GeraldA: that would be excellent
16:34 GeraldA: in fact, that was always the desire
16:35 manusheel christianmarcsch - Great.
16:35 GeraldA It is my feeling that there is a good deal of content already in existence in the various deployments.
16:35 satellit_ for tutorials look at the annotated set of screen-shots I am working on http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/S[…]e_Sugar_Interface It is getting a number of hits every day on both english and spanish language versions
16:35 GeraldA Perhaps we can start to gather that. I would be willing to coordinate.
16:35 christianmarcsch GeraldA: thanks so much, that would be a great step forward
16:36 in addition to the tutorials GeraldA mentions, the case studies are a major component that will require some editorial work
16:36 slide 5 has an example
16:36 they appear as overlays, with a number of slides
16:37 dirakx <dirakx!~rafael@> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:37 GeraldA Agreed
16:37 christianmarcsch each slide could be used to tell a story about a particular class, project, activity, or student group
16:37 JT_4sugar <JT_4sugar!~JT@d192-24-234-153.try.wideopenwest.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:37 christianmarcsch it is similar in intent to the olpc "stories" section,
16:37 (http://one.laptop.org/stories)
16:37 though more focused on sugar specifically
16:38 JT_4sugar christianmarcsch, Would there be a way to build one page around Geralds students content and use that as a driver to collect more community content?
16:38 christianmarcsch thanks satellit_, taking a look now
16:40 so, we can take a look at the shared content document
16:40 JT4sugar has quit IRC
16:41 christianmarcsch the idea is to create a shared resource that the community can contribute content to
16:41 satellit_ sorry I have to go.....will look at backtrace ....new site looks great
16:41 christianmarcsch so it should serve as a template
16:41 thanks satellit_!
16:41 here is a link again to the google doc: http://bit.ly/zaszwW
16:42 the document begins with some general explanation of design elements
16:42 and then goes into sections broken up by pages of the site, following the order of the static mockup slides
16:43 the tables that follow the screenshot and intro text for each section are meant to hold the content for each element of the page
16:44 in some cases, the table calls are modules (like on the homepage), in other cases they are static content areas (page title, page intro, page body, etc.)
16:44 our hope was that we could enlist volunteers to help us populate these sections
16:48 have you had a chance to look at the document?
16:48 does it make sense? should i give more explanation?
16:49 GeraldA I think the document is clear
16:49 I think the flow of elements makes sense
16:49 christianmarcsch great
16:49 GeraldA and I think the table you provide allows others to contribute
16:49 christianmarcsch yes, it was the hope that this would serve as a shared document for the community to contribute content
16:50 however, i think that we would best assign certain key individuals to sections of the site
16:50 JT_4sugar It would seem from the lack of feedback from our emails that the communication channels we are using are not getting to the deployments who have the content. When we do Skype maybe Caryl can help get this info to the OLPC world who are not following Sugar Channels
16:50 GeraldA I agree. There should be owners for the various sections
16:51 JT_4sugar, I would also consider that to many people redesigning a website seems daunting (and rightly so)
16:51 but Christian's model for suggesting and managing content seems reasonable
16:52 manusheel christianmarcsch - Nice, scalable model to contribute. Like the workflow.
16:52 christianmarcsch manusheel: great, that's good to hear
16:52 JT_4sugar GeraldA, What about pushing an Idea to SLOBs to have a paid internship for a college student to act as point person-this is going to take a lot of work and time?
16:53 GeraldA JT_4sugar. Will do.
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16:53 GeraldA JT_4sugar, You and I also have some university contacts that may be worth pursuing as well.
16:54 dirakx <dirakx!~rafael@> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:54 manusheel JT_4sugar - +1
16:54 There are many students, whom we got in touch with during OLPC Boston events, who would be interested in it.
16:55 JT_4sugar GeraldA, Yes if there was a paid internship to offer up I think finding a person who could truly follow through would be much easier
16:55 christianmarcsch JT_4sugar: i agree with that
16:55 GeraldA Here's maybe a stupid question, what about translations of the website. I ask because of our friends in Latin America.
16:56 christianmarcsch yes, ideally we would support multiple languages
16:56 manusheel JT_4sugar - In the meantime, if you can prepare a set of responsibilities, I can try and find a Sugar volunteer from SoaS deployments in India to do this.
16:56 JT_4sugar christianmarcsch, I think we should wrap up and get ready for Skype can you pull a log of this and after Skype send out a summary?
16:56 christianmarcsch JT_4sugar: sure
16:57 i'm not exactly sure how to log the conversation on the server, so i will simply copy-paste
16:57 JT_4sugar manusheel, I will begin to work on and share with you and see what we can come up with-whats your email again?
16:58 manusheel JT_4sugar - manu<at>laptop<dot>org
16:58 JT_4sugar Thanks lets get off here and get ready for call from Caryl-Thanks Everyone!!
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17:00 christianmarcsch ok, i'm leaving now to join the Skype call
17:00 thanks so much for attending!
17:01 bernie christianmarcsch: ouch i missed it!
17:01 christianmarcsch: sorry guys
17:01 manusheel christianmarcsch - Very welcome. Neat design specs.
17:01 bernie - :) Bernie, how have you been?
17:01 christianmarcsch hi bernie--
17:01 no worries, i will be sending out a transcript
17:01 bernie manusheel: hello! a little busy
17:01 christianmarcsch it would be great to enlist your help for the content
17:01 bernie manusheel: and you?
17:02 christianmarcsch: let me read the backlog to see what's needed
17:02 manusheel bernie - Very well, thank you.
17:02 christianmarcsch bernie: sounds great!
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