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#sugar-meeting, 2012-01-03

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15:09 erikos #startmeeting
15:09 meeting Meeting started Tue Jan  3 15:09:15 2012 UTC. The chair is erikos. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
15:09 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
15:09 erikos hey who is around for the development meeting?
15:10 looks at gonzalo_: manuq
15:10 manuq erikos: hi!
15:11 cjl morning
15:11 erikos hey cj
15:11 l
15:11 manuq good morning cjl
15:11 gonzalo_ hello erikos
15:12 erikos ok - let's start!
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15:12 erikos #topic status of the GTK3 port
15:13 we did arrive at an important milestone today
15:13 manuq erikos: yes, we have a build
15:13 erikos our first olpc build containing the packaged Fedora rpms
15:13 we have pygboject3 packaged as well
15:13 which fixes an important error
15:14 and the build does contain the latest gtk+, with the theming changes
15:14 so all in all, a great success
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15:15 erikos hey walterbender
15:15 manuq walterbender: welcome!
15:15 erikos walterbender: we just started
15:16 manuq: so next, we should take another round at the theme
15:16 manuq erikos: yes!
15:16 cjl So Activities will be needed to help test, who maintains Write these days?
15:16 manuq erikos: now that we have latest gtk+ 3 in build
15:16 erikos manuq: yes
15:17 manuq: I have been reviewing browse patches today, so you can await feedback there too
15:17 cjl The AbiWord folks have been doing their gtk3+ porting and I've been developing goodwill there so I can extort some help on Write
15:17 erikos manuq: another item we have to work on
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15:18 erikos cjl: for now we focus on browse, read and hello-world
15:18 manuq erikos: for the theme, I would start with the items that we were expecting and are now in the changelog
15:18 erikos cjl: which is enough for testing purpose
15:18 manuq: great idea
15:18 manuq erikos: for example, theme the sliders with two colors
15:18 cjl erikos: OK, let me know when you want me t oask for Write help from them.
15:19 walterbender is geared up to crank through my usual list of activities, once things settle down...
15:19 erikos manuq: we did not get feedbakc from benzea on the current patch, right?
15:19 manuq erikos: no
15:19 erikos manuq: ok, I will ping benzea, if he can have a quick look
15:19 walterbender: great!
15:19 manuq erikos: may we ask him?
15:19 erikos: right
15:20 gonzalo_ cjl, i you can test Write is working ok, should be good
15:20 i am worried the changes from abi guys can break our activity
15:20 cjl gonzalo_: I think we ar edependent on libabiword, but not sure.
15:21 Is the build gtk3 on the Gnome dualboot?
15:22 erikos cjl: os3 has the latest bits
15:22 cjl ok
15:22 Ariel_Calzada <Ariel_Calzada!~aricalso@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:22 erikos what else is on our list for this matter?
15:23 gonzalo_ erikos, features....
15:23 erikos finishing the toolkit - but should be only a matter of time investment
15:23 manuq erikos: I'm preparing two more patches for Browse
15:23 satellit_ I wish browse would support .html files  My SCK-USB needs this feature
15:23 erikos gonzalo_: topic is gtk3 :)
15:23 gonzalo_ ok :)
15:23 erikos gonzalo_: features are next
15:24 manuq: ok, great
15:24 gonzalo_ ok, in the gtk3 side, Read is supposed to work, test is welcomed
15:24 erikos gonzalo_: maybe we can ask on the testing list for feedback?
15:25 gonzalo_ erikos, yes, good idea. maybe with a general note about os3
15:25 erikos gonzalo_: or is this too early?
15:25 gonzalo_: great!
15:26 walterbender maybe we should package things up in some way for the NZ testing team?
15:26 erikos hints at os3
15:27 walterbender: http://build.laptop.org/12.1.0/os3/
15:27 #link olpc build containing the latest sugar-gtk3 bits: http://build.laptop.org/12.1.0/os3/
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15:28 walterbender erikos: let's come up with a set of tasks for them... I am certain that they would be thorough
15:28 erikos walterbender: yes, I think a first good task is Read, as it should work besides a few graphical issues (toolkit/theming related)
15:30 and in the meantime manu and myself can work on Browse to get into a similar state
15:31 gonzalo_: do you want to send that mail?
15:31 walterbender abacus should work :)
15:31 erikos walterbender: is it packaged?
15:32 walterbender Not sure if I made a .xo file... can do
15:32 gonzalo_ erikos, ok
15:32 erikos gonzalo_: thanks!
15:32 walterbender: great, when uploading to aslo please do 0.96 only
15:33 walterbender erikos: will do
15:33 gonzalo_ walterbender, this abacus version is gtk3 only?
15:33 erikos walterbender: and let Peter know, so he is aware of it
15:34 walterbender OK
15:34 erikos walterbender: thanks!
15:35 gonzalo_ need update http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Acti[…]ies/PortingToGtk3
15:38 erikos thinks that is positive ;p
15:38 ok, let's move on...
15:38 #topic current status of the development cycle
15:38 at the end of January is Feature Freeze and API/ABI Freeze
15:39 so we need to sort those out
15:39 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0[…]ed_Features_for_0.96
15:39 these are our items
15:40 we have four weeks left
15:40 the first three (Read, Browse and toolkit), should be clear
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15:41 erikos the others need some work, discussion etc
15:41 how about if we focus on one item per week?
15:41 manuq erikos: sound ok
15:42 walterbender needs some design guidance on write to journal anytime... I don't like the current approach
15:42 callkalpa <callkalpa!~callkalpa@> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:43 walterbender we need to do 2 items per week if we want to finish before the end of the month
15:44 erikos walterbender: yeah, maybe that is right
15:44 walterbender: ok, let's do two then
15:44 gonzalo_ erikos, i already sent a complete patch to text to speach feature, and didn' t have any feedback
15:44 erikos I would pick 'write to journal anytime' and 'tts'
15:45 walterbender: about 'write to journal anytime' i would suggest: let's open a design thread about it
15:46 walterbender: and summarize the current status of ideas
15:46 walterbender: and make sure Gary and Christian are in cc, as both had been giving out ideas already
15:46 gonzalo_: about 'tts' - I will have a look over the initial design until the next meeting
15:47 gonzalo_ erikos, thanks
15:47 erikos gonzalo_: others are welcome too, to do so of course
15:47 manuq I'm scared, I will be on vacations for two weeks, since next monday
15:47 erikos walterbender: can you do that mail?
15:47 manuq: since next monday - or starting next monday?
15:48 manuq erikos: starting next monday
15:48 erikos manuq: ok, very good that you say that - let's plan how we can work around that after the meeting (re Browse and theme)
15:48 manuq erikos: ok
15:48 walterbender erikos: I can send email to gary et al.
15:48 erikos manuq: we will find a way ;p
15:49 manuq erikos: I hope :/
15:49 erikos walterbender: wonderful
15:49 walterbender just heard from Christian today for the first time in a while
15:49 erikos walterbender: ahhh, see :)
15:49 takes notes about the action items now:
15:49 gonzalo_ walterbender, about "activity specific metadata in journal" you volunteer to right a specification for the activities, right?
15:49 to write
15:50 walterbender gonzalo_: yes
15:50 erikos #action Gonzalo sending a mail to the testing team about testing Read in os3
15:50 #action Walter packaging Abacus (GTK3) and informing Peter to get it into a build
15:51 #action Walter send a mail to get the 'write to journal anytime' discussion going
15:51 #action Simon looking at the 'Global Text to Speech' proposal
15:52 #action Simon ping benzea for theme feedback
15:53 Be warned: I will ask next week on the status of the items :)
15:53 anything I missed?
15:53 walterbender erikos == bad cop :P
15:53 erikos do we have a plan for this week on what to work on?
15:54 manuq erikos: I ported Clock to Cairo, should be trivial to port to GTK+ 3, should we?
15:54 erikos manuq: not now ;p
15:54 gonzalo_ erikos, patch is here http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]chment-0001.patch
15:54 manuq erikos: ok, let's focus on theme & Browse
15:54 gonzalo_ erikos, tts patch ^
15:55 erikos manuq: yes, the clock activity is not part of the sucrose cycle, has time until the olpc build freezes for activities to land, if of interest
15:55 gonzalo_: thaks
15:55 gonzalo_ manuq, we agreed in not do the port to gtk3 if not needed to not maintain two different activities
15:55 manuq gonzalo_: right
15:56 I asked because I see now Abacus ported
15:56 gonzalo_ manuq, is because walterbender is faster than us  :)
15:57 erikos manuq: yeah - only walter is allowed to
15:58 manuq ok! :-)
15:58 gonzalo_ manuq, but if we push all the activity to the state when porting to gtk3 is trivial, the next cycle will be a relax :)
15:58 erikos any questions items from you guys?
15:58 manuq not from my side
15:59 gonzalo_ no
15:59 manuq I want to dig into the new build for the theme!
16:00 erikos ok
16:00 starts the countdown
16:00 2000
16:00 2001
16:00 gonzalo_ hehe
16:00 erikos 2002
16:00 2003
16:00 2004
16:00 2005
16:00 2006
16:00 uff
16:00 2007
16:01 2008
16:01 2009
16:01 2010
16:01 2011
16:01 ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
16:01 2012
16:01 #endmeeting
16:01 meeting Meeting ended Tue Jan  3 16:01:24 2012 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
16:01 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-03T15:09:15.html
16:01 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]12-01-03T15:09:15
16:01 gonzalo_ happy new year too all!
16:01 erikos yes, happy new year to all!
16:01 manuq yes! and happy hacking!!
16:01 erikos hurray!
16:02 bernie erikos: happy new year
16:02 cjl wonders if tha was a Big-endian countdown. . .
16:02 erikos bernie: happy new year to you as well!
16:02 bernie erikos: hey, i think this would be nice to have for sugar as well: http://live.gnome.org/GnomeGoals/NicerBuilds
16:02 gonzalo_ cjl, hmm erikos is big, but no endian :)
16:03 bernie erikos: probably i should tell silbe...
16:03 satellit_ erikos: any chance that future Browse/surf could support .html files?
16:04 to support of-line use of http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/S[…]tion_Kit#SCK-USB_.28CD.iso.29
16:04 s/off
16:05 erikos bernie: heh, yeah - he might lik eit
16:06 satellit_: if you do it ;p
16:06 satellit_ I am not  a programmer : (
16:07 manuq satellit_: we are trying to get Browse to the same shape it was in gtk2, mozilla backend, not adding features at the moment
16:08 satellit_ ok   (I have to load firefox-6.xo on XO-1 to use USB off line)
16:09 gonzalo_ satellit_, you say opening a .html file from the journal?
16:10 satellit_ I can open .html files but do not get the Folder with all of the screen-shots and features of web page from .html
16:11 firefox opens .html with all of it from USB
16:12    * These web page files were created with "save as" - "web page complete" using firefox.   And subsequently the .html files links edited in gedit.
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16:14 satellit_ thanks all....
16:15 erikos <erikos!~erikos@e178084208.adsl.alicedsl.de> has joined #sugar-meeting
16:15 gonzalo_ satellit_, to solve this you can create a .xol file
16:15 a content bundle
16:16 satellit_ any Ideas where to look (link?)
16:16 gonzalo_ yes, let me found it
16:16 satellit_ thanks
16:17 gonzalo_ satellit_, http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Creating_a_collection
16:17 satellit_ thanks
16:18 gonzalo_ satellit_, tell me if you have problems, but is very easy
16:18 satellit_ I will study...thanks for the help
16:19 gonzalo_ satellit_, you have more collections to look here http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Collections
16:20 satellit_ thanks....will study : )
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17:57 cjl satellit_: .xol bundles are pretty easy once yo ufigure ou ttha it is a zip of your HTML (renamed to .xol) with a library.info file.
17:59 satellit_ cjl: thanks I will attempt to do so soon. Just updated the SCK-USB with most links working Off-Line.
18:01 wish firefox-6.xo was fully sugarized (works but no journal access)
18:02 maybe a security "feature" ?
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20:30 erikos has left #sugar-meeting
20:53 JT4sugar <JT4sugar!~JT@d192-24-234-153.try.wideopenwest.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:55 bkuhn <bkuhn!~bkuhn@fsf/director/conservancy.president.bkuhn> has joined #sugar-meeting
20:56 cjl hi brad
20:56 bkuhn greetings, cjl.
20:56 cjl Do you prefer Brad or Bradley?
20:57 bkuhn cjl: Bradley.  I stopped going by Brad in 2001.
20:57 I assume that people who call me Brad met me before 2001.
20:57 At this point, it just leaves me wondering: "Have I know this person since before 2001?"
20:57 cjl sorry, I know somone else who goes by Brad
20:57 bkuhn np.
20:57 There's an net.famous "Brad Kuhn", who drives a race car.  I'm the most net.famous "Bradley Kuhn". :)
20:58 cjl :-)
20:58 bkuhn One time, a young boy emailed me to thank me for shaking his hand after a race. :)
20:58 cjl The fellow I know is Brad margus, no reason for you to know him, but he is avery interesting guy with an interesting story.
20:59 bkuhn Well, there's also "Brad Smith", who is the General Counsel of Microsoft, which is another reason I changed: I didn't like sharing a first name with Microsoft's top lawyer. :)
20:59 cjl :-)
21:00 bkuhn When I was a young kid, I preferred Brad, because I liked that my first and last name where each one syllable.
21:00 w/where/were/
21:00 cjl Her eis a much nicer Brad than th eM$ one.  http://bridges.rockefeller.edu[…]ge=bio-BradMargus
21:00 bkuhn haha. :)
21:00 walterbender show of hands?
21:00 bkuhn It's strange that way: both my last and first names are more common than people realize.
21:01 walterbender waves
21:01 cjl yes
21:01 waves
21:01 walterbender no icarito :(
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21:02 walterbender I expect Gerald to be here
21:02 alsroot icarito_away: can't attend due to tech problems
21:02 cjl One of the Puno folks just showed in #sugar
21:02 walterbender cjb? alsroot?
21:02 alsroot icarito can't attend due to tech problems
21:02 walterbender OK...
21:02 cjl alsroot, have you spoken to him since the draft of the Puno letter went out to the SLOB list?
21:03 alsroot cjl: nope, KaiXo let me know
21:03 keynote2k <keynote2k!~tony@conservancy/staff/keynote2k> has joined #sugar-meeting
21:04 walterbender we still need one more for our quorum...
21:04 cjl cjb ping
21:04 yama has quit IRC
21:07 cjl It is hard for Holt to make it from haiti
21:08 walterbender cjl: unfortunately, it seems so
21:09 cjl pinged Gerald by mail
21:10 walterbender hmm...
21:11 cjb hello!
21:12 cjl hi cjb
21:12 walterbender yeah. we can get started
21:12 cjb very busy (CES demo prep week), sorry, but I'll happily help make a quorum and then go back to lurking and catching up occasionally
21:12 walterbender #start-meeting
21:12 meeting Meeting started Tue Jan  3 21:12:16 2012 UTC. The chair is walterbender. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
21:12 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
21:12 walterbender let's try to be focused in respect to everyone's time
21:12 #topic board positions
21:13 As requested I checked with Bert and he is willing to continue as Ombudsman
21:13 Also I had discussions with both Robert Fadel and Laura Vargas about the finance team coordinator position
21:14 note that we are not calling the position "Treasurer" :)
21:14 cjl :-)
21:15 walterbender A bit of background on Robert: he was the Finance Director of both the MIT Media Lab and OLPC
21:15 His last day at OLPC was the last day of 2011
21:15 He is willing to manage our finances and interface with SFC as he wants to keep a hand in the project
21:16 Re Laura, her interests are more geared towards development and models, not the day-to-day management.
21:16 dogi <dogi!~omen@honeydew.cictr.com> has joined #sugar-meeting
21:16 cjl He's got a lot of very relevant experience.
21:16 walterbender So I think they can compliment each other.
21:17 cjb and perhaps also complement each other :)
21:17 cjl or even complement each other
21:17 walterbender Yes, Robert brings lots of experience.
21:18 So I proposed to both of them that Robert be the one to manage the finances and the SFC relationship and Laura work with him on strategies for the organization
21:18 They both seemed comfortable with that
21:18 Comments? Questons?
21:18 alsroot nope
21:18 cjl Sounds good to me.
21:19 bkuhn I'd like to say this is a great position to have..
21:19 ... I wish more Conservancy projects had someone appointed to do this, it's an important interaction point with Conservancy for projects.
21:19 walterbender Not sure we need a motion as much as just to ACK that we are heading down this path...
21:20 cjl Is the formality of a vote required / recommended for re-confirming bertf as Ombudsman?
21:20 walterbender We may want to establish some level of autonomy for Robert down the road.
21:20 cjl: I don't think so... we don't appoint team leaders...
21:21 cjl walterbender: ok
21:21 bkuhn walterbender: the only thing I'd suggest a formality for is if you want the Finance Coordinator to approve expenses without SLOBs approval.
21:21 walterbender bkuhn: I do want to get there, but I'd like Robert to propose the mechanism
21:21 bkuhn walterbender: np.
21:21 walterbender so I'd prefer to wait
21:22 cjl I like everything I'm hearing so far.
21:22 walterbender OK. Anything else on the board position topic?
21:22 3
21:22 cjl What about Bernie's $200 limit?
21:22 Or is tha separate
21:22 walterbender cjl: that is still in Bernie's hands at the moment...
21:23 cjl ok
21:23 good
21:23 walterbender cjl: part of what I would like to ask Robert to review
21:23 cjl yes
21:23 walterbender 3
21:23 2
21:23 1
21:24 #topic SomosAZUCAR letter
21:24 cjl Want me to talk/
21:24 walterbender without Laura or Icarito, this one is going to have to remain unsettled
21:24 maybe we can complete it by email
21:25 but just to update:
21:25 We were asked to ACK the role of SomosAZUCAR in Peru.
21:25 alsroot asks KaiXo to call to icarito to know if they are fine w/ proposed email
21:25 walterbender Whereas the status of our Local Labs is currently under review by Tony and Bradley,
21:26 cjl and I drafted a letter that would come from me, as founder of SL, rather than from SL/SFC
21:26 we circulated the draft to the board for comment.
21:27 have heard a +1 from Gerald. and from Chris and me :)
21:27 nothing from our colleagues in Peru
21:27 alsroot +1 as well
21:27 walterbender thanks alsroot
21:27 cjl I truly hope i addresses their need.
21:28 walterbender so we have "the votes"  but I want to make sure it works for them before we execute
21:28 cjl The discussion on IRC helped me develop a better understanding of what they wer elooking for and icarito and bernie asked me to take a shot at drafting something.
21:29 We'll just have to see what they have to say.
21:29 walterbender I think we can close this by email without another meeting...
21:29 cjl I hope so
21:30 walterbender anything else to discuss today?
21:30 on that topic?
21:30 alsroot I see, we just need an ACK the SomosAZUCAR people and execute at the moment
21:30 ?
21:30 walterbender alsroot: yes.
21:30 alsroot ok
21:31 walterbender alsroot: If yo can ask them to whom I should address the letter, that too would be helpful
21:31 cjl I thin kthey want a 'To Whom It May Concern"
21:31 alsroot KaiXo/neyder is the contact, will ping them
21:31 walterbender cjl: I can do that... como se dice "To Whom It May Concern
21:32 cjl "A quien pueda interesar"  ??
21:32 bkuhn I've seen "a quién corresponda"
21:32 cjl Look back to their original proposal, it migh thave a Salutation
21:32 walterbender alsroot: As soon as I get the green light, I'll send the letter.
21:33 alsroot walterbender: fine
21:33 walterbender OK...
21:33 moving on...
21:33 #topic local labs
21:33 not sure if Bradley and Tony have anything new to report yet
21:35 apparently not :)
21:35 keynote2k Still doing research and benchmarking
21:35 walterbender I'll coordinate with them as to when would make sense to have then next discussion
21:36 I have one other topic for today, just in brief
21:36 #topic sugarlabs.org
21:36 cjl shoot
21:36 walterbender christian and I were discussing this earlier today
21:37 he is anxious to move forward with the new design, but we are still lacking content
21:37 but I know there is great content out there...
21:37 cjl What sort of content?
21:38 walterbender for example, the Butia team posted some great videos of kids using Sugar to program their XO/Ardinuo robots...
21:38 video and images...
21:38 cjl ok
21:38 walterbender so please think about how we can get material together
21:38 my earlier calls have not resulted in much action :P
21:38 JT4sugar: can you take a lead position on this?
21:39 cjl A similar request went out on OLPC Support gang, let's see what is turned up there.
21:39 walterbender I can talk to OLPC too, to see what material they have that we could use...
21:39 I am hoping our Local Labs have cool stuff too
21:39 JT4sugar walterbender, Yes I have a document from Christian to send out that lays out design and areas of need. Will get out tomorrow
21:40 walterbender JT4sugar: thanks
21:40 also, JT4sugar: did the project reports from that  writing class ever get submitted?
21:41 I saw a few in passing
21:41 #topic misc
21:41 cjl A quick point on finance.  ChristophD was looking for more updated numbers than the wiki (from Sept?).  I think that means updating with the SugarCampLima outlays and any new donations.  Do we just wait on that too?
21:41 JT4sugar walterbender, Also have those I am waiting on one of the students to write up the summary and we will then proceed hopefully by early next week
21:42 walterbender I need to check with Robert... seems to be the first order of business
21:42 I also need to discuss one other finance issue
21:43 someone incurred a ~$1K expense in support of getting our Sugar Labs bike team effort underway last year.
21:44 the donation to cover that expense was not able to be processed for some technical reasons
21:44 so I made a personal donation last week to cover that expense so the donor doesn't have to swallow it personally
21:44 I presume that SLOBs is OK with that
21:45 cjl I'm good wit hit.
21:46 walterbender while people are deliberating...
21:46 want to ACK the great progress that erikos, manuq, gonzalo, dsd, et al. are making on 0.96
21:47 we are at freeze at the end of the month; there is a build available with the gtk-3 bits if you want to play
21:47 cjl Haven't tried os3 yet, but I did download it.
21:47 manuq walterbender: and you!  always a step further, now with Abacus ported to GTK+ 3
21:49 walterbender anything else for today? wanna release cjb to get back to his CES prep :P
21:49 and I need to merge my gtk-3 version of abacus to mainline and push the new release :)
21:49 bkuhn That reimbursement you mention should go out this week... the donation from Walter was already received at the end of last year.
21:50 cjl I'm good, hoping to hear positive feedback from Peru.
21:51 KaiXo><alsroot> bueno le digo q envie el correo
21:51 walterbender OK... let's call it a day.
21:51 cjl I think that is second hand from icarito
21:52 Sounds promising, bu twe'll finish that in e-mail.
21:52 walterbender I will discuss with Robert the finances and we can schedule our next meeting around that
21:52 maybe in two weeks?
21:52 cjl sure
21:53 walterbender and I will finish the Puno letter off line, keeping SLOBs in the loop.
21:53 cjl count us out?
21:55 walterbender 3
21:55 2
21:55 1
21:55 thanks all...
21:55 happy new year
21:55 let's make 2012 rock!!
21:55 cjl g'nite
21:55 walterbender #end-meeting
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