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#sugar-meeting, 2011-11-15

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13:44 rgs ah nice, i'll be able to attend today's devel meeting (in an hour right?)
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14:55 walterbender rgs: I think the meeting begins in just a few minutes
14:59 manuq walterbender, hi!
14:59 erikos good afternoon everyone!
15:00 rgs waves
15:00 erikos gives one more minute before the roll call
15:02 roll call, please!
15:02 who is around for the dev meeting?
15:02 manuq erikos, hi
15:02 erikos #startmeeting
15:02 meeting Meeting started Tue Nov 15 15:02:54 2011 UTC. The chair is erikos. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot.
15:02 Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #endmeeting
15:03 erikos makes a note that manu is around
15:03 #topic sugar dev meeting
15:03 seen rgs and walterbender
15:03 spotted gonzalo as well
15:04 walterbender is busy converting activities to Cairo :P
15:05 erikos ok, let's go:
15:05 * status of action items from last week
15:05 - check if ASLO supports well having different activity versions, dotted versions and major versions (Manuel)
15:05 manuq: please report ^^^
15:05 manuq erikos, well..
15:06 erikos listens
15:06 manuq ASLO lets us add a field for Compatibility Aplications in each version of the uploaded activity
15:07 erikos yes, like 0.94 or 0.96
15:07 manuq right
15:08 but I messed with the minor versions
15:08 erikos and the activity-updater code in sugar does not install 0.96 if not on 0.96?
15:09 manuq erikos, I have to test more, I will send my test today
15:09 erikos manuq: one thing I am worried about, is that when you install an activity via browse
15:09 manuq I got confused with the minor versions of the activities
15:09 erikos manuq: I don't think we check the version there
15:10 manuq: great, no worries
15:10 manuq will check today
15:10 erikos manuq: so two things we should check, update via activity updater and browse
15:10 manuq: thanks!
15:10 manuq ok
15:10 gonzalo erikos, in the last meeting somebody said the browser activity sent the sugar version
15:10 erikos next item (unless there are comments here)
15:11 gonzalo: a verifier
15:11 - write up cairo porting guide (Walter)
15:11 walterbender: ^
15:11 walterbender I added quite a bit to the Porting page in the wiki
15:11 erikos your report please! :)
15:12 walterbender grabs the URL
15:12 erikos http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]ures/GTK3/Porting
15:12 walterbender http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]Drawable_to_Cairo
15:12 erikos I guess
15:12 rgs looks nice, good snippets
15:12 walterbender I updated it based on the latest tweaks from the TA port
15:13 rgs is the TA port in the wild now ?
15:13 (i.e.: released & used on XOs)
15:13 erikos walterbender: this looks great!
15:13 walterbender rgs: yes... v125 is Cairo
15:13 rgs wow, great work
15:13 walterbender rgs: Abacus Cairo is also live
15:13 manuq walterbender, I already read that, very good tips
15:13 rgs El Cairo is the new world capital then!
15:13 walterbender Portfolio will be live later today
15:13 erikos if someone ports an activity to cairo, please use the guide and repotr back, enhance etc
15:14 rgs erikos: which one would be interesting to get ported?
15:14 is not sure what other big Cairo activity is out there
15:14 walterbender we may want to add some links to various Cairo docs on the web... if anyone has favorites
15:14 erikos rgs: gonzalo made a list the othre day
15:15 gonzalo: do you have that? ^
15:15 rgs oh absolutely, we should start accumulating docs/reference since no docs for PyGI stuff (so having it for the gtk3 activities will be very handy)
15:15 erikos: gonzalo : maybe drop that list in the Porting section?
15:15 walterbender speaking of which, key my ports was the conversion of my sprite library... maybe worth considering adding to the toolkit? also my simple toolbar helper methods?
15:15 rgs so people with free cycles know where to go when looking for work
15:15 erikos rgs: maybe the document page rather
15:15 gonzalo erikos, http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Acti[…]ies/PortingToGtk3
15:15 erikos aeh development page, i meant
15:16 walterbender maybe track the two stages: --> cairo --> gtk3
15:16 erikos gonzalo: any reason to keep that on the laptop.org wiki?
15:16 rgs walterbender: i think that upstream effort is very important, but maybe we should let the dust settle a bit now that we are making the move? erikos would know best
15:16 gonzalo erikos, no really
15:16 rgs walterbender: (that upstream effort = dropping your helper code in sugar-toolkit)
15:16 erikos gonzalo: ok, feel free tomove over, we are upstream now :)))
15:17 gonzalo erikos, ok :)
15:17 erikos rgs: hmm, I did not fully get that, can you rephrase?
15:17 oh sprite library...
15:17 rgs yeah
15:17 Walter's common code
15:17 used in TA, Abacus, etc
15:18 that could be stored in a common place
15:18 to be reused
15:18 gonzalo erikos, about upstream, we have a RoundBox class in sugar-toolkit, is used in Memorize and Chat, I did a cairo version
15:19 inherited of gtk.HBox
15:19 erikos walterbender: like with any other toolkit addition, I would run it through the process
15:19 gonzalo: great, send the patch, I guess?
15:19 aa has quit IRC
15:20 gonzalo erikos, I am testing it porting Chat
15:20 walterbender erikos: of course... just floating the idea
15:20 erikos ok, great - whenever ready
15:20 gonzalo erikos, when ready I will sent, comment here if anybody else need it
15:20 walterbender next topic then?
15:20 erikos gonzalo: yes, is great
15:21 sounds good to me - thanks for working on that!
15:21 * status of the GTK3 port
15:21 so, I have been working on merging our repos to mainline
15:21 basically, talking to silbe and such
15:22 we did not advance yet, as I would have wished
15:23 yesterday with marcopg and dsd we decided to use a separate repo for the new toolkit
15:23 http://git.sugarlabs.org/sugar-toolkit-gtk3
15:23 instead of the branch
15:23 walterbender out of curiosity, what was the reasoning?
15:23 aa <aa!~aa@gateway/shell/sugarlabs.org/x-pvuszartqtcxpwcq> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:23 erikos repo name == package name
15:24 possible easier handling in jhbuild
15:24 walterbender makes sense :P
15:25 erikos so, I will follow up on that
15:25 secondly, benjamin has been doing more work on palettes
15:25 rgs any progress with palettes/theming?
15:25 erikos toolbars are working a bit better now
15:25 but we still crash when hovering
15:26 so, lot's more work to do
15:26 dsd_ <dsd_!~dsd@gentoo/developer/dsd> has joined #sugar-meeting
15:26 erikos theming, we have another hackfest in BsAs in december
15:26 rgs what dates?
15:26 erikos we can attack it there if we do not get at it before then
15:26 rgs: 5-16
15:27 rgs cool stuff
15:27 erikos rgs: basically olpc-dev meeting
15:27 manuq erikos, good
15:27 erikos, will be in Rosario, not BsAs
15:27 erikos manuq: oh yes, sorry :)
15:28 so, that is the status from my side
15:28 others please:
15:28 manuq erikos, yes we can attack theming then or after
15:29 gonzalo erikos, no more help from theming experts?
15:29 erikos gonzalo: who are the theming expoerts?
15:29 walterbender is not familiar with BsAs
15:29 rgs walterbender: ?
15:29 Buenos Aires?
15:30 ahh
15:30 you mean
15:30 with the meeting
15:30 erikos: (has there been a librsvg release?)
15:30 erikos: (so we can drop the ugly kludge I wrote)
15:30 checks
15:30 erikos gonzalo: benjamin will help as time permits
15:31 gonzalo erikos, ahh, ok
15:31 erikos gonzalo: but I think we have to do the main work
15:31 rgs it seems they did a release yesterday!!
15:31 erikos rgs: ohh-weee!
15:31 rgs which means
15:31 we can bump the dep
15:31 and remove that klude
15:31 *kludge
15:31 erikos: you can assign that action to me
15:32 "remove librsvg horrendous stuff in terms of using the introspected version"
15:32 errr... not so fast
15:32 checking release notes
15:32 i think dsd_ said we needed some change in libxml too
15:32 erikos Version 2.35.0 cool!
15:33 rgs wheeee
15:33 dsd_'s commits are there
15:33 so we should be good, I'll give it a spin this evening
15:33 erikos rgs: yes, we do, right they are there
15:33 dsd_ libxml stuff is no longer needed
15:34 rgs dsd_: so with this release we are ready to rock then?
15:34 ClaudiaU has quit IRC
15:35 gonzalo rgs, but is be available in fedora?
15:35 rgs gonzalo: I am guessing it'll appear as an update soon-ish
15:36 gonzalo: if not, we can make it happen :)
15:36 checks koji
15:36 gonzalo rgs, great
15:36 rgs gonzalo: not in koji yet
15:36 gonzalo: but we could package it and prod the package maintainer
15:37 there is always pbrobinson to saves us all
15:37 ;
15:37 ;)
15:38 erikos updates the development page
15:39 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]ing_upstream_work
15:39 all of these things are tracked at ^^^
15:39 what else?
15:40 manuq I have advanced in Browse port
15:41 erikos manuq: and now you need palettes to work, right?
15:42 manuq erikos, with the work benjamin did for toolbars, I continued working in edit subtoolbar
15:42 undo, redo, copy, paste, search
15:42 erikos manuq: cool, but the activity crashes for you when you hover over a button ,or?
15:42 manuq they were working fine for me
15:42 erikos manuq: (clicking works fine, hovering not)
15:42 manuq erikos, right
15:43 erikos manuq: ok
15:43 manuq however, I'm working on getting downloads back
15:43 erikos manuq: great
15:43 manuq that doesn't need palettes work
15:43 erikos good
15:44 gonzalo: your end? anything we should know?
15:44 questions, stuff you are stuck
15:44 gonzalo erikos, i am removing hippo from chat
15:44 erikos excellent
15:44 gonzalo almost the same code is used in Speak
15:44 rgs gonzalo: nice!
15:44 gonzalo then we can kill to birds with one shot
15:45 is not ready yet, but is progressing
15:45 erikos you mean 'catch two monsters with one cookie'?
15:45 gonzalo erikos, ha ha :)
15:45 dsd_ what ab0out read?
15:46 gonzalo dsd_, Read is working, i am waiting the evince developers finish the review of the needing patches
15:47 dsd_, later may be i ask you help to push in fedora, ok?
15:47 dsd_ ah nice
15:47 sounds good
15:48 erikos btw, I checked quickly abiword today
15:48 so they have no introspection support for their widget yet
15:48 and nobody is working on it
15:48 i hope their static bindings keep on working with their new version
15:49 but there are chances this is the case
15:49 gonzalo erikos, yes
15:49 erikos, they released a new version yesterday
15:50 erikos gonzalo: right, that is why I checked ;p
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15:50 gonzalo erikos, ok :)
15:51 erikos anything else?
15:52 3
15:52 2
15:52 1
15:52 gonzalo erikos, remembering we are aproachinf Features deadline?
15:52 erikos gonzalo: that leads me to my next topic ;p
15:52 * current status of the development cycle
15:52 gonzalo: as you have been saying, next monday will be feature submssion deadline
15:53 http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/0.96/Roadmap
15:53 gonzalo: any questions about the procedure?
15:53 (or anyone else)
15:53 gonzalo erikos, nop :)
15:54 erikos ok, I want to do a release tomorrow
15:54 (for now without the gtk3 stuff as I fear this takes longer)
15:55 but i would like to have NM-0.9 support in
15:55 dsd_: how do things look?
15:55 dsd_: any comment about silbe's last comment
16:01 dsd_ which comment is that?
16:01 erikos dsd_: last mail
16:02 dsd_ i started looking at a mail yesterday
16:02 not sure if i'll have time today
16:02 for permissions we should probably just catch and ignore exceptions while deleting
16:03 and i have some code for the reply/async exception comment
16:03 erikos dsd_: great!
16:03 dsd_: you have more time this is the only major change, I will delay if needed
16:03 dsd_: we are close!
16:04 gonzalo: anything activity specific you want to raise?
16:05 gonzalo erikos, only that i proposed no do a separated activity team meeting, because we are almost all here
16:06 ClaudiaU-phone has quit IRC
16:06 erikos gonzalo: yes, great
16:07 walterbender +1
16:07 erikos other than that, anything people want to suggest/change for our current structure?
16:07 of the meeting
16:07 or all good as is?
16:08 gathers feedback after 3 meetings
16:08 gonzalo like it
16:09 erikos starts counting down
16:09 5
16:09 4
16:09 3
16:09 2
16:09 1`
16:09 0.5
16:10 0.49
16:10 cjl erikos: If you want to talk to AbiWord porter, it was Jean Brefort (irc:jean) often on #abiword
16:10 erikos 0.1
16:10 cjl: already talked to them
16:10 cjl k
16:10 erikos #enmeeting
16:10 heh
16:10 #endmeeting
16:10 meeting Meeting ended Tue Nov 15 16:10:35 2011 UTC. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot. (v 0.1.4)
16:10 Minutes: http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]-15T15:02:54.html
16:10 Log:     http://meeting.sugarlabs.org/s[…]11-11-15T15:02:54
16:10 erikos thanks everyone for attending!
16:11 gonzalo erikos, dotted countdown ! :)
16:11 cjl erikos uwog is another good person on abiword in general and someone to rope in on Write porting (as one of the orginal authors)
16:13 erikos gonzalo: :)
16:13 cjthanks, I know
16:13 erikos has left #sugar-meeting
16:13 cjl gonzalo: did you see my mention of other speakign activities in e-mail
16:14 Clock in particular
16:14 walterbender uses speak in TA
16:14 cjl: I had to make my own table to convert locales to speak-locales :P
16:14 cjl walterbender: I think others do that too
16:15 I jsut recognize the particular list fo langs i nthe Po files :-)
16:16 walterbender: One thing we need to think about is gettin a larger group of langs "voice-localized" and submitted to e-speak.
16:17 http://espeak.sourceforge.net/languages.html
16:25 gonzalo cjl, you say to have a only list of supported languages?
16:32 cjl gonzalo: look at the link above
16:32 Those are the supported langs in e-speak.
16:32 You need to create new voice files to support new langs
16:33 they don't exactly correspond to standard locale format or ISO-639 codes although they are based loosly on iso-639 codes
16:35 es is a Castillian es-la is latin american with respect to the seismo "s/th"
16:35 for example
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