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#sugar-meeting, 2011-10-17

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15:06 garycmartin is running late today
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15:20 manuq is a bit busy but is around
15:21 silbe garycmartin: Design Team meeting or Activity Team meeting?
15:22 garycmartin manuq: Hi! I decided to tidy yo the Design Team meeting page (remove cruft and add missing agenda items)
15:22 manuq hi silbe, today is design team meeting
15:22 hi garycmartin!
15:22 garycmartin silbe: It should be Design Team this week (but I'm running behind)
15:22 manuq looks at the page
15:22 garycmartin manuq: (nothing has changed yet I'm still editing!) :)
15:23 manuq oh garycmartin, I understand now :)
15:24 garycmartin manuq: Having used the Activity Team meeting page last week, I thought the Design Team page would work better using the same layout.
15:43 silbe garycmartin, manuq: please ping me when you're starting the meeting
15:44 garycmartin silbe: will do, though it may slip today (apologies)…
15:46 manuq silbe: will do
15:47 silbe thx
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16:48 garycmartin silbe: I've just tied up http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Design_Team/Meetings and added the agenda for todays (in theory) meeting. I think I'll push this out to the next meeting slot and perhaps try to get some mail threads going on some of these items instead. What do you think?
16:52 silbe garycmartin: sounds good to me. What happened to all the queued up topics?
16:53 garycmartin silbe: :)
16:53 silbe: I've moved them over to the Discussion page
16:54 silbe garycmartin: ah, ok. Would be useful to mention that on the main page. I wouldn't expect them on the discussion page.
16:54 garycmartin silbe: Having 30+ possible agenda items listed at the top for every meeting is quite a joy and motivation killer to anyone seeing it – especially me ;)
16:55 silbe garycmartin: I get that. But just removing them completely without any trace isn't good either. :)
16:56 garycmartin: FWIW, it was the same for me.
16:56 garycmartin silbe: My thought was to pull them in when we have some way of progressing on an item rather than just building a huge concrete block wall of things we can't get past.
16:57 silbe garycmartin: let's start with PDF support in Browse then. AFAICT the only blocker is the icon (which one, where to put it).
16:58 garycmartin silbe: Didn't PDF support already land? Why/where does it need an icon?
17:00 silbe garycmartin: no, it didn't. Exporting a PDF is triggered by using a tool bar button, so we need an icon for that. For lack of anything better, I used the 'document-save' icon.
17:01 garycmartin silbe: Ah PDF export, not the built in PDF viewer that dsd re-worked.
17:01 silbe garycmartin: yup. And the latter one didn't land upstream either (nor do I think it should, but that's a completely different topic).
17:03 garycmartin silbe: sorry, I'm missing something here. Is your feature for saving out a normal HTML page as a PDF document?
17:03 (for off-line reading)
17:05 cjl wonders if he can chime in with something brief not on the agenda (then /me promises to shut up and sit down in the back of the room).
17:08 http://lists.sugarlabs.org/arc[…]tober/033817.html was my message to sugar-devel about reusing upstream strings where possible as an element of i18n/L10n design improvement.
17:08 That's all I'll say unless there are any questions.
17:10 silbe garycmartin: anything the browser can render (not just HTML), but basically yes. The intention isn't offline reading (there are better solutions for that), but rather printing and exporting to other systems.
17:17 garycmartin cjl: Thanks for the reminder, I've added it to the Activity Team meeting as I think it's Activity developers that most need to consider this http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/A[…]m/Meetings#Agenda
17:17 cjl is now known as cjl_afk
17:18 cjl_afk garycmartin: yes, although I may take a look at reviewing some string suggestions in glucose for stuff like modems, etc. tha could be harmonized with little disruption.
17:19 garycmartin cjl_afk: good idea.
17:23 silbe: Hmmm, actually we already have a new standard PDF export icon I'm sure…
17:23 goes to look
17:28 silbe: Here's the PDF icon created for Write http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/F[…]ite_Toolbar_1.png
17:29 silbe garycmartin: is it in sugar-artwork yet?
17:29 garycmartin silbe: I don't think any have been migrated in yet as all Activities need to support existing users
17:30 silbe garycmartin: there's no problem if it's in both sugar-artwork and the activity
17:30 garycmartin silbe: Once Prague is done, we should have a better idea about a red flag day.
17:31 silbe garycmartin: I surely hope we don't need one.
17:31 garycmartin silbe: surely the need for introspection will break just about every activity?
17:32 silbe: as all the py gtk+ calls will need changed?
17:32 silbe garycmartin: if we do it right, old activities should continue to work using the old, GTK2 based sugar-toolkit version.
17:32 garycmartin silbe: I will keep my fingers crossed for that!
17:33 silbe garycmartin: individual activities might not always be lucky because some of their dependencies might not be available in GTK2 based versions on the distro. AIUI that's exactly the problem with Read on recent Fedora versions already.
17:35 and Browse as well, but it has no future anyway (because of Mozilla)
17:36 garycmartin silbe: Yea, though I think 'Browse' will stay, just that it'll switch to webkit underneath.
17:37 silbe garycmartin: well, maybe Surf will be renamed to Browse. The code base is going to be quite different.
17:38 garycmartin silbe: Sure, but changing name would be very confusing. Needs to stay with Browse and it's UI design.
17:39 silbe: Users should not need to be aware anything changed.
17:40 silbe garycmartin: sure, but that doesn't change the fact that it's a completely different activity inside. So the GTK2/GTK3 compatibility issue doesn't really apply.
17:41 garycmartin silbe: FWIW I added some small text in the banner about the Discussion page, and some extra items to the agenda (it is turning into a concrete wall again, should only have a few main agenda items each time).
17:41 silbe garycmartin: thanks!
17:42 garycmartin silbe: GTK2/GTK3 compatibility, well other that making sure users download/upgrade to the correct version for their build.
17:49 silbe garycmartin: all activity authors need to do is marking their activities as requiring Sugar 1.0 (or whatever it ends up being called).
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17:52 garycmartin silbe: yep, that's good for ASLO downloads.
17:52 silbe: Do you know if we'll use the activity.info field always defined as host_version = 1
17:53 I thought that was going to be some help in making compatibility explicit in an activity (in case a user gets an activity from somewhere other than a ASLO, perhaps a USB from a friend or a file transfer)?
17:55 silbe garycmartin: We don't. Not sure what the user experience was intended to be. Just some extended "launch failed" screen with compatibility information?
17:57 garycmartin silbe: yes same here, I think it was just a clearer error message as to why it failed to start.
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