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#sugar-meeting, 2011-09-26

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15:15 satellit_ walterbender: I just used netinstall f16 RC2 to install gnome and sugar desktop to a HD. The jabber connections no longer work. There is a pop up with jabber asking for a password and identity. Is anyone monitoring the fedora 16 gnome software.? It looks like this is getting much worse for us using sugar-desktop in fedora....: (
15:21 walterbender satellit_: I am assuming Peter is looking at it...
15:21 satellit_: I think that we'll be regrouping on a lot of future-proofing issues in October.
15:24 satellit_ walterbender: This is important as we are still not with a f15 working jabber on wireless...or a final release....(maybe gnome is wrong desktop and we should base on XFCE-desktop?)
15:27 walterbender satellit_: a discussion for Sugar-Devel
15:28 satellit_ ok
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