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#sugar-meeting, 2011-10-07

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13:17 m_anish dirakx, alsroot quick chat? (we've been irregular with our weekly meetings for a few weeks) :/
13:18 alsroot fine for me
13:18 m_anish alsroot, ok (/me generally wanting to catch up)
14:09 dirakx m_anish: ups :)
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15:50 Icarito-6f6e bernie, alsroot, cjb, werent we going to hold a meeting for SLOBs?
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15:54 alsroot Icarito-6f6e: at least, if I got it right, the idea was to handle weekly meeting until sorting out Teams/Labs reports to rehash current situation
15:54 but /me is a bit lost w/ current progress
15:55 Icarito-6f6e alsroot: there are topics from the agenda we haven't discussed
15:56 guess we need to coordinate over email
15:57 alsroot yeah
16:05 Icarito-6f6e i'm polishing a release of websdk
16:05 working on documentation
16:06 alsroot Icarito-6f6e: btw, did you look if it is possible to use dbus in websdk based code?
16:11 Icarito-6f6e i haven't tried it, but it should
16:14 alsroot: i'm really interested in building this front-end but I haven't been able to prioritize this
16:14 all pointers are welcome
16:17 alsroot Icarito-6f6e: I'm looking for that because Sweets needs a UI, it is possible to adapt current Home view to Sweets but it is too simple (no rates, reviews, etc) and it should be changed to handle remote items (ie working in web browser style)
16:18 Icarito-6f6e: so, instead of changing python code in the glucose, it would be better to start new project and wensdk is a good candidate, eg, coding this app as an example to proof websdk concept
16:19 Icarito-6f6e alsroot: yes now I understand, and I think you have a good idea
16:19 absolutely we can use dbus because we're using regular python
16:20 can you point me to the API I should be using?
16:20 i can't promise much atm but i'm really interested
16:21 alsroot Icarito-6f6e: just use current datastore as an example you can base app for now (later, this API might be tweaked but basic ideas will be preserved)
16:22 Icarito-6f6e: btw, if you are releasing websdk soon, you can call for volunteers to code this app, it seems to be a good challenge to code a la ubuntu AppCenter for Sugar
16:25 Icarito-6f6e alsroot: query the datastore for activity bundles then?
16:26 alsroot Icarito-6f6e: it doesn't matter, ds will be a good start based backend (but w/o running these db object)
16:28 Icarito-6f6e: ie, only browsing, querying and users' editing aspect might be implemented using ds, the launching will be implemented later using real backend
16:30 Icarito-6f6e alsroot:  .xo files will be in the datastore?
16:31 alsroot Icarito-6f6e: nope, I mean using ds only as a source of objects to start coding the app
16:32 later, ds will be replaced by real backend w/ returning real sweets/activities intead of fake objects
16:34 Icarito-6f6e ah ok i get it
16:34 alsroot: this sounds like a good plan
16:36 alsroot: about the volunteer challenge sounds good but I guess the backend python code is something I would have to work on - we can get help for the final design
16:36 i.e. view layer
16:36 alsroot Icarito-6f6e: the workflow should be simple, you query the backend using a list of key=value pairs or a pure string, and browse it in different modes
16:36 Icarito-6f6e yes got it
16:37 i'd work on the controller I mean and then the templates would be easy to customize
16:38 alsroot Icarito-6f6e: also, there will be a top level paradigms like, local and remote sources of entries
16:38 Icarito-6f6e excellent, got it
16:38 alsroot Icarito-6f6e: I think it would be useful to separate local and remove activities
16:38 Icarito-6f6e alsroot: this would only work in newer versions of sugar then
16:39 alsroot Icarito-6f6e: what you mean, your websdk depends on some glucose impls?
16:39 Icarito-6f6e no, but your dbus api is released?
16:39 websdk works even in 0.84
16:39 so far
16:39 no rare deps
16:40 alsroot Icarito-6f6e: ah, you mean in case of using ds features to mimic further backend...
16:40 Icarito-6f6e can this sweets api be bundled within the activity, so it works in older sugars?
16:41 alsroot Icarito-6f6e: sweets itself, yes. but to get all benefits, people need to install PackageKit
16:41 Icarito-6f6e hmm for query and launch remote apps would be nice to work at least for python only activities
16:41 s/apps/activities/g
16:43 alsroot Icarito-6f6e: well, current .xo don't have (declared) any deps at all. so it will be launched (though, the success is not guarantied)
16:43 Icarito-6f6e: but if people want to have reliable system, they need to instlal PK and use activities that have all deps declared
16:45 Icarito-6f6e yes agreed, just thinking of a fallback mechanism
16:48 alsroot Icarito-6f6e: back to sources in real backend, it might be: 1) all existed (ie remote); 2) software that are in local develpment process (useful to run only what you are developing); 3) software placed to removable devices, eg, usb keys
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17:01 Icarito-6f6e alsroot: some git integration would be nice ;-)
17:02 alsroot Icarito-6f6e: in what sense?
17:10 bernie Icarito-6f6e: today?
17:11 Icarito-6f6e: (that was referred to the board meeting)
17:12 i need an advance notice of a couple of days for meetings, btw... these days i don't look at my private mail every day
17:12 and using the calendar would be even more effective
17:23 Icarito-6f6e bernie: agreed
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